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How to Fight Autism

Town crier By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

What’s the best way to fight autism?

It’s a question our community has long struggled with.  And by “our community” I mean those who believe their child’s autism was caused by a vaccination.

I was reminded of this vexing question when I recently met with an autism advocate who’s been helping families implement various dietary programs.  For many children the changes have been dramatic.  I also want to point out that this advocate has no children of his own on the spectrum.  He’s one of those rare individuals who willingly entered this cause.  When I encounter such people I always express my admiration saying, “You volunteered for this fight.  I got drafted!”

But as we continued our conversation I noted that although our goal was the same our approach differed.

His approach was to speak about diet as a way to help children with autism and lead to the question of vaccines.  My approach was to state the cause, then explain why the various therapies may help some kids, and from this understanding of causation figure out why many other children have not yet been helped.

He was not against what I was saying, or even that vaccines seem to be the causative factor for most children.  Our discussion centered on the most effective way to bring about that change.

I argued that we needed to be LOUD!  We needed to say things like VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM! with the same vigor as other people once said SMOKING CAUSES CANCER! 

Now everybody knows smoking doesn’t cause ALL cancers, but it causes enough that you can put it down as a pretty good mechanism of causation.  Although the government says they don’t know what causes autism, they have so far admitted it caused the autism of Hannah Poling and to a lesser extent, Bailey Banks.

I could sense the autism advocate listening to me and struggling with my opinion.

Then he said something really interesting.  He started talking about the Stanley Milgram studies on obedience conducted at Stanford University in the 1960s.  In the experiment, an authority figure (a 47 year-old accountant pretending to be a biology professor), told the test subject he was going to be participating in a study of memory and learning in different situations.

The test subject was to ask a series of questions to a person in another room, and if the person answered incorrectly, the test subject would push a button to punish the student with an electric shock.  The voltage would start low but increase in 15 volt increments for each wrong answer.  The maximum amount of voltage to be given was a 450-volt shock three times in succession.  The test subject would also be able to hear the “screams” (fake, of course) of the person in the other room as the voltage was increased.

Before he conducted the experiments Milgram polled fourteen Yale University senior-year psychology majors as to the percentage of people they thought would give the maximum amount of 450-volt shocks, three times in succession, even after hearing the blood-curdling screams of the “student” followed by no response as if the subject was dead.  They guessed that only about 1% of the subjects would deliver the maximum punishment. 

There was no coercion of the subjects, other than a phony biology professor telling them they should continue.  In fact, he only gave them four verbal prods to continue.  If the subjects still wished to stop after four successive verbal prods, the experiment was halted. The study revealed some very disturbing findings abut what ordinary people are likely to do when instructed by an authority figure. Milgram was stunned that the final number of subject willing to deliver the maximum 450-volt punishment was 65%. 

The autism advocate then went on to tell me about some further research.  The presence of another individual who thought the experiment was wrong and said so very clearly gave other people the courage to stop their experiment.  When there were two additional people in the room who objected to the experiment the conformity rate among participants dropped to 10%.

It seems that courage is contagious.

Which led me to ask the autism advocate, which of our approaches was more likely to have the greatest impact?

I know it caught him a little flat-footed because it was his own example.  (Sorry folks, that’s just the way we lawyers are!  We listen and then use your own words against you!)

Our community is filled with so many passionate people and I know we all want the best for our children.  My respectful disagreement with some in our community is not over the ultimate goal, but the best tactics.  Authority figures are now even resorting to billboards with the message, “Make a Date to Vaccinate!”  We won’t win by being cautious.  We’ll win by being bold.

VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM!  Don’t be afraid of those words.  Say them often to anybody who will listen. 

Those words will let many find the courage to question authority.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism



I am tired of crying for my son…..

michael framson

To Karen: I think a good landmark article worth reading would be the Simpsonwood transcripts.

"The number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant." - Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pediatrics. Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000


Eight times my three family members reacted to their vaccines, but we kept going back because all the docs said all was fine! The docs said all was fine because papers written by the demi-gods of government agencies said all was fine.

So even though seizures, heart murmurs, passing out with high fevers of 105.5 and gasping for air, Kawasaki's and oh I almost forgot that stroke - never mind there are papers out there that said I did not see what I thought I saw. I am hallucinating!

