Watch CNN Video on Vaccine Autism Debate with Kim Stagliano
Bring Back the Neanderthal!



WITHDRAWN: Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccine: Influence of gestational age and birth weight.


Mark, great job! I probably would've been sputtering and cursing at that "devil's priest" Dr. Siegel. I almost saw his horns poking through his forehead when he said measles is the number one killer in the world!! Talk about emotions...I wanted to jump through my computer screen and punch him in the nose! I wonder which pharma giant have the little devil in their pocket...probably Merck.


Mark got his few seconds last week on vaccines and autism on Megan Kelly and this week they come up with older mothers have kids with autism?????

Well I had mine at 21 and 28 years old, and they would have been fine if it hadn't been for one too many DPT shots!!!

We keeep pounding and they keep pounding back.


Good interview.

Here is one of the big measles lies: "It (measles) is ONLY not a big killer in the United States because of the MMR vaccine."---Dr Marc Siegal.

Measles deaths declined by 99.4% before vaccination. In fact vaccination didn't even do the .6% either.

Media Scholar

I thought Fox News went bankrupt a while back? They're still on? Huh.

The bleached blond booby with the attitude comes across like an out of work pharma trial attorney. Her pal Bugsy is as likeable and trustworthy as the Gambino family physician.

The two obviously collaborated off-stage to toast Blaxill. The spoiled brat nanny nanny boo-boo reference by Bugsy to so called "Kelly's Court" is just more evidence this network is not only disfunctional, but totally unprofessional.

The lack of sincerity by the bleached blond bimbo is indicative of complete detachment from self-awareness.

This segment hardly qualifies the network as fair and balanced.


Thanks Mark for telling us what it is like on one of those sets.
I sort of had an idea that it was mega multi tasking!

Not many people can handle such, I know I could not - I would have put my hands in my face and gone hiding under the table.

You handled this very well, you proved it!
You were impressive, and I hope Fox will have you on again and often. We need all the spokesmen we can get!
Because people like you are rare. Most of us are very shy.


Thank goodness the UK doctor considered himself a vaccine and also a lettuce expert..

difficult to believe someone could be that intellegent...


Wow, that would have thrown me off too. It sounds like some sort of CIA hypnosis machine, lol.


You did a very good job, Mark. It would have been easy for you to blow up -- and that would just play into the stereotype. So you did PERFECTLY! They need to do a one-hour special on Stossel or Greta VanSusteren or something like that if they really want more than soundbites. Maybe I'll email Greta and suggest that.

Mark Blaxill

Not nervous at all, actually, I just struggled a bit with the technology in the studio and was trying to figure out what to look at. There's an audio feed that is live and a video feed that is delayed by 7 seconds. The camera is right in the middle of the video screen, and you have to look at the video (one time I looked down and heard a voice in my ear telling me to open my eyes and look back into the camera). It's very distracting to look at faces that are 7 seconds behind and process what's being said in the moment. I couldn't figure out quite where to focus my eyes. Hence the blinking.


Hi Mark,

I think you should have pushed a bit more, politely. When the good doctor gave his opinion that vaccines were safe, you should have hit'em with............ "Are you an immunologist?"




Then follow it up with "For the sake of argument, do you have any credentials whatsoever that would make you an authority on how vaccines are made, their safety, their efficacy, immunology, or genetics?"

The answer has to be no.

Then you say "Neither do I. However I, along with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other parents saw my normally developing child regress into autism after a round of vaccines. All you have is an opinion based on something you've read. In other words, your opinion is merely the opinion of someone else, repackaged for prime time.

The fact that medical science can't PROVE a link, does not mean vaccines are safe. It only means that you haven't proven them dangerous in a lab. It means you looked for something, and couldn't find it.

If I gave up looking for my car keys every time I lost them because they weren't in the places that I thought they should be, I'd end up walking everywhere I go.

The answer is to keep looking, not assume safety in the absence of scientific evidence that you approve of. I say approve of, because we do have scientific evidence, but this is a short interview and I couldn't do the topic justice with the time we have."

