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Autism Research Institute Statement Regarding Lawsuits Filed Against Doctors

Custody battle The following is our sponsor ARI’s Statement Regarding Lawsuits Filed Against Drs. Usman and Rossignol (.pdf HERE.)

Recent articles by ABC News and the Chicago Tribune on M.D.s who subscribe to the Defeat Autism Now! approach to treatment indicate the spread of misinformation and misunderstanding in recent months. The complaints about Drs. Usman and Rossignol resulted from a custody case-- a painful situation for any family, one that can lead to accusations that must be sorted out in a court of law—not the media.

The Defeat Autism Now! approach to autism invites the medical community to be more responsive, inquisitive, and knowledgeable about treating these disorders. 

The approach is not in itself a source of controversy, since many treatment interventions are commonly prescribed by traditional health professionals.

The great problem is rather that chronic, unaddressed illness plagues many, if not most, of the children and adults on the autism spectrum. These conditions, thoroughly documented in the scientific literature, often involve the gastrointestinal system and/or the immune system, but the medical establishment has been professionally insensible to what is a desperate situation in the expanding autism population.

The focus of the Defeat Autism Now! approach is twofold: to provide patients with allergen-free nutritional support, to uphold and to repair the immune system as needed, and, if appropriate, to reduce the  body burden of environmental toxins; to provide clinicians in-depth medical and scientific information, with Continuing Medical Education credits.

We assure the public and the autism community that the Autism Research Institute will track developments closely and will provide information as necessary. We will continue our efforts to provide appropriate support to Drs. Usman and Rossignol, as well as to other physicians.


Marcy Henschel

Dr. Usman & Rossignol are such pioneer's one's who deserve all of us to rally behind them.

I thank god every day for such courageous Dr.s willing to make a difference for all of our sick children. I will continue to "follow those who seek the truth and run from those who follow it!" a quote I have heard many amazing DAN Physicians share!

To Dr. Usman, Dr. Rossignol and all of the DAN Dr.'s, you inspire me everyday to push for change and healing for my boys and all of our children. We are all forever in your debt...

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Autism Grandma, Can you tell us about the doctor who treated psychiatric patients with natural medicines?
To All, One wonders- Have things always been this way or are we entering a new age of extreme persecution? I recently met, after many years an old acquaintance who has been running a midwifes clinic in Florida. This person says that she is one of the leading midwives of the USA. She believes in natural birth and has not vaccinated her own children (Now grown up) She states that on the day before Xmas, of the last year, govt health agents burst into her clinic, carried away her records of the last three years and largely trashed the place. She is now abroad and intends to reside outside of the USA. She believes that by threatening one of the leading midwives, the authorities intend to frighten off the younger ones.
Similarly it seems likely that a case against Dr. Dan Rossignol and Dr. Anjum Usman is designed to hit autism practitioners right from the top.
I would like to see this case result in an opportunity to talk about the physiological abnormalities in the autistic kids. I think a lot of well educated people who currently fall for the usual Vaccines are Safe line, would be stunned to learn that Autism is not a psychological disorder resulting from bad genes and too much tv.

Autism Grandma

The Pharmaceutical Industry has always been deviously concocting and orchestrating methods to get rid of the competition, and that is primarily alternative medicine and nutritional therapies. They manipulate congress by cutting deals with politicians through huge "campaign donations", and collect on their debt by getting laws passed that favors their industry and destroys the alternative medicine industry. This has always been across the board targeting of natural therapies and they control the FDA and FTC who then drive these doctors and nutritional suppliers out of business or out of the country with prosecution, seizures of inventory, huge fines, and whatever else they have at their disposal.

One doctor that I spoke with who successfully treats psychiatric patients with natural therapies spent 3 million dollars defending himself and was actually winning his case, but in the end they found a way to revoke his license. Doctors who treat cancer with alternative methods have been major targets of prosecution and persecution, and many have had to move to other countries in order to continue their treatment of cancer patients, and others have even ended up in jail. What happened to all of the laws that are supposed to prevent a monopoly control of industry, and the laws that supposedly protect our freedom of choice??? When it comes to the governments "long arm of the law", they are entirely controlled by Big Pharma.

When it comes to the DAN doctors there is a double jeopardy because these wonderful doctors are not only practicing alternative therapies in competition with conventional medicine, they are proving through their therapies and lab testing that autism is actually caused by vaccines. This is obviously a huge threat to the Medical Mafia who are finally losing ground as evidenced by surveys reporting 25% of the public believe vaccines can cause autism. At the rate it is going now in a few years it will be 50% and a few years after than 75%. Big Pharma is pulling out all the stops to make sure this doesn't happen and it is going to take a major highly organized coalition to fight them and "Push Back" because this is a major attack on all fronts not just the autism community:

"03/14/10 - Breaking news: the "Autism Court" (the Vaccine Injury Compensation agency compensation administrators) deny any link between autism and mercury containing vaccines; and besides, says the govt, vaccines don't contain much mercury anymore... NOT!

Read General Bert and Dr Rima's powerful Push Back news release on this latest govt outrage!

From General Stubblebine: "I am confident the government will eventually have to admit this horrendous mistake which is condemning thousands of children to devastating injury."