Vaccines is the only drug that does not come along with the side effects list in rare incidences. So that must mean there are no side effects.

Karen H

Does the fact that the initial paper that originally said vaccinations cause autism was proven to be false, largely made up and subequently withdrawn, not make you think? Or that there is so much more scientific evidence proving vaccines do not cause autism than scientific evidence saying they do? I fail to understand why, when the landmark paper that spurred all this debate about vaccines has been proven false, and in the face of so much compelling evidence that they don't cause autism, you people still are holding on to this as gospel. We cannot say for sure that vaccines cause it. How can you be so certain, when there are so many millions of children that have had vaccines, and are not autistic?

Autism Grandma

Re: "VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM! Don’t be afraid of those words. Say them often to anybody who will listen.

Those words will let many find the courage to question authority."

Kent, the Town Crier Ringing the Bell is the perfect symbol as our mascot as to what all of us really need to do. These words ring true: "VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM"!!!!!!!!!!

I have never held back from making this factual statement and warning. It's the plain truth and people need to hear it. The actual truth is that vaccines poison the body and cause all kinds of other health issues besides autism. People desperately need a Wake Up Call and Reality Check. It's the only way that we can help to save other innocent children from suffering as ours have.

When people ask me if we will ever give my grandson vaccines again, I tell them "Not only NO, but HELL NO." Tell others to truth and let them see your determination. Paul Revere shouted out the warning "The British are Coming!" because people's lives were in danger. He didn't worry about "proclaiming too loudly" or waking people up in the middle of the night and neither should we. The majority of people are still asleep "in the middle of the night" so if we don't wake them up with an urgent call, who will really pay attention and take our warning seriously?



Why did you not vaccinate your fifth child?

Your other four healthy ones - did you vaccinate them?

If not why?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Elucidatus, You are on the right track. Over ten years ago I was verbally attacked by a doctor who didnt like hearing about mercury in vaccines. I realized then- You have to know the science and the facts or you cannot talk to people about this.
Just keep reading. Note down the facts. Read Evidence of Harm and go on the net to read remarks by Dr. Boyd E Haley- especially his remarks of about a year ago in response to a comment by Dr. Bernadine Healy. Take a look at Safeminds and National Vaccine Information Center. Go to CoMeD .Take a look at AOA archives
After a while you will notice that you can answer most questions on the topic.


I enjoyed the article and all the comments. My heart breaks every time I hear of a parent feeling broken over dealing with autism.

I am a mom of many children. My fifth child was born with autism. He had signs of it early on. One day when he was about 3 months I mentioned to my mother, "I know I should not say this, but sometimes I think he has autism, as he is not bonding to me the same as the previous children and he really does not make much eye contact."

By 6 months I KNEW he had autism, but of course his doctor thought I was crazy, as he just could not see it. My son was NOT getting immunizations mind you. He did speak some and made some eye contact, but around his first birthday, he started regressing and quit speaking and making eye contact and got much worse. He even had a febrile seizure.

At 2 years of age, of course his doctor finally admitted I was probably right after watching him walk, lack of speech and eye contact, his shrilling and meltdowns, etc.

For us, the use of raw goat's milk and some various techniques I tried at home to help him develop a language center in the other half of his brain seemed to be very successful for us. He can now speak, rarely has meltdowns, loves other kids, makes eye contact, shows empathy, is intelligent, etc. However, he is still very quirky, has a form of what I guess is echolalia (he will share something with us that is normal to say, but then he repeats his sentence in a whisper a few times in a row afterward), has a speech impediment (which he can enunciate words clearly when I help him, but then goes back to his impediment soon after), he has major obsessions, etc.

He still has certain issues such as recently he was getting diarrhea and tummy cramps a lot, his eyelashes always have matter in them, and he gets bumps underneath his chin. I tried eliminating dairy and that did not phase him. I am now trying to implement the Feingold and Gluten-free diets now and it does seem his tummy is hurting less. :)

I think each parent has to be willing to use a trial and error approach to find success. And for me, I know our son has been the greatest blessing to this entire family. He has stolen every one of our hearts and we have become better people because of him. More patience, deeper love, less selfishness, etc.

