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AoA Contest: "Cutting Edge Therapies For Autism" by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons

Cutting edge therapies Leave a comment to enter the contest to win a signed copy of "Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism" by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons, published by Skyhorse Publishing with an afterword by Teri Arranga of Autism One. The authors are both Autism dads. This book features a compendium of treatments, described by experts in that area, from behavioral therapy to psychiatric drugs to chelation. It's a real A-Z explanation of choices and something I think has been missing from our libraries for some time. I'm glad to see so many options between the covers. The list of the therapies is below. 

Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism today!

Allergies, Their Role and Treatment in Autism
by Dr. Marvin Boris 6

Animal-Assisted Interventions and Persons with Autism Spectrum
Disorders by Dr. Aubrey Fine 10

Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy
by Dr. Marga Hogenboom and Paula Moraine 17

Antiepileptic Medications by Dr. Richard E. Frye 22

Antifungal Treatment by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona 27

Applied Behavior Analysis by Jenifer Clark 35

Aquatic Therapy by Andrea Salzman 41

Art Therapy Approaches to Treating Autism
by Nicole Martin and Dr. Donna Betts 48

Biofilm Protocol by Ken Siri 53

Biomolecular Nutrigenomics: Nutrigenomic DNA
Testing and RNA-Based Nutrition by Dr. Amy Yasko 59

Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD)
by Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, and Dr. Michele Bishop. 63

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Munroe-Meyer Institute
by Dr. Tiffany Kodak and Dr. Alison Betz 69

Chelation: Removal of Toxic Metals by Dr. James B. Adams 74

Contents vii

Computer-Based Intervention: What’s It All About?
by Valerie Herskowitz 79

Craniosacral and Chiropractic Therapy: A New Biomedical
Approach to ASD by Dr. Charles Chapple 87

Dance/Movement Therapy by Mariah Meyer LeFeber 96

The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR)
Model by Dr. Gil Tippy 101

Dietary Interventions for Autism
by Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis, Ph.D. 109

Drama Therapy by Sally Bailey 124

Early Start Denver Model by Dr. Sally Rogers 128

Enhansa: Enhanced Curcumin Supplement by Alan Israel 133

Enzymes for Digestive Support in Autism by Dr. Devin Houston 135

Equine Therapy by Franklin Levinson and Dr. Nicola Start 139

FMRI-Guided Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Restore
Language by Dr. Harry Schneider 144

Food Selectivity and Other Feeding Disorders in Autism
by Dr. Petula Vaz and Dr. Cathleen Piazza 153

Gastrointestinal Disease: Emerging Consensus by Dr. Arthur Krigsman 159

Helminthic Therapy by Judith Chinitz 169

The Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency
(HANDLE) by Carolyn Nuyens and Marlene Suliteanu 175

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Let’s Put the Pressure on Autism for
Recovery by Dr. James Neubrander 182

Integrated Play Groups (IPG) Model by Dr. Pamela Wolfberg 188

Intestine, Leaky Gut, Autism, and Probiotics by Dr. Alessio Fasano 192

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) by Dr. Michael Elice 199

Linwood Method by Bill Moss 205

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) by Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless 209

Medicinal Marijuana: A Novel Approach to the Symptomatic
Treatment of Autism by Dr. Lester Grinspoon 213

viii Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism

Melatonin Therapy for Sleep Disorders by Dr. James Jan 221

MERIT Approach: Integrating ABA with Developmental Models
by Jenifer Clark 227

Methyl-B12: Myth or Materpiece? by Dr. James Neubrander 232

Mitochondrial Dysfunction by Dr. Richard E. Frye 238

Music Therapy by The American Music Therapy Association 242

Neurofeedback (Neurotherapy or EEG Biofeedback)
by Dr. Betty Jarusiewicz 248

Neuroimmune Dysfunction and the Rationale and Use of Antiviral
Therapy by Dr. Michael Goldberg 256

NeuroProtek, Flavonoids, and Allergies
by Dr. Theoharis Theoharides 261

Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration by Markus Jarrow 267

Parent Support by Dr. Lauren Tobing-Puente 277

Personal Service Canines: Wilderwood is Changing Lives
One Dog at a Time by Tiffany Denyer 283

Pharmaceutical Medication Management: The Why, When,
And What by Dr. Mark Freilich 288

