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Parent Testimonial to UK GMC Panel, Update

Josh thin! Below is a testimonial to the GMC panel from Heather Edwards, regarding her son and his current health. Heath just contacted me and sent this photo of Josh with permission to run it.:

16th March 2010
Dear Claire Henesy,  
I write to you again now I am aware of the findings of facts from the panel, with regards to the case of Dr Wakefield, Professor Murch and Professor Walker-Smith.

I stand by the contents of my previous testimonial and would like to add a statement following the findings on fact.
My own son’s health has deteriorated since I wrote my previous testimonial. It has now been 4 years since my son has been able to eat and still remains unable to tolerate ANY food. This is due to the bowel disease raging through his poor body.

My son is now 17 years old and weighs under 6 stone, he looks like a victim of a concentration camp.

Josh my son is living proof this bowel disease Dr Wakefield discovered does exist. As a Result of the severity of the disease, his whole colon had to be removed.

I cannot begin to explain the pain my son endures and how his own consultant is unable to treat the condition and move him forward.
I was very angered and upset on the days I attended the hearing, to hear Miss Smith say “there was nothing physically wrong with these children” perhaps she needs to see my son and live with what he has to live with.

Josh’s output in his ileostomy bag remains double the daily amount of stoma losses, due to untouchable bowel disease.

I have images of my son’s insides 3 years after trying to treat the disease with steroids and immuno-suppressants. These images show the bowel disease remains untouched in fact it was more prominent to see.

I feel the evidence presented has been completely ignored. The level of damage in these children has not been understood or investigated thoroughly. They were always out to crucify these three wonderful caring doctors regardless of the facts.
The panel is inadequately armed to assess this case. I think the three doctors could even have stood up and performed a tap dance and the panel would not have noticed.
On several occasions when sitting in the hearing one particular member of the panel seem to always be fast asleep.
These three doctors are of the calibre to assess children like my son. It should not be left to a Journalist or a legal team, or a panel of GP’s, Psychologist and two council workers.
Ethically it is immoral for doctors to ignore the symptoms of these children. I find it absolutely outrageous that Dr Wakefield was found guilty of subjecting children to unnecessary invasive procedures.

I would like to know WHY, if they were unnecessary were the procedures still being performed after he had left the Royal Free Hospital. These tests are still being performed on my son and he has another admission tomorrow 17th March 2010.
Surely all these doctors should be brought before the GMC if that is the case.
If my son was not ill enough then why was he referred from Great Ormond Street Hospital to the Royal Free?

These three doctors tried to help the children not ignore them.
I would not like another child to pay the price my son is paying.
This was always going to be built on a political end, nothing more than a witch hunt.
My heart goes out to the three doctors who were only doing there job.
Yours sincerely
Heather Edwards


John Stone


Thanks for pointing this out. It is hard to imagine anything more sickening than this passage. It reminds me of the propaganda techniques of the Nazis: there was a passage in a Hitler speech 'The Jews are laughing'. This kind of thing is just like that. I cannot believe all those apparently enlightened pillars of the British and US establishment (medical, political, scientific) who have hidden behind this man and his productions in the defence of the vaccine programme and MMR vaccine in particular: people who talk about protecting children!




Here's the cached article: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:xXFn63YPIkUJ:www.healthwatch-uk.org/BrianDeer.htm+%22Brian+Deer%22+healthwatch+talk&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

"....It’s that I sometimes find my compassion feels strained.

There was a day, for example, during Wakefield’s GMC hearing when a strange collection of people gathered outside. One was an overwrought woman bearing a placard with a picture of her young son who had undergone radical bowel surgery. But he wasn’t even involved in the Wakefield case and had been diagnosed at another hospital with a food intolerance. Wakefield’s disciples, however, pretended that this boy was part of the case. It was a disgusting deception, for which those who knew should be ashamed. But I wondered, most uncharitably, about that mother. Why did she allow herself to be used in this way? And what about those who used her?"

I didn't include the part about Deer's compassion being strained in my earlier post, but I really should have.

John Stone

Hi Carol,

It is remarkable that in the minutes since you posted the link to the Healthwatch website the page seems to have been removed. Of course, Deer also tried the same trick over Ed Yazbak and his grandson in BMJ Rapid Responses - denying a claim which had never been made:



I was originally inclined in the instance of the Deer/Yazbak response to assume that it was simply a clumsy misreading on Deer's part but it is interesting to see that it happened more than once, and it looks much more like willful intent to mislead, to a pathological degree.

