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Age of Autism Comment of the Week 3/20

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Our commenter of the week is ANON on The Autism Vaccine Controversy Continues.

It is very simple.   If you are worrying about measles coming back and maiming or killing people, then go find out what exactly are the adverse effects of measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, live polio, etc.

While Offit likes to argue that there are fewer antigens then ever before, what he fails to tell you is that is because SOMETHING else is put in to rev up the immune system in order to make the attentuated live virus replicate itself.  What is that?  Aluminum, mercury (thimerosal--the reason the flu virus needs it so they need less "virus.")   IF measles disease can cause encephalopathy, then so can measles vaccine.  This is particularly true when you give three different live viruses (or 4 if you also add varivax) at the same time.  Why can you give less antigen?  Well, because you gave a whopping dose of aluminum and other things that the immune system says should not be present. 

IF you seroconvert, you have the it measles, mumps, rubellas, whatever.  So, if you have the virus, anything that you could have experienced from the live disease CAN be experienced from the vaccine.  No amount of BS or rhetoric can change that simple fact.

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Birgit Calhoun

Added to that is the known fact that Thimerosal is not really very good at killing viruses or anything else for that matter. Organic mercury takes a long time to kill as is described in the Karen Weetterhahn case. But it is known to have a strong synergistic effect with aluminum, which was recently described in a health newsletter.

I wrote a number of years ago in my web page: There are several studies where it is shown that Thimerosal does not kill bacteria at all and causes a diminished immune response. Refuting pharmaceutical manufacturers' claims that Thimerosal kills bacteria, Leonard J. Goldwater states in his book "Mercury: A History of Quicksilver," (York Press, Baltimore, 1972) that merthiolate is thought to not be a particularly good preservative. Rather than being a real antiseptic it should be considered a bacteriostatin (it does not reliably kill bacteria). Thimerosal is not mentioned in the book. That leads me to conclude that the name Thimerosal for merthiolate is of a more recent date. One wonders if the name change was instituted in order to make it more difficult to find research done previously on the substance.

Dr.  Jordan

The response of the body to the vaccines is to make a pathway to disease based on the immune cells and the collision with the antigen no matter if it comes from real infection or antigen from vaccines. Also, in viruses, they are never dead as they are never alive, they are simply protein sequences that when in the presence of a living cell that is both receptive and susceptible are then capable of infection and replication. So, no such thing as dead or killed viral vaccines or "modified live" as viruses are not dean they are not alive, when the conditions are right BHAM, Nothing like a vaccine to dys regulate your immune system, nothing like adjuvants like mercury and aluminum to dysregulate the immune system, to mutate antigens and screw the Th1/Th2 balance, to upregulate cytokine activity and make pathology, nothing like all of these antigenic proteins to ignite autoimmune disease and dys regulate the immune system into cancer. Too bad we never ever have had environmental epidemiological stuides to support the need or the efficacy of even one vaccine that the government forces onto our citizens, or for that matter our veterianry profession onto our animals. Read more about this in MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT available on Sincerely, Dr. Jordan

Heidi N

I think ANON is correct, and if you look at the history of the Polio vaccine, I think there is supporting evidence that this is true. There are many reports that the polio vaccine caused polio, and the governmental entities admit to this. Also, the failed Lyme disease vaccine. It apparently caused chronic arthritis and such, as we see in Lyme Disease. I looked up a few scientific studies on measles and mumps a few years ago. I remember reading that the actual viruses, themselves, can cause the symptoms of autism. Since the viruses are weakened, but still alive in the vaccines, and we have those other vaccine failures, sure, it's very believable. I think this needs much more attention.

Suz T

Take it further. (Perhaps) The child reacts abnormally to the immunization because they were exposed in utero when their immune system was very impressionable. (Perhaps)Mom's are not providing the passive immunity to the fragile fetus because Mom's are not adequately immune. I think we could stop most of this autism just like we stopped Rubella miscarriage or deafness - by having Mom's adequately immune BEFORE conception of the child.
Most of the children with autism that I work with have a typical sibling 17-30 months older than them. They received an immunization (live attentuated virus?)during some point in the gestation of the autistic child. The paper the guardian signs says they child may have light symptoms - low grade fever, discomfort....for up to ten days - of course during that time pregnant Mom probably cuddled and comforted them. This means the "live virus" has some effect. We are approaching the age when the potential mothers were immunized, not exposed themselves. A booster every 10 years is ususally recommended, yet how many adults follow this. I challenge you to take a quick survey of when the mothers of autistic children were immunized or "boostered" or had the illnesses that are suspect.
PS: What are the most common pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and time of caring for young children occupations of mothers of children with autism?
PSS: I have been asking these questions and requesting documentation that I am wrong for about 10 years and getting no answers to my questions.

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