Such as I have not been away overnight from him since I figured out he has autism. I have given up much for him and have NO regrets. What I have given up for him is nothing in comparison to what he has given to me! :)

My idea of helping in this fight is to encourage parents to try different ideas until they find some success and to remind them how blessed they truly are and to let them vent to me. I think there are issues with vaccines, but since I had a son without all those vaccines that still has autism and who also regressed horribly at the age when most others do...for us it is something else that caused it.

Dan E. Burns

Thanks, Ken, for the gentle kick in the butt. I'm a veteran of the AIDS wars. In the 1990s people didn't want to talk about AIDS either. You may remember the activist slogan: SILENCE = DEATH. So it it with vaccines and autism.


And here's a line of dialogue from "Lorenzo's Oil": "The AIDS people fought the government and won!"

So can we.


Both of my boys are on the spectrum, and BOTH were from the vaccinations they received. My older son was 15 months old when he received his MMR. He lost ALL speech within 24 HOURS of receiving his vaccine. The last words I would hear from him for another 3 YEARS were "mommy, it hurts". I can barely keep from crying just typing this. His little brother is close in age to him, so he had his first few months of vaccines. I stopped them after my older son's regression. I believe it was the HEP B that got my little one. I shudder to think what would of happened to him if we had continued. So now I have one who has progressed from a moderate/severe autism to very high functioning with dyslexia, and my younger son has PDD-NOS, dyslexia, and ADHD. There are days I can barely stand the pain from the guilt I feel. People can tell you all they want that it was not your fault, but you still feel it just the same. I have 2 older daughters, and they both have decided never,ever to vaccinate any children they have. I am greatful my children have made progress, but I am still VERY angry just the same. They were poisoned, and it is like no one outside of the autism community believes it.


When anyone notices or asks about my son, I say that he was vaccine-injured. Usually this is an unfamiliar word pair, so they ask further. If they say "do you mean autistic?" I explain that the most appropriate educational placement is in an autism classroom, but the vaccine injury caused the brain damage that put him there.

We have infinite examples of the power of language.

While we are on this subject, I do really really want the "vaccines don't cause autism, pediatricians do" bumper sticker, AND the t-shirt. My current "autism: it's no mystery, it's mercury" sticker seems a lot less bold than it did 5 years ago.


Thank you, Kent. Six years ago tomorrow, my beautiful little boy was given the autism label. He was two then. It still cuts me deep to my very core. I love him more than life; always have, always will. The part that pains me is not that he is different because he has autism. What nearly kills me with grief is the fact that they didn't have to poison him, leaving me to figure out how to undo their damage. THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO POISON HIM.....VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM!


"So much more interest in Woods than our sick children. " Maurine Meleck

Dont ya just love it when someone is spot on the money?

Me too.

"I don't allow anyone to use PC terms like "special needs" about my son.

Would they call a woman who had been raped special needs?!

I correct them. He is POISONED. He is a CRIME VICTIM.

They always get quiet.

Good! Let THEM be uncomfortable! I'm tired of being the only UNCOMFORTABLE one." Denice


Oh Robin Nemeth;;
I have had many days like that. Try not to be too sad, although it is sometimes so hard. My older neighbor told me that his best decade was in his 50's. My mother told me her best decade was her 40's. I would not say I had any good decades so far and I am close to the middle of my 50's. , I have just been so scared all my life of what was going to happen from the poisons my three have received. Are they going to live, how can I make them better, how will they survive in the future without the ability to make a living. I have wasted my life worrying if I said enough, and what did they think afer I said it.

We only get one life.

But I think people get embarassed at other people's ill luck, and what probably they think is that it does happen - it just does not happen often or to them. So they put it out of their mind.

I may not have had a good decade or even a good year but I have had some good days. Recently I have had the best time lately hanging around the Univeristy Medical Center with my husband and grafetting all their literature on immunizations with the slogan "Is there a vaccine for autism?"

We have to go tomorrow to the medical center and I am looking forward to it for once. Does anyone have perhaps a better quick little slogan that would be better? I am not all that clever just frustrated for the past thirty years.


@ Holly - Brilliant! I just did the same thing. I wrote, "vaccines caused my children's autism and they are MEDICALLY ill" Thanks for the inspiration! =)

Kent, thank you for another excellent post. I always feel rejuventated and ready to "get back out there" after I read your words.