Thanks for pointing this out.


PS Looks as if the entire Healthwatch website is presently down.


Brian Deer's preoccupation with Heather Edwards and her son Josh is strange. Recently Deer wrote this:

"There was a day, for example, during Wakefield’s GMC hearing when a strange collection of people gathered outside. One was an overwrought woman bearing a placard with a picture of her young son who had undergone radical bowel surgery. But he wasn’t even involved in the Wakefield case and had been diagnosed at another hospital with a food intolerance. Wakefield’s disciples, however, pretended that this boy was part of the case. It was a disgusting deception, for which those who knew should be ashamed. But I wondered, most uncharitably, about that mother. Why did she allow herself to be used in this way? And what about those who used her?" http://www.healthwatch-uk.org/BrianDeer.htm

That must be some food intolerance. And a disgusting deception? Disgusting? It's not even deception. I watched "Selective Hearing" and nobody as far as I can see says that Josh was one of the Lancet 12. Edwards does say that her son's problems were brought on by MMR, that he has bowel disease and autism and had been seen at the Royal Free. See "Selective Hearing" starting at 10:30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id_AxZ3zHAc

My Autism Recovery

Heather, I am touched by this post. I absolutely HAVE to second all these other comments in saying that a lot of doctors do not understand what parents of autistic children are dealing with every day.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD

Heather and Josh, correctly monitoring the nutrition piece for these cases is critical... Children in this situation in my practice have succeeded with amino acid based elemental formula, monitoring for food intakes with thorough support for menus and meal planning, careful and intensive use of SCD carbohydrates, and aggressive controls on bowel infections. Tools like Vivonex, Peptamen Junior, or any casein or soy based formulas or even hydrolysates of those proteins usually fail. Gluten free is usually imperative also. Josh, you deserve to feel well and strong. I am very sorry for all you've suffered, and applaud your bravery in sharing this and in meeting the challenges of each day.

Darian (nickname)

This brings back painful memories of my younger days. I too know what it is to lose weight rapidly without being able to do anything. I could eat, but no matter how much I ate, or what vitamins I took, I would never gain weight. I was a 60 lbs 14 year old!! It was not till I was diagnosed at 18 with Aspergers and diet changes such as removal of certain foods and all forms of sugar and caffeine that I was finally able to gain weight again. I will never forget going into my mom's room after viewing myself in the body length mirror after a shower and being able to see all the bones in my body and crying and crying and crying for hours! Or what if felt like when I was called into the nurse’s office and my mom was called and asked if she noticed any changes in me and if she thought I was anorexic! What if felt like to lie on my stomach at night and feel the uncomfortable feeling of my pillow going slightly between the ribs through skin…WHEN WILL THIS STOP!!! WE DID NOTHING WRONG TO DESERVE THIS! DAMN YOU CDC AND MERK!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!


Dear Heather, I feel deeply for the immense pain and suffering Josh has endured and for your pain and sorrow as a mother to be challenged with such a monumental disease that has been shamefully covered up by medicine. Your son is such a precious angel and he is so lucky to have such a strong and courageous mother. You both will always be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story with us here at Age of Autism and in the upcoming Autism File magazine.

You bring a valued awareness to a devastating disease. My son also suffered GI dysfunction for so long, his food would come out completely undigested. At one point I decided to put his food in a blender to increase absorption. No one understood, and he went from 75th % in weight down to 15 % in weight and my pediatrician said it was normal and to keep vaccinating. It was fortune that he was able to have his GI function improve with digestive enzymes and other measures. But every child's pathology is different. I remember the days when I thought I was the only mother who was dealing with this and his constant illnesses due to his immune dysfunction.

Thank God there for people like you, for forums like Age of Autism, and for researchers as intelligent, and ethical as Dr. Andrew Wakefiled. This is what brings awareness, support, and community to a devastating disease being hidden in a heterogeneous set of diseases and symptoms under the DSM diagnosis.

My best wishes and love to you and your very precious son. May God Bless You and Your Angel.



I have no words for this...my prayers go out to you and your beautiful boy. I'm sure you've ticked these things off your list, but hard chamber HBOT and IVIG were the two interventions that finally got my child's GI tract healed. I will pray for miracles for you--first and foremost, that your son can find relief from the pain and regain his health, and second, that you and your son, and the physicians that helped him, are vindicated in the end. You are a phenomenal mother; keep up the fight, and let us all know what we can do to help.

