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Autism and Gut Issues: But Dr. Nancy Said There's No Connection!

Autism and the Gut: Houston Study

Digest3 By Teresa Conrick

There's a new autism study coming out and hold on ---- it's about the gut.  Now didn't we just have articles, studies, and news reports telling us that there is no connection to GI issues and autism?- ie - Pediatrics, MedPageToday, and WebMD Brain Autism News.

Here is a report of a different study  (ABC KTRK Houston) and it should make us all wonder how it's possible that our FDA is fast tracking a medication for autism and its related GI connection when there has been a constant denial of our kids having chronic, painful gastrointestinal issues:

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Doctors have suspected a link between autism and digestive problems for years. Now Houston researchers are testing a drug with such potential, that the Food and Drug Administration has fast-tracked it. Scientists believe it may improve autistic behaviors.

A month ago, her mother says five-year-old Zoe wouldn't look you in the eye. Zoe, who has autism, didn't talk much, and rarely interacted others. "Zoe is so different now. She actually comes up and talks to me, says look at this look at that, she never used to do that," said Meredith Langford.

Dr. Deborah Pearson also sees changes in Zoe too since she began taking an experimental medicine in a University of Texas-Houston study on autism. "We don't know if she's on placebo or the study medication, but it's a very interesting difference from the little one we saw just a month ago," said Dr. Pearson.

Zoe takes the study medication mixed in her food. It helps her digest protein. Doctors believe many children with autism can't digest protein, which would cause them to lack amino acids that are critical in producing neurotransmitters for the brain. They believe resolving the digestion problem may help the autism.

"Hopefully what it will do is improve those behavioral concerns that get children into trouble at school," said Dr. Pearson.

"I want her to have a normal life," said Langford.

"I think with this medication, it'll be possible for her," said Dr. Pearson.

Houston is one of 12 study sites and the study involves collecting stool samples from the children. In early studies of almost 500 children, few had side effects. Results will take about a year. But Langford believes she's seeing results already, and she hopes the study helps other children. "It would mean so much not just for her, but for all the other kids who are out there," said Langford. The study is open for children with autism ages 3 to 8. For information on how to enroll your child, you can call 713-486-2591 or read more here on (Copyright ©2010 KTRK-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

My Megan has been taking digestive enzymes since 2000, and specifically a pancreatic enzyme for the past year.  How is this study new as DAN!  (Defeat Autism Now) and Dr. Wakefield have known this for years?

Now check this out on the page promoting this study.  Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who has been treated horribly by so many who deny regressive autism and GI connections, is listed as a participant in publishing past research showing a GI connection to autism (Enterocolitis). How is that possible as they have censored his research and put him on trial for years in jolly old England in a witch hunt due to his research also showing MMR, GI disease, and autism.

"More Information
Wakefield AJ, Anthony A, Murch SH, Thomson M, Montgomery SM, Davies S, O'Leary JJ, Berelowitz M, Walker-Smith JA. Enterocolitis in children with developmental disorders. Am J Gastroenterol. 2000 Sep;95(9):2285-95."

So what gives?

Teresa Conrick has two beautiful daughters. When she is not teaching, she is researching the biomedical implications of autism, both past and present.



Btw the person who came up with this enzyme, has worked with autistic children before and noticed a gut and autism interaction. I don't think curemark is big pharma. Even if they are, that doesn't mean they still can't help.


The FDA is fast tracking this drug because it's a substance that naturally occurs in our body. There are two types of people who would have problems with this enzyme and they are usually severe health issues. Otherwise they have yet to find any side effects.

I had my son in the study. I wouldn't if there were any concerns.

michael framson

Following on the "Pharmaceuticalism" thread: The Fombonne, Lord, Leaventhal, "Psychopharmaceuticalismism" crowd will seek to have these enzymes combined in a risperadal or cymbalta or someother crap drug, and then been able to show how their new combo pill works wonders for children in so many DSM categories.

Cathy Jameson for maggie

Maggie--We haven't done any elimination for other foods yet. I have an appt. set up with a new doc next week--keeping hopeful he has a clue since the other mainstream docs I approached didn't.



My Autistic son has a 24/7 Petite Mal Seizure condition that is controlled by anti-convulsants and EE Neurofeedback.....the ONLY time he ever seizes is if he gets hold of anything containing GLUTEN or DAIRY, then seizure activity is most assured for a day or two.


