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Virginia Denies Insurance Coverage to Autistic Children

Win Signed Advance Reader Copy (Rare!) of David Kirby's Animal Factory

Animal Factory David Kirby has kindly given us one of the few advance reader copies (ARC) of his new book, Animal Factory, available NOW for presale. Publishers print a handful or ARCs before the final book is published and we have one for you, signed by David Kirby. Visit the website HERE. Order your copy at Amazon HERE.


"A propulsive chronicle. Thanks to Kirby’s extraordinary journalism, we have the most relatable, irrefutable, and unforgettable testimony yet to the hazards of industrial animal farming." BOOKLIST

"Immensely readable, should be required reading for anybody concerned with how CAFOs are changing the nature of livestock farming." LIBRARY JOURNAL

Swine flu. MRSA. Unusual concentrations of cancer and other diseases. Massive fish kills from algal blooms and flesh-eating parasites. Recalls of meats, vegetables, and fruits because of deadly E-coli bacteria contamination.  Recent public health crises raise urgent questions about how our animal-derived food is raised and brought to market.  In Animal Factory, bestselling investigative journalist David Kirby exposes the powerful business and political interests behind large-scale factory farms, and tracks the far-reaching fallout that can contaminate our air, land, and water supply. 

In this thoroughly-researched book, Kirby follows three families and communities whose lives are utterly changed by immense neighboring animal farms.  These facilities, known as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations,” or CAFOs, confine thousands of pigs, dairy cattle, and poultry in small spaces, often under stressful conditions, and generate enormous volumes of fecal and biological waste as well as other toxins.  Weaving science, politics, big business, and everyday life, Kirby accompanies these families in their 20-year struggle against animal factories.  A North Carolina fisherman takes on pig farms upstream to preserve his river, his family’s life, and his home.  A mother in a small Illinois town pushes back against an outsized cattle farm and its devastating impact.  And, a Washington state grandmother becomes an unlikely activist when her home is covered with soot and her water supply is compromised by runoff from leaking lagoons of animal waste. 

Animal Factory is an important book about our American food system gone terribly wrong—and the people who are fighting to restore sustainable farming practices and safe natural resources.


Erin Rodriguez

David Kirby is so incredibly talented and thankfully humble enough to have lived with families of children with Autism in order to have a better understanding of what challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Can't wait to read his latest book - even though it looks like it has nothing to do with Autism... Because I know he goes above and beyond to do his research and do it right.

Thanks David Kirby!

maranie. adams

LOVE David Kirby and cannot wait to read this book !! I'm feelin. lucky ... maybe ill win !!


In the late 1800's early 1900s my great grandfather had a good sized farm right here in the small town where I grew up.My Mom worked on that farm as a young teen. I would absolutely love to win a copy of Davids book on factory farming...

Donna L

Thanks for this contest Kim! I would love to have an ARC! I love David Kirby for all he does for our kids and I have shared Evidence of Harm with so many families...I am really looking forward to reading Animal Factory!


Need it. Sign me up.


The last thing I won was a case of Doctor Pepper!! Need I say more? ;)

Dede Moore

I grew up farming and graduated with a degree in Agriculture Business Mgmt! I now have a 5 year old son with Autism! I would love to read this book!!! Since 2% of the world feeds the other 98%, I would love to hear his ideas for better possible options.

Ashley Morgan

Sign me up! I wanna win!


I would LOVE to win this book! Please do enter me to win... thanks!


Please enter me, thank you very much!!


After growing up on a family farm, and now watching how the rural life has changed, I am very interested to read this book!

Sharon Mahan

I would LOVE to win an advance copy of this book. I've been waiting for this book for awhile now!!


I am so looking forward to reading this book. A signed copy would make it even better. Thanks David for all that you do.

J. Bradley Borden

Do you need my mailing address?

Bridgett  Nelson

I love David Kirby for all he's done for our community. And I (like the rest of you), would love to get a signed copy of his book.


Laura Kozlowski

I am looking forward to reading this book!!

michele i.

omg, I would love an ARC!!
great contest Kim!

