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Olmsted on Autism: Enjoy It While It Lasts

Zombie doctor By Dan Olmsted

Can’t the medical industry find someone who doesn’t look like he sleeps in a crypt, or isn't making millions on vaccine patents, to make the case that it couldn't possibly be causing a cataclysmic autism epidemic and excruciating gut problems in children?

Sorry for the triple negative, but you get the point. At the moment when they should be savoring their smashing victory over the evil Wakefield and his deluded voodoo worshippers, they seem like a sorry lot; they're sore winners, as if they sense it's already too late. It shows on their faces and in their voices. They even say so, although they blame anyone but themselves.

Because obviously the debate is not done, and while it’s true that “the parents” are keeping it alive, “the parents” are a synonym for "the people," and they are everywhere – on the blogs, in the schools, moving up in the government and the medical and media worlds that have been so hostile. They know what they’ve seen and are sick of listening to bloviating "experts" and big shots with conflicts so blatant no one even thinks to point them out. They have a gut feeling, if you’ll allow the expression, that something is amiss here.

The mad-max vaccine schedule couldn't possibly cause autism? Great. Now, uh, what does? Well, the experts tell us, genes and environment acting in some exotic fashion that we’ll never ever figure out and are not all that urgently attempting to find. Please stop asking; we'll let you know. Maybe they're under the desk here somewhere.

So guys (and it’s almost always guys, aging, cranky, windy white guys in white lab coats), go on, feel really good. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t be long.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Jack wrote: "It would make for a good extension of Kim's Toyota analogy."

Yes it would, but who will take on such a project? Kim was very cogent in her statements.

JenB for Anne


I you are referring to the production, "Selective Hearing," here is one link:



Thanks Tereasa for telling me that!
I hope you are right, and it is not an endless cycle


Nick, I think that would be an interesting number to have. It would make for a good extension of Kim's Toyota analogy. I heard last night that the new investigation of the braking problems in Prius's is because of 120 customer reports of problems braking over rough terrain resulting in 4 accidents.

So, 4 accidents trigger national outcry and governmental action.

How many customer reports do we have?


This is not a comment, but a question (didn't see a "contact us" tab anywhere).

Does anyone know the link for that short video that was made,featuring the parents of the 12 kids Dr. Wakefield treated? It was made in support of him, giving those parents a voice as they weren't allowed to speak at his hearing. I thought I'd saved the link, but can't find it anywhere. It was very well done, and I'd really like to see it again (and share it).
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Even my 10 yr. old Autistic son says, "Mom, I don't trust doctors anymore-why can't they just stop poisoning us?" After watching Kim Stagliano's video clip from CNN, he said, "Can I visit her and her daughters?-she makes more sense than the doctor does." THAT'S MY BOY.


It would be very interesting to get some sort of tally on how many parents of autistic children connect vaccinations with their childs autism. I mean parents who say I clearly saw the effect. Yes, this is just the parents opinion, but if a poll could be done or some sort survey that would collect responses from parents of diagnosed autistic children it would give a better picture of how much autism is attributed to vaccines. This number would only reflect the amount of those who made the connection, of course. An association that could be often overlooked.
This is a tall order as it would require access to the identity of all such families or at least a representative sample. Small samples from forums would almost certainly be useless in a PR campaign, so it would need to be a fairly broad sample.
Possibly a firm would need to hired to do this. Maybe an altruistic polling company could be asked to participatefor free{naive?}. It may be too bad for their image to touch. Maybe a University could somehow be involved. I am not sure if this is plausible nor if a notable percentage saying their child was damaged would matter in the debate with those who have ruled out that it can happen, but I would think that it at least would give an idea of how much autism is claimed to be tied to vaccinations. I think it would have an impact on the general public if presented with the number of people who state vaccines were involved. I do not have a child with autism, but have reason to be very interested in the vaccine/biomed fate. Oh yeah, I believe the parents. Hang in there Dan, Kim, Mark, Julie, David, JB and all the AoA contributors. Thank you all.

Teresa Conrick

You are so right, Dan! There is an incredible amount of energy pushing hard to shut us up. No way it will work.


"do not give up. the beginning is always the hardest" ...
but in the autism-environment-vaccine-saga, the middle is hard, too and I think we are about in the middle...

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

Autism Grandma

All of the Lies, the carefully orchestrated Propaganda, the manipulated studies, the ongoing Denials in the face of the Obvious. How many clandestine Simsonwood meetings have there been behind closed doors?... the Complicity, the Conspiracy, the Bribery, the Corruption that permeates the CDC, FDA, News Media, Congress, Medical industry and the Vaccine Kangaroo Courts.