Love and Hugs, Jenna


This is criminal. Plain and simple. Heather, my heart go out to you and your son. When is this madness ever going to end?

Alison MacNeil

Heather, I have to post because I am so moved by your son's story. I'm sure you have tried any and all that I might suggest, but just to be sure I thought I'd share what has helped my little guy, who isn't out of the woods by any measure but he is a long way forward. We see Dr. Buie in Boston, through MGH. Nick has terrible clostridia which we have had to treat with long term (6 months) of Vancomycin anti-biotic. We also use VSL#ds, which is probiotic in a pouch specifically designed for people with ileostomy bags. My son does not have one, but the benefit has been extraordinary.My son takes 2 packets a day, some children need 4. Adding this enormous amount of probiotic ended the gigantic amount my son would poop. It has made a world of difference. Nick has benefitted by pentasa (reduces gut inflammation)and also Ultrase digestive enzymes (no more undigested food in the poop)These interventions among many others are helping him to start to gain weight again. I'm wishing you renewed energy on your journey as you go public with Josh's story. He has touched my heart and I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for positive change for you soon.


Treat the kids medically instead of with psycho drugs and the kids can possible even recover....When will they ever learn....Praying for you and your son. God bless you and keep you...

Heather Edwards

I am at present trying LDN again on Josh. Had to discontinue previously as Josh took a turn for the worst, resulting in 4 weeks in hospital. Advised to stop Low Dose Naltrexone due to such high powerful intravenious drugs being administered. I cannot and will not give up on Josh the way some of these doctors have. How some of these doctors sleep at night I will never know. I am hoping may be help might be out there some where when people read the Autism File. As having taken Josh to the states 3 years ago we are NO further forward.
Heather x


Heather, they sabotaged his colon??? I can't believe the evil in this world. My heart is breaking for you and your son.

Heather Edwards

Thankyou all for your kind words and comments. I did not want to shock anyone in showing Josh's picture. I wanted to try and show the damage Josh has suffered and continues to do so. This picture was taken a year ago so he is alot worse at this present time. I cannot go into the full extent to all Josh's medical problems, but urge you all to read Josh's article in the next Autism File due out on April 1st. In there you will see how his Colon was being sent to the states for research, and how it was sabotaged at a top London hospital. Removed from the freezer and left to deteriorate on a laboratory work bench rotten like a piece of meat. Useless for any research. The worst is yet to be read and seen, I think this article will cause a bit of a storm. With what has now happened to these wonderful doctors and the gmc, I think now was the right time to have written and shown the pictures. Prepare yourselves its a real shocker. Much Love and thankyou all. Heather xx


Heather....I weep as I read your post and look at Josh. I took my then 2 months old baby in for vaccinations 2 years ago... she recieved 3 shots of 8 vaccines. 24 hours later later she stopped eating.....Luckily for us, it took almost a year later for her to recover after such an injury through no more vaccinations, GFCF organic nutrient dense diet, homeopathy, probiotics...obviously it was the vaccines for us that caused her anorexia because two months prior she was the perfect baby breastfeeding wonderfully as well as being able to feed from bottle as well. After she received all the shots and she stopped eating. She fought not to eat. That whole year was a tough journey for me. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through and I pray that your son can find his recovery and that it will be soon. Thank you for sharing with us your story.

Kelli Ann Davis

Right now, I can't even get past pic let alone open the full article to read it.

I'm literally weeping. I just can't do it right now.

God, the madness and injury to our children HAS GOT TO STOP. PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN.

Jennifer S.

OMG. I hope that Josh soon finds the medical help that he needs. Why on earth can the medical establishment not do something for him? What did Dr. Wakefield recommend as a treatment? And why did that treatment not happen? It is frightening to see your son in such a state!

Theresa Cedillo

God Bless you Heather and Josh. Your story is so important and must be heard. I don't know where you and Josh get the courage to go on every day. You are both an example of sheer determination and an iron will. You will both be blessed and justice will by yours one day.


I wonder if low dose naltrexone would work for Heather Edwards' son. It is basically the opposite of steroids because it strengthens the immune system. It has been found to be extremely helpful for Crohn's disease. It's something to look into, at least, especially since he is getting worse on current treatments.