Physical Therapy by Meghan Collins 292

PPAR Agonists (Actos) by Dr. Michael Elice 296

Qigong Massage for Young Children with Autism by Dr. Louisa Silva 300

Relationship Development Intervention by Laura Hynes 304

Respen-A by Dr. Fred Starr 311

The SCERTS Model by Dr. Barry Prizant, Dr. Amy Wetherby, Emily Rubin,
and Amy C. Laurent 314

Sensory-Based Antecedent Interventions
by Ginny Van Rie and Dr. L. Juane Heflin 321

Sensory Gym: Emerge and See
by Amanda Friedman and Alison Berkley 325

Sequential Homeopathy: The Houston Homeopathy Method
by Cindy Griffin and Lindyl Lanham 330

The SMILE Center: The Sensory Motor Integration and Language
Enrichment Center by Markus Jarrow 338

Contents ix

Son-Rise Program by Raun Kaufman 343

Sound-Based Therapies: The Davis Model of Sound Intervention
by Dorinne Davis 347

Speech-Language Therapy by Lavinia Pereira and Michelle Solomon 357

Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Frank Morales 369

Supplement Therapy: Rescue, Repair, and Reconnect
by Michael Payne 374

Traditional and Indigenous Healing by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona 380

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation by Joshua Barath,
Dr. Estate Sokhadze, Dr. Ayman El-Baz, Dr. Grace Mathai,
Dr. Lonnie Sears, Dr. Manuel F. Casanova 388

Viruses and Autism by Dr. Mary Megson 398

Vision Therapy by Dr. Jeffrey Becker 400

Anti-Allergic, Anti-Inflammatory, and Other Future Treatments
by Dr. Theoharis Theoharides 406

Research at the University of Louisville Autism Center
by Dr. Manuel Casanova, Dr. Estate Sokhadze, Dr. Ayman El-Baz,
Joshua Baruth, Dr. Grace Mathai, Dr. Lonnie Sears 410

Research Being Conducted at the Seaver Autism Center
by Dr. David Grodberg, Dr. Alexander Kolevzon, and Dr. Joseph Buxbaam 414

A Social Worker’s View from the Trenches by Bonnie Waring 424

Afterword by Teri Arranga 427

References 431
List of Autism Organizations 477
List of Autism Schools 492
Recommended Reading 509

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Joyce Lazaruk

My 30 year old son is now living with us as we tried other avenues that just about did me in. He is doing so much better now that we are treating him like the intelligent person he is. he feels that we have rescued him from the ignorant workers that were supposed to be caregivers in his home. He is non verbal but does use Facilitated Communication. He wants to speak so badly. He does use a few words and can do a lot but he won't hold a job without being able to converse. When he had his first DPT shot, he experienced a screaming syndrome that started 1/2 hour after the injection and lasted for 9 hours. The nurse told me to give him a children's Tylenol before I brought him next time. I did, and the very same screaming syndrome happened. For the third shot the nurse took the pertussis out and my son had no reaction. A friend of mine in the same health district had the very same experience just one month before we did. Who is going to tell me there is no link between injections and autism??? Hopefully we can try even more to help him if we can read this priceless book.


Hope to win the book THANKS


Wow! We need this book in our county library! I am going to put in a request for purchase form ASAP


We just started working with Michael and I'm very excited. I would love to read this:

Supplement Therapy: Rescue, Repair, and Reconnect by Michael Payne 374


Diane Cervi

Wow! This is the book I need to read. What helpful info all in one book. My 5 year old daughter has ASD and we are currently looking at what therapies would be most beneficial.

nicki herzog

My son was diagnosed with autism in June. This book sounds great. Would love to be entered into the contest! I'm new to this website and I think it is wonderful!


Would love to read this book!

Maurine Meleck

I never win anything on this, but I will keep trying. Enter me. thanks, maurine

Maggie Gorczyca

I have been having alot of trouble with my son, Aaron's school and the way he is treated, therapies are not being done due to his behavior and them just not making a effort to try new things to make it attact his attention and to keep it, he also is non-verbal in many ways, has diet, allergies,seizures, hearing and vision problems, so any new resourses are welcomed in our house. There are not many people in my area who know how or will deal with all of these problems, so I hve to go to alot of out of town doctors and resourse centers for help. One resource that is most helpful and takes less time are books that I read and reseach that I do myself. Thanks for listening, please enter me in the drawing for a free book.

crystal alexander

Thank you for offering this book. Love your website!!

