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Words Fail Us: Mother Poisons Autistic Son with Bleach

Medea Words fail us. A second child murdered by his mother.

What dark brink must a mother face to pour bleach into her autistic child's mouth and kill him? Read the full story in the London Standard.

Social services were today accused of failing a single mother and her “severely autistic” son after she allegedly poisoned him with bleach.

Satpal Singh is believed to have killed the 12-year-old boy as she struggled to cope with looking after him.

Emergency services rushed to her house in Barking on Tuesday night. It is believed she forced her son — named locally as Ajit — to drink bleach and then consumed the toxic liquid herself before dialling 999. She was today in custody.

The youngster was taken to hospital but died a short time later. A post mortem examination revealed he died from drinking a “caustic liquid”...

Last week, CBS News reported on the following murder.

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Gigi Jordan, a 49-year-old socialite, who police say murdered her 8-year-old son and attempted to take her own life in a posh New York hotel, wrote a series of disturbing letters claiming her son was sexually abused by a devil worshipping cult, according to a Wyoming detective who investigated the case.

Photo: Members of the Medical Examiner's Office remove a body from the Peninsula Hotel Friday, Feb. 5, 2010 in New York.

On Friday, Jordan's young boy, Jude Michael Mirra, was found dead from a drug overdose at the Peninsula Hotel in New York. Jordan was slumped on the floor nearby. She has since been charged with his death...



Cath, I am sorry.
Life is hard, but it is life.
I hope you will look around for support groups.
*There are autism groups even in rural Kentucky!!!
*There are church groups which I find comforting that contain good people that live in my community.
*There are of course extended family, even your husband's family. Just because he left - they are still his kids.
*I have heard that there are suppose to be social workers that hang around some where in the community. I saw two of them recently after a medical emergency with my daughter. I don't kow about 'em. They seem to have a lot of power for no more than what they are, yet they could not write a presciption or have the know how of how to help my daughter come down off her mannia, or out of her psychosis, or support her issues in a timely manner after the fact. But they might have some answers for you . They are plugged into the system or are suppose to be anyway. They might know of group homes, or vocational training for you kids.

*That is it as far as I know. I have probably missed some type of help out there, sorry.


I wish i was put down as a child - then my autism would not have passed to my 3 children 13, 15 18
And they suffer everyday with me as their parent.
The world is horrible and unable to understand.
When i die..my kid will go into homes..left deserted by the world..and even more tramatised.

Death is the only thing that makes sence in this world. Its a finish. The only certainty in life.

So i thank the forum for permission and eeven some encouragement by some to kill myself and desert my kids...(I said this about a previous parent, and I'll say it about this one: She should be executed. )
YUP Kill us - dont treat anything. kill all of us with genetic defaults..as the rest of the world is perfect and loving -
Wait does that make the executioner a murderer too?...no..course not

"Not everyone is strong enough to resist."

I didnt choose autism, or for my kids...nor did i choose to be a single parent, or have a hubby that left because it got too hard for, or children that smash windows, pull knives on me, held me hostage, stand over me, tear all my art up, humilliate me in front of others, having a child be curled in a ball under a table for 2 hours scrreaming....cause he had to sit on the right side of the car...wake up with half your hair cut off by your child...and the lovely paintings done with faecies. (now we have no social life) I mean who wants to be around "those" kids....

u know what most say "suck it up sweetheart"

How much does a polar bear ....?

Just another perspective.


we need to do somthing so this will never happent again, we need to collect donate money either from gover. or from us than to make some kind of activity place (day care) for kids autism no mather what age they are so if the mother feel lack of sleep or need to take a break she can dropp of her child for evew ahours that place each day. espacialy kids from 1 to 6 before they reach in full day school year. before I even read this painful story I was thinking about this idea. I have no place to common about the mother I don't the hall story, but I do know no one should kill a child or person with any reason. another thing I know alot of mother are sturgeling daily lives with no help at all so please lest do something I will work as volunter if any organazation open in my city. lest leen to each other.


I've seen this in my dreams. There will be more deaths to follow. The best advice that I have been able to give to parents is to join a local autism community. There, they will be able to speak openly and freely without being ridiculed or ostracized. As a community we are strong and can move mountains.

The revolution is about to start...


Right now I just feel like, this is what they want you to do. When your child is diagnosed with autism, "they" just want you to fall in a hole and disappear.
This woman was doing what the mainstream media and medical establishment was telling her to do."Your child is hopeless". Not everyone is strong enough to resist.

