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CBS News on Thimerosal Vaccine Court Rulings

AoA Contributor Mary Holland was interviewed by Elaine Quijano of CBS News on the recent vaccine court ruling. In case you are unfamiliar with Mary, her bio at NYU School of Law reads: Mary Holland is Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program at New York University School of Law. Educated at Harvard and Columbia Universities, Holland has worked in international public and private law. Prior to joining NYU, Holland worked for six years at major U.S. law firms, with three years based in Moscow, Russia. She also worked at a major U.S. human rights advocacy organization as Director of its European Program. After graduating law school, she clerked for a federal district court judge. She has taught international law courses at Columbia Law School and has served as a consultant to the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Program. She co-founder of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and on the steering committee of the Coalition for Vaccine Safety. Thank you, Mary.

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Birgit Calhoun

What gets me is that the parents of autistic children have to present their cases in vaccine court. At the risk of being facetious, I would like to ask why there isn't a Thimerosal court. Not that the decisions would have come out differently. The cases decided upon so far look at vaccines. The vaccine court decision itself, however, was made as if one is the same as the other. Gathering from the decision by the special masters, Thimerosal seems to have, all of a sudden, become a perfectly safe substance, and I wouldn't be surprised if pharmaceutical companies interpret the decision as a go-ahead for use of Thimerosal in all kinds of newer vaccines that have not yet been marketed. Where is the caution that should be exercised when it comes to vaccines? What, indeed, keeps Thimerosal out of products that need preservatives? Is Thimerosal going to show up in soaps and cosmetics or, God forbid, foods?


Mary Holland - thank you.

Alison Singer - vomit.

kathy blanco

Mercury causes neuroinflammation Allison...maybe you should check your levels and or medline or neuroinflammatory journals, because obviously, you look like shit. I mean that sincerely. Bags under eyes, is also allergies Allison, do you deny that too? (and allergies are often found in moms of autistic children because they are toxic mercury loads too). Oh, maybe you agree having constipation or diahrreah is normal and expectant developmental milestones after vaccines, better yet, no speech, or eye contact or aggression? Oh, and probably immune dysfunction doesn't mean squat to you? Or that our kids are hosts to herpes 6, or lyme borreliosis or XMRV or circulating VACCINE STRAIN VIRUSES sitting on lymph tissues or brain tissue, or that they were injured in utero by such things too? Or that tylenol ruins fever pathways and immune function. Or that Immediate Cord clamp harms. My god women, you are a mess. You don't know science squat. You have systematically squashed all scientific reality to fit your reality, fit for mass consumption and bruised ego. The reality is, to recover your child is a butt load of work, in which obviously, you are not willing to do. Maybe you should explore whether or not you have lyme and congenitally gave it to your child, because you know what, that causes neuroinflammation too. And then, when vaccines hit that kind of brain, watch out. So Allison...your board of directors are full of shit too. You and your cohorts will eat it soon. I hope your muddled talk, your tired puppy eyes, will not be shocked into reality. I feel so sorry for you, and more than that, your child.


I recently received a phone call from the pediatrician's office stating that my 4 year old needs a physical and 4 more shots. (Is that like getting a birthday punch in the arm for every year?) My birthday present to my Autistic son is "no more shots." Here is the link that they need: my beautiful, once talkative little boy is sitting in a special needs pre-school as we speak to relearn all of his skills that he had before his many "shots"

Autism Grandma

Where can I find that picture of Thimerisol???!!! That skull and crossbones with the words "Very Toxic" SAYS IT ALL.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

The very fact that they put this picture on the program tells me that someone involved in this broadcast suspects mercury in autism, and at least CBS presented Mary Holland's side of the story.

Alison Singer sounds like a broken record and looks exhausted...Backing up Big Pharma propaganda must be taking a toll on her. I don't have any sympathy for her whatsoever, but I really feel sorry for her daughter though. I hope she gets a wake up call somehow for the sake of her own daughter as well as the rest of our vaccine damaged children who are being thrown in the trash due to people like Alison Singer.


I don't think it was REALLY bad lighting. I REALLY think that is just Singer. WOW!


I was afraid to watch this because of how this is always presented in mainstream media but I was a little surprised. The skull and cross bones on the thimerosal bottle mixed with REALLY bad lighting for Allison Singer really spoke volumes to me.


Singer seems like she has a brain to think with. She is able to put words together to make a coherent sentence. Yet????

So when someone is able to think and can not figure out "it is a neuroinflammatory condition that involves immune system" and says instead "exactly what does cause autism?" with a question mark has sold her soul to devil and something else.


It is ironic that when autism strikes the child of someone as talented as Mary Holland it is a good thing for our community! I realy don't wish autism on anyone else, I really don't, I swear it -- not on the kids of powerful politicians or pharma execs or CDC employees or other various & sundry famous and/or skilled and/or powerful people -- but sometimes that seems like the only way that change will occur -- because for the most part only those whose kids are affected are paying attention!

Anyway, thank you so much, Mary Holland, for your very articulate words and for all your hard work, expertise and brilliance!

As for Alison Singer (excuse me while I barf!) that's one of the stupidest and oft repeated statements -- that vaccine-autism research has detracted from more important research -- after decades of "ABV" ("anything but vaccines") research on genes, the brain, eye gazing, etc. etc. with basic vaccine-related issues left virtually untouched.


