The Lancet Retraction
National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting Feb 3 & 4

Kim Stagliano on The GMC Hearing: "The Censorship of Autism Treatment"

Kim headshot By Kim Stagliano

Hi, I'd appreciate your comments over at HuffPo on my post, The Censorship of Autism Treatment" HERE. Support Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues and share your own story there, please. Thanks.

...Last Thursday afternoon, The General Medical Council in London, England announced its decisions in the disciplinary hearing of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith. The ruling was not in their favor. (You can read the official ruling HERE.)

There will likely be other posts here at HuffPost explaining the legal machinations of the GMC hearings and science behind the original The Lancet paper, now retracted. Be sure to look for David Kirby's post on the topic. If you're interested, you can read an
eye witness account of the proceedings from Martin Walker, who has followed the GMC hearing from the start.

To understand the bigger picture, I highly recommend Mark Blaxill's Age of Autism post on the current scientific environment for autism research in general in which he says, "The deep and profound censorship occurring around autism science reaches depths that few casual observers can imagine. I have proof."
(HERE) I'd like to provide the voice of an autism Mom, hoarse from yelling into the wind for a cumulative total of thirty seven years...

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Her book, All I Can Handle. I'm No Mother Teresa. debuts in the Fall of 2010 from Skyhorse Publishing.



The Autism File is providing free access to very recent articles by Wakefield on the original Lancet paper and the GMC hearings.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Hello Nora,

I am writing to Claire Henesy now and inform the GMC of their outrageous decision that has reverberated over here in Australia.

Our news headlines today was incorrect by stating that "The GMC withdrew theory of Vaccines being linked to Autism".

How wrong has this television network go it!!

I will now be writing to this t.v. station.


Great article, Kim. I'm so exhausted from this week but for some reason this piece made me feel better and I have no idea why. Consensus maybe--or the fact that you've been fighting this long and hard and you're still kicking ass.


Oh god the paid Pharma shills are heavy on your post Kim. Must be a nice way to earn pin money. When the Peds and CDC start pushing yearly booster shots and literally ever kid in America is fucked up, will it be enough then?

I personally am done with Big Pharma and all their works. Vitamins and herbs. Not even OTC meds. Never felt better.


This is the contact info at the GMC. Write and let them know your feelings about this decision and back it up like I did and tell them you your friends and family are going to boycott a country that would allow this kind of hearing to have ever taken place.
contact: Claire Henesy (020 7189 5149
[email protected]
You will get a response. I did right away.

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