My daughter was a completely healthy NT child, never any feeding issues or potty issues, until after her 5 yr vaccines. Yes, I said it. She developed sensory issues and severe gluten and dairy intolerance to the point of soiling three pairs of panties a day over the course of a year. After being dismissed and patronized by a few mainstream physicians (it's behavioral, make her sit on the potty at scheduled intervals, it's a parenting issue, try Lactaid) we finally went with our gut (sorry!) and went GFCF. It is the ONLY thing that helps her. I am so thankful to my dear friend whose son has autism and the Autism community for the resources and support. I found a DAN dr to take all 3 of our children to, and we just started her on Trienza, in addition to CLO and Perma Plus. I don't hesitate to tell people anymore what I think caused it. She is a very intelligent 8 yr old girl, who at times feels depressed and angry - she just wants to be the way she was before and fit in with her friends. I tell her to study hard, and go to school to find out why this is happening and to find ways to help people with the same issues. I hope she does. I believe there are many more kids like her out there - kids who "coincidentally" developed gut issues after age 5. Bring them into studies and look at the common denominator with kids who develop autism and GI and sensory issues. We are listening and acting. Keep on keepin on.


My daughter doesn't have autism, but she developed a perpetually runny nose and a cough after a course of antibiotics which has persisted for a year and a half. I tried eliminating dairy and gluten and it helped, but it didn't completely fix the problem.

I recently started giving her Saccharomyces boulardii, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum and B. longum every other day. I've been doing it for a month and I just realized, I can't remember when I last noticed her nose running or her coughing.

My next step would've been peptidases, but perhaps I won't need them now.


Cathy J,
Have you experimented removing other protiens? My kid recovered with GFCF... then he relapsed and we found he was alergic to egg... recovered again.. then relapse when he went allergic to corn... it was then that we found Houston Enzymes. That was ages ago.. Since then we have found that he is reactive to quinoa too. It isn't just the G and the C... there are many proteins that can set them off. If you haven't yet, experiment. I"m glad we did.

Darian (nickname)

I had dramtic weight problems when I was younger! And I have Aspergers, so that they are just finding this out or admitting it now, after what they did to Wakefield is not only insulting, it is unfortunately typical.

All I have met even with Aspergers have gut problems, as well as some sort of connection to siezures, be they accute like mine, or grandmaul after grandmaul after grandmaul like my better half's.

Gee, think maybe it could be the diet? Why is it doctors take so long to admit to common sense?

Come on Big Pharma, don't you know that as my father use to always say, logic dictates?

Devin Houston

There are several differences between the Australian study of Peptizyde and CureMark's study. CureMark is testing a pancreatic enzyme product, Peptizyde is derived from plant-based enzymes. The rating systems used are different, I believe CureMark is using the CARS, while the Australian study used the Global Behaviour Rating Scales and the Rescorla Language Development Survey. No change in supplementation was required in the Australian study. I believe some requirements are being made of those in the CureMark study.
I should also point out that I took a 'hands-off" approach to the study, my only involvement was in the supplying of product and placebo at no charge and giving advice on dosing. I also gave my consent to publish regardless of the results; no squashing of information. As a scientist, I believe it's horrendous to "pick and choose" research results. The most important part of any research paper is the Methods section, unfortunately, it is the least read by public media. How a study was conducted gives great insight into what the authors were hoping to prove.

What the lay public is not generally aware of is that it usually takes many trials to find a methodology that will give a certain result. If Thomas Edison had stopped doing "studies" on the light bulb after the first one, or even the next 100, he would never had invented it.

I do find it ironic that the mainstream media so easily dismisses the observations of thousands of families who have seen actual real effects from their efforts just because it wasn't under "controlled" conditions, but if a "study" outcome shows a certain result, it's a confirmed fact. Unless, of course, it's a fact that interferes with health policy, as we have unfortunately seen.

Studies are great when used in context. But again I state that one need not wait on any study to try something that is known to be safe and without side effects.

steph m

Curemark is the Co doing the study.


Who is funding this study...hmmmm, let me guess...? The FDA has supposedly "fast tracked" a potential drug for a symptom of Autism they have dismissed for years...I wouldn't give it to my child...would you? Every time they "fast track" innocent people pay the price...

