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Child with Asperger's Selected Student of the Year From Over 800 Competitors

Sally Kirk article By Sally Kirk, author of Hope for the Autism Spectrum

Teachers at a public high school in Virginia singled out Will Kirk as the 9th/10th  grade Student of the Year.  He was chosen from over 800 students, of which 200 attend a specialty center for exceptional math and science students.  This honor is awarded annually to the 9th or 10th grader who “most embodies the traits of responsibility, accountability, respect and honesty.”  But how could someone like Will who - in 4th grade – had an Aspergers diagnosis and required a full-time aide, 5-day-a-week tutor, and 1-on-1 math instruction ever become Student of the Year with no aide, no tutor, and no remedial classes?  His name even shines on the A/B honor roll.  His mother, Sally Kirk, author of “Hope for the Autism Spectrum,” points a grateful finger at the biomedical interventions of Defeat Autism Now!

At the close of Will’s 4th grade year - after a lifetime of extensive conventional treatments and therapies - Will was placed in the care of Defeat Autism Now! doctor Mary Megson MD of Richmond, Virginia.  Will improved dramatically owing to treatment with special diets, vitamin supplements, and chelation to remove high levels of heavy metals found in his body.  Later Will began seeing Defeat Autism Now! doctor Dan Rossignol MD of Melbourne, Florida in hopes of attaining even further gains.  Dr. Rossignol’s willingness to allow phone appointments in between annual in-person visits made it possible to overcome the obstacle of an 800-mile separation.  While in Dr. Rossignol’s care, Will has achieved even greater capabilities as evidenced by his recent award.

Dr. Rossignol, along with Anju Usman MD (another prominent Defeat Autism Now! doctor), is being sued by a patient’s father who is engaged in a bitter divorce and custody battle.  At issue is chelation, the removing of heavy metals from the body.  It is a treatment that has been used for decades in heavy-metal poisoning cases of single, high-dose exposure as well as repeated, low-dose exposures.  Over time thousands of autistic children who were found to carry high levels of heavy metals have been treated with chelation.  Reports from parents and treating physicians have been positive.  In fact the voices of over 26,000 parents tabulated by the Autism Research Institute since 1967 rate chelation as one of the most successful treatments for autism among both conventional and alternative choices.

Seventy-four percent of these parents reported their child got better from chelation while only 3% reported their child got worse.  This is significantly better than the experience parents reported with mainstream-endorsed drugs such as Adderall (32% better; 43% worse), Ritalin (29% better; 45% worse) and Risperidal (54% better; 20% worse).  As for Sally Kirk who is looking forward to her son’s Student of the Year banquet, she is thankful for chelation as one of the many beneficial interventions from Defeat Autism Now! that changed the course of their lives.

Sally Kirk is the author of Hope for the Autism Spectrum and speaks to groups about biomedical intervention in autism-spectrum disorders.  She and her husband live in Midlothian, Virginia with their 3 sons which includes Will, who always got worse – from healthy baby to motor delay to ADHD to Aspergers – despite intensive conventional treatments and therapies.  However, biomedical interventions beginning at age 11 wrought dramatic improvement.



Kent, I find your comment both sad and outrageous. I'm sad that you apparently have no understanding of how severe Will's condition was if he needed a full time aide in 4th grade, and how unlikely any child not matter how much he tried, could improve from that without help. I'm outraged that you have an ability to deny truths reported by the people who live them most closely. Why don't you ask Wills if his life is better without a toxic metal overload? As an ADD sufferer further poisoned by my mercury poisoned RhoGham shot, who improved tremendously just getting mercury fillings out, I can tell you that getting poisons out of your body vastly improves your life. Please, please tell me why this is so very hard for you to comprehend. Why the fact that some people can't process heavy metals is so hard for you to comprehend when the fact is some people cant' even process peanut butter. And others simply can't process logical facst--for instance, that neurotoxins such as mercury and aluminum, toxic metals, just shouldn't be injected into infants . . . and that getting them might be a really good idea. It is accepted to chelate mercury miners and to chelate lead. But that's different. It's not INJECTED into the body, so somehow, it's far more toxic .. . Now if you want to find logic errors, how about starting with your own ?

Kent Adams

I find this article both inspiring, sad and outrageous. I'm inspired by Will's determination and honors, I'm sad that his mother wants to take credit for it and I'm outraged that DAN is being touted as a cure for all that ails autistic children and people. Congrats AoA, you hit the trifecta.

Elizabeth D.

Congratulations Will and family. We know how hard you all have worked. I am prodigiously proud of you.

A word on chelation. Dr. William Walsh's talk clears it up very well (it is posted at I saw improvements with it in my two children. We chelated with DMSA for a year. It removed moderately high lead, but also it is a very good anti-oxidant. We saw improvements each time we gave it.
It is an outrage to hear criticisms of these great doctors who are helping our kids. We must keep moving forward!

"Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; see, I am doing somethng new! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?" Is 43:16-21.

Seriously -

Congratulations Will and Sally!

Autism Grandma

Will and his family is the perfect example of determination and the will to succeed in finding the answers. This is inspirational to all of us because Will was finally able to reach his potential through D.A.N. therapies. Although even though the possibility of potential was always there, when it was recovered, it was Will who REACHED his potential. He did the work which resulted in his excellent student status. With his family's encouragement I'm sure, he reached for the stars and achieved high reaching goals. Will accomplished what is difficult for others who have not been hindered by the challenges he faced!!!! What does this tell us about WILL? He deserves a medal of honor:)


Perhaps someone should look into the "real" reason for the custody dispute? More than likely it has to do with MONEY. Since dad is clearly going to have to pay more child support for un-reimbursed and non-covered biomedical interventions as part of his share of "support," he wants to argue that it does not work.

The Offiteers are only to happy to help him out because, well, anything that causes insurance companies to have to pay out money, may make their vaccine "kickbacks" or "blinders" less appealing. That is why the ASF is going to have such a tough time...they are really working hard...they just cannot discuss that they are working hard at treading water...they cannot possibly look into ANY of the possible clues for the etiology of autisms...anything that points to an immune system problem cannot exonerate vaccines as a potential trigger

People need to spend more time pointing out what Alison Singer and Paul Offits real role is...Alison is looking a bit tired....treading water with no end in sight...


Hooray for our side and the hard work of son and mother! Congratulations to all involved in the wonderful treatments that helped in the healing of a great young man.


What a terrific story-- we all know what kind of work went into that outcome. Thank you so much for posting this. And nicely done, Will!


Congratulations, Will and Sally!!

DAN fan

Good question - where is the Chicago Tribune on this one? Maybe we should ask them. (The e-mail below will bring you to Trine Tsouderos' husband. As you may recall, Trine is the anti-DAN journalist at the Trib - the one whose sister, Danielle Emig, is in public health.)

[email protected]


Even though I don't know Will, I'm so very proud of him and his accomplishments!!! What a fantastic kid! He is a champion for all ASD kids!!! Wonderful job Will and keep up the great work!
Thank you to all the wonderful DAN doctors along the way that helped Will in his journey. DAN Doctors ROCK!


Where's the Chicago Tribune on this one?

What a handsome kid - way to go!

DAN fan

Congratulations Will!

You're an inspiration! Keep up the great work.


Nicely done, Sally! There's a whole lot of inspiration in your story this morning - better than church!

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