Although, I can tell by your eyes blinking constantly that you were very nervous, and under those circumstances I would be too! So in light of that, great job Mark! It's easy for me to be the Monday morning quarterback, but I probably would have started stammering like a buffoon if I were up there. Better you than me :-)

Donna L.

Excellent job, Mark! I especially loved your "I think we all need to calm down a bit" remark. These media presentations are making it increasingly clear which side is arguing from a level-headed, scientific standpoint, and which side is operating out of overly emotional, foaming-at-the-mouth, psychotic ranting episodes. Way to keep your cool and present the facts! Thank you!


This is now just about my most favorite video clip.

Dr. Segal seems so much like Barney Frank talking about the US banking system disaster....go Barney go....

Is there a link to another published paper that backs up Dr. Wakefield's MMR work ???

thank you,

Dawn Richardson

Great Job Mark. Know that all this publicity will ultimately pay off as the rest of the new studies are released and people who never heard of this issue are seeing the silly behavior of those who are in denial. They are priming people for a revolt. The doc says to grow your own lettuce but still vaccinate your kids regardless of the chemicals in there. Intereseting that people with healthy guts tolerate store bought lettuce just fine. Thanks for getting out there. You looked sincere and honest while the doc looked like he had an agenda and needed medication.


Good point Larry, people don't need to be told of studies about whether or not financial aid from outside agencies help or hurt the welfare of the state when the public sees bodies of babies laying under rubble in Haiti they feel it. Pictures of a beached whale, kitten in a tree, the whys and hows are not the most important thing to the majority of the public.

Preach to the heart of the matter.


May I make a suggestion?

When there is only a limited time to speak, one must hammer home their strongest point rather than merely reacting to what the opposition is saying.

The most compelling evidence this community has are the stories of hundreds of people who are all saying the same thing ... "Right after my child had shots, she had a reaction and has never been the same since ..."

While merely anecdotal evidence, it is still an extremely powerful and effective statement which is difficult for the other side to overcome. That is the story that you need to tell. That is the one that will wake people up. Thats your strongest card ...

Tell it passionately!

We have no real studies to rely on at this point in time as far as I know. We may never have studies, considering who pays for and conducts those studies.

Therefore, attempting to debate the meaning and legitimacy of medical studies (especially against doctors who are assumed to have superior knowledge) is a losing strategy, especially when time and attention spans are limited.

Keep up the good fight ..


Thank you Mark.

What a shame you were placed opposite a raving lunatic who does not treat autism, does not research autism and will never associate with autism in any way other than to collect a stipend for commentaries on work by people who dare to go where he will not.

Maybe that's really the key to what this dialogue is all about. The parents, docs, researchers and kids that live in the world of autism every single day just can't fathom the fantasy world of wild-eyed medical licensed individuals commenting outside their field of training. 2 in a thousand cases of measles complications out of 30, 000 cases worldwide versus 2 in a hundred boys out the entire world population - fantasy is the only word that fits the world that sets those priorities.

Julie Obradovic

Mark, so well done with such a short amount of time.

All I kept thinking the whole time after that doctor cited the Denmark study as evidence was how well that sums up the whole controversy in a nutshell:

Doctors assume parents can't read what they choose not to.

Citing a study that demonstrates a neurotoxin injected into children in larger amounts has a significant neuro-protective affect against Autism (the less of it they used, the higher the rate of Autism skyrocketed) is conclusive evidence the man has never read the study and/or simply parrots its conclusion paragraph without thinking for himself...a problem so obviously not unique to him.

Any logical, ethical and responsible human being who had read that study would know it is perhaps the most fraudulant of all studies to reference as quality material in the exoneration of vaccines. Choosing to do so shined a light on his willfill ignorance and/or his potentially decietful character, as did grossly exaggerating the consequences of measles in today's modernized countries, thereby scaring people into compliance.

This debate is always and will always be about the quality, quantity, relevance and bias of the science that supposedly demonstrates no evidence of a causal link. It is inadequate at best, fradulant at worst.