K Fuller Yuba City

What will they do when we choose to continue using our generic products??
The ones from a Health Food store, or online source?
Perhaps this is what John McCain was trying to prevent us from continuing to do with his bill, The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA) of 2010 (S. 3002.
Maybe it is just a coincidence that this story comes out around the same time.


Well, if the FDA is now going to "oversee" supplements, will this also apply to Dr. Houston's enzymes? Just wondering.

Cathy Jameson

Thank you, Teresa! Ronan's going through some wacky and wonky stuff these last few weeks and months. I am racking my brain trying to figure out what is setting him off. Could it be diet related? (he's on a regular diet, just as organic as we can go) Is it the seizures? Is it the changing of the seasons and the pollen clouds about to burst into the air? I keep going back to diet and think it would be the easiest/fastest thing to check. If he becomes less wonky, we'd see positive changes quickly. It makes sense.

I don't feel as confident as I was five years ago when we went strictly GFCF plus enzymes. We've "been on a break" with being FG (full of gluten) for over a year and at least two years off enzymes. It's loads easier on me this way but I would do anything to help Ronan get rid of the wacky stuff. Your post is timely in helping the decision of going back to the basics with dietary intervention.


Regarding Dr. Devin Houston's comment, I don't think he is commenting on the study discussed in Teresa's article above, but rather on the study mentioned in Jennifer S's comment in which she said, "I'm glad that this study is proceeding. However, another study, based in Australia, and using Houston enzymes, found that there was no effect of enzymes on any autistic symptoms, nor on gastrointenstinal symptoms."

It's not clear what "drug" is being studied per the KTRK story, which takes place in Houston but appears to be about a drug rather than an enzyme product, but I don't know if they're just calling it that...

I too send Houston Nutraceuticals enzymes to school with my son, and he has them with every meal at home as well, which enabled him to get toilet trained. Thank you, Dr. Houston!

And amen to all those comments about how it's just delusional parents and placebo effect until Big Pharma can make money off of it -- and as long as you don't ask why...

Jennifer S.

Thank you very much for your response, Dr. Houston. Would you be able to comment on the difference between your enzymes and the CM-AT enzymes in the study? I notice that the time period of the new study is also 90 days, or the same as the older one. And that it's also an observational outcome, having to do with autism symptoms. So, it doesn't seem that the study design is much different between the two studies.

One good thing is that they are looking for more children - 170 vs. 43. One worry for me is that kids on special diets have to go off the diet 30 days before starting the study. That would seem to rule out kids who really need the GFCF diet to function.


Devin- thank you from me, too, as yet another kooky mom sending the Houston Trienza to my kid's school with a note from the doctor. I hope to see this infiltrate my local HFS so I can buy them when I'm short and forget to order ahead of time.

And I think I'm quoted 3 times in the comments - aw, shucks! Thanks for taking my sarcasm as truth, because in our world, it often turns out that way.


Does anyone know the name of this magic pill? What company makes it?


"Doctors have suspected a link between autism and digestive problems for years."

how can anyone in the media print that with a straight face after burning Wakefield alive?

Harry H.

"It's not true until Big Pharma can make money from it. "

This is a dead-on comment. I recently saw an ad in Time magazine (the issue with the article about Jenny McCarthy) for a new super duper fish oil supplement from Glaxo Smith Kline. The other night I saw an ad on TV for it. But first, we need to ask our doctor if it's right for us, and get a script.

A couple of years ago our sons pediatrician said he should be taking a probiotic, years after we started him on them. In December my cardiologist told me to take fish oil and vitamin D3. I told him I've been taking them for years.

I'm certain there are many other people with the same stories which tells us that in far too many instances the alternative medicine and nutritional practices being spread through the internet and by word of mouth from parent to parent is years ahead of the pharmaceutical industry and many of the doctors.

The same goes for treating autism. Biomedical parents are so far ahead of modern medicine that the only recourse they have is to attack us viciously and then copy what we've been doing.

Donna Kincanon

Over ten years ago, at the recommendation of a DAN doctor we tried Serenaid with our very autistic daughter who had severe gut problems. The difference in her within three days was striking. This was before going GFCF too.


Okay, my apologies to Devin Houston and Houston pharmaceuticals for flying off the handle. A product we've used. I assumed this was a Big Pharma project.

So what's disconcerting here is that the press is now leaking the information after Wakefield and the rest were buried.