K Fuller Yuba City

I get attention when I use the term*Regressive Autism* and when I show people pictures of my plump happy typical baby boy *Not* born with Autism. More people ask what I think happened, offering an opportunity for conversation. But better still the opportunity to let them know they can also do some research.

One at a Time and hold the Mercury

I urged my daughter to go slow with my grandson by doing one vaccine at a time as her brother suffered a vaccine injury and was diagnosed with autism. I learned that during the first well baby check-up she caved and my grandson received 4 vaccines at once. Her response to me was "the pediatrician just overwhelmed me...he even threatened to notify child services (they are a military family living on a military base and this would of hurt my son-in-law's military career) if I didn't follow the vaccine schedule". This is a prime example of how the Milgrim Theory works regarding personal responses "white coat" authority figures.
Here is a very good youtube video regarding the Milgrim Experiment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6GxIuljT3w


I don't allow anyone to use PC terms like "special needs" about my son.

Would they call a woman who had been raped special needs?!

I correct them. He is POISONED. He is a CRIME VICTIM.

They always get quiet.

Good! Let THEM be uncomfortable! I'm tired of being the only UNCOMFORTABLE one.

Judy Brasher

Kent, The advocate is motivated by awareness and compassion, which is a good thing. But we, as families affected by vaccine injury, are motivated by anger and passion. There is a vast difference.


Amen, Kent.

Maybe the advocate was confused about the tactics HE could successfully use to get across an idea within his own field-- while still keeping his professional standing-- and the overall tactic which could be best used by the vaccine injury community at large.

I see that a lot. People in professions which profit from the epidemic are full of types suffering from serious cognitive dissonance. To be a "dissident" within that profession requires stealth. Dissidents like this would like us to adopt tactics which they think would best reach those conflicted/on the fence types within their profession. I'm sure if their colleagues were brought around, it would make their professional environment much more pleasant.

But I think sometimes the dissidents themselves are somewhat sympathetic with their denial-ridden colleagues and don't want them to be painted as capitulating and harmful bystanders within the carnage. The dissidents themselves, therefore, are a bit conflicted.

Not our problem. It's up to these denial-ridden types on their own-- if they don't want to be held accountable-- to do the right thing or get out of the way. In some ways, you have to yell louder to reach the ears of people whose heads are stuck so far up their asses.

Maurine Meleck

I grew up in the anti-Viet nam years(hate to say it, but it's true). Numbers, numbers and more numbers made the difference. The huge rallies we had all over DC, campuses, etc made the difference. It was a War so many were against and fought to not have to go someplace and be killed. Now this is our war against dangerous vaccines, a lying government and so on and so fourth. We need 100 Louises, 100 huge rallies, thousands of letters to the editors, thousands more calls to our representatives, and be LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. We have Tiger Woods coming to Augusta for the masters--dozens of reporters already camped out here. Huge crowds will descend on Augusta--I am thinking how I can be seen with signs without obstructing justice. So much more interest in Woods than our sick children. Chicago is a start.
I don't think the media can ignore huge numbers of us.....I hope.


Hi Ken,

I believe that everyone should know the basics about vaccines and how it affects the body before anyone should say that vaccines caused my child's Autism.

Could you please reply and let us know which studies we could read and become very knowledgeable in before we start to get into a debate with anyone? I am only asking because I want to say that vaccines caused autism but I don't want to end up looking like an idiot and have nothing to backup my claim. I believe we need to have the necessary tools to have a powerful and plausible claim.

We are no longer dealing with parents who say vaccines are good and that I vaccinated my child and nothing happened. We are dealing with paid goons that go to seminars and troll many blog sites. These goons have all the answers to every single study which in fact no ordinary parent would even have a clue about where to even look for such a study or even have the time to read the study.

Please reply at your convenience. Or feel free to email me.


Holly that is awesome!!

Great piece Ken! I often wonder which approach is more effective. Years ago I made the decision to refer all info I give as specific to me and our personal experience not necessarily true for everyone else. I say..."In my son's case vaccines definitely played a role in my son's regression and ulitmate label of autism." Then I end with, I'm speaking only for me and know that it's the same for many other families that I know. You have to make your own decisions on how you think this information affects you...