Amanda Blinn

Thank you Heather for your energy and strength in writing this letter. Our son had trouble w/maintaining weight, so much so that our county health department has a case open on him. With the help of a DAN dr willing to address gut issues he is better. The medical regime currently in power doesn't want to hear our truths but by speaking to each other and especially to new autism families who are told "there's nothing physically wrong" we do what we can. Best wishes to you and your son.


Brian Deer is going to hell, where he will not ever escape the torture of permanent bowel disease... While our innocent children will be in heaven and free at last of this. He's the type person who is "wise in his own eyes." Knows everything including what your child does or doesn't have. Whatever. The worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched in Hell, Mr. Deer.


Heather, thank you for courageously posting your son's photograph. His slender limbs and articulated ribs tell the tale of his excruciating reality. You both are quite brave.

It's perverse that some hard-hearted people will still avert their eyes, cover their ears, and babble their self-serving fictions as if to insulate themselves. One might become tempted to wish a similar fate on the naysayers so they might finally, truly understand... but one suffering soul is too many already.

I pray that your son's pain finds relief, his GI system will heal, and your family and others soon receive the research, assistance and justice you so deserve.

Deborah Heather

Heather your courage knows no bounds , and Josh well what can you say about this boy , brave just does,nt cut it im afraid , you have all suffered so much , and i hope to god that there is someone out there who can help Josh and take away the immense pain that you are all going through

Joe from Walnut Creek

If Josh has 'sleep apnea' the diaphragm will make multiple attempts at increased effort to overcome the apnea. These efforts inflict 'blunt force trauma' upon the intestines, the kidneys and the pancreas: The result is colitis, high levels of uric acid and diabetes. A paper by Corey et al states that 'upper respiratory tract viral infections lead to nasal congestion, initiation and/or exacerbation of sleep apnea'. According to the Internet measles and diphtheria are viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. I think this is the link between vaccines and autism. (Note. Sleep apnea reduces the level of oxygen available to the body and to the 'oxygen hog' known as the brain.) [Sleep apnea diagnoses may be difficult to get.]

Jenny Allan

Thank you Heather, for your bravery, persistence and determination to keep this issue 'in the public eye' and to try to force those persons in positions of power and influence to notice and instigate reforming actions.

Thank you Josh for allowing your case to be highlighted on the internet. This will help others like yourself to obtain necessary medical help and hopefully help to prevent future cases. You are in my prayers.

In the UK reform happens 'in mysterious ways', mostly behind the scenes. The GMC constitution is being quiety changed to prevent hugely expensive 'show trials' like Pal and 'Wakefield et al' from happening in future. The only 'winners' were the lawyers and the GMC's reputation is now in tatters.

A day after the Wakefield verdict they allowed another doctor to keep her licence to practice medicine. She was implicated in the deaths of several elderly patients due to prescibed medicine overdoses. Her brother was a member of a GMC committee!!

Wakefield, Murch and Walker Smith have NOT been struck off YET by the GMC!! In the meantime, we must all keep protesting about this. In an election year the politicians MUST listen.


Valerie-- there is no historical evidence that autism has been "with us forever". And I don't think this post is an appropriate venue to argue against disseminating information on children who do have severe physical issues. This child is as sick as he is-- and remains at death's door-- because of suppression of information on the physical issues which often come with autism. You're acting as if the idea of severe GI disorders in autism is the "status quo" and "over focused on" in "neglect" of the children who don't "have these issues".

If your child with autism doesn't show apparent GI disorders, mainstream medical authorities will be more than happy not to treat them. If if your child were dying of apparent GI disorders, mainstream medicine would be more than happy not to treat them.

Carol Brannaka

My heart aches for you and your boy. I too have a boy, he is mostly recovered due to GFCF diet and many interventions. We are more fortunate than most, I refused his first round of shots when he was borm not out of any particualr knowledge, it just seemed that a newborn should not have them. I am so glad I did that, I am sure in my heart that he would be so much worse if I had allowed the doctors to vaccinate him then. My son has autism and always will have butyour son is suffering much more. Our government disgusts me with their actions, I applaud you for defending these doctors and I hope they can go on supplying services for children like ours.


The symbolism of your son's picture is profound. Like you said yourself, he looks like a Nazi concentration camp survivor. It took America a long time to finally enter the war and fight against the Nazis during World War II. We didn't want to get involved and buried our heads in the sand. Someday, I believe that history will look back on the autism epidemic in much the same way. Truth will eventually be revealed but, unfortunately, only after there are many more casualties and victims.
My heart goes out to you and your son.