Alli Edwards UK

I do not wish to defend this woman's actions in any way whatsoever - but - from the article I read, it appeared, following the breakdown of her marriage, a lack of help, and hardly any sleep, social services were about to take the child away from her and put him in to care when she decided to take his life and her own. Despairing, exhausted, alone and powerless - not everyone is strong.

There may be a lot more to tell, and I for one have learned to judge only when all the facts are known.

Her son was severely autistic, so is mine. At the same age, 12, these boys take a great deal of managing and care. You can't rest for a minute. You can be clearing up one situation and another one starts in another room. I dread the thought of my son being alone in the world without me, for instance, who would love him like I do when he's been found covered in, and eating his own faeces? Would they blame me, not his autism when it happens?

Jake Crosby

I said this about a previous parent, and I'll say it about this one: She should be executed.

Amanda Blinn

I think it's not just coincidence that both these tragedies followed close on the heels of the big lie verdict about Wakefield. The people who want to believe the big lie also want parents of autistic to just deal w/the fact that it's all our fault, behavior or genetic doesn't really matter to them. They just want us to go away.

Ralph Toddre

No matter what .....I can't imagine being there.

Autism Grandma

The brain has a mind of it's own once the brain chemistry goes over the cliff. Lots of possibilities here: non stop stress depletes nutrients and neurotransmitters, toxic exposures (including vaccines), heavy metal accumulation, intestinal disorders, liver toxicity, legal and/or illegal drug usage, psychiatric medication cocktails; B12 deficiency has been connected to depression and bi-polar, Niacin deficiency to schizophrenia. Some mothers who have killed their children have reported "hearing voices directing them".

We don't know how far over the cliff the brain chemistry had plummeted with these mothers, and I suspect they may have not even been in control of their own thoughts. I just hope that these women both get the right kind of psychiatric evaluations, but knowing the system as we do, they won't be getting any natural or alternative therapies that will help them to regain their sanity in jail....just psyche drugs which will quite possibly push them over the cliff even further.


That poor, poor child. How many more innocents must suffer this horrible and unnecessary fate?

Certainly the mother was not in her right mind. All too often doctors give a script for psych drugs and push 'em out the door. Trial and error. Cost containment. Don't bother running labs to find out what's going on biochemically, physically.

Our nation's mental health care system is irrational. And the citizens of this nation don't realize that autism is their problem, too. Reaching out to a family in distress can save lives. So often the ones who do are already struggling themselves, but that's why they understand -- and care.

Heidi N

Raising children that are neural-typical can be very stressful. Raising a child with autism can sometimes be so overbearing that it is beyond comprehension how we do it. The ones that are in their own little world can be actually easy to manage, but the ones that destroy everything in your house, to include windows, furniture, walls, etc., - well, you can imagine that some go through things actually unimaginable.


With all the recent news, I've had this song running in my head all week for some reason:

All I can think of is that death is the ultimate "quick cure" in a world which primarily pushes deadly cheap fixes (more and more vaccines, drugs).

Kathy Blanco

it's a rough life, autism, lack of sleep, inability to cope with it's daily pressure, no support at home or schools. Still even with that, you can't condone this action. If I couldn't handle it at that level she did, I would have taken him to a social situation and told them to adopt him out somewhere else..I can't handle it...not murder.

That said, I think this will continue as long as we deny that these kids are quite ill, and are not getting the proper MEDICAL treatment they deserve.

And, don't get mad at me, but sometimes the same biomedical problems in the child, is in the mother too. Depression among us is quite high, our serotonin doesn't work, just like our kids...and sometimes we have infections/toxins that are eating away at our brains too....so from the mother to the child, there is not supports. This speaks volumes of our health and welfare departments...and their lack of oversight over a diagnosed child. It also speaks volumes of pediatricians who are not also looking at mothers and saying, you know, you don't look well either? I say this because I have oversaught many brain scans of children and their mothers via SPECT. THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, same damage, same hypoperfusion in the brain. (albeit the damage much more severe in the child) Obviously, we have some familial tendencies to autism, either by inability to detox metals or inability to handle certain infections in our brains too. There is never an occasion that I don't ask the mother, what autoimmune disease she has when she says she has a child with autism. Almost invariably, she too is sick, has like biochemistries and lack of detox.

I however, do shake my fist, just as Tami, that this is all derived by what we are doing to stress out our ecological balances of our bodies, be it what foods we ingest, what toxins we are unknowingly submitted to, and vaccines gone haywire. This mad world is created by greed and averice.

