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AoA Contest: Win a Signed Copy of David Kirby's Animal Factory

Animal Factory Leave a comment to enter our contest to win a signed copy of David Kirby's book, Animal Factory.

Visit the website HERE. Order your copy at Amazon HERE.

"A propulsive chronicle. Thanks to Kirby’s extraordinary journalism, we have the most relatable, irrefutable, and unforgettable testimony yet to the hazards of industrial animal farming."

"Immensely readable, should be required reading for anybody concerned with how CAFOs are changing the nature of livestock farming." LIBRARY JOURNAL

Swine flu. MRSA. Unusual concentrations of cancer and other diseases. Massive fish kills from algal blooms and flesh-eating parasites. Recalls of meats, vegetables, and fruits because of deadly E-coli bacteria contamination.  Recent public health crises raise urgent questions about how our animal-derived food is raised and brought to market.  In Animal Factory, bestselling investigative journalist David Kirby exposes the powerful business and political interests behind large-scale factory farms, and tracks the far-reaching fallout that can contaminate our air, land, and water supply. 

In this thoroughly-researched book, Kirby follows three families and communities whose lives are utterly changed by immense neighboring animal farms.  These facilities, known as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations,” or CAFOs, confine thousands of pigs, dairy cattle, and poultry in small spaces, often under stressful conditions, and generate enormous volumes of fecal and biological waste as well as other toxins.  Weaving science, politics, big business, and everyday life, Kirby accompanies these families in their 20-year struggle against animal factories.  A North Carolina fisherman takes on pig farms upstream to preserve his river, his family’s life, and his home.  A mother in a small Illinois town pushes back against an outsized cattle farm and its devastating impact.  And, a Washington state grandmother becomes an unlikely activist when her home is covered with soot and her water supply is compromised by runoff from leaking lagoons of animal waste. 

Animal Factory is an important book about our American food system gone terribly wrong—and the people who are fighting to restore sustainable farming practices and safe natural resources.



I would love a copy and am posting to my wall on facebook about this book! The way these animals are treated is absolutely horrifying!!!People are eating animals full of stress, fear and antibiotics, and that is only some of the things that they may know about that is in their food!!!

Kristin Kucia-Stauder

Pretty please! I would love a signed copy!!


I'd love a signed copy of David's book!

K Fuller Yuba City

Yes enter me! I will gift the one I bought and keep that Autograph!


I would love to have a copy of this book. After seeing Food has made me painfully aware of how our food systems work.This book will probably make me turn vegetarian for good!

Kay Vincent

I would love to have a copy!

Kerrie Ferrara

Looking forward to reading this book and would love a signed copy for my son's autographed book collection.


Yes, please enter me in the contest! I would love a copy of this book.


Looking forward to reading Animal Factory!

Jenny Webster

Me please! :)


I'll be very happy to get a copy!

April Hornung

I would love a copy of his book.

Can I have this man's autograph?

I've already ordered a couple of copies of this book, so I guess I don't need a third, but if Mr. Kirby wanted to autograph some miscellaneous piece of paper for AoA to give away, I would cherish it the remainder of my days, frame it for posterity, mount it in my copy of Evidence of Harm, or something along those lines!


Would love a copy.

Jaclyn Sands

i would love a copy of this book!!!

Cathy Jameson

Would love this for my family too!


Already have my own copy, but would love to have a signed copy to give to my husband. Thanks for all you do, David.

Debbie Canady

My New Years resolution was to become a vegetarian and I have cut all red meat out, still eating fish and poultry. This book would be the ticket to my success I am sure. I can not wait to read it. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks !

Don B

We have an urgent need to clean up the way we produce our food and an overhaul on the whole industry.

Erin Micklo

After watching FOOD, INC., I will be SURE to read David Kirby's book. What has happened to our food supply is horrifying. Plus, I've been a huge fan of David Kirby since he wrote EVIDENCE OF HARM.

Robin Nemeth

Would love a signed copy

Karen Thomason

I really found Evidence of Harm to be a well-written and compelling book and admire David's willingness to write and speak about the truth even when it's not the popular opinion. I would love to read and have a signed copy of the Animal Factory book!


I would love a signed copy!


Would love to have this book.

Michelle Wandrack

I had my eyes opened after reading Evidence Of Harm. I let all my friends borrow it now. Looking forward to more inconvenient truths from Mr. Kirby. Please enter me, thanks.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Thank you for entering me! Thank you David for your work.


Yikes. This book looks like a must read.

Denise McQuade

Please enter me in this contest. I would love to win this book.

Tammy McNair

I would love to have a signed copy! I am finishing up Seeds of Deception and Animal Factory would be awesome to read next!

Alison Davis

Our family would love to win this book.

Carrie Elsass

I would be honored to read it and to share the info far & wide. I am so grateful for an investigative journalist who actually researches, THINKS, learns, and THEN writes! David, did you know that you are an endangered species? :)


I'd love a copy! Go David Kirby Go.... Keep spreading the truth


Ok, so I don't want to have to BEG Lin to borrow her copy!!! :)So looks like I need a copy of my own!!! *wink wink*

Kelli Ann Davis -- DK Rocks

David Kirby is one of the most outstanding investigative journalists of our time -- and as most of us know, there ain't too many of those around nowadays!

He deserves HUGE success for his unwavering committment to write about issues that TRULY matter and his uncompromising stance for reporting the facts -- no matter where they may lead!

Best to you David!


Holly D

I would love to win this book.


Please enter me to win!

Holly M.

I'd love a signed copy.

pass the popcorn

From his Acknowledgements:

"I also want to recognize and appreciate the thousands of parents of children with autism who read my first book and have been terrifically supportive in anticipation of this one."

Go David!

(No need to enter me in the contest - I just got my copy in the mail!)

Jennifer Brook

Ugh...I don't have the book but I watched the segment on Anderson Cooper 360 the other night. Well...I watched most of it. I HAD to look away whenever they showed video of conditions in these farms! I don't think walking by the meat or poultry department in the grocery store will ever be the same.


I would LOVE to have a copy of this book!

jackie sebell

Sounds like another great read from David. I look forward to reading it!

Leanne Hyde

I can't wait to read this! I <3 David Kirby!!


So scary but so true. I live in Maine- we have the second highest Autism rate in the US (last I checked) Gulf stream crossed the US and flows right through Maine- bringing every toxin it passed with it. How many years of pollution, pesticides and genetically modified garbage has blown through this state, altering us, now affecting our children with an Autism rate of 1 in 88- god know what else is caused by this- allergies, ADHD, neurological/autoimmune disorders, cancer...etc...
As a child- 25 years ago- I NEVER heard of someone I knew having any of these problems. 20 years ago, 15, even 10- so I know it wasn't just my childhood "innocence" being protected- IT WASN'T HAPPENING at the rate it is now.
I fear for us. Not just Maine, all of us. Rising numbers of all illnesses just skyrocket per year until.... what? What has to happen for people to WAKE UP and see the damage that has been done.


I'm in!

Kathleen Chandler

I just got the book in the mail yesterday and I am looking forward to reading it.

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