As a consequence... Most of my friends did not go and get the H1N1 vaccine, nor the Gardasil, nor the regular flu vaccines... They are looking at every vaccine individually, whether or not they are necessary, and making an informed choice. I think the movement most effective in the long run may be the one that promotes informed choice. But there are days and circumstances when I think this is all the soft approach and takes too long to work. Next time I'm going to try it your way... Enough time has been wasted standing by while others allow "authority" to override their common sense...


For too long the paradigm has been: Because vaccines are good and save lives it is never okay to question anything about the vaccine schedule. That paradigm does not reflect the times in which we live, where vaccines for non-life threatening illnes get mandated. I mean, the way the schedule was trippled without consideration if that is too much on infants or if some people are genetically prediposed not to be able to handle that, is downright dangerous to public health - yet the quell discussion with that same old thinking - since vaccines are good we cannot question anything about them. Well, I say when vaccine companies are indemnified by the government from liability, when they are paying clients to the FDA to evaluate their product, when they lobby states to put vaccines for non-life threatening illnesses on the schedule and make major profits of the sales of their products....I say the mandated vaccine schedule MUST be open to questions and discussion.


Just last night I was praying for courage, right after I thanked God for giving me a good amount of intelligence. Each on their own, intelligence is good, and courage is good. Together, the result is to the nth degree.
Pharmaceutical companies would prefer we not trust our own intelligence. But it is when I do not trust myself to act according to my knowledge that I usually regret it. They definately assume the average citizen will not exhibit courage under pressure, but as in the conversation you had, courage can also be drawn from support. When I can't seem to find it myself, I find it on AofA.
Off topic: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/114585794
This is a webinar tonight re: results from a scientist re: the same aluminum hydroxide that is in vaccines and symptoms related to Parkinson's, ALS, and Alzheimers. Hey, don't the researchers in those fields all talk about demyelinating stuff?

Terri Lewis

Here's a conversation I actually had just yesterday:

"Well, vaccines can cause brain damage, but that's not autism."

"What type of brain damage do vaccines cause? What does it look like; how does it differ from autism?"

"I don't know exactly what kind of brain damage a vaccine can cause, but it isn't autism. Autism isn't brain damage the way you think it is."

"But the symptoms of autism are caused by a malfunctioning brain, immune system and gut. When you heal those things, the brain damage--or 'changes"--can be reversed."

"Autism isn't that kind of brain damage."


Last week while on vacation, my brother, who teaches at a private college so he's really indoctrinated, actually confronted me about all this "Jenny McCarthy stuff." He actually brought up the stupid argument that why aren't all the kids autistic then. Uhh, YOU are allergic to bees and I'm not. I could get stung all day and nothing and YOU would end up in the hospital after one sting. Think, man!!! I started talking to him and eventually he started listening and he's in the process of reading the Simpsonwood transcripts that I e-mailed him. It's just too terrible to believe that most people just can't. But, he's open to the truth so there's hope for his kids.

Robin Nemeth

Just had a conversation with my oldest and I should correct my previous post. We hadn't taken her to see the doctor because of the boys who would jump in front of her in school and then scream, inches from her face, at the top of her lungs. We'd taken her because of OCD symptoms. “The doctor just brought it up while I was there,” my daughter recalls. “He'd wanted to know how things were going at school.”

So. In the interest of accuracy, I stand corrected.

I'm sure my daughter will be pleased to know I'm going to such great pains...

debbie voss

I'm posting that to my status on fb, wonder how many "friends" I'll gain or lose?????

Robin Nemeth

I got a call from the nurse at the high school the other day. My daughter wasn't feeling well. “I told the nurse I could try taking an Aleve, that that would probably help and then I wouldn't need to go home,” my daughter said. But the schools don't allow students to carry medications, and they don't give out any medications without a signed form from a parent.

While I was at the school, I stopped in the nurses office and I gave her my latest copy of my vaccine flyer. The next day, I got to wondering if she had bothered to look at it at all. I got to wondering about why it was that each and every person I've ever given this information to, or spoken with about this information, has had next to nothing to say about it. And I thought to myself 'well, if you want to know what she's thinking, I guess you're just going to have to ask her'. And so I called her on the phone and I asked her if she'd had a chance to look at the information. “Well no, but you know, yesterday was one of my busiest days ever.” I asked if she thought she'd have a chance to look at it and when. She said she'd try to get back to me soon.

