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On Being Compared to Hitler and the Nazi Movement

No_pointless_jokes_bumper_sticker-p128607186943544216trl0_400 By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

You know, I'm more often mistaken for being Jewish than I am for being a Nazi.  Even my wife (whose family is half-Jewish) thought for certain I was Jewish when she first met me.

But according to a YouTube video in which the movie Downfall has been given new subtitles so that Hitler becomes J.B. Handley ranting about vaccines and autism, I'm one of the few loyal Nazis that Hitler/Handley wants remaining with him in the bunker.  The others are Mark Blaxill, Dan Olmsted, and Kim Stagliano.  I just can't figure out, though, which Nazi officer the lovely Kim is supposed to be.  Jenny McCarthy is Eva Braun and Dr. Kartzinel is commanding a tank division threatening the bunker.  (Yeah, I don't understand that part, either.)  This gem posted on Heraldblog's YouTube account (aka Autism News Beat, aka Ken Reibel) is so awful that I couldn't stop laughing after watching it.  It's HERE.

After viewing it though I couldn't help but ask a simple question.  With more than a million children with autism, is that the best you've got?

No answers about what causes autism beyond looking for some gene that you haven't been able to identify yet, even though the human genome was mapped years ago?

Oh, and besides, if it is a genetic problem, why hasn't this always been with us?  You think it has?  Then why did Dr. Leo Kanner in his 1943 study claim it was unlike anything he or any of his colleagues had ever seen?  Why when the movie Rainman came out in 1988 were pediatricians in medical school told they might go through an entire career without ever seeing an autistic child?  How did something that was 1 in 10,000 twenty-five years ago become 100 in 10,000 today? 

Maybe the increase from 10 to 36 vaccines before the age of six, with the majority of those administered in the first six months of life?

All we're suggesting is that we might want to go back to the 1983 schedule when autism was 1 in 10,000.  I was twenty-years-old at the time and I can tell you that the land was not ravaged by infectious diseases.  And we're suggesting this even though we feel the old schedule was causing 1 in 10,000 children to become autistic.  For the time being we're willing to try and save 99, even though we're losing the 1.  But the medical community should be trying to figure this out rather than us. 

However, they don't seem like they're interested in doing that job.  They don't rush to examine our children when they're diagnosed, and perform extensive medical tests like they would if they came down with, God forbid, the swine flu.  And they don't rush out to examine the cases of documented recovery.  What was different in their systems when they had autism, and what changed when they got better?  I know that good science can answer these questions.

It's interesting that they call me a Nazi, because I am actually half-German.  The Heckenlivelys come from three small towns in Germany called Unterschlectbach, Mittleschlectbach, and Bruisch.  They left in 1827.  I don't think there were any Nazis around then. 

So while we don't have any ties to Hitler we do have a link to another well-known German.  The protestant reformer, Martin Luther, who challenged the Catholic church.  On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther tacked his 95 questions to the church door at Wittenberg, in Saxony, Germany and challenged the bishops of the Catholic Church to debate him, setting off the Protestant revolution.  According to family history, one of his daughters married a Heckenlively, and in the process created several generations of reverends and ministers.

The Catholic church was plagued with corruption during Luther's time, including the sale of indulgences.  He "protested" against the Church's actions, and his followers became generally known as, "protestants".  But what was most galling to Luther was that the Church had something of a monopoly on the Bible.  They wanted it printed only in Latin, the language of the educated class, rather than the language of the common people.  One of Luther's most revolutionary acts was having the Bible printed in common German so they didn't need the priests.  Luther believed that since each person was given the gift of reason by God and would be held accountable for their own soul, that they should make up their own mind about God's divine plan.  That meant reading the Bible in their own language and drawing their own conclusions.

Nearly five hundred years later I can't help but hear echoes of Luther's struggle as our small, but vocal community takes on the medical establishment.  The medical authorities seem to think they own the truth and we can't be trusted to come to our own conclusions.

We point out the flaws and problems in their research, like in the Danish study on vaccines and autism quoted so often to us.  (And it's not just with "the bandit Poul Thorsen", one of the lead researchers, who is alleged to have recently embezzled about $1.8 million dollars and fled to parts unknown.) For example, the rate of autism in Denmark was about 4 in 10,000, while in the United States at that time it was 67 in 10,000.  Are those really such good comparisons to make?  (I'd even take the Danish vaccination schedule which has 12 vaccines rather than our 36.) Oh, and how about how that study was also supposed to say autism went up when thimerosal was removed?  At the beginning of the study autism was diagnosed only in a hospital setting.  Halfway through the study the diagnosis was allowed to be made in an outpatient setting.  How many of you had your child's autism diagnosed during a hospital stay?  Probably not many.