I am not sure we should be declaring all people on the autism spectrum have physical issues as well. I know it is not a general rule of thumb and it is a gross generalization to insist it is or is not accompanied by "gut" issues, etc. This is a spectrum. I feel for the people that do have the physical issues along with autism, and the more challenging manifestations of autism,but no one has the answers yet. Autism is still misunderstood, under-diagnosed, and no one has even clearly defined it. Pretty pathetic since it was named over forty years ago! And probably has been with us forever to some degree.

Kub Marshman

Dear Heather,
I'm not sure how I can adequately put into words what I felt after reading this and seeing the picture of your son; bravery, courage, and my everlasting respect.


I think now would be a good time to re-post the link to the film "Selective Hearing", for anyone catching up on the tragic injustice.


I am so sorry, Heather-- for your son, for your family and for the state of the world at the moment. Of course some of the panel slept through the trial: the verdict was preordained. This is one of the ugliest chapters in history and may prove the downfall of the species.

What do these cowardly, embedded medical authorities think-- "Apres moi le deluge"? Do they even care what will happen to the world after they're gone? Because autism is the tip of the iceberg. A quarter of children with language delay in the UK-- signs of deep brain damage. Teenage boys with half the sperm counts of their fathers-- signs of DNA and reproductive damage. The US and UK at the bottom of the list for child mortality and with the worst maternal mortality rates among developed countries. 1 in 6 with learning disabilities.

Heather, you are very generous to keep speaking out. You spoke beautifully for all our injured children.

Alison Davis

My heart is breaking for our children and families. It is unconscionable how Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues have been thrown to the media lions while Dr. Thorsen's research still stands as valid by those who historically have NEVER put our children first. Media has been told to "stay put" and they always obey, don't they?

GMC = Guile Makes Cents
CDC = Children? Don't Care!


Have you read "The Maker's Diet" by Jordin Rubin? He has a picture of himself in the book where he looks nearly identical to your son - concentration came like.

Mr. Rubin attributes his major GI issues and health decline to an MMR shot he got in college.

With his dietary changes and I believe "soil organisms" of some sort he was able to reclaim his health which was vibrant before his vaccine reaction.

Wishing a healthful journey for your son.

Joan Campbell

Heather is a very courageous woman and has such a brave son in Josh, we salute you for your passion and conviction in trying to get your message across. You and Josh are in my prayers,


This is tragic. It is as if the Nazi won the war and your child is now subject to their inhumane treatments. I pray you find some help for your son. This is criminal.

Robin Nemeth

This is sort of off topic but what the heck. Dennis Kucinich, on TV talking about why he had to vote 'yes' on the health care bill, was on about his own Crohn's disease. I couldn't figure out why and I don't think anyone else really understood it. He claimed that he was cured of his Crohn's disease and that it was by some sort of alternative medicine doctor. Pretty weird.

And damned ironic too Dennis, given that that doctor probably isn't going to be covered on any of the government approved 'health' plans, if your bill passes.


This is why we cannot allow a takeover of healthcare by government. For as broken as our system is, if this poor child looked like this here in the US, your fire your doctor and get another. Government doctors can do a crappy job and what can a citizen do........nothing.
Parents wouldn't let a doctor like Offit touch them with a washcloth here in the US. He has to be on the Pharma payroll because he would fail as a personal physician.

Jenny Webster

I posted this on my facebook page and not a single friend or family member commented on it, I suppose that what I am about to copy here is controversial... but it is how I feel.

"What were you thinking? Dragging our asses half way around the world, interrupting our lives... For what, you ignorant, servile scum! What the fuck are we doing here?"

it is a line from Band of Brothers, and since autism is a war I find it appropriate... it was easy for the German soldiers to carry out Hitler's orders. Humans can so blindly be led to do incredibly stupid things --like blindly believe their gov't that it's OK and for the good of ALL to RUIN a generation of children, to poison them with heavy ... See More metal and toxic laden vaccines that serve NO REAL, GOOD purpose.

We turn our eyes from the train wreck that is modern food and modern medicine... WE ALLOW giant corporations to sacrifice humans for the profits of the wealthiest 1% of this country. 10 years ago was my ignorance OK? That is arguable.... but NOW? NOW that there is so much evidence being brought to light there is NO excuse for parents to continue on being Hitler's willing executioners!

you ignorant, servile scum. what the fuck are we doing here?"