From Dr. Rima: "The agency based its decision on outmoded and seriously flawed science… When environmental toxins are compounded by repeated toxic vaccine injections, assaulting the immune system again and again, these unfortunate children are the victims of medical abuse. We must focus on the victims, rather than blaming them as being somehow "defective"…"



Recalling a case in the media where the parents elected NOT to treat their child who had cancer. Now attacks for one or both parents wanting to treat their child's autism; really autoimmune, gut,toxic, inflammation issues. It is heartbreaking to hear such reports, as hard as its been for parents to get DR's to listen to us about our children, and then when DR's do try to be of service to our kids, they get shot down for helping?
I for one have had enough of this crap, attacking us in one way or another. We cannot let our DR's be run out of business.

Kevin Barry

Thanks to ARI doctors for focusing on the immune system. Good basic description its importance.

"Inside your body there is an amazing protection mechanism called the immune system. It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body. To understand the power of the immune system, all that you have to do is look at what happens to anything once it dies. That sounds gross, but it does show you something very important about your immune system.

When something dies, its immune system (along with everything else) shuts down. In a matter of hours, the body is invaded by all sorts of bacteria, microbes, parasites ... None of these things are able to get in when your immune system is working, but the moment your immune system stops the door is wide open. Once you die it only takes a few weeks for these organisms to completely dismantle your body and carry it away, until all that's left is a skeleton. Obviously your immune system is doing something amazing to keep all of that dismantling from happening when you are alive."

kathy blanco

In the lyme world, this has been going on for at least a decade now. Witchhunts of doctors who treat with long term abx's for chronic lyme due to IDSA setting guideliness that lyme is easy to treat, thirty days says they, and whala, you are cured. Unfortunately, they don't know the science and the lifespan of borrelia, which often mutate after you stop the abx's. This allows proliferation of the infection in all parts of the tissues, including the brain. In like fashion, Chicago tribune is basically allowing autism to become entrenched. As a child matures, the brain is more damaged, if the oxidative stress is not culled. This happens for most of us, when our kids turn to puberty, and more testosterone ramps up, and white matter changes to the brain, often with devastating results. What do they want, kids in institutions? I am sure CT has a bone to pick, and or they have some neurodiverse crowds in their newsrooms. And or, they have conglomerates in pharma, and or EIS surveillance iniltrated "experts" feeding them a pack of lies.

I do blame mankind for this disorder, I also blame my trust in mankind and I blame myself. I never dared to ask the hard probing questions, and therefore, my children paid the price of my innocence. No more.

We must nip this trend in the bud. As doctors have told me often, we have to fly low under the radar all the time, when we treat these kids. No wonder they didn't want to also recognize some of these kids and family members also had lyme, they knew that if they treated for that infection too, all of their heads would be on the chopping block.


Thank you so much to ARI for staying on this.

The attacks on doctors and on dedicated parents is, as others have put it, an attack on all injured children. They were supposed to lie down, play dead and take their expensive, deadly psych drugs (just to help with the playing dead part): it was the god of commerce's will.

The treatments themselves are an indictment against several industries because they necessarily address cause. It's not just the vaccine industry which has something to worry about. The last Tribune article appeared next to a Unilever ad for Vaseline. Unilver is the maker of "Fair and Lovely", a skin lightening preparation which is not sold in the US because it contains mercury. Not to mention the racist implications of marketing skin lightening creams in dark-skinned countries, mercury poisoning due to use of Fair and Lovely, and its effects on maternal and child health, have been the subject of intense study by some researchers.

Then there's the coal fired power industry and the fishing industry which have had a direct hand in fraudulantly lowering the safety limits on mercury in food and the environment, corrupting the FDA and EPA in the process. Both industries as well as the CDC funded skewed research on some of the biggest mercury poisoning incidents in history-- the Canadian "Minimata" caused by Dow, which sickened and killed many Ojibway Indians-- and even the Iraqi grain incident. The fishing industry and EPRI-- the world's largest lobby for the coal-fired power industry-- funded and manipulated the outcomes of the Seychelle Island study on child mercury exposure through fish.

And of course there's dental amalgams.

There are so many parties who have something to lose if independent science begins measuring, tracking and treating mercury and other metal toxicities in cognitively injured children.


These two doctors are heros!! They have my 100% support, we can't let doctors become afraid to treat our children.

Thank you!


Thank you so much, ARI. Make no mistake about it - the Chicago Tribune has come after DAN doctors in attempt to generate a chilling effect, similiar to what happened with Pediatric Gastroenteroligists after Dr. Wakefield. Just ask any parent how many GI docs have turned away their children with regressive Autism, without examination - children who have bloody stools, 8 diarrhea blow outs a day or constipation that lasts a week. Just flat out refusal to treat, due to this the chilling effect.

The Chicago Tribune is trying to extend this chilling effect to the DAN doctors.
There are powerful forces who do not want ANYONE looking inside the bodies of these children and your doctors do just that, so you are targets. These forces do not question why Autistic children routinely go for years with undiagnosed seizure conditions because pediatricians don't know how to recognize when an autistic kid needs a neuro consult. They don't question the mainsstream practice of prescribing Risperdal to Autistic children when 3 % of all males on it develop irreversable lactating breasts. No, they reserve their criticism only for those doctors that help children with Autism and heres the key - who actually look inside their bodies to see what is going on.

The media, pediatricians, and other critics can say whatever they want about me - they can say I'm just some bitter mom who "just wants something to blame". Who cares. But, when they systematically target the physicians that actually help autistic children, in attempt to frighten them into quitting that help, THAT IS AN ATTACK ON MY CHILD. Nobody who attacks my child should expect that I won't come out kicking and screaming, that we won't, tens of thousands of us, come out kicking and screaming in defense of our children.

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