The idea that Dr. Wakefield's simple case study that made the suggestion there was a new bowel pathology in Autism caused by vaccine strain measles could be so desimated by the medical community, but Dr. Eric Fombonne's study (who is a government witness that testifies on the safety of vaccines) that looks at MMR uptake Quebec City and compares it to Autism rates in Montreal is touted as good science boggles the mind. So do the studies that show more injected mercury results in better health outcomes for children, the previously mentioned study being only 1 of a few that do so.

And so we wait. For until those who have actually read and analyzed the science can step forward to have the actual debate, there is no debate.


I ate some lettuce yesterday-should I be worried. OR should I be worried about my Autistic son who will need lifelong care. AND YES, I would take measles over Autism anyday.

Thank You, Mark for the voice of those who can't speak.


great job Mark, facts were well presented...the numbers don't lie.

I couldn't believe the doctor made a remark about appealing to emotions meanwhile he's fearmongering about measels... appealing to emotion... playing on the public's fears, isn't that what pharma does to sell vaccines? They're experts at it.

I thought the segue to the lettuce story was odd. I suppose they're trying to make a connection to food sources...a red herring tactic?

hmmm, looking it up...okay here it is...

Red Herring- definition: misleading clue: something introduced, e.g. into a crime or mystery story, in order to divert attention or mislead

yup, that fits.


"What an amazing metaphor as Ms. Kelly (a new mom herself) asserts that she and other people will knowingly continue to eat shit.
We autism parents are different; we have tasted shit and will never, ever eat it again."

Sarah - I think you've just brilliantly summed up 10 years worth of these conversation in just 2 sentences. Did someone mention "talking points"...?

A Mom

Thank you Mark and Kim! You both hit on some of the most important aspects of this issue in the precious few minutes you were given!

Could someone please update the numbers at 14 Studies? I am sending a lot of people there and they are confused by the old 1 in 150 stat. Thanks a bunch!


Thank goodness Dr. Seigel was able to get to the lettuce issue, that has parents all over the world living in fear.

Great job Mark. So calm, cool and correct...


Great job, Mark. Over the years I've watched most of the TV segments on the vax autism connection (thank you internets) and they just get better and better! I think any new parent with an open mind about the subject (that is the key) who was watching your debate would take away from it that there is another, more personal side to the story. One that no matter how "comforting and assuring" the dr's would like to be, WILL NOT GO AWAY! (Most) people are not stupid and/or closed minded and will make the connection easily.
Megan Kelly did a great job as anchor and the Fox News Dr.'s behavior was a bit bizzare... blurting out "SAFE!" at the last second.

Case NOT closed!

Great job! Siegel was beyond emotional - he was hysterical. And your cool, calm delivery of the facts spoke volumes.
(I also loved the live mike remark over the lettuce story:
"He lied...") LOL!

Maurine Meleck

Mark, One had only to look at your face to see the frustration of not being given the time to offer proper comments or rebuttals.
With that in mind, you did all you could. Thanks to both you and Kim for a job well done.

Jim Thompson


Excellent work! You got the main messages out. 1 in 100 kids with autism is an epidemic. Autism is a lifelong disability.

While the doctor replied that this message is appealing to emotions, he immediately proceeded to appeal to emotions, saying that the risk from measles is more worrisome that the risk from autism.


Now doesn't that just beat all? Ladies and gentlemen...we live in a world where the powers that be can find a single piece of lettuce, where it was grown and if some guy on 3rd shift named Joe touched it and go a step further and find the tiniest, minuscule smug of poop on it.....BUT (that's a huge BUT ya know)...they still don't know what is causing the slight inconvenience of autism???
Thank you Mark, you are greatly appreciated in this house.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Mark and Thank you Kim -
you were both so level-headed.


Mark ,

Simply say "Vaccines cause Autism" stop beating around the bush with all this "something in the enviroment" crap.

All of these children come from different cultures and different environments!!!!


Excellent, Mark! So well spoken! Thanks so much for being out there!

The dreaded measles! I remember when everyone came down with measles, before the vaccine existed. My brothers and I came down with it too. I remember the rash and slight fever. For us, it was just a passing virus. The doctor says 30% of people with measles have complications? Where the heck did he get that figure? I never knew anyone who had a problem with measles. I know problems occur, but in this country they are rare. I'm not saying there should be no vaccine for measles, just that the risks of this disease are not so terrible that the risks of the vaccine cannot even be discussed, let alone studied.


