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Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 3/6

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Our commenter of the week is "Jack's Dad" on the post: Fox Atlanta on Autism Treatment. When our sons were getting early-intervention ABA, one of their therapists acknowledged that EVERY SINGLE ONE of her "clients" was on the diet. Funny how what's clearly the mainstream for autism families is still considered "alternative" and "out of the box" by the medical community. It just shows that families have taken treatment into their own hands. How sad.

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Ditto. I stopped contributing to PBS 5 or so years ago when David Kirby reported that he was told by NPR/PBS that they had no interest in interviewing him about "Evidence of Harm." Award-winning investigative reporter of no interest for an interview on NPR??? Listeners wouldn't be interested???? Multiple biased uninformed reports on the topic of vaccines since then have made it clear that my decision then was not incorrect.

Their failings in reporting fairly and carefully on this topic has led me to listen more critically to everything reported--and sadly I note this is not the only subject on which PBS reporting fails to live up to the quality I once thought they achieved.

I still listen, but often I feel sick as I listen to the fund drives and the announcers reiterating all the reasons they think NPR reporting is different or better than that of other media. Sometimes it is, but too often it is not, and as time goes by the quality of much of the reporting and programming seems to be spiraling downward.


You can take a page from public tv and give a t shirt for donations, but I don't donate to NPR or PBS anymore because of all of their pro-vax reporting,

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