Like Luther we're asking questions, only to be met with righteous anger.  How dare we question vaccines they thunder.  Sorry.  We get to ask questions.  It's our God-given right.

So, please, I ask the Heraldlog to get it right.  I'll accept the German part.  But you need to compare us to the right Germans.  We're not Nazis. 

Despite what our actual religions may be, in this fight we're all protestants!

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism


Autism Grandma

Re: "Like Luther we're asking questions, only to be met with righteous anger."

Kent, your comparisons to Martin Luther and our "Protestant Movement" are right on. The "Catholic Heirarchy" pretend to protest with "righteous" anger, however WE are the ones who are entitled to our Righteous Anger. Their anger is UNrigheous and occurs as the result of our exposure of the truth about their corruption. They seek to "Burn the infidels at the stake" in order to stop the "Protestants from reading the Bible" and finding out the Real Truth about vaccines and autism.

I often think about us as the Protestants resisting the absolute power and control of the "Holy Vaccine Empire". I often think of the Inquisition when I read about the Wakefield witchhunt. And I often think of "Nazism" when reading about the horrors of vaccine injuries and government backing of vaccine industry propaganda...Vaccines are a greed inspired Nazi experiment on untold millions of innocent children.

Blaming autism on "genetics" is ridiculous considering that this flies in the face of what is known and proven regarding genetic mutations. Since when does a genetic mutution occur within a 25 year period among a generation of children?

Yes, there is the damaged DNA issue, but which came first, the chicken or the egg? Toxic chemicals have been shown to produce alterations in DNA. In children with autism who have DNA testing, unless the parents are shown to have the same exact DNA alterations, it was not inherited, but instead ACQUIRED. Toxic vaccine overloads can produce DNA alterations on top of a gazillion other health issues. No children who have been assaulted with the American vaccine schedule are getting off scott free. If they don't end up with autism, it's just a matter of time to see what else develops.

Hitler would be proud of what the vaccine industry has done to American children. He couldn't have thought of a better idea himself.


I see parallels to Nazi Germany but not in the way Ken Reibel sees it...

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

On Hilter:

"His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."

- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propagandist

Hans Raible

Re the villages in Germany, I tried to look them up.
Mittel-schlecht-bach would be
Middle-bad-stream in translation.

This might have been transformed into
and there are two places in East Germany with that name:
Mittelbach near Chemnitz, zip 09224,
Mittelbach near Kamenz, zip 01936
Unterschlechtbach could not be found, and neither Bruisch. They might be in Czechia nowadays and have different names.

As to Hitler, there is not a single human who ever did so much damage, so he is etched into the memory of the older generation, and they will not forget him as long as they are alive. One will have to live with that.


JB Handley

I think Mr. Reibel is a welcome addition to the other side's fighting force of Offit, Singer, Gorski, and Peet. They help us do our job.



Look familiar? Hitler Upset Vikings Sign Farve. Ken must have plagiarized this at work. Everyone in Wisconsin and Minnesota has seen this before. This guy is a complete dufus. Like the tea-baggers, acting out against one's own self interest.

Craig Willoughby

Twyla and Bensmyson,
The CJ Communications that you are referring to is listed in New York. Reibel is not located in New York. I believe that Reibel's CJ Communications and the site that Bensmyson is referring to are not the same companies.


Thanks, Bensmyson. Very interesting. For years I have wondered about ANB/Ken's motivation. He must spend many hours blogging. He presents himself as just a concerned dad who cares about science. Yet he rarely actually presents any science or makes scientific arguemants; instead he just disparages everyone from Jenny to Congressman Burton to DAN! doctors etc.

Talk about failure to disclose conflict of interest. From the CJ Communications web site:

Why We Do It
We are knowledgeable professionals who have their careers invested in the pharmaceutical industry. This is the path that we have chosen. With determination and resolve we are poised and at the same time excited and challenged to deliver what so many have done in the past. That is to lay one more brick in the foundation of pharmaceutical marketing.


Based on Ken's Linked In profile, this does appear to be the company for which he is a Principal.

Interestingly, the CJ Communications web site does not mention any names of their owners or staff, as far as I could see.

Mary Hirzel

Recommendation for Ken Reibel posted on Linked in:

John O'Brien
Communications Director at American Academy of Pediatrics

John is a very effective and capable manager. He is cool under pressure, and works well with others is an extremely challenging environment. October 8, 2009

Ken Reibel (Principal at CJ Communications) reported to John at American Academy of Pediatrics.