Becky H-A

Please enter me for a chance to win this book! Thanks AoA


Please enter me, thank you!


congratulations on your book! Please enter me in your contest..I have 4 children, 2 on the specttrum!!



Wow! Talk about a comprehensive book! Kudos to Ken & Tony for putting this together. I'd love to win a copy :-)


My sister is Alison Berkeley who helped write Chapter 55!! She is helping to change the way people teach autistic children, changing the way they can live their lives. Looks like an amazing group of work contained in the book!

Patricia Rogers

Love it - big fan of other alternatives. Love to add this book to my colloection.


Looks like an excellent resource. I look forward to reading it. So nice to see it's written by "Dads"!


I pray i will win unlike the lady above my hubby will not have anything to do with my soon to be 21 yr. old sustic son he was so dissapointed wanting a son so bad having a daughter from 1,st marriage & for many yr,s try all i know & now there is so very much more i don,t know about also i,ll soon be 55 & no one knows how long we will be around 1 of his half brothers the 1 that know more about him will take him & care for him he knows more of what he means being as he dosen,t really talk for he has been great help to me very ofter being as the hubby works way out of town & does,t act as if our son is here, Thank You.

Tracy Survilas

As a mother, I am eager to try anything that could help my son lead a productive and independent life. He has made such strides in the last couple of years, despite doctors' dismal predictions, that I know we can do it!

Denise McQuade

I would love to win this looks like another terrific resource.

Andrea Owens

Some of these I've done for my grandson. I believe that "the right therapy" has to come at "the right time" of the recovery process. The therapies that are helping Sean at present are Dr. Amy Yasko's protocol based on genetic mutations and now we're doing, with very pleasing results, Brain Balance (
Moderator, please feel free to delete the web address if that isn't appropriate.

Steve Buffington

Would love to win the book, any resource to help the better. My son was diagnosed this year.


Please enter me in contest

Kristin Kucia-Stauder

Love the lineup of therapies in the chapter breakdown!! This book looks amazing--lots of therapies not usually addressed in ASD books..rah rah team!!

Summer Klooz and family

Please pick us! My husband is wanting to be in every aspect of our son's life, but is having a hard time! My husband is very sick and needs a transplant asap, so he can not be very hands on! But I think this book would be perfect for him to educate himself and be involved. He'll actuallt read it since it was written by two Dad's. Thanks for doing what you do! Education is the key!


Wow! This looks like a lot of great info! And good to see some involved dads!! I'd love to be entered in the contest as well.

Nancy Naylor

I have a 4 year old that may really benefit from this book. Please enter me!


I am a mom of three kids diagnosed with ASD. They range from high to low functioning. Last night I dreamt that my little guy - the four year old, non-verbal, low functioning child - started to talk. It was so wonderful, even if now just a dream. I would love to be entered in the contest. Who knows, maybe there's an idea there that will bring that dream a little closer to coming true.


This book looks to be a great resource. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.


Sounds like a fantastic book! I'd love to be entered in the contest. Thanks AoA!


This sounds wonderful! Please enter us :)


I'd love this one! Thanks for running the contest.

teena snelgar

my son is nearly 10 he now lives with his dad as i could no longer cope with him and he would not listen and learn with me he is doing much better with his dad as he is the only child with him he is the youngest of 5 kids and i am a single mum my life was so hard with him and the other kids it was so hard on my other kids and trying to split my time between all of them was hard.Living with an ASD child is hard but you love them no matter what i miss him i only see him once a month and half the holidays i can now have a life well so sort of life and i can relax and spend time with my other kids i can study and work. I am a special needs carer in childcare and current studying teacher aide as i would like to work in a special school.I know alot about ASD but am will to learn more i know how to read a child with ASD and i beleive that is a gift ASD child are amazing and also very hard to live with but i really enjoy spending time with them all..this book sounds really great and i would so love to read it and just have it on hand.

Julia Wilson

Wow! How wonderful to have so many options set forth in one book!

Jim Fick

I recently found age of autism and have been very impressed with the blog/website. Awesome work! As a parent of a child with PDD-NOS I am very appreciative of the wealth of knowledge from this site. I especially appreciate the critical editorials regarding vaccinations as we believe they contributed to our sons regression. As a physician myself, I am appalled at the lack of integrity within the healthcare industry. Thanks for your work!


Sounds like a book to have at hand! I have one 15yo with ASD and a 4.5yo still being assessed.. but there is always much to learn!

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