Michele L Allen

Here is my comment! I am very excited to read the book :) Thanks for the opportunity to enter and possibly win!

Tricia Kiefer

David, you are an amazing advocate for our kids. I am inspired every time I hear you speak. I am anxious to read Animal Factory! Thanks AoA for this chance to win an autographed copy! (I've already preordered a book - but if I win the signed book, the other book will be donated to our NAA chapter!) :-)


Who better to win this than ME?!?! ;)

Jerald & Lorre Gefre


"Animal Factory" will serve as an invaluable tool in introducing and educating the general public on the hazards presented by the factory farming industry. Thank you so much!

Jerald & Lorre Gefre

Cathy Jameson

Pick me! Pick me!
Thanks, Cathy

Autism Dad in Pa

sign me up too

Lisa Thompson

Evidence of Harm was a seachange for my family; it provided a credible evidence for how our child became another autism statistic, as well as compelling evidence that he could improve with certain biomedical interventions.

It would be an honor and a thrill to own a signed copy of David's next seminal work, Animal Factory.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

David, this seems like a good time to tell you how Evidence of Harm saved the day for one family. A family whose only son suddenly developed two physical nervous tics and one vocal tic. They imagined that someone at school might be harming their child and no doubt the school folks would have thought the same about them. The real answer ?- two mercury vaccines. This family is still anonymous to me:I passed them your book Evidence of Harm through an intermediary and it gave them the answer they so badly needed. I think your book glows with the power of the truth.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Would love to have a signed ARC of Animal Factory. Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to read this book—please enter me to win!


Loved your last book. Will love this one too. I can't wait to read.

Michelle Wandrack

Please sign me up, thanks.

PJ Carroll

Pick me please!


Yes Please!


Looking forward to reading it.

Simon's OT mom

Sounds like another great work by David Kirby! Please enter my name!

Cody Jordan

Can't wait to read this. Anything written by David Kirby is thoroughly researched and well-written. Hope to win!

Tim Kasemodel


I hope you make BooKoo buckaroos on this.

You deserve it - no one puts their heart and soul into writing like you do (sorry Dan and Mark - yours is not out yet!).

And, winning would mean we would have TWO signed copies of the Kirby collection, adding to our prized EOH!

Susan Fritz

Thank you David for all you do for us. You are our flame in the darkness! They cannot stop the truth! For all of us who are trying to heal our children & families-please keep up your fight! God Bless!


Mother of 9,they range from ages 14 to 7 months, 2 of which are on the spectrum
My husband and I own out own catering business that specializes in all natural homemade food. Don't have alot of time to read this but would love it on audio.
Can't wait until it comes out.


would love to win a copy. I need to read this.

Tammy McNair

I would love to win a signed copy! Thanks for the chance!

Jenny Webster

OH!! ME!! me me me!! ;)
free is awesome! winning is awesome!


I would LOVE to own this book. D.K. ROCKS!


Speaking of crimes against humanity..... I walked out to my truck this morning to find that for the 2nd time in less than a year, my vehicle had been ransacked. My camcorder was stolen (this was the replacement for the one I got for Xmas the previous year-- which lasted 3 months before being stolen.) This time the thief also got my beloved camera that has accompanied me to every autism conference and function since dirt was new. I could use a pick me up! Enter me in the Kirby lottery!


Looks like a great book!

David Kirby

Thank you everyone for your support! It really means a lot to me. (And no, I am not entering to win the book galley).


I would love to win a signed copy. Congratulations David on your new book. Although, I am scared to read it.




sign me up - DK rocks (yes i'm grovelling but it's still true...)


Sign me up please!
We're lucky we live in an area where it's easy to obtain grass-fed/free range meat (though, I still feel guilty about eating meat when I think of the animals)

Kristin Kucia-Stauder

Pretty pleeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!! Inspire me again, David Kirby!!


Please enter me - can't wait to read this book...

Sonja Lopez

Would love to win this one!