Mark, you did fabulous with your limited time, great job! I agree the lettuce thing was extremely lame and should not have even been mentioned; but then that's how our cause is treated, back burner, every time.

In 1985 CDC began to give mmr and dpt simultaneously, the article I found on the CDC website says that no testing was done to see if there might be issues. I believe that was about the time that ADD and ADHD began to sky rocket, along with Asthma and allergy problems. I guess that wasn't bad enough, so they increased the jabs more so they could make more money and so came a whole new battery of diagnoses, like Asperger's Syndrome and PDD-NOS, etc. This led to the creation of the Autism Spectrum Disorder umbrella. I don't think that vaccines are the sole culprit but the neuro-toxins in them are definitely a problem.

Our environment plays a part also, people need to stop spraying their lawns with poison that goes into our water table for one thing. And we need to return to using glass instead of plastics, especially since the gov't allowed suppliers to use a sex hormone in the production of glasses, cups, you name it, disgusting. And then our food, good ole MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup, ugh! They say that EMF's are also an issue, it's probably true but anyone with a brain, in my opinion, should be able to see that a 12 or 15 lb. baby cannot take several live viruses being injected at one time, without a negative impact on it's health. Instead of arguing that vaccines are not the cause, which they do adamantly, with very limited evidence, why not spend their time, money and effort trying to find out what is the cause? See that is my problem with the defenders of vaccines, they defend but they don't try to to find another answer, WHY is that so?

Our kids are sacrificial lambs, they really don't have much of a chance, they cannot get away from the many bad things that have been done simply for corporate greed, our health and safety have been sold out for the sake of a few bucks...

Harry H.

Mark and Kim, thanks for standing up. Most of all thanks for being so calm cool and collected while the rabid doctors were foaming at the mouth. That was must see TV.

Thanks to you both.


Thank you.


The points to make are simple:

-They attacked the messenger of the study not the study.

-all studies cited to date have conflicts of interest and are "number based"

-the can of worms has been opened. go ahead, keeping telling people vaccines dont harm and keep damaging more kids. More people are gonna experience it and no longer buy the lie.

-if others think this doesnt effect them guess whats coming in terms of medicaid and long term care to the taxpayer

Did anyone else notice that the Fox Doc was more "emotional" sounding?


LOL - Nancy Snyderman in drag, indeed! That guy was a frothing at the mouth blowhard, while Mark was calm, cool and collected. And what a great plug for AoA!


To understand why we have trouble getting our message out, please read all of this....
Siegels words are scripted right out of Freud Communications... the international public relations firm connected to almost all news agencies and drug companies. DID YOU KNOW that Rupert's Murdoch's daughter (James Murdoch's Sister) is married to Matthew Freud, a grandson to
Sigmund. Matthew is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the UK. Matthew is also the nephew to Ed Bernays who is the "father of public relations".. also known as “the father of spin” .....the first guy to attempt to manipulate
public opinion using the subconscious. He did this by combining crowd control ideas
from LeBon and Trotter and the psychoanalitical ideas of his Uncle Sigmund... He was
also into Pavlov's dog theories. Bernays and friends make for very interesting reading in
all their "public relations work" that include a wide spectrum from helping the tobacco
companies to overthrowing governments to help corporations control natural resources
and pollute native lands.
In Propaganda (1928), his most important book, Bernays argued that the manipulation of
public opinion was a necessary part of democracy:
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the
masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen
mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power
of our country..."
I keep overhearing conversations and reading about these public relations connections in
world politics. Wherever there is a scandal or coup, these public relation and media firms
are deeply rooted. I've heard on more than one occasion that these people were related to
the drug companies too. And now....we can see one such connection in that James
Murdoch, Brian Deer's boss, is now working for Glaxosmith...
We need talking points to shoot out of the mouths of the people who represent the Autism Community. Mark and Kim did a great job today, but since cordial conversation is not allowed on the TV, they need to do what the other side does. Spit out scripted facts in a way that people will listen and remember. The facts need to be repeated over and over and over again until the world hears it. Perhaps some experts debaters need to be hired to do the job. The autism community is not together on this yet. Too many people saying too many things doesn't work. Talking points work to manipulate public opinion. So talking points would also work to get the truth out. The people representing us should all sit down and hire a communications firm, decide what needs to be heard over and over again and then hire some guns to shoot it out. That being said. Thank you to Mark and Kim for your bravery.