I've thought some about what I feel like saying to her. But really, I mostly want to know what she's thinking. Does she think it's all nonsense? I could live with that. I mean, who knows what to believe, these days, and who has a lot of time to research anything? I'd be a lot happier if she said something to me like “omg! I've looked at some of these links on that flyer you left me, and this is TERRIBLE, and we all have to DO something.” Either response would be an improvement over the usual silence. The usual response leaves me thinking that they don't take issue with any of the facts presented – they just don't care at all.

So when I spoke with her on the phone the other day, I asked her to please call me after she'd had a chance to look. “Tell me what you think,” I told her. “Especially about the missing money.”

“I spoke with the school superintendent a while back,” I said to her, “and he told me that just because they provided free H1N1 vaccines at the schools, that this didn't mean they advocated that people get them. But I cannot help but see this as anything but a show of support for their use.”

Think about it. I didn't say this to her on the phone the other day but I will probably bring it up if and when she calls me back. What if I were to show up on the grounds of the high school, and I were selling, or better yet, giving away pot or cocaine? (Oh now this is where I have to get ready for the accusation. “You're going to sell drugs at the high school?!?!” Puhlease, I have NO intention of doing so, it's a hypothetical situation...) Do you really think that my high school nurse or anyone else would be placated by reassuring words from me that “well, this doesn't really mean that I'm advocating it's use”?

I am so depressed lately. I feel as though it's ok for society to choose to abuse a particular group of people. Nothing is done. When they try to stand up for themselves, they are made to feel as if there is something wrong with them. Something wrong with them because they are emotional about their own children. Something wrong with them for CARING about their own children. I feel as though the most horrific abuse is overlooked, simply because it's convenient. When my husband turns on my television, I have to hear about how, if I'm depressed, it's probably got to do with my genes. And that I should 'ask my Doctor'. It is all that I can do to refrain from putting a brick thru the television screen.

I think of my oldest child. She is no longer in the public school system, but I remember when she was. How she would tell me of walking down the hallways and groups of boys would jump out from doorways to stand screaming inches from her face. And either no teachers noticed, or they chose to do nothing. Well, that was, after all, the advice that she got from the HMO pshrink that she saw. (We took her to see a Doctor, as tho there were something wrong with HER and not the boys who were screaming in her face. How ridiculous this seems, now). “Just ignore them. They'll stop.” Lol. They never stopped. But that didn't stop our HMO pshrink from getting paid for his wise advice.

I think about my oldest, and how she goes thru life apologizing for EVERYTHING. As though everything bad that happens is her fault. If somebody across the room drops something, she'll apologize for it. It's as though our children were born for only one reason. To be abused, and to take blame that no one else will take altho they should.

And I am so fed up to here with the censorship.

If my children's high school nurse wants to believe that my flyer means nothing, that's fine. If she wants to tell herself that it's fine when Congress deems a whole industry too important to fail and then collects billions in contributions by the people who've profited in that industry, and then our government appoints judges who look only at science done by the people who've profited from that industry and this is fine, too, well, what can I say to her? If she wants to believe that when a man disappears with millions of dollars, that this doesn't in any way reflect negatively on the data or the science he has done, what am I to say to her?

I suppose I will tell her that it has become impossible for me to have anything further to do with the school. My children have four more years of high school between them, and my husband believes that their education is important and god knows I don't know what to tell them to do, so I suppose they will continue to attend school. But I will have nothing further to do with any of the school teachers, nurses, or administrators. And I hope and pray that my children don't become like them. Cause I do believe that there is some sort of karmic justice.

Nick's Mom

I agree with you, Ken. We should help others have the courage to admit VACCINES CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE. BRAIN DAMAGE = AUTISM.

Holly M.

Funny, just yesterday I unsubscribed to Obama's email list. They asked for a reason and I wrote, "Vaccines Cause Autism and that is all I care about."

Bob Moffitt

I agree with your approach Ken.

Such as that boy who had the "courage" to shout out to the adoring crowd .. "THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES."

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