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Congratulations to David Kirby as Animal Factory Garners High Praise from NPR

Animal Factory Join us in congratulating David Kirby whose new book, Animal Factory is earning high praise at NPR in Books We Like and elsewhere. It is now featured on NPR's main Arts and Life Page. Of course, we've known since 2005 that when David Kirby tackles a topic, he does it with honesty and integrity. Order your copy HERE.
"Kirby combines the narrative urgency of Sinclair's novel with the investigative reporting of Schlosser's book — Animal Factory is nonfiction, but reads like a thriller."
"There's no political pleading or ideological agitprop in this book; it's remarkably fair-minded, both sober and sobering. Like Sinclair's and Schlosser's work, it has the potential to change the collective American mind about contemporary food issues. It deserves a wide audience, despite — or because of — the fact that it might be the most frightening book of the year." 



I've stopped donating to NPR because of their Pro-vaccine stance. How many times have they interviewed Offit -- and I love that right after the pro-vaccine stories they say NPR is supported by Merck (or fill in whatever big Pharma name). I'm shocked -- but thrilled for the amazing David Kirby --that they've given their stamp of approval to ANIMAL FACTORY. Just wait till another NPR sponsor ADM - Supermarket to the World -- finds out. I'll be buying my copy of ANIMAL FACTORY from my independent bookstore.


Definitely a pleasant surprise to see NPR put its stamp of approval on Animal Factory.

Man, that book is PACKED with information. And imagine how much more research couldn't be crammed into the pages.

Definitely a feeling of "deja vu all over again" reading the stories of "accidental activists" kicked into high gear after they were steamrolled by big business.


Yes, I found it a hard-to-not-read book, and very high in educational value--definitely on level with Evidence of Harm.


Pass the popcorn-- Amen.

NPR-- hmmm, I guess the producers there eat food, drink water and breathe air too. It all depends on whose "ox is gored" whether they'll report on something, but I'm glad that David's book is getting broad coverage.

pass the popcorn

As I'm reading David Kirby's book, the parallels between what's going on in the vaccine industry and in the meat industry are apparent on every single page...The ties between executives and politicians that result in laws allowing harmful practices, the government agency involvement and even cover-up of the corrupt industry practices (replace the CDC with the Department of Agriculture), and the most striking parallel: a small minority of Americans' lives are heavily impacted by the industry's corrupt practices while the majority of Americans are impacted in a lesser, more indirect way - a way that is not readily apparent to the majority of people.

One lesson to be learned is that consumer groups who are fighting on the front lines of a cause need to JOIN FORCES so we have strength in numbers. We all need to become familiar with each other's issues and fight together as there is so much commonality in our causes.

Please pick up this book if you haven't already. There are larger lessons in it. (And it's a good read!)


Congratulations, David! People like you sure make a difference and one that is unestimable. Thanks.

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