Great job Mark. The pharma spokesman/Dr was worried about measles but he did not seem to be concerned at all about the autism increase. Why does that seem odd?

Sarah L'Heureux

I kept watching Blaxill's face. How his eyelids fluttered in disbelief at Siegel's
hysterical assertions. How he struggled to decide how to best use the tiny bit of time allotted. His incredible self-control. How he made his every second count. God, how I wish I could be more like him.
Me, I froth at the mouth, punch the walls
and fracture my own teeth with rage. (How many of you also have dental stress damage?)
And what madness caused them to segue into the discussion on fecal matter in salad??? What an amazing metaphor as Ms. Kelly (a new mom herself) asserts that she and other people will knowingly continue to eat shit.
We autism parents are different; we have tasted shit and will never, ever eat it again.


I love that the reporter introduced Mark as Editor for Age of Autism! I hope this plug for AoA drives thousands of new people to this site for information.

AoA is the most reliable source of autism news on the internet!

America and the world, read AoA with your morning coffee and wake up to autism information you can trust!


Fantastic. I noticed the reporter intimating something about the Lancet retraction exonerating all vaccines. But then she did appear to be giving fair sparring time.

These kinds of appearances must be incredibly difficult to get through but we saw some really excellent "representing" going on today. Thank you Mark and Kim.


Vaccine injuries include Autism, Asthma, Arthritis, ADHD and learning disorders. I would rather face measles. This just smells of big pharma.

Everyone, let's just start using new language and saying... my child is vaccine injured. Drop Autism, call a spade a spade.

They say that in any paradigm shift there is great resistance from the status quo right before it falls. I hope this is it. This has to shift to reflect what is so in the world. The evidence is all too clear.


Great job and thanks Mark for your courage, commitment and tireless efforts.

Mark Blaxill

Actually, I agree with you. I wish I had a chance to be more aggressive in rebutting Siegel (and yes I did say he was wrong about the Denmark study off camera, didn't know that got through!). But after I got a chance to defend Andy (my first comment) they only gave me one chance to respond to him. And the next main talking point I wanted to get across is that autism is a crisis and autism is the issue, not vaccines. I was hoping they would let me back in to rebut the studies, but they didn't. That's the nature of this beast. Instead of letting the substantive debate continue, they let Seigel prattle on about lettuce.

Go figure.

Tim Kasemodel

Great job Kim and Mark!

I loved how Mark is accused of "appealing to the emotions" yet Doc Siegel could pull bullshit statistics out his hind end about measles being the #1 killer in the world???? Was he not trying to appeal to the emotions of parents by trying to scare the hell out of them? What most parents will remember from this is Mark's comments about the rate of autism, that parents fear autism much more than measles.

When Kim pointed out that Wakefield did a case series, not a study, her adversary used the term "study" no less than 3 times in less than a minute. (Doc Siegel did the same) How many parents will see this as being obviously and rudly condescending to a mom, and remember their pediatricians are ignoring them and reassuring them "its just a virus, take drug A,B,or C?"

Ol'e Doc Schaffner can't be left out, but only becuse his Fruedian slip did not go unnoticed. He correctly points out that every study he has seen "DENIES" the link between autism and vaccines. He did not say "disprove", he said "denies".


Why wasn't Aluminum mentioned as a culprit? It's not just the mercury. Parents need to realize that there is so much other junk in the vaccines.

My son's hair analysis tested through the roof on aluminum. He is experiencing sensitivity issues. Thank goodness I stopped vaccinating him at age 8 months. If not, I would be writing about an autistic child. I'm happy that Mark was there but I wish he would have been a little more aggressive in disputing that doctor.