It is only a matter of time and "You can be sure the Truth will find you out."

anon y mous

I know the shots do something bad. I'm being treated for a few problems...stimming, social issues, and communication problems with the biomedical approach. My dr gave me 1 shot and my yeast symptoms came roaring back. I couldn't eat without feeling sick to my stomach for 2 days. Thankfully I'm on an anti fungal.

Don't think I'm going to forget what I've seen with my baby and what I've personally experienced.

Kathy Blanco

That William Schaffer MD of Vanderbilt on CNN after Kim spoke,... that guy creeps me the most, his whimsical smile as if he was the chesire cat. On another youtube, he even winked, POO OOOH...

I wrote him a juicy diatribe. I forwarded it to Kim. I hope she enjoyed it LOL...

Anyways, I just want to think of that scripture over and over in my head, you know, the one that says, blessed are ye when men revile and persecute you, for so the prophets were also.....so I thought about that, and I really think, that in like manner, Wakefield is our profphet, a warning voice, a seer, a revelator, that if the times won't be a changing, then we will suffer the consequences. I don't think a lot of peole will smile, when they hear the words autism in their developmental pediatric appointments.

Bernie was another prophet, he was like a voice crying in the wilderness...prepare for the onslaught which is to come...autism is coming to a home near you....he knew something was up with vaccines decades ago.

Our time will come, but I think the only thing they will fear is our deterimination, and not backing down. We must fund independent research. We must not let them win.


Here's an idea, call your local health reporters and introduce yourself. Tell them when anything comes up in the news about autism that you are their "go-to". Make sure they have all your contact numbers/email, etc and tell them if you don't know the answers, then you will find someone in the community who does. I've got 2 stations and the newspaper in town calling me everytime something happens anywhere remotely close to autism. It's great for awareness and if only ONE parent learns something, we all win! This week I even got my own 3.5 minute spot on the Fox station in town. I'll post when it's online...


I am afraid that by the time the truth comes out and is accepted by the powers that be it won't matter anymore because by then the numbers will be one in God knows how many (three?). There will not be enough able bodied people in the workforce to pay into social security let alone to pay for the care for the tidal wave of adults with autism who "have always been there but were just not diagnosed."

But for now they are doing a great job of feeding the hungry lie and focusing on the real epidemics like childhood obesity. Great.


"It won’t be long." I really pray you are right!

Trying to recover the health and functioning of my most affected child, while dealing with many of the same health burdens myself is enough+ to be dealing with, without the seemingly impossible responsibility to try to warn/protect others against the wall of denial and financial machination fighting liability for this disastrous experiment.

I try to do both, together, but I'm not really up to the task. I'm so grateful for those not directly affected, like yourself Dan, who keep fighting for us.


Matthew Herper on Forbes.com says something I haven't heard discussed. He says, essentially, that the heart of The Lancet's retraction is that the children were not "consecutively referred," making it more likely that the results were due to chance.

TV commentators don't talk about why Lancet retracted the paper (or what they're giving as the reason, anyway). I don't think they actually know.


dan olmsted

joan -- i had "used car salesman" in an earlier draft but decided it might insult them. seriously. but i'm glad you brought it up!

Joan Campbell

So guys (and it’s almost always guys, aging, cranky, windy white guys in white lab coats), go on, feel really good. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t be long.

Or people like Dr Siegal who looks and acts like a very aggressive car sales man.


Must be nice to assume that all parents are somehow out to blame someone for their child's Autism. We want our kids to feel better and the general notion that kids with Autism don't suffer from GI problems is preposterous. Doesn't anyone who write these articles actually read about the neurological component of Autism? or their issues with digestion?
It amazes me that Journalism of this nature thinks its going to break these "warrior moms." You will never break us for the love of our children and the health and their wellbeing is what we are after, not a head or a company. We want our children to be free of pain and suffering. Call us whatever you want, Voodoo followers which I think is rather amusing since it actually has no particular value in comparing what we actually learn about the human body during our quest for our children's health.

Do you think a single parent would endorse Dr. Wakefield if his work had not aided in some sort of personal victory of health with their children? Interesting that over the years that his theory of Intestinal Permiability has been proven to be a valueable piece of knowledge with regards to Celiac's disease and yet discounted at the same time with result to Autistic Children who show the same intestinal wall problems in scopes.

If your going to speak intelligently on a subject at least try and look informed.

As parents we won't stop until our children are healthy, until the droves of uncaring doctors won't even entertain the notion of giving one shot at a time are stopped. I've had more arguments with doctors as to just wanting my child to have one vaccine at once. What the hell do they care? The Truth is it is more expensive to order in single vials and doesn't last as long on their shelves. So really, not only are they fighting back against how any vaccine might harm any child at all but they won't even try to help the situation by promoting individual vaccines to at least get kids in the door. All they care about is money.