Oh, I have been waiting for this to be published ever since I heard he was writing it! I would LOVE to be entered in the drawing! What a great treasure it would be to have a sines ARC!!!
Mom to Ethan , Alex, and Megan

Jackie P.

Can't wait to read this!!!! [email protected]

K Fuller Yuba City

Anticipating this book release reminds me of trying not to look at a really bad accident. I don't want to read it but I know I will have to. Please enter me. It may make me feel better if it is autographed!


Ignorance may be bliss but bliss never suited me anyway. Can't wait to read your book.


David, it will be so good to see you - and I am excited to read the entire book. I hope to meet Helen in person soon! We need more reporters and journalists like you to expose the insanity!

Kathy Blanco

Someone mentioned to me that farmers plows "back then", would be followed by millions of birds hungrily eating all the worms they plowed up behind them. Now, farmers are reporting there is no hungry massive bird flock, because the soil is DEAD. No nutrients, no minerals, no alive signs. And this is the soil we grow our nations food supply on. No wonder our Prophet in our church warned us of such things, and told all members to grow their own gardens DECADES ago (like the fifties). And I quote "President Spencer W. Kimball called upon Latter-day Saints everywhere to produce their own food. For several years, he asked each family to have its own garden. He said: “We encourage you to grow all the food that you feasibly can on your own property. Berry bushes, grapevines, fruit trees—plant them if your climate is right for their growth. Grow vegetables and eat them from your own yard. Even those residing in apartments … can generally grow a little food in pots and planters. Study the best methods of providing your own foods. Make your garden … neat and attractive as well as productive. If there are children in your home, involve them in the process with assigned responsibilities” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 170–71; or Ensign, May 1976, 124).

When President Kimball asked each of us to grow a garden, he reminded us of the words of the Lord: “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).

There are good reasons for this counsel from "our" prophets. Gardening has many benefits. It expands our appreciation of nature. It teaches the family to work together. When we have a garden that produces well, we are not entirely dependent on others for food. We can select crops we like that provide a nutritious diet. Growing our own food gives us the satisfaction of providing for ourselves. We can also trade produce with our neighbors, save money, and help those in need.

If we all did this, we wouldn't need these factory farms. Go and also get the DVD FOOD INC, and I promise your love for meat will also diminish.

As to the soils, I was talking with a very smart man in Germany, who notes that selenium soils are the best breed of soils to have less autism. Think about it? The more selenium in the soil, the less autism in the area. More selenium, more gluathione and ability to detox heavy metals. It pans out. The less soils with selenium in states in the US, have the MORE autism numbers, and the high selenium soils, less.

We also are putting sludge mercury on our soils. This alone can cause an autism jump to those that steadily and daily eat from it's harvest.

It's no wonder that autism is a set up have to set up the conditions that are ripe, and then when ripe enough, the brain/gut can't take it anymore as we trigger it with one of the most toxic substances known, within the span of a tiny vaccine vile.

BT toxins damage insect guts, and can also damage human guts. Look up BT toxins and autism and get an education.

Lastly, can we also assume the meat supply is not riddled by high mega antibiotics creating resistant bacteria, prions, bacteria and viruses? (think of the pig farm workers who got a weird brain disease by dissecting meat). Most cows are bitten by lyme ticks in the field all the time, who's to say the cow even when slaughtered isn't a borreliosis mindfield or the milk we drink on a daily basis full of puss and bacteria?

And what of the farmed chickens they use for vaccines? Are they also not riddled with retroviruses? Specific to that, the obesity virus is found in birds AD-36. Are not the measles viruses grown on chicken eggs? Is this also the main culprit in obesity in children? Or the combo of HFCS GMO Corn put into every CHILD related product? Me thinks the combo can't be good.

And lastly the crazy makers book, how they insert MSG and Aspartame, food additives/colors dyes etc so that you become addicted to "taste" and "the look" of what cheese should look like...oh my.....