"Reibel and AAP connection" -

Thank you for posting the link with Ken Reibel's photo and the interview.

The voice of the person asking Ken Reibel the questions sounds like what the movies make GOD sound like (supposedly) - very authoritative and VERY LOW. Very funny.

I "enjoyed" listening to another ASD parent saying - basically that we (parents of children clearly were vaccine damaged) are grasping at straws/we're idiots. Urghhh.

Too bad he wasn't there when I was holding my clearly regressing/suddenly 100% echoic/muscles deteriorating son in my arms while weeping an ocean of tears.

Craig Willoughby

Ben, I believe that Mr. Reibel's CJ Communications is different than the one you posted.

The best thing to do with Reibel is ignore him. Nothing infuriates him more than pointing out that he doesn't matter and that he is completely and totally inconsequential.

He is, however, a very deranged little man. This is someone who will hound you relentlessly, digging through blogposts and comment threads to pull any little bit of information that he can, even things he believes pertains to you but has nothing at all to do with you. He then uses this, twisting it out of context to mean something else entirely. Even when it doesn't pertain to you.

He also MUST get the last word in. He will post on threads that no one has posted to in months just so he can get the last word. He is truly a sad and pathetic little man, and he is completely unworthy of anyone's time and effort. He is safe to ignore because he is nothing but a arrogant little bully.

Reibel and AAP connection?

Hmmm- So was AAP hiring Ken Reibel as father of an autistic child who does not blame vaccines or was AAP hiring CJ Communications, where Ken Reibel is owner of it, a -"public relations/communications company" : "provides pharmaceutical marketers with safe and effective direct marketing and advertising"?

Appears AAP hit the jackpot on a 2:1 deal. Now they only need a jingle to go with their commercials from Reibel. How sick and (illegal?) they gave no conflict of interest misnomer.


Re: AutismNewsBeat's pharma-public-relations company--guess there's more than one way to get payola from PHRMA. How truly disgusting to use sick children to pad one's wallet.


Ken Reibel is all over the blogosphere countering any talk about vaccine injuries. Has a website that he points to every chance he gets. He also has a public relations/communications company:

"CJ Communications provides pharmaceutical marketers with safe and effective direct marketing and advertising.

Our unique management team is comprised of industry professionals from senior brand management, regulatory, consumer direct, generic, advertising agency, and even an industry financial analyst. This mix of professionals provides a creative collaboration and a driving force to channel innovation, integrate strategy and develop ROI for a level of safety you feel confident with.

We approach each situation with an open mind and listen and hear what you are asking for. We deploy our resources to provide you with strategic initiatives and an effective solution that is always cognizant of your ROI parameters. With extreme efficiency and timing, we will execute and deliver cost effective results. We take great pride in getting the best results for our clients.

Experience the ingenuity, creativity, passion, and enjoy the safety and efficacy we deliver with your next project."

Bad Apple


I'm not sure ignoring them is the answer.

I have a daughter who told me that when she was in high school, the teenage boys used to jump out from doorways, as she was walking thru the halls. They'd jump right out in front of her and stand with their faces inches from hers, and scream at the top of their lungs. If the teachers were aware of this behavior, they did nothing to stop it.

The doctor with the HMO, who was seeing her for OCD symptoms (duh, um, maybe she has 'just had too many stupid thugs screaming in her face' disorder) told us and her "ignore them, it will stop." This was the sum total of his advice to her. They didn't stop. But guess what? He still got paid.

I say let them speak. Help to spread their words. Let people find out what they're about. Their own words will do them in.


Who is Ken Reibel anyway? What on earth motivates him to be so disparaging towards parents of vaccine injured children?


That video is a perfect example of a infantile strategy used in the intelligence/propaganda industry, counter accuse. We all know who the brown shirts are. For me and my flag waving neighbors, it's all about individual rights. Herd immunity is code for Nazism.

Feed the beast, throw virgins into the volcano, lock up the resisters and slaughter the weak.

According to FBI records, 85% of COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) resources were expended on infiltrating, disrupting, marginalizing, and/or subverting groups suspected of being subversive. The FBI's reasoning for this program is for "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order."

The vaccination program is a national security issue. Rejecting the program or questioning it threatens social and political order. Violence? Just wait.


