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No Parent Ever Complained to GMC: Public Statement from Lancet Families Supports The MMR3

AndrewWakefieldPA_468x659 No Parent Ever Complained to the GMC: a Public Statement from the Lancet Families Supports The MMR3 (Dr. Wakefield, Prof. Murch, Prof. Walker-Smith.)  "All of the investigations were carried out without distress to our children, many of whom made great improvements on treatment so that for the first time in years they were finally pain free."

One fact often lost in the media frenzy over the MMR 3 is that the accusations against the three doctors came entirely from the medical industry and their hired guns, never from the parents of the patients who were served. Most of the parents of the 12 children in the original case series published in The Lancet (now retracted for no reason that anyone involved in the frenzy can explain coherently and support with evidence) made a decision to go public Last May, we posted a letter from the parents of 8 of the 12 children in which they express their support for Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues. We thought it was important enough to post again today.
An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern

We are writing to you as parents of the children who, because of their symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and associated autism, were seen at the Royal Free Hospital Paediatric Gastroenterology Unit by Professor Walker-Smith and Dr. Simon Murch with the involvement of Dr Andrew Wakefield on the research side of their investigations. Our children became the subjects of a paper published in The Lancet in 1998.

We know these three doctors are being investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC) on the basis of allegations made to them by a freelance reporter. Among the many allegations made are the suggestions that the doctors acted inappropriately regarding our children, that Dr. Wakefield ‘solicited them for research purposes’ and that our children had not been referred in the usual way by their own GPs. It is also claimed that our children were given unnecessary and invasive investigations for the purpose of research, and not in their interest.

We know this was not so. All of our children were referred to Professor Walker-Smith in the proper way in order that their severe, long-standing and distressing gastroenterological symptoms could be fully investigated and treated by the foremost paediatric gastroenterologists in the UK. Many of us had been to several other doctors in our quest to get help for our children but not until we saw Professor Walker-Smith and his colleagues were full investigations undertaken.

We were all treated with utmost professionalism and respect by all three of these doctors. Throughout our children’s care at the Royal Free Hospital we were kept fully informed about the investigations recommended and the treatment plans which evolved. All of the investigations were carried out without distress to our children, many of whom made great improvements on treatment so that for the first time in years they were finally pain free.

We have been following the GMC hearings with distress as we, the parents, have had no opportunity to refute these allegations. For the most part we have been excluded from giving evidence to support these doctors whom we all hold in very high regard. It is for this reason we are writing to the GMC and to all concerned to be absolutely clear that the complaint that is being brought against these three caring and compassionate physicians does not in any way reflect our perception of the treatment offered to our sick children at the Royal Free. We are appalled that these doctors have been the subject of this protracted enquiry in the absence of any complaint from any parent about any of the children who were reported in the Lancet paper.

J.  Ahier
P. Aitken
D. Hill
R. Hill
R. Kessick
R. Poulter
R. Sleat
I.  Thomas
I. T. Thomas


Sarah Marshall

Dr. Wakefield spoke with Del Bigtree in 2018. It was shocking to hear the truth and what happened in his own words. There are undoubtful evidences against Mr. Deer and just the fact that Mr. Deed never got punished for lying, or the fact that those parents were never able to speak up and provide their story, are an alarming way to learn how the system works in favor of the big pharma companies.

We know who is telling the truth (Mr Wakefield) and we know who is the big liar (Mr. Deed).

John Stone

I just noticed that this article, after many years, was receiving visits this morning. I also saw, possibly for the first time, the comment of Dr Jay Gordon - which no one had responded to - and wanted to say how repulsive it was: a gross piece of grandstanding. As many of us knew the Lancet paper was excellent reporting, as was demonstrated by the High Court ruling in the case of lead clinician and senior author John Walker-Smith two years later. But as to the fence sitting, it beggars belief:

"....while I respect Andy's courage, the appearance of conflict of interest is sometimes just as bad as actual conflict of interest. Damn."

And so is being facile and impish when people are living with great grief.

"Much Love to You All!!"

I am truly sorry to have come across this but could not let it go without comment.

Jay Gordon

"They can't find Dr. Jay Gordon"

They found me. PBS Frontline, Showtime Penn and Teller and another Showtime show all in the next few months. Working on other stuff. Still disagree that criticism of Dr. Wakefield is unfounded: It was not a good study, "Lancet" behaved like clowns on all counts, and, while I respect Andy's courage, the appearance of conflict of interest is sometimes just as bad as actual conflict of interest. Damn.

Much Love to You All!!



