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Coalition for Vaccine Safety Issues Action Alert

Action alert2 For anyone concerned with vaccine safety, now is the time to speak up!
Join the Coalition for Vaccine Safety in calling for Congressional hearings to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services for failure to address vaccine safety issues. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW! Visit the Coalition for Vaccine Safety  for a press release and more information.

Whether you have a family member injured by vaccines or youre just concerned with lack of proper vaccine safety oversight, write to your Senators and Congressional representatives NOW!

Evidence exists to support that:

Conflicts of interest between government health agencies and vaccine makers have gone unchecked relevant vaccine-safety science has been suppressed HHS and other agencies have been derelict in their oversight of vaccine safety as required by federal law.

We need your help to make sure the HHS, CDC, and other government agencies are fully investigated and held accountable for any findings of failure to provide appropriate vaccine safety oversight.
It takes just a couple of minutes to reach your representatives in Washington and let your voice be heard.  By clicking (HERE) you can automatically send the letter we’ve prepared or write your own in just a couple of easy steps.
After you’ve sent your letters, please forward this information to friends and family and ask for their help as well.  These elected officials need to hear from EVERYONE CONCERNED WITH VACCINE SAFETY ISSUES!!

This HHS investigation is long overdue--together, we can make it happen!

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW! Visit the Coalition for Vaccine Safety  for a press release and more information.



Yes, yes the government is needing to protect us in the vitamin line too.

Soon we will need prescriptions for asprin

ML Garcia

Speaking of government... I read this headline and this and the McCain bill have me absolutely horrified.

FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug, Effectively Banning Pyridoxamine from Dietary Supplements at

Is that why we need an Rx for B-Complex Transdermal? But what if I can't have or don't want a doctor? It's just vitamin B! This is outrageous.

Hope we take action.


Let's all spread this link on the social networks.



I don't usually notice the "tweets," but I have to say (unrelated to this post) glad you're ok!


I meant "too caught up"


Thank you for providing this AAlert. I hope that not too many readers are getting to caught up in the U. Miami study to see this. I almost missed it.

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