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Can Cartoons, Movies, TV Impact Your ASD Child?

John Robison Discusses TMS Therapy for Autism and Asperger's

Tms-0068-2 Managing Editor's Note: John Robison wrote Look Me In The Eye, about his life with undiagnosed Asperger's ( he was diagnosed at 40.) I consider him a good friend and am thrilled to share his report on this exciting prospective treatment for our kids. There's much more to read about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at John's blog HERE.

Last night I attended Brain Health / Body Wealth at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Alvaro Pascual Leone told a rapt audience about new discoveries in brain plasticity and what it may mean to us, especially as we age. Then Dr. Dan Press talked about practical neurology, and what’s on the immediate horizon for conditions like Alzheimer’s.

After they spoke Paul Levy came to the podium. He’s the head of the Beth Israel hospital, and he spoke of the need for more funding to support the cutting edge research that doctors like Alvaro and Dan are pursuing. To my surprise, the event finished with this video of me

I knew they were going to show it, but I’d never seen the thing projected on a big screen and I almost felt embarrassed being up there like that. But I believe in all I said, and I believe most of all in the promise of the work Alvaro and his team is doing at Beth Israel neuroscience.

There’s a lot of talk about genetics in the autism world. And genetic research may lead to discoveries that help my grandchildren. However, genetics study is not likely to help you, me, or our kids, friends and family. Research like Alvaro’s – using TMS to remediate disability in people like me – has tremendous promise for all of us, in the very near future.

Read John's full blog entry HERE.

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Becky @ Earthpulse

PEMF can be safer and practiced at home with great results. Ever wonder why dolphin therapy works so well?


My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with aspergers when she was 4.
I would like to know ifTMS works for a 9 year old.
Please let me know where should I go.


So where are the trials? Why are no trials being done? Yet another broken promise, I guess.


I would sign up for this study if it was available anywhere. This sounds promising, but there are no trials anywhere, especially where I live.


Amy Harpenau:
I don't know about Indiania or any place else for that matter.

I know we are doing the low glycemic, low carb - Atkin's type diet and supplements that help in metylation; like L-carnitine, methyl B12 not the cyno-B12, time release vit c, Vit D, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, fish oil, that sort of stuff. Also epsome salt baths, lots of beta carotene foods.

I was watching a medical news report today and it was talking about how to fight of a cold, or flu and it was pretty much all the above. Just thought that was -- well I just thought hmmmm some people do think it is a on going virus XMRV that is messing up the mitochondria - so maybe they are on to something!

Oh, and some do the no gluten (wheat protein) and no cassein (milk protein) diet and that seem to help because some kids are probably allergic to milk and wheat.

Amy Harpenau

My two sons with autism are showing improvement with Craniosacral therapy. I would love to be able to try TMS. I live in southern Indiana and was wandering if someone was doing this therapy near us?


Nice website about autism. i am from germany and i search for interesting articles so that i can link other autism website from my german autism project

Alexander Ring

Autism can be very difficult to deal with and as we all know,there have been plenty of studies showing the positive effects of TMS on autism, but as some of the previous comments touched on already, the machines can be costly and the only real hope of treatment is by getting involved in studies. Also, therapy really should have some aspect of monitoring this change through technology that reads the changing brainwave activity, the EEG (electroencephalogram). TMS stimulation frequency can be changed, and right now, TMS frequencies are arbitrary and uniform for all subjects treated: but ask yourself, are all the brains of the subjects the same?

I am part of a company that has treated countless individuals with autism, and offers treatment where there are only studies that offer it today. For more education on our endeavors with autism and TMS in general, please visit


I wrote about this subject a couple of times, focusing on work being done at the University of Kentucky. So excited that it's moving forward - I love the fact that this is practical, effective, and may just... possibly... work!

Lisa Rudy


Is anyone on this site using a QRS mat? It's a low frequency magnetic device that helps restore cell function, decrease inflammation and promote detoxification (among other things). Our DAN doctor suggested we get one for our daughter (ASD/Down syndrome), and it's the BEST THING WE'VE DONE since dietary modifications (and we've done a lot: chelation, M-B-12 injections, AIT, various supplements, etc). I used it myself (for detoxification purposes after I had my amalgams removed), and was amazed at how well it worked. Even after undergoing DMSA chelation, I still dumped additional toxins for about six more months on the QRS. It's been used quite a lot in Europe, but I don't hear many on the USA autism websites talking about it, so thought I'd let people know about it. You can find out more by going to and clicking on the "quantron resonance system" link (there is also a similar, less expensive device called the magnapro. It's slightly different and doesn't offer quite as many setting options, but I've heard some really love that one, as well). If you do a gooogle search for Dr. Pawluk and QRS you will find Dr. Pawluks website for more detailed information as to how this type of magnetic therapy works. Plus, he offers free telephone conferences for anyone interested in finding out if it might work for them. It really is a great value. Initial cost is around $2700.00 to buy the device, but then it's yours to keep (rentals are also available). Our entire family uses it 1-2 times/day, so quite a good "bang for your buck". Our NT daughter and my husband use it for sports medicine (improves recovery time between events dramatically!). My other two kids use it more for detox/mood stabilisation/inflammation control/sleeping aid, and I use it now for improved energy and sleep. It really is quite amazing. I have no financial ties to the company. Just wanted to share a wonderful treatment option that I wish I'd discovered sooner! I had to chelate 3 kids at the same time, which was very expensive (but worth every penny!). This would have been much less expensive, and would have come in handy when we lived in remote areas without access to a good DAN doctor. It's very different from the TMS discussed in the article, but I felt this was a "related topic", so OK to post here. Hope some of you find it helpful.

John Elder Robison

Actually, it's not that expensive to do TMS. BIDMC does TMS on an outpatient basis for depression, and for many people the treatment costs less than medication

TMS machines are in the $10k-$100k price range; nothing like the millions of dollars many of today's other medical systems cost.

In any case, right now we are doing research, and people are not charged to participate in the studies.

Tara McMillan

So I know I might be getting ahead of myself...but this treatment just sounds like it would be pretty expensive. Of course if it's not approived by the FDA, then there isn't much hope for insurance coverage. It is nice to see that other people are working on different avenues of treatment and recovery for those that are afflicted with Autism, or are onthe spectrum.

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