Thank you parents. Before any paradigm shift the established status quo pushes back. The shift is occuring, more people are aware of the issues through grassroots movements. The shift will occur and the status quo is very worried. That is why they go after Wakefield so virilently. Keep saying what is so. Keep publishing letters. Keep spreading the word. Because we can cause a change in the world to bring about health and wellbeing for all children not to go through this horrific experience with the vaccines. I no longer say my son has Autism. I say my son was vaccine injured. People always ask me what happened. I describe how he was affected by his fourth DTaP shot, how it caused him to go into the hospital and his left side swelled up. How it affected his digestion. How it affected his balance, speech, eye contact, socialization and learning. The medical community is not saying this yet, but the parents are. If we keep saying what happened, other parents will listen and start to question the establishment at their next well baby check. And over the years I have seen incredible changes in parents being able to stand up and question, sometimes scorned and shut down by Doctors like I was, but openings are being created for the shift to occur, and soon the belief system around how vaccines are the answer, will not only be challenged, but will fail to meet the need. Supply and demand will affect the turning of the tides. Be well. It is coming.


"Listen to the parents."

- Jenny McCarthy on Oprah, Larry King Live, and Green our Vaccines Rally


Never been patients of Dr Wakefield infact we came along before Dr Wakefield made a statement in 98 at the same time it was brought to our attention what this doctor was saying and this went along with what we could summirise MMR caused our sons STATE OF MENTAL HEALTH 2years old but he is 12 years old..LONG LIVE WAKEFIELS KRIGSMANN ET-AL


The mainstream media acts like a hungry dog doing tricks for it's master...so dependent are they, they'll do anything for that treat.

If Pharma says: "sit up boy".. they sit up... "fetch the stick".. they fetch the stick.."sic em boy" ...well, you know the rest...

Joan Campbell

When are people ever goung to listen to us, it is a crying shame that our children keep being damaged by un-safe vaccines.

Robin Nemeth

Why is the main stream media pretending these people don't exist? For the last six years that I've been looking at the issue of vaccines and autism, the main stream media has pretended that there wasn't a respected or sane scientist, doctor or politician anywhere on the planet to be found who believed there could be a link.

They can't find Dr. Jay Gordon, they can't find former head of the National Institute of Health Dr. Bernadine Healy, they can't find former Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Department of Health Dr. Peter Fletcher. Nope, they never even heard of him. They can't find Dr. Bryan Jepson, Dr. Jon Poling, Dr. Jill James, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. Phillip DiMio, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, or Dr. Andrew Zimmerman. Never heard of Dr.Boyd Haley, Dr. Martha Herbert, or Thomas Burbacher. Can't find J. Anthony Morris (formerly Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA), Dr Jeff Bradstreet, or Chun Wong or Dr. Jerry Kartzinel or Dr. Usman or Dan Burton or Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

They've tried and they've tried to find SOMEONE who isn't desperate or ignorant or with conflicts of interests, who will go on TV and side with parents who say vaccines can be harmful.

Am I really supposed to believe that?? Am I supposed to believe that as journalists they are THAT incompetent?

Even if they believe that these people are wrong or lying, as journalists they should be presenting both sides of the issue.

And now they are pretending that these people who support Wakefield don't exist, that their letter doesn't exist.

How can I help but see them as anything but complicit?

Jenny Allan

Our family's 'Wakefield babe' is now a handsome young man. His condition has been helped over the years by carefully eliminating certain foods and food additives from his diet. This was largely trial and error along with freely given advice from other parents of affected children.
His gastroenterologists and neurologists are plainly terrified to even mention the name 'Wakefield' when referring to his past treatments and all references to this, including those colonoscopy films have been 'expunged' from his medical notes!!
It is my hope that this high functioning young person with Asperger's Syndrome will eventually, along with other grown up vaccine damaged victims, carry on this fight against our very uncaring Government and Medical establishment. It was the Thalidomide children who eventually 'shamed' our Government and got a very belated apology!!
We are all very grateful to Dr Wakefield and Profs Murch and Walker Smith for their professional care and kindness. Their bravery shames our vindictive Medical establishment and spineless government.

Darian (nickname)

I find it interesting that the very people used to discredit this great man are the ones who are standing by, defending, and honering him for the work he had done and being brave and dignified under all the heat he has been under.

If they have not complained and indeed, honor this man, against whom were these so called crimes committed? If what he did helped treat and better the lives of the children whom he treated, where is the foul committed?

Sounds more like someone is desperately trying to cover thier hind quarters! Reminds me of the tale The Emperor's New Clothes when the emperor finally realizes he is naked.


Lancet Families: it must be so very frustrating for you to have seen this happening to the doctors who treated your children. I guess I just wanted to say that we support you all (and of course the doctors) in this difficult time. I believe that all of your efforts will ultimately be proven right!


My children are patients of Dr. Wakefield's clinic. We're not complaining either. My kids are recovering-- they sleep, they don't scream all day, they're talking, making eye contact, no constant pain. It's extraordinary.

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