God help them is right, because we are too educated as mothers to put up with your profit seeking bullshit. We have rights, we want our kids to be safe and we will get it for them come hell or high water.

Dr. Wakefield actually proved something and is scared the shit out of them, now they are trying to drown him in media scrutiny. Interesting how he still has the ability to keep his license through all of this, if the had actually proven medical negligence and callousness against these children he would be behind bars. So why isn't he? Because his work has validity and it scares the living breathing crap out of them.

Good luck, you are going to need it.


Cranky, windy white guys in white lab coats...bloviating.

I have two injured children and dead people on speed dial; few people take this more seriously than I do, which is why I occasionally need comic relief. Ah, my lifespan has just been extended. Thanks for the overdue laugh!


when the responsible public health officials in white lab coats who'd face criminal charges die - then we might get answers.


There is this narrative they say about us: "those poor parents; they just want something to blame." Yeah, I wanted something to blame: genetics. Last year my son was test for the some 200 genes implicated in the 15% of Autism that has a straight genetic cause AND HE HAD NOT ONE OF THEM. I sat and cried. I really hoped they'd find something that would show me all this was going to happen anyway despite his having a complete regression and personality change after being given a DPT shot (while he was sick and on antibiotics, which is malpractice in my book!)So here is a mom who wanted to be able to blame genetics only and was proven, once again, that this is not the case. The problem when you assume you are privy to the motivations of millions of parents you don't even know is that you are probably wrong.

Darian (nickname)

First of all, the cartoon here, the doctor reminds me of Eddie, mascot for the band Iron Maiden, I wouldn't want Eddie to be testing me for anything! Lol! My metal head roots are showing. ;)

And as long as I have breath, I will carry on the fight! If one person is recovered because of the work I do, then I will die happy. And as I know that is the attitude of millions of parents and thier ASD children, Dr. Eddie's days are numbered.

Quiet in the South

I hate for anyone to even tell me they are having a baby now especially a boy. How sad. My older NT children will be looking at parenthood in the next 10 years and they have even said they are not sure they will have children bc they are concerned they will be PYHYSICALLY FORCED to vaccinate their children. A few years ago they had decided that they would not vax or do it slowly but now with the hysteria and witch hunting going on they are afraid their children will be either taken from them or forcibly vaccinated against their will that they wont even have a choice.
They know their children are at high risk due to genetics and they don't want to spend the rest of their lives trying to fix their damaged children due to some pediatricians and governments agenda. They have seen how angry I am and how much energy time and MONEY to help my son who is high functioning and not even diagnosed autistic but still very much vaccine damaged and took every DAN protocol to get him where is today. is this not sad these are beuatiful, intelligent adults who you would want to be parents but don't feel they have a say in their childrens healthcare. CAN YOU SAY POLICE STATE

Wade Rankin

Between red-faced doctors screaming at the camera and smug anchors speaking condescendingly to "passionate" parents, the motives and tactics of the status quo are becoming more transparent every day. They can only present this as a battle between "desperate parents" and "real science" for so long. The truth is coming out!


Same familiar story different mom with her kid. Don't ask why moms and dads, just figure out how to function and get through life.

Helping people with autism and their families function is very important. But, stopping children from becoming autistic is just as important.

As Kim said- listen to the parents- they know their children. Study the children who regressed.

So many ways to get to autism- there will be no single way and none of the ways should be ignored.

Tamarac Mom Not Ready To Discard Autism Study


"Michelle says his symptoms emerged a few weeks after he received the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine at 8-months-old: "Immediately he wouldn't make eye contact; he lost his verbal skills that were emerging, and he was just in his own world by himself.""


Oddly enough, the war in Iraq has helped me (and probably others) see through this issue. Everybody remembers the drum beat which was almost relentless. It's the same with vaccines. Just like you were not patriotic if you questioned the war, you are negligent (or worse) if you dare question the vaccine schedule (which is ridiculous compared to my childhood).

It is an extremely nuanced issue which cannot be covered in a two-minute news segment ("just get the damn vaccine"). "Fight them here or fight them there" - remember that one?

War pays. Pharma pays. Our children lose.


Retraction won't end vaccine-autism debate



I tell everyone I can, the biggest mistake our government has made, along with the media and medical/scientific field, is that parents of autistic children are not going to go away. There's too many other sources of communication today, namely, the internet. We may have lost the hearing battle with Wakefield, we will win the war. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We will not be lambs being led to slaughter.
God Bless You Dr. Wakefield


You bet your ass it won't last long! God help the "guys" after the Warrior Moms get through with them.

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