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Mark Blaxill and Rita Shreffler on Go Green Radio with Jill Buck

Mark blaxill photo Tune into "Go Green Radio with Jill Buck" TODAY Friday, March 5 at noon Eastern to listen to Mark Blaxill and NAA's Rita Shreffler in “Part II: Is the Environment to Blame for Autism?”

Good parents advocate for their children, and try to keep them safe from harm. Suppose your children were being harmed by the air they breathe, by chemicals sprayed on their schoolyard, or by vaccinations recommended by your most trusted ally in keeping your child healthy – your pediatrician. If that were the case, you’d likely do all that you could to protect your child, but you’d soon find that as a lone parent it is very difficult to sway the large organizations and companies that control the environmental hazards around your child. And then…you’d do what this week’s Go Green Radio guests did…you’d band together with other concerned parents to make a difference. This week we are joined by the Executive Director of the National Autism Association, Rita Shreffler, and the editor-at-large for the Age of Autism, Mark Blaxill. Rita and Mark will discuss their experiences as parents of autistic children, and help us understand the environmental toxins that may be responsible for rising rates of autism in America.


Tim Kasemodel

Mark and Rita,

Thank you so much for doing this interview.

As I listened I was thinking how supportive Jill was of our views. I have hope that more "green" org's will catch on that vaccines should be under their radar with the same intensity as the apple sitting on their desk.

Here in Minnesota we worked feverishly for 5 years on mercury free vaccine legislation. It was a battle. Then a group of loosely organized environmental org.'s got together and called themselves "Healthy Legacy" - groups like Clean Water Action and other national and local groups, along with our group called the Minnesota Natural Health Coalition. When we met to discuss putting a bill together on banning mercury, there were individuals touting the evils of flourescent bulbs, medical devices, appliances, and yes the most evil of all, mascara.....

We thought we had found great allies in our fight against thimerosal. But when we suggested adding dental amalgams and vaccines to their list we were told many of the same things we are hearing in the national debate today on health care.

"If we include "X" (vaccines) we may not get the bill passed....''

Also known as.....

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".

Well, we compromised and now I can be proud to say that children in Minnesota are completely protected from having mercury containing mascara put on their faces, just before they get their mercury containing flu vaccines and their mercury containing dental amalgams, under the mercury containing compact flourescent bulbs (that can be sold as long as there is a tiny sign nearby telling the customer to drive all the way back to the store to dispose of it....).

Lesson learned....

Don't back down when the wimps in your group want to stay away from "controversial issues" simply to get what THEY want. Fight harder to convince them mercury free means mercury free.

Worst of all, the Group "Healthy Legacy" actually thought that they won when their worthless P.O.S. bill passed.......

Thanks again for doing the show.


Excellent interview. So glad it's still available at the link.

Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

As the founder and organizer of green children's health expos: Saving Our Kids, Healing our Planet, I can tell you, it's got to be the whole package! When less than 15% of the 87,000 chemicals in widespread use have been tested for safety and 2.2 billion lbs of pesticides are sprayed on crops each year, we who advocate for vaccine safety, can't ignore the environmental issues. It's all tied together. Having the whole package also means we have to emphasize optimal organic diets because as Martha Herbert has said: the combination of poor nutrition and being exposed to a multitude of toxins sets you up for major health problems. If the green movement, could unite with the whole food nutritionists and they could combine forces with those of us advocating for safe vaccines, what a powerful force for change we would become.
Maureen H. McDonnell, RN
Saving Our Kids, Healing OUr Planet

Eileen Nicole Simon

Think double: (1) impairment of the blood-brain-barrier and (2) substances in the circulation that can cross a leaky blood-brain-barrier.

The worst medical error, in my opinion still, is clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth. If too much blood is left in the placenta, not enough will be available to initiate circulation to the lungs. The lungs take priority and blood may be drained from the brain to initiate breathing. The Apgar score may be a perfect 10, but the blood-brain-barrier left impaired.

Then vitamin K and hepatitis B vaccine are administered, components of which can cross the damaged blood-brain-barrier. Most interventions are not dangerous to all children, but in combination can be hurtful to some.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Silent Spring, DDT, Love Canal, smog control devices, EPA, smoke stack scrubbers??? Just words that come to mind from 40 years ago when the pollution was an ACTUAL problem.

Kids today are "cleaner" than ever before. Two generations ago there was more pollution and LESS vaccines.

The "environmental" aspect to autism is a red herring and it deflects any legitimate questioning of vaccines. I just hope that all conversations about "the environment" are extremely brief, while getting back to the problem being the problem.


MMR - Merck Measles Regression

Now I know how they got the name, so clever.

It makes complete sense now.


Great show for the end of the week !!!

Be sure to cover the "Merck-bowel-measles" syndrome.

& how to properly clean up a spill of a H1N1 vial.


Teresa-- not sure but this might be similar technology:

Teresa Conrick

Great...look forward to this and on a related note:

New energy-efficient lighting technology contains no mercury

..."But perhaps the biggest advance of the new technology is its lack of mercury. Despite being energy-efficient, the biggest eco-knock on CFL technologies is the mercury content. Mercury is poisonous, and even small amounts are a concern for landfills and waste incinerators where the mercury from bulbs may be released, contaminating water supplies.

The new technology isn't quite ready for the marketplace yet, so you won't find it in stores, but RTI hopes to have it ready for commercialization within the next three to five years."


Great. There's been a bit of a divide between some "Green" groups and the vaccine injury movement on several points, so I'm really happy about the inclusiveness.

The two points of contention that come up with some Green afficionados are A) the use of mercury containing compact fluorescent lights, and B) the fact that the vaccine-induced-autism issue may seem like too much "controversy ballast" for Green groups which are struggling for legitimacy and recognition. I can totally understand it to a certain degree-- the green cause can't afford to fail.

It seems many Green supporters will actually ignore the vaccine causation argument in preference for fuzzier "everything and the kitchen sink" theories that autism is triggered by "just pollution in general"-- never mind that some of the chemical triggers in vaccines are the same as the industrial pollutants being discussed.

Time to let the chips fall. It's good to see the two sides of the same coin come together.


Very much looking forward to hearing this radio-cast. Also looking forward to reading Mark and Dan's book when it's released.

Speaking of books, I'd like to interject a quick woo-hoo! since I just got my advanced order of David Kirby's book Animal Factory in the mail from Amazon today.

A brief excerpt from the back cover:
"Each page of this book is filled with powerful information. It has all the makings of a number one best seller."
-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I've barely cracked it and it's already a page-turner. I encourage everyone to order it. David Kirby deserves our support, we deserve safer food and the animals deserve humane conditions.

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