As far as waiting for products to be "evidence based"-- our children could be adults by then. We use what works, those things which are studied for safety even if for other purposes.

Terri Lewis

Oh brother, as if we needed a study.

Diet matters. Enzymes are useful to some; life-saving to others.

We started GF/CF diet a little before age 2 and started enzymes about a year later. If only we'd known sooner. Diet alone was good; with enzymes, our son did better still.

(And by "we" I mean "me," I suppose. Dear hubby is no longer certain of what we saw, since happy results have been closer to 80%, rather than 100%.)

Trust yourself. Parents--especially the one who is with the kids all the time--know best.

And, uh. . .anyone who wasn't "paying attention" much before age 3? Forget it.

We've seen what we've seen, and for us, we saw a kid with constant, foul diarrhea (undigested food) and brain fog, and then--after diet and enzymes--the fog lifted, the diarrhea was gone forever, and learning started to happen (once again--yay!) at a more natural pace in a more natural way.


Wow. Finally. Imagine that? Enzymes help with digestion? Would never have guessed (snort). I wonder what will come next - Big Pharma releases a miracle enzyme autism drug and the FDA takes over regulation of supplements. Ta-dah - we all have to buy the Big Pharma ones for 10 times the price (although maybe then insurance will cover them).
Also an enzyme sender to preschool, but ours are Kirkman...

Teresa Conrick


Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for so many of our kids. You have always been so helpful and so hopeful that enzymes would improve quality of life and that is exactly what they did in a BIG way for my daughter, Megan. Because of them, she was finally able to get out of diapers at age 9! "As those early years of treatment progressed, Megan was finally able to use the toilet. A gluten-casein-soy and corn free diet, digestive enzymes, and supplements were key."

You deserve acknowledgement, accolades and a firm following of satisfied customers and parents of children with autism.

Mercury Inhibits Enzyme Activity

Part 2 of this report needs to be- why do kids with a DSM diagnosis of "autism" have these GI issues...

And will these studies, reports, and news media people tell us why these kids need enzymes? Will FDA, CDC, or AAP want to know why so many children need to take digestive enzymes?

Part 3--Show Trine from the Trib et al how a chelating agent, EDTA, "restored the mercury inhibited enzyme activity."

"Interference with cellular metabolism by inhibition of certain enzyme systems has been shown to be the property of various organo-mercury compounds (1). Mercury has also been reported to combine with ligands of physio-logical importance such as
phosphoryl, carboxyl,amido, and amino groups."

Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 1978 Dec;20(6):729-35.
In vitro inhibition of digestive enzymes by heavy metals and their reversal by chelating agent: Part I. Mercuric chloride intoxication.

Sastry KV, Gupta PK.

The effect of mercury on alkaline phosphatase, lipase, aminotripeptidase and glycylglycine dipeptidase in the liver and digestive tract of Channa punctatus is investigated in vitro. Mercury inhibits the activities of all these enzymes and the degree of inhibition increases with the increase in the concentration of the metal. Addition of EDTA, a chelating agent, restored the mercury inhibited enzyme activity and the degree of restoration was related to the concentration of the chelating agent.

Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B, Volume 15, Issue 1 1980 , pages 109 - 119
Subjects: Environmental Health; Pesticides;

The results indicate that the activities of all the enzymes examined are inhibited in intestine and pyloric caeca and digestion of proteins and lipids may be more affected by mercury than the digestion of some carbohydrates.


Has anyone forwarded this article about the Houston gut disorders on to Dr Ari Brown? Wasn't she that was going on and on about children with autism NOT having gut disorders????
Seems to me that she may need to read and understand what little education she has on the matter of children with autism/gut disorders. That perhaps it's time to keep her big pie hole shut because she has shown just how ignorant she is.
It does floor me that if you do a simple google search for (the study that stated there was NO link to autism and gut disorders)CDC/Gut Disorders/Autism/Study...the links DO NOT work. Page not found.
When are the American people going to wake up?

Stagmom for Devin Houston

Devin, your enzymes changed my girls' lives and I can't thank you enough for your work over the years, the countless parent meetings you've attended, the conferences you walk, talking to parents who need help. Thank you.



Deb in IL, I'll be the second person to quote you.

"It's not true until Big Pharma can make money from it. "

This sums it up perfectly.