We are reaping our own undoing...and I thank David for opening some more eyes to the truth. The unfortunate part of this, is that THEY know that non GMO foods and organic foods, are more expensive, so only the elite will save themselves. Meanwhile, as you shop discount markets, and watch the damage, literally, of people picking up "hamburger helper" type of meals, and then see their kids crawl over the parents and shopping carts in a frenzied ADD/Autistic/Obesity ridden moment, you finally reaalize the true bottom line damage the population just enough, so that they are busy trying to mop up the damage done to their bodies for simply years paralyzing their abilities to think or question, while, not questioning the REAL agenda of eugenics and slow and painful debilitating lives and deaths. The food corporations know these things...isn't it time to arm ourselves with the true hidden knowledge of what they have done to us? Knowingly...greedily....avericely?


Thank God there are still decent humans on the planet who care about the people here. I'd love to win this book.


Sign me up...Kimmy!!! lol
This is fantastic!!!


Would love a signed copy! David is a hero!


I'd really love a copy of this book! Thank you David for being a genuine reporter of the TRUTH!

Autism Family Farmer

Can't wait to read this book!! Thanks for writing about this HUGE problem, David.

Support family farms, not CAFOs.


Jake Crosby

It's a public health disaster, but not quite as bad as the MMR vaccine, or thimerosal. Hopefully David Kirby will write a sequel to Evidence of Harm after this, we could really use it.

Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.

Scary as hell to think that we have taken an animal who is naturally an herbivore and not only turned it into a carnivore, but a cannibal. What good can come from feeding an animal it's own byproducts. Alzheimer's and BSE seem like an awful hefty price to pay for a small uptick in profits. As the commercial used to say "it is not nice to mess with mother nature".

Nick Cusumano

The wealthiest nation fast becoming the sickest nation....the one common factor is food..we all need it and its coming from somewhere we dont want to think about. Thanks David for bringing light to another aspect of enviromental toxicity, manmade to boot!

Great job @ FLA ..NAA conference as well!
keep up the great work!

christina borden


Josh Day

Sign me up, Scotty!


I would LOVE to get this book :)


Excited to read this book as much as everyone else, it seems. Thanks!


The book looks very interesting.

Kristi G.

I look forward to reading the book! I would be love to hear Temple Grandin's comments after reading the book, and her opinion on big business farming. Mr. Kirby, that you very much for all of the attention you are bringing to this important issue and for the public awareness you have brought to the environmental issues associated with autism!

Carrie Elsass

Hope to see you in Seattle! I am supposed to be practicing veganism and become GF due to my Lupus, and I need your book as an extra kick in the pants:) [email protected]


Can't wait to read this book!


sign me up

Tobi Drabczyk

I'd love to win please enter me. [email protected]



Another relevant book from David that I'm telling my family and friends about.


Looking forward to reading the book!


not sure i want to read this ... i am not ready to become a vegan =)

Tami Fuesel

Thanks David! Can't wait to read this book!

Barry S.

Looking forward to it!

Wade Rankin

Although we have a copy on pre-order, I would LOVE to be the proud possessor of a signed ARC!!

Holly M.

I already pre-ordered one but will give it as a gift if I win the autographed copy. Please enter me.


Please enter me in the contest - looks like a great book!

Teresa Conrick

I would be so honored to own this.

Kristina apodaca

please enter me for the book!


Please enter me for the draw. Thanks!

Debbie voss

I live in rural nc and my husband is a financial analyst for Murphy -brown, one of the biggest companies for pig cafo's!!! He needs this book!!!


Enter me in the drawing ten times, please

Leslie Phillips

I'm very anxious to read this book. Hope David can make it to Houston area for a book signing!

Katie Kelley

Oh Yes! Can't wait to read this!

Kim Davis

I can't wait to read it.

Tiffany Batzel

I'm so looking forward to reading this book. I'm a huge fan and follower, and supporter! It would be an honor to own a signed copy of this book!


Congratulations on the new book David. We are all anxious to read it.

J. Bradley Borden

I'm looking forward to winning this book. Thanks.

Tanners Dad

Thank you David


Can't wait! Got this on pre-order with Amazon!


Please enter me in the drawing!

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