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AOL Health: Mark Blaxill Discusses Jenny McCarthy Time Article

Mark blaxill photo Mark Blaxill was on AOL Health this week talking about the TIME magazine article on Jenny McCarthy. Click HERE to see the full post with links.
By Mark Blaxill Mar 8th 2010 12:58PM

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Following a story in Time magazine about Jenny McCarthy's role as an autism activist, AOL Health contributor Mark Blaxill responds, saying that "Time" magazine is feeding what he calls "the hungry lie."

More than most other media outlets, you can count on "Time" magazine for the worst in autism coverage. In the pages of Time, rising autism rates are always due to better diagnosing; causes are always genetic, orthodox scientists are always heroic and parent advocates always sadly misguided. What's more, any and all vaccines in any combination are always safe and certainly have nothing to do with autism. A friend of mine calls this the big hungry lie. Why hungry? Because it's so wrong, it requires frequent feeding and thanks to a largely compliant media, feedings take place with regularity. Always at the front of the pack, "Time," in a February 25 article, fed the hungry lie again in a fascinatingly passive-aggressive essay titled, "Who's Afraid of Jenny McCarthy."

In case, you missed it (who reads "Time" anymore?), the Time piece focused on celebrity mom Jenny McCarthy, who has become one of the most prominent and formidable autism parent advocates. In a successful entertainment career, she has shown the world that she is beautiful, sexy, earthy, smart, articulate and determined (and in roughly that order). She also happens to have a son who received an autism diagnosis in 2005 when he was not quite three. To her lasting credit, McCarthy didn't meekly follow the advice of incompetent experts, most of them in thrall to the hungry lie, but has instead given voice to a large community of autism parents, channeling the mojo of a generation of "warrior moms" in a series of books, taking her audience's cause to a new level in the process...



Nice try you little troll.


"Want an insider's guide to this debate? Big hungry lie, meet the autism parent movement. We are outraged, persistent and in this fight for the long haul. In her well-earned role as a parent leader, Jenny speaks the truth. In a world increasingly dominated by 'Time's' Orwellian doublespeak, that's a beautiful thing."

Thank you!
Very well said!


Time used to hold iconic status for people who've read it faithfully for decades, but lately the magazine has been coasting on its reputation
. Its once-strong news foundation now suffers from an erosion of fact and integrity.

Most readers see right through these transparent attempts to smear Jenny McCarthy and soothe the ruffled feathers of advertisers and medical news sources. And the author, Karl Taro Greenfield, reveals far more inner truth about himself than his subject. Sad.

Maurine Meleck

Mark, Spectacular article on AOL. No other words necessary.
PS I get Time free for buying books at Books a Million. It's good for the toilet.


Karenatlanta wrote this:
"Before you consider Time and unbiased medical resource take a copy and tear out every single Pharmaceutical ad and see what you are actually left with. Not much."

Please try that with Age of Autism! Cut out all the Lee Silby, Homeopathic of Houston, Holistic Health, etc.

Double standard? No way!


Paul Shapiro

Thanks Mark B


@ Karen, Funny, LOL.

We get Time, we cancelled it.

Wade Rankin

Yes, TIME, the guys who once made Adolph Hitler their "Man of the Year," ... but he was REALLY newsworthy.


Hear hear! Long live Mark Blaxill!...and JB, and Dan and Kim and Jenny and Katie and Barbara Loe Fisher and all the rest of you powerful parents with big strong voices. Your intelligent minds and fierce determination to keep countering the "big, hungry lie" gives me and I'm sure others great hope that a future of healthier children is indeed possible.

Thank you - all of you!


Excellent. It was really a relief to read this. Over the past 90 years, Time Mag has championed insulin coma therapy, electroconvulsive shock therapy, the wonders of lobotomy, neuroleptic treatments in the fifties, neuroleptic treatments today, antidepressants for everyone. I even remember a past article deciding which famous dead artists should have taken antidepressants. Then they backpeddle on a few things as trends change. Now antidepressants are "expensive tic tacs".

This is no different. In twenty years, they'll act as if they'd always been on the right side of this issue once the consensus is that excessive vaccination did indeed cause an epidemic of child cognitive disorders, autoimmune disease and death.


Before you consider Time and unbiased medical resource take a copy and tear out every single Pharmaceutical ad and see what you are actually left with. Not much.
I don't buy the rag.

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