There is a new substance being reported as having possible benefits for autism. The active substance is called the KM-391 molecule. So far it has only been tested in mice. I cannot find out what it is supposed to do or the nature of it's chemical composition. Can anyone shed any light. The info mentioned in the release does vaguely refer to inflamation and that would make sense, but it is very ambiguous.


This is so silly. People do not waste your time on high school pranks. This video is laughable and deserves no attention. If this is what they come up with then Oh my God, we are really winning the debate.


The Nazi card has been pulled by someone who has no validity to their position.


I'm not suprised the AAP has praised Mr. Reibel. I guess they have to throw a bone to the guy who doesn't mind getting his hands a little dirty. If any AAP members read this, Ken is not scoring any points with the scared parents by ridicule. Try another propaganda tactic. Next...Joseph Goebbels...I mean ANB.

Jenny Webster

They are the Nazis. Sitting back and watching generations of children be harmed and killed from poison in vaccines. Doing nothing, and actually trying to make it worse. They might as well pick 1 out of every 100 kids and gas them. That is more humane.

The idiot who made this clip would have made better use of his time jerking off --b/c that is the equivalent of the message they are sending out.

We need to decide as a group to just ignore these asshats and instead focus our message --instead just be here to offer advice to those parents who want to help their sick kids.

stop feeding the trolls and they will go away.


Glad to see you at AoA have a sense of humor about it. One of us needs too!
I'm sure my vaccine injured daughter would just LHAO if she could understand it. (sarcasm)
I started an Autism
community website on There are forums, blogs, chat,
profile pages, add your own pics, videos, music. I would love to
invite everyone here. Please stop by. :)

Heather White

I'm so sick of the Nazi similes! My husband's mother and his family came to the US from a concentration camp. He also believes that vaccines caused our child's autistic characteristics. He also is a medical doctor. This whole thing should not bother me but it does, I should remember I'm a christian and turn my cheek. But, children are being harmed and it's disgusting that we have to tolerate this gross act. I would love to sit down and put a movie together. Oh, but I'm getting my child prepared for some auto processing testing and making new ABA cards. Then I've got speech and OT along with my GFCF, juiced organics and dairy free menu to put together for the week. These people don't get it!


"No-one is being called a Nazi here."

Wel, I guess if Jeff Keogh is defending this clip to us he must think vaccines can cause autism too to help us not feel unduly denigrated. Otherwise why would he care what those here think? Since he suggests this parody is not tainting those it targets with Nazi overtones I suppose he is right.
Thanks Jeff, your insight is helpful.


**Don't be upset by the parody, just understand the source. The more reaction he gets from AoA readers, the more satisfied he will be. The creator certainly has an agenda.**
Couldn't have said it better myself. Continue to give him something to work with and he'll continue to have something to do. I tried to post a comment on there but for some reason it won't go through. It's just as well though. I realized that ignoring Kenny back when the Amanda Peet garbage hit when he posted as DKF (Depressed Knick Fan) on the Cookie rag was the best way to handle him. He's an insignificant Wart hog and he knows it. He needed something to get his name back out there, the attention whores that he and his buddies are. There ya go Kenny-love, since we ALL know you troll AoA, that is my suggestion for your next screen name. Wart hog.


I have a child who has gone from having 6 words to be able to say almost anything or attempt to say it at the very least and being able to label items in 7 days.

We upped a dose of one of her supplements 8 days ago.

Just have one thing to say here. If autism is all genetic, then why is my child getting better. Why has no one ever seen a child progress this much this fast.

My child is a beacon of hope as so many others are and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

We parents don't have time to make cutesy pointless videos. We are too busy working to help our kids.

The recovery train is coming. Get on board or get out of the way.

six million reasons

Jeff Keogh- you're easily astonished. You must be fun on April Fools.

Everyone knows about the X-box parodies, etc. They were sailing around Facebook forever. I never exactly liked them. I snickered at the X-box bit at first, but then I'd remember that my father was an injured WWII vet and had an uncle by marriage who lost family in the Holocaust. I never knew them but they were my own family by marriage.

My dad would not have found any of the clips amusing. He liked black humor but that wasn't a topic he considered up for grabs for that purpose. I always tried to mark that line because of his experience, because of his love for his uncle. I sometimes toe the line because I've had different experiences but I know where the line is.

In the end, all of the earlier parodies using that film clip and more prominent copycats cross the line because the "humor" is not meant to invoke thought over a parallel atrocity. They're making light of atrocity for a cheap piss. But at least in those earlier clips, Hitler is still Hitler-- no one else's identity is being pasted on or blended with Hitler's.