To Judy's points...Megyn Kelly is probably very interested in this story at the moment. She just came back from maternity leave. Her son is 4 months old.


Mark I am so impressed with you!!

Excellant job!

I do not see how you do it!

Thank you so very much for putting yourself out there.

You are so talented! And so with your talent along with Babarba Fischer and Dr. Wakefield - maybe there will be justice and reason after this long fight. I for once in a very long time have some hope.


I think they left Mark's mike on - around the 6:44 point I hear Mark saying something about 'yea, he lied about...'


This Jackass is so worried about measles!!??!! Where is the worry for the insane rise in autism. I just want to scream at my computer!!


Thank you.


And to think Rupert Murdoch's London Times published and supported Brian Deer.

There are some brave people on this AoA team going into the lion's den like they have today.

Thank you!

Susan Owczarzak

Based on his level of hysteria and his "spinning" of info, I would have to guess that Siegel's head must've got stuck in his salad spinner, resulting in his brain being sucked right out through his nostrils.

THANK GOD the intelligent, calm, and rational presentation was made by Mark Blaxill! Thank you Mark!!

Teresa Conrick

Siegel read this like an Offit fax on his desk..and note his hysterical "they're safe" repeated at the end.

Mark, you did an excellent job of being rational and bringing forth the fact that autism (a life-long disability), more so than measles, is rising at an unbelievable rate. The craziness of this is so apparent to all of us. Thank you and anyone watching this walked away wondering what the hell is going on.

Trust is gone and it is because of the dishonesty of too many like this doctor, ignorant, and parroting info-mercials from vaccine patent holders.

blah blah blah....

Was that Snyderman in drag? Lots of excitement capped off with a "healthy" dose of emotional blackmail? Should I just go get the damn vaccine?

He agreed with Mark that it's genetics + environment. Nice of him to concur on something Mark didn't actually say. Like slamming Wakefield for something he didn't actually say either. At least he's consistent. And I might remember to wash the lettuce tonight. Bonus clip. Yay Fox...

This is great timing - I watched this clip after reading the Wakefield synopsis / article here:

After reading the essay by Long, and then listening to this doctor, it's immediately clear he's full of crap. Sorry Fox - you're still lazy and you still suck. Go get a doctor that you don't have to wind up.

I don't know how you do it Mark - the frustration - staying composed on camera - great job standing up. What would you do to this guy in a 30 minute moderated debate? Must have been some interesting exchanges off camera. BTW - what do you say to a sock puppet?


The reason *they* always gush those well-rehearsed talking points is to prevent you (Mark) from making salient points. When your time is robbed by disputing their idiotic, parroted rubbish, there's simply less time on the ticking clock to get your own points across. HOWEVER, you did a stellar job anyway, and your credibility shone. Thank you so much for your important contribution to the current discussion. Imagine, major news outlets are actually giving air Times, they are-a-changin'!


These mainstream docs are always more upset/worried about the " measles threat" than autism. They completely discount this autism epidemic and have no understanding of how sick our kids are and how their lives and their families lives are just altered completely and how disabling autism can just makes me sick !!!!!


Of course there are lots of studies exonerating vaccines -- bought and paid for by those with defensive vested interests. Dr. Marc Siegel revealed his ignorance (or duplicity?) by trotting out that "European studies" line. I mean, really... trying to validate those manipulated statistics? Shame.

Could Dr. Siegel's brain be any more ossified?

Kelli Ann Davis

Mark! Fantastic Job! Blew Mr. Emotional out of the water!

He seemed "desperate" to say the least!


Judy Brasher

Good job, Mark. I think we should start a movement for everybody to email Megyn Kelly their story. She did have the courage to cover this story and allow someone from our side to speak. What she probably doesn't know is just how many are out there telling the same child or grandchild was developing normally until he or she got x amount of vaccines and then started the decent into autism. the age of all of the children needs to be stressed so it becomes out of the question to call it coincidence.

Lisa @ TACA


If only you were given a little more time!! I don't know how you remained calm...

Thanks for your work.

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