Heather, they have messed with the sacred, your precious son. Please tell me your doc's protocol adresses adrenals and methylation, and the many viruses unleashed when this system goes down. My heart aches for your son and all sufferers. Here's a post I wrote for a recent AOA article:
Compare stats before and after 1986. You can't give a developing brain toxins and not expect metabolic defaults. Selye said it: Stress = Disease
The boss, your HPA axis, fields the insults and orchestrates metabolism accordingly. Stress (any toxin) will demethylate. Insist on a doctor who shows you a methylation chart. Lower environmental toxins, support the adrenals and methylation metabolism. The body was made to detox, heck the chemistry it juggles just from normal metabolism is incredible. But there's a threshold to how much it can handle. It won't detox without working adrenals and methylation. Before 1986 a handful of vaccines were given ages 5-10 years, after 1986 36 vaccines were given from birth until 2. Biomarkers or not, auto-immune system disorders or not, I can't imagine anyone chancing a HPA axis firestorm in an infant.

Mark Richards

Just let them try to discredit you and your son.

If I were you, I'd demand they publicly apologize and turn in their alleged licenses.

Every so-called medical authority who uses Dr. Wakefield's case to publicly justify their mass-immunization programs ought to carry that photograph. Perhaps it will add some needed tempering of all the greed.

Isabella Thomas

Heather, I have seen photos of your son, Josh with a bag coming out of his stomach leaking because it is so big for such a small boy. I remember you showing this to Brian Deer outside the GMC and him saying this was not bowel disease. This photo should be on bill boards all over the country to remind people how this disease can become dangerous for our children. You are a very special family and I wish with all my heart that we could do more for Josh.
As you know the GMC said that the procedures preformed on my sons by Professor Simon Murch and Professor Walker-Smith and other doctors at the Royal Free were invasive procedures in the study (Dr. Wakefield did not carry out any procedures)but my sons have had some of these procedures carried out by Chelsea and Westminster hospital and the Royal Free since. This is because their symptoms of bowel disease are still ongoing. Are all these doctors also under attack? I know of many autistic children who have had the same producers done since and it is still ongoing. The problem is that none of the medication seems to help this group of children as this is a a new type of bowel disease. Our children are in so much pain and I have sat up many nights with both of my sons crying in pain saying 'help me why don't you help me' I have been told by doctors that because of the attack on the three doctors all research has now stopped on autism and bowel disease in hospitals as they are not allowed to recognise this disease as new. It would support Dr. Wakefield and that is not in the governments best interest. I believe that Brian Deer has a lot to answer for in how he handled all of this at the expense of sick children and three very brave doctors. It will go down in history that a journalist used sick children to make a name for himself, how he managed to get hold of confidential documents of our children and it seems with the blessing of the powers to be because no urgent investigation has been carried out on how this can happen. Sick children being used as political pawns. Brian Deer said publicly that my boys do not have an autistic condition and do not have bowel disease. I challenge him to prove it!

Deborah Nash

You know what thousands of parents know about vaccine damage, but you have seen it far more acutely than most. You have a right to be furious with the GMC, the Panel and the injustice. Despite all that you go through on a daily basis you still find time to support innocent doctors.
Thank you!
It is only right that Dr Wakefield, Prof. Murch and Prof. Walker-Smith know that we support them and will always support them.

patricia pratt

My dear Heather Edwards
What a brilliant letter. I am impatient to hear what response will be made. Especially interesting to read that the procedures are still being undertaken and yet no complaint of course is being made against the Royal Free Hospital.
My heart goes out to you. You are an extremely brave and courageous woman and your son´s plight moves me to tears. God Bless you and your family.
I am ashamed to be British when I think about the GMC and that appalling trial.

John Stone

I can't believe Heather's courage, and I can't believe Josh's. The trial was not of course about 3 doctors, it was always about what had happened to their patients in the first place. I don't know how much longer this tragic farce will go one but our medical bureaucrats will deserve the scorn of history.


Heather,my heart goes out to you and your son! My daughter also suffered terribly from GI problems for eight, long, agonising years. It all started with the MMR. Thankfully, we were finally able to bring it under control with help from a fine DAN! doctor. No one but the parents realise how these children suffer. Thank you for writing in defence of those three fine doctors, and thank you for continuing to speak up for what's right. I have to believe that some day those three brave, caring doctors will be vindicated, and sick children will routinely get the care they so desperately need and deserve. I hope you find help for your son's suffering. It's heartbreaking!

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