JB Handley is clearly being equivocated to not only a Nazi but Hitler himself. The names-- Heckenlively, Stagliano, etc.-- are projected onto people wearing swastikas. Reibel isn't dealing in ambiguity here. He never really does anyway.

I think the difficulty people are having with this is that parents with disabled children who fight against things like, say, school abuse and forced drugging of children, who fight for insurance coverage and basic civil rights (which this blog covers over and over) don't seem to be a natural fit for Nazis-- who abused and killed the disabled because the Reich didn't want to pay for treatment and services.


A Friend

"Perhaps many here are unaware, but the parody using the clip taken from the move 'Downfall' is an internet meme. It has been underway for nearly a year now".

Someone needs to come up with one where Hitler is diagnosing Ken Reibel with Multiple Personality Disorder. Hitler can then rant about how all of his 'peronalities' need to have 10,000 vaccines stuck in his/her buttocks. Hitler can call in Dr. Paul Offit to do the deed... but Dr. Offit decides he won't be the one to do it because one of Ken Reibel's personalities called him a big baby and Dr. Offit became scared for his life.

Ah, probably not that funny... I'm sure there are more creative people here... Go for it. :)

Jeff Keogh

I find the commentary here astonishing.

Perhaps many here are unaware, but the parody using the clip taken from the move 'Downfall' is an internet meme. It has been underway for nearly a year now.

The joke is that Hitler is being made to rant about hundreds of unrelated topics, from X-Box to sporting results to celebrity gossip.

No-one is being called a Nazi here.

michael boult

There is a lot of Irony here,how many drink tap water with flouride in it? (the one who made this sad parody) A german company called farben & co 1930s developed flouride and used it as a drug to suppress prisoners well before the war! Their factorys were not bombed like several others,I think in 2002 or 3 the company changed and was connected with baxter anyway,keep drinking mut!


Don't be upset by the parody, just understand the source. The more reaction he gets from AoA readers, the more satisfied he will be. The creator certainly has an agenda. His "interview" on the AAP website is telling. He questioned vaccines for 1-2 weeks and never tried an alternative therapy from ABA?

Q: Have you tried any alternative treatments for Chris?

Reibel: Not that I can think of, no. I just never have. I think I just caught on early enough that
there’s an awful lot of fraud out there and a lot of people who are basically preying on parents’
grief, desperation, guilt. You know, parents of these kids are awfully easy marks and there’s an
awful lot of people out there who want to take advantage cause some of these providers, too,
may even be well-meaning. You know, they may honestly think that such and such a treatment is
going to help, but there’s an awful lot that know better too. So, I’ve always been very wary of

So he hasn't tried anything to help his son but ABA, and therefore can speak that the treatments that have help recover my son are a joke? At least he could have tried GFCF or chelation before spouting off.

Mr. Seibel (I know you are reading these comments because you made that video to provoke reaction and you want to see it just like an arsonist):

I would be happy to sit down and speak to you about how you can further help your son. You are selling him short by not seeking anything beyond ABA. If you try and don't see results, at least you tried your best. I will be happy to explain how my son has made tremendous progress because of Dr. Krigsman and DAN protocols.

If you are interested, please post on this blog you hate so much, and will give you my email and phone number.


Ken Reibel continues to prove that he is in serious need of psychological counseling.


"In classical psychology, projection is always seen as a defense mechanism that occurs when a person's own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.

An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and redirect their libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another.

Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them."

Just sayin.

Dr. L'Hommedieu

Well, I’m glad Kent Heckenlively is able to laugh, because I sure can’t.

This psychotic endeavor is the kind of food that feeds intimidation into ignorant public minds; building support for the perpetually increasing corruption and deception behind the vaccine Enterprise. It is the same tactic used by any group to harass their opposition. They simply argue their opposition is doing exactly what in fact they are doing in order to cover the truth. Thus, an uninformed public does not know who or what to believe.

This video is typical of disinformation experts. This is why there are so many controversial topics in science. Authentic science is dead. It is driven by political agendas and monetary gain. How can anyone with a half a brain cell examine all of the evidence and confidently state that vaccines cannot be a contributing factor? Only the likes of “doctors” and “researchers” like Insel and Offit, and the crazed parasites within the pharmaceutical industry, along with their cronies within government agencies and medical institutions.

What is most disturbing is that we’re not talking about differences of opinion on a subject, but the fact that there is an epidemic of neurologically devastated children.