I am grateful to have a such an articulate spokesperson as Mary Holland representing families such as mine. She can speak so confidently knowing the truth, which the MSM still fails to dig into.

Did I detect a twitch in Allison Singer's left eye? Perhaps the result of genetic susceptibility to environmental toxins? Or a product of stress from frequent fibbing?


I am disgusted that we are even still calling this "autism" why don't we just call it heavy metal poisoning? Despite common thought that pediatric vaccines have no or "trace ammounts" of mercury in them babies and pregnant women are encouraged to get seasonal and swine flu shots which contain more than enough mercury to cause harm, not to mention the effects of trace ammounts of mercury alone doing damage, but add in toxic levels of aluminum in these vaccines that have detrimental effects when mixed with just "trace ammounts" of mercury and you've got a recipe for disaster. Once these two substances are present in the body it helps the uptake of other metals into the tissues including the brain. Who decides what "trace ammounts" are? My son has extremely high levels of lead and aluminum in his body, along with high levels of mercury, tin and cadmium. I am just supposed to ignore this and conclude that his vaccines had nothing to do with this fact? He is getting chelation therapy and in 8 months he has grown two years mentally, before we started this therapy he had never comunicated in any form, now he has a go talk 20 with multiple pages and 4 hand signs, he was diagnosed in june with severe mental retardation, he no longer qualifies as he is learning more than his peers in a much shorter time period. We have a long way to go, but we are already a success story. Any improvement is better than where we were. Doctors that have seen my son in the past can't believe he is even the same child. Now if we could just fix his gastrointestinal tract...

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Mary Holland, for a very good interview. What is Ms. Singer thinking as the "other" research that needs to be done? It is becoming very obvious that money has and will be wasted on dead ends and genes as a detour to true causation - toxins including vaccines.


Dr. Boyd Haley was on Ring of Fire yesterday with RFK jr., just let somebody try and dispute the evidence with him.
They never put the scientist on like Dr. Boyd Haley. I respect Mary Holland, but with all of her expertise she still is presented as a parent.

Tanners Dad

Alison Singer misses the point of limited resources... Starting another Non profit in the middle of a Recession Depression... ( More Overhead?) I guess money will not be an issue, I would bet a cup of coffee ( If I could afford one ) that she will find funding from pharma. She just makes me sick...


This morning on Fox news 'Ole' Rosenfeld could not wait to tell the audience that the science has spoken.

Then he said that of course these parents claiming thier children have been damaged by vaccines claim the courts are in bed with the vaccine companies.

He got one thing right this morning - cause that is exactly what I think!


Anybody notice they kept showing that bottle with the skull and crossbones and the words "very toxic" on it? If I remember that is supposed to mean poison, right? So Allison, let me get this straight....injecting poison into a six pound newborn is not going to cause any problems at all. Then repeat it every few months through their childhood with a dose of mercury that is recommended for a 225 pound man. No problem, right?

Tony Bateson

Hear, Hear Robin Nemeth. That is exactly what is needed a fully independent review of whether the second most toxic chemical on earth when injected into the bloodstream of an infant suddenly becomes absolutely harmless.

Since Boyd Haley has shown that snail neurons die when confronted with this chemical especially when combined with testosterone I believe this finding should be reviewed also.

My findings too, despite industrial strength searches, I cannot find any unvaccinated autistic people in the UK.

Will your US readers join with a few like minded Brits and help to get such a project up and running. It will cost but there are lots of private individuals ready to support such a venture.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


AnaB-that should be addressed to Alison Singer AND Dr. Kristina Chew. Two of the most ignorant voices out there. It doesn't appear to me that they have gotten such good results with the continuation of vaccination and no biomed. Sorry, but I want much better for my child.


What b.s.!! you havent devoted any time or energy to studing mercury/autism -your to busy denying it!! "now we can get on to the real cause"PLEASE!!! As hard as they try to portray this fight as over -leagally it has just started, this is only the first step in a long process

Robin Nemeth

This is not going to end until the media circus ends. This evidence, for and against, has to be looked at by a jury - an unbiased jury of peers, as they say.

It doesn't have to be looked at by people who have a particular specialized knowledge about autism or vaccines. It doesn't have to be looked at by judges who aren't supposed to show bias, and yet say things publicly like 'the overwhelming evidence is against those who say there is a link' and 'the amount of mercury in vaccines is exquisitely small' (as tho 'exquisitely small' meant anything scientifically).

I don't want to hear any nonsense about Daubert rulings, where a judge who is probably no more informed about the issues than your average Joe gets to decide what is and isn't 'accepted science'.

I want to see a randomly chosen jury presented with the evidence on both sides of this issue. That is the only kind of court proceeding that might put an end to this.

Or a vaccinated/unvaccinated study, designed and implemented with private funds.

To expect that we will ever see justice when the same people who've profited from vaccines then paid off Congress to pass laws to protect themselves, when the media that is supposed to shine a light on this is bought up hook line and sinker by the people who've profited from this (as anyone with half a brain should be able to see simply by watching the commercials that are shown over and over during your nightly news hour), is kafkaesquely absurd.


Alison Singer: Miss my daughter's Autism is genetic so every child's must be. Well guess what? My son has had extensive genetic testing and he has NOT ONE of the several hundred genes identified in 15% of all Autism cases.

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