My kid recovered from dietary intervention,,, but we were on eggshells wondering what trace element might set him off,,, then I was introduced to Houston Enzymes. The rollercoaster ended, and his life changed for the better yet again.
Can't you all see the wee greedy pigs at the trough wringing their hands.... "A magic pill for developmental disorders... We'll make millions, and all the work has already been done for us by those crazy people who think their kid has bowel disease." I feel sorry for the people in thr trial. For $36 a month they could have the best product on the planet.
If you haven't seen their free DVD, ask for it. It changed our lives.

Devin Houston

To Jennifer S.:

I have the full copy of the article you reference. You cannot go only by what is presented in the summary.

What you should know:

The study was started in 2004-2005.
It used our first product Peptizyde (we feel AFP Peptizyde, a product that was developed later, is actually superior)
We do not claim our products are a treatment for autism, and that is mentioned in the paper as well.
The study was very small, only 43 volunteers completed it.
The time frame of product use was short, only 3 months.
The methods used to evaluate "improvement" were observational scale-oriented questionnaires. The authors admit that the questions used may not have been specific enough to detect changes.
There was a statistically significant increase in "food variety" using the enzyme product though it was deemed not "clinically" significant. Again, may be due to small number of subjects and the level at which "clinical significance" was set.
The authors also felt that if a selected population were used, say one that did exhibit dietary problems, rather than a random selection, the results may have been different.

Most importantly, the authors did note that they felt a further study was warranted on the increase in food variety scores.
In private conversations with the authors, they mentioned that several of the families continue to use our products because they were pleased with the improvements.

What we aim our products for is to help kids have a wider variety of choices in foods. The ability to tolerate foods that were not previously tolerated is the focus.

I am all for studies on different enzyme products. However, outcomes of studies are based on methodologies used; you can favor the outcome by using certain methods over others. This is not wrong, as long as it is disclosed.

Finally, the only study that matters is the one you try on your child. If a product is safe, there is no need to wait for studies to be done to try something already available.

Devin Houston, PhD

Emily R

I'm another kooky mom who sends Houston enzymes to school every day with a note. They help us tremendously. Someday I hope that the medical community will wake up and see what is really going on with our kids. I am not holding my breath though, as it seems that the world is run by Big Pharma and Monsanto.


"It's not true until Big Pharma can make money from it."

It's the new science - applying the Business Case Test to the hypothesis


Those bastards. The timing of this is so predictable. After all the Byzantine mechanations to destroy the life and work of the doctors who alerted the world to the link between autism and GI disorders, the path is clear to coopt the concept and re-author it in a way that removes cause from the equation. Had this study come out a year earlier, it would have been drawn in as support of Omnibus cases and the GMC three. So they waited. Bastards.

Nowhere does it say which company made the enzymes in the study. Merck maybe? Glaxo? It doesn't matter-- they'll all come out with their own now and put a premium price on it. All these Round-Up-Ready seedlings, prepped by vaccine injuries and now consumers of dangerous drugs and the occasional probiotic or enzyme.

Remember the way that first Chicago Trib hit piece started off? Trine Tsouderos and Pat Callahan tried to amp up the "horror" of biomed by describing how the poor biomed kid had a special skill, he was able to swallow *6 pills at once*.

6 pills! Gasp. What do you want to bet that at least two of those terrible pills were enzyme related?

Of course if those pills were the Rispderal, Ativan, Ritalin, Geodon, Lamictal, Prozac and Luvox recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health, that would have been fine. And if Merck or Forest Labs wants to make an enzyme, why that'll be okay too.

My mother was taking a prescription probiotic (Pfizer? I don't remember) with all kinds of fillers, dyes and additives. We asked her to switch to another brand.


Jennifer S., we're all a little jaded about studies here.
For my child enzymes did not improve his "autism" per say, but they did increase his appetite and cause him to have formed, regular stools which led to being toilet trained. And pooping in the toilet is a huge deal! To anyone reading this, enzymes are worth trying.

I'm sure there's plenty of studies that say eliminating dairy doesn't help either but if I hadn't taken my son off dairy I'd be in a loony bin and he'd be in foster care by now.


I said the same thing when I saw they were making this "great new drug for autism".

I have been giving my daughter houstons enzymes for 2 years.

I feel like we are Jan Brady from the Brady bunch movie.....yelling it was our idea while they act like they just made this "discovery".

We already knew our kids have digestive problems....good grief. Should be interesting to watch this as they gradually "discover" and try to cash in on everything parents and doctors for our kids have been screaming at them.