If there ever was an analogy to Hitler, it would be the correlation of his attempt at creating the perfect race. However, in this application there is a twist: it is not about creating the perfect race, but rather destroying a people - U.S. citizens – who are not worthy of existing because many still hold on to the truth of the Word of God, maintaining a sovereign nation, and respecting our God-given biological design. Injecting various viral genetic information, known and unknown, toxic metals and chemicals into a people only serve to corrupt and weaken genetics, immunity, and their ability to think independently and logically. What child can withstand this kind of biological abuse?

Donna Kincanon

Post by "Reibel and AAP connection? links to an AAP site where Reibel is quoted and he states something to the effect that he was like alot of parents and was kind of oblivious to his child's development up to age 3. Within this context, his perspective and comments regarding the autism epidemic are self-serving and work to excuse his lack of attention to his own child. He ends up lashing out at those parents who did pay attention to their child's development and work tirelessly to reclaim their their child's health and along the way shine a light on a medical holocaust boarding innocent children on the trains to autism. It is indeed ironic that he casts the parents of the sick children as the Nazi's.

Darian (nickname)

Yes, because after all, the Nazi Party was all about advocating and for making better the lives of people with disabilities.

What crack are these people smoking again?

First of all, it doesn't even make any logical sense. Nazi's would have just excuted anyone with a disability. There was nothing about trying to help them. If you were disabled you were not Aryan. Bullet to the head.

If you want to call someone something, could you at least come up with something that is so easily disprooved? If this is the highest intelligence of the opposition, then my friends we will most certainly win this battle!

Now I got to focus on holding my sides in!!

A Friend

"What is concerning though is that Ken Reibel continues to use these names, Heralblog and Autismnewsbeat, as if no one know that he is all 3 names. Bizarre and strange behaviors".

Multiple Personality Disorder perhaps? I'm sure that the AAP must be thrilled that one of the parents that they feature on their website enjoys portraying other parents as Hitler. Way to go, Ken.


Interesting that what Reibel is doing is actually a Nazi propaganda technique of reversing blame and altering the moral identity of intended victims. Jews were accused of murdering bureaucrats who fiddled with boxes of victims' baby teeth on their desks and adjusted cufflinks made of human bone.

Is Reibel paid for his participation in industry embedded AAP events, etc.?

I posted some of this in the other post today-- It's also curious that an entity which argues comprehensive "genetic" causation for autism would be calling anyone "Nazis"-- after all, Hitler adopted his philosophy from a popular medical tome on "genetics" he read while in Landsberg prison. It was a book on eugenics written by Dr. Eugen Fischer, arguing genetic cause for all mental illness and the woes of breeding between African and German.

The T4 "euthanasia" program in Nazi Germany was fixated on cleansing society of the tainted genes of the mentally disabled and also on the money and resources saved by killing the disabled rather than providing state sponsored therapies and cures. T4 bureaucrats actually factored this in sausages at one point.

Rates of mental disability had also risen sharply in the period before WWII, which was also true in England and the US. The rate had gone from .2 in 1000 to roughly 2.5 in 1000, which was viewed as an alarming and untenable explosion in disability and was blamed on poor "breeding" practices.

In point of fact, much of the rise in mental disability and mental illness could not have been genetic and may have been due to Germany's role as a world leader in the chemical industry at the time, as well as the use of highly mutagenic mustard gas (mitochondrial toxin) in Germany and surrounding territories in WWI. Some of the new disabilities and birth defects which appeared at that time were first recognized within a few years of the first use of mustard gas and other chemical warfare agents relate de novo mitochondrial defects.

Like today, "fault" for birth injuries and defects which were actually the responsibility of the state and industry at the time in Germany were then quarantined to the "fault" of the individual genes via faulty and manipulated genetic theory. There's even a direct connection: Nazi collaborator Franz Kallmann's deeply flawed "twin studies" still appear in American textbooks arguing the "genetic cause" of schizophrenia.

Just like today, parents of disabled children were the enemy of the T4 program. Very few families, even those within the party, willingly sacrificed their disabled children, something which drove the T4 bureaucrats to distraction. Parents demanded therapy, they demanded cures and they demanded that their children be kept at home. T4 coerced and forced parents to commit their children to T4 killing institutions. Then, when parents protested their children's unexplained deaths, the T4 bureaucrats railed against parents' "foul" accusations that the T4 program was killing children and threatened to deem these accusations as "proof" that the complaining parents suffered from the same genetic mental illnesses of their children-- tantamount to a death threat.

Everything old is new again.