I wish, that the autism research would go this way...that is...to study the familial problems with methylation, glutathione, COMT/MTHFR, the iron problems, the thyroid problems, these are all what matters if you want to stop this epidemic...not just stopping vaccines...I mean looking at the bigger picture.


Liz, I couldn't agree more. In reading the comments on these stories, I can see that many are looking at these sad stories as a case of mothers unable to cope with the challenges of their children, when in fact, there is probably much more to it. Toxic mothers produce toxic children. It may be that the mothers did not reach a tipping point due to the challenges of their situations, but rather a toxic tipping point manifesting in mental illness. And yes, Liz, I take my own advice too. After several years of special diet, antifungals, and mercury chelation, my diagnosis has been removed. Sound familiar? I had essential thrombocytosis, a rare myeloprileferative disorder, for which the doctors wanted to put me on low dose chemo for the rest of my life. I was told it was 'genetic' and 'irreversible'. Apparently, they were wrong. The doctor thinks I may have been misdiagnosed. Sound familiar?


"What dark brink must a mother face to pour bleach into her autistic child's mouth and kill him?"

A few things come to mind regarding this mom: mental illness, "bipolar disorder" - both signs of metals toxicity...what did her vaccines do to her? Moms need treatment too. I am taking my own advice: I am on a special diet and supplements, and I am also chelating myself...same treatments as my children.


This is the result of government, pharmaceutical and medical institutions who refuse to acknowledge that they are destroying our children for the sake of profits and an inability to admit they are absolutely wrong. I hold them fully responsible for these crimes. Both of these women might be at least pitied, for now they have to live the rest of their lives (however long that may be) with the terrible, haunting images of their defenseless children struggling to live in life and struggling to live in death. But the Unholy Trinity (Gov't, Pharma, Doctors in Denial) that has allowed this to go on unchecked and have even increased and perpetuated the injuries upon the most innocent have blood on their hands too. A sane person will look at the evidence that parents, scientists, researchers, medical professionals and other activists have been presenting for years now and see that the evidence is indisputable - - toxic vaccines are destroying our children.

I hope and pray that these children have now found peace and eternal healing.


If you have had it, cant take it anymore and want to kill yourself, fine do it, you are miserable and your absolute misery is more than likely doing nothing but harming your child(ren) with your thoughts of ending it all, quitting. Do I feel sorry for you, yes I do. If I had the chance would I hogtie you and ship you off to some therapist that can talk some sense into you, yes. Would I try to pump some hope into you, even lie to you to help you get out of this funk, sure.

Here's the way I see it, suicide is for people who are dying anyway, not for people with circumstantial difficulties. If life sucks join the freakin club. If it is too much to take, spare your child(ren) find a place for them first, anywhere is better than dead. Hell call me up, email me, Ive got 2,200 sq feet of heated space in my house, the three of us sleep in beds that take up less than 50 sq feet of floor space. Im sure others have similar space available. We can put up a cot, lay some sleeping bags on the floor, whatever it takes. Your child will have a place with us, dont kill him/her.

Your child(ren) deserve the opportunity to face those that victimized them, that caused them to be autistic. They deserve to find something to laugh at, to learn new words so that they can communicate basic needs and wants, they deserve to live where they are loved. I have great hope for them as I do my own son. I have seen what joy there is in the world for him and I am certain that there is more ahead for you, and your child.

So if you are so depressed that you are constantly thinking about killing yourself rather than going bankrupt, admitting to your family that you are a failure, that you are ashamed to admit that you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or the fantasy of perverse thoughts fine quit, kill yourself, but not before you find a place for your child(ren).

Look, if you think you are dealing with this all alone, that no one will understand or help, you are very wrong, most of us know what the dark corner is like, we know the feeling of wind in our hair as we stand on the edge. And for some reason, we have found some hope, hope that we are eager to pass along without judgment or condemnation, hope that may save your life. But I tell you what, if you kill your child I will never forgive you. Twenty years from now your child may be a completely functioning human being, one able to tell you exactly how heroic you are, how much (s)he loves you and how even in your most desperate moments you were able to bring him joy. There is a whole world out there that is waiting to open up and heal half if not all of your problems, it's just around the corner if you can hold on long enough to experience it.


My heart is filled with so much after reading this post. Although I may have never contemplated murder I have been pushed to the edge at times. The poors kids are the ones whom suffer the worse. They cannot help the way they are but on the other hand being the parent of a autistic child seems daughting at times. My heart goes out to these poor children and I shake my fist at the government for putting us in this situation and refusing to do anything about a epidemic I believe they helped create.

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