Amen Bob Moffitt!

IMHO it's all about patents and profits . . . if you can patent it then there is a "legitimate" foundation of studies, "science" etc. If you can't, well - that's just quacks trying to sell stuff to desperate parents.

Eyes rolling.


I think Cindy is right. While the Powers That Be make all sorts of noise in the media denying all sorts of things that I've heard about from parents on this site, things are going on in the background that will show up and suddenly the pharmas will be the heros that have responded to the problems of autism families. For instance, a couple weeks ago I read about the development of a new formula for vaccination delivery that will allow them to be developed without adjuvents. Hmmm, not much media attention on that one, eh?

Deb in IL

It's not true until Big Pharma can make money from it. Once they create a drug with side effects, additives, synthetic crap, chemicals and a profit margin, then we'll see all kinds of studies linking gut-to-brain. Of course they thought of it first - it will be big news saying they did, and most of the public will believe it.


Oh, wait a second, you mean we could make money?

Well then yes, kids with autism DO have GI problems.......but no, please don't ask why....

Cindy Keenan

Count me among the kooky moms who send enzymes to school (doctor's note, too). We've been using them successfully for years.

This study makes me think my husband's prediction is coming true. He believes that as time goes by and mainstream docs are forced to deal with the true biomedical issues of our kids, they're going to pretend that THEY'VE discovered these issues and try to take credit for developing effective treatments. We must NEVER let the public forget that ARI/DAN and biomed researchers and doctors were the true innovators who were forced to fight a tidal wave of criticism or worse (no better example than Andy Wakefield).

Jennifer S.

I'm glad that this study is proceeding. However, another study, based in Australia, and using Houston enzymes, found that there was no effect of enzymes on any autistic symptoms, nor on gastrointenstinal symptoms.


I'm the kooky Mom who sends Houston Brand Digestive enzymes to school (with a doctors note, of course) for my kids. It's good to see the world catching up to us heretics - and I sure hope the kids in the study have GREAT results. For them first - for their families - and then for the professionals to wake up and join us in autism 2010, not 1970.

Bob Moffitt

Julie you are right: "Guess it's ok to say autistic kids have GI problems as long as you don't ask why they have GI problems."

I would only add that now its ok to say it because THEY have said it.
Honest to God .. I don't know how these people sleep at night.

In the 8 plus years since my grandson regressed .. this is the FIRST time I heard that "Doctors have long suspected a link between autism and digestive problems".

Until NOW .. IF doctors SUSPECTED a link .. they sure as hell keep that suspicion to themselves .. probably terrified of making their "suspicions" known .. or else .. they would find themselves in the dock alongside the heroic Dr. Wakefield.

Lorene Amet

I am not sure if this other study was brought to the attention of your readers (the paper is available online in full):

Published online January 4, 2010
PEDIATRICS Vol. 125 Supplement January 2010, pp. S19-S29 (doi:10.1542/peds.2009-1878D)

Recommendations for Evaluation and Treatment of Common Gastrointestinal Problems in Children With ASDs
Timothy Buie, MDa,b,c, George J. Fuchs, III, MDd, Glenn T. Furuta, MDe,f, Koorosh Kooros, MDg, Joseph Levy, MDh, Jeffery D. Lewis, MDi, Barry K. Wershil, MDj, Harland Winter, MDa,c

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can benefit from adaptation of general pediatric guidelines for the diagnostic evaluation of abdominal pain, chronic constipation, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. These guidelines help health care providers determine when gastrointestinal symptoms are self-limited and when evaluation beyond a thorough medical history and physical examination should be considered. Children with ASDs who have gastrointestinal disorders may present with behavioral manifestations. Diagnostic and treatment recommendations for the general pediatric population are useful to consider until the development of evidence-based guidelines specifically for patients with ASDs.


Guess it's ok to say autistic kids have GI problems as long as you don't ask why they have GI problems.

I hope this doesn't mean enzymes are going to become prescription only.

John Stone

I also recall the remark of Andrew Wakefield at the beginning of his lecture (was it Pittsburgh?) that you only had to have a glass of beer to establish a link between the gut and the brain. Frankly, what do they think happens when you swallow a psychiatric drug?

We need a new word "Pharmaceutacalism" for belief in the metaphysical powers of officially sponsored medicines.

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