I have always wondered about this guy when I see his comments to various articles on Huffpo and other places. I had just assumed he was paid by the word by pharma. But he is a parent and he spends his time this way instead of actually doing things to help? Even if he disagrees w/ biomed, vaccine injury, etc. why the hell doesn't he spend his time fighting for services that he does agree with? How many of us are even getting the mainstream accepted therapy (ABA) fully funded - or have gotten our kid's medical issues covered by insurance?

I don't see how what he is doing helps anyone - except maybe his wallet and pharma (or his own sense of guilt?).

If he is going to spend his time doing crap like this - shouldn't it at least be creative and God forbid funny? I saw the same video a few years back used to parody a college hockey tourney for God's sake. It was funny a few years ago when it was original and used a serious subject matter to make fun of a college hockey rivalry - not thousands of sick children.

What a colossal tool.

Maurine Meleck

Or is this jerk a holocaust denier and also telling us he's an autism denier in the same breath? maurine


Well said, Kent. And especially apt was the reference to Luther and that established order. I can hear the rant now:

"The people will be led astray. They should just listen to us, the priesthood. Damn the internet. The public is finding things out for themselves, and they'll get it all wrong. This can't go on. We've got to stop them. I know. Ridicule. Drown out their silly voices with laughter at them. Quick - get Orac on it, and his acolytes. Before it's too late, and they - "

What. Force safer vaccines into being? Cause untold damage to the vaccine schedule? And to the reputation of the medical profession?

Right. Kill the messenger...

P.S. And of course there's a genetic component to ASD. There are reasons why some kids are damaged by certain vaccines and some aren't. Kids with genes that code for glutamic acid, eg, will be more susceptible to damage by vaccines that contain that substance (as all live-virus vaccines do). And kids with a polymorphism to be low in glutathione. And so forth. What the establishment is trying to do is to exonerate vaccines at all costs. And we know now what some of those costs are. Too well. By the good work of 'the public' in ferreting all this info out. Which 'the priesthood' would have been happy just to keep quiet; and let them get on with business as usual. Well, we now have news for them...

Sandy Gottstein

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

"1984" by George Orwell


Hmm... Do I smell a 'false light' tort here?

Jake Crosby

Isn't that ironic, since "Reibel" is French and France has become a hotbed of anti-Semitism.

This ND obviously equates our intention to what he sees as "wiping out" autism equivalent to the Nazis' intention to wipe out the Jews. I have a friend on the spectrum who is also Jewish, yet has complained about being compared to Joseph Goebbels. So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised about being compared to the criminals who murdered my ancestors during WWII...

Craig Willoughby

You know, these idiots take such horrible offense to me calling them the Vaccine Gestapo. I wonder if any of them see the irony of this video.

patricia pratt

This video is not simply crap. It is in the most gross and unfunny taste. Who are these people who made it? Kids? On drugs?

Harry H.

Okay, Reibel is a rip-off. I just saw the same movie clip with a Cubs in the World Series twist. At least that had some humor and relevance. This was childish.


Sorry not going to watch it but I did follow Kerbob's link and watched that one. Good one.

Reibel and AAP connection?

This is just lame and stupid crap. What is concerning though is that Ken Reibel continues to use these names, Heralblog and Autismnewsbeat, as if no one know that he is all 3 names. Bizarre and strange behaviors.

He showed up at Autism One 2 years ago with a video camera trying to get the same folks, Dan, Mark, and Kim on the internet. The AoA group actually did a nice job talking (unknown they were being videotaped)about their role in presenting the science, the politics and the current events of the day regarding autism and its connection to vaccines.

Reibel's behavior and concerning focus on AoA appears more than just a dislike. I would be concerned that he may make a more menacing attempt to gain attention and brownie points with Orac etc, by doing something on a bigger scale to up his ante.

I think everyone should be alarmed at the amount of time and effort that this odd man and possibly others spend hating AoA and those who run it. I also think everyone should know what he looks like as he attempts to stay in the shadows with his pseudonyms:

Everyone should also wonder why this odd, strange man with his bizarre behaviors is allowed on the American Academy of Pediatrics website as some sort of expert on vaccines. Note his stress on genes as the cause of his son's autism and ABA as the treatment that they used for the son. His AoA stalker activity and AAP inclusion should make anyone wonder what the hell is going on?


Is anyone in the least bit surprised that Mr. Reibel would post such juvenile rubbish? All we need to do is consider the source.

I wonder if any of the truly wonderful individuals parodied in this infantile video gave their permissions to have their name used in this way....

Martin Walker

When I brought out my book Dirty Medicine in 1993, the head of HealthWatch a British campaigning Lobby group supported by Big Pharma, called it a 'Nazi' book. I think there are two aspects to this, the other side want to extend the description of us as authoritarians, against people's freedom to chose - in this case vaccination, and they know however bad their propaganda is if they link us with Nazi's some mud will stick. This is of course a classic propaganda ploy reversing the truth. It is them who are the authoritarians; in the case of my book pushing everyone into one size fits all drug treatments that deny peoples indivduality and freedom of choice and in the case of AOA forcing citizens to undergo vaccination, despite the adverse reactions.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Underneath all this is the reality that hundreds of thousands of American children are disabled like never before. This is never a topic of concern for U.S. health officials who've never used the word "crisis" when speaking about autism or for anyone else when they attack/ridicule us. They try to change the subject by reminding us of communicable diseases that vaccines supposedly protect against. They wave one genetic autism study after another at us. And comparing AoA people to Nazis is another bizarre attempt to avoid the truth about what autism is doing to our children. There's a surreal feeling watching these videos: What does any of this have to do with the generation of autistic children all around us?

I keep reminding people that this controversy can't continue much longer. We're not discussing some speculative topic like Is Pluto a planet? At issue here is the worst medical mistake in history: Has an unsafe, unchecked vaccine program wrecked havoc on a generation of children and are the perpetrators of this disaster only concerned with covering it up?

I don't like to ever compare individuals to Nazis, but since the subject has been brought up, I can think of much better candidates for the roles of Hitler and his inner circle in the bunker than the editors at Age of Autism.

Anne Dachel, Media

David Troutman

I will crank-up Tom Petty (I won`t backdown)and pretend that clip never happened.Dave

A Mom

They've got it ass-backwards as usual.

This is a holocaust against our children.

By them.

Who was responsible for the holocaust?

It wasn't the Jews.

Our children represent the Jews.

The machine that continues to destroy children and families, and all the while ridiculing them are the Nazis.

These people just continue to embarrass themselves and prove our points.

John Gilmore

I don't understand Reibel. Why does he bother? His function is played pretty well by a multi-trillion dollar drug industry that has the corporate media working as its echo chamber, and the vast majority of politicians asking "how high" when pharma says "jump." But he acts as if he is some sort of daring defender of something. He is this weird combination of outsider wannabe while staunchly defending the status quo. He's like a person who would go around making graffiti saying nice things about Walmart.


Wow, this is disturbing on many levels. How sad. Who even has time to make ridiculous videos like this? Get a life!


Generally speaking the only Nazi's I recognize today are in the medical and pharma professions.

Talk about dogma and Mengele-style experimentation . . . God forbid you raise a voice against them.

Unlike the Germans falling for Hitler's woo we will not be silenced. We will not stand idle while a generation is destroyed.

Try again.


Another parallel with Luther: his protest against the Catholic monopoly was empowered by the printing press, as was his new translation of the Bible. Nowadays protest is empowered by the Internet. Different technology, same result.


I am a Lactation Consultant and a mother of a boy with Aspergers...I get called a Breastfeeding Nazi and now I am an Autism Nazi. It disgusts me that people would use this term to describe other people who are trying to help! I do not murder or torture breastfeeding mothers and neither do seek to murder, torture or segregate autistic children, quite the opposite! People with weak arguments always resort to insults.


Wow! Just Wow!

What kind of disturbed person is this Reibel guy?

He doesn't have better things to do with his life except make a video like this?

What kind of people would find this amusing?

What is wrong with people?

Its as if the fact Handley, Blaxill, Stagliano et al. are even in this "war" is because they have children who have autism.

Remember them Mr. Reibel...the children?


What a stupid video. Certainly not worth watching.

Tanners Dad

It just made me sick when I watched it yesterday... I actually ventured over to the dark side & Posted this...

I appreciate the lesson about "Godwin's Law". I just think that Parody or anything else along these lines diminishes your scientific skeptic logic. I was hoping for stronger competition. I have never understood why you all do not understand the motivation behind the safe vaccine movement. Unless we come to a solution for families dealing with profound Autism the vaccine program in place is in jeopardy. Nothing put forward to date will end this debate. If it is so clean cut & Dried why are you afraid to initiate a Vaccinated vs non-vaccinated study? I was thankful for your reporting on the research into recovery... I did pass it on to Jenny.

Posted by: Tanners Dad | March 28, 2010 3:16 PM

Jeff Keogh


Parody comprehension fail. As predicted, and right on schedule.


Of course this is just a coincidence on their part.

I already have one reaction:

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