Karl Taro Greenfeld in Time "The Autism Debate: Who's Afraid of Jenny McCarthy?"
Old News About Age and Autism


Robin Rowlands

Given that the TV and Newspapers are still banned from dealing with my concerns and my access to the internet is restrained and interfered with.
I am tired of politicians whatever their colour putting their personal needs before the future of our children.
I have asked Liberty for help in breaking free of my D / DA Notice and bringing the politcal elite to answer.
During an election, democracy gives us a chance to ask our politicians why they have not acted honourably and responsibly.
Who knows perhaps we can reinvent the political landscape and get back a little decency.

Robin Rowlands 'the vigilant and virtuous'
Guildford , Surrey, UK

Robin Rowlands

Alas how easily the younger trolls are turned from the mystical dance of the forest way and the wholesome eccles cake by the beguiling rustle of the oh so modern cornflake packet and its promise of sunshine. Surely such as you and I with yellowed teeth and well chewed claws would not be so easily caught? - would we - ...
Stephen ...
Robin Rowlands 'the valiant and the virtous'
Guildford, Surrey.

Robin Rowlands

For those following:Please note;
With immediate effect - that the authorities here and there,
1. seem to have banned Stephen Fry from all troll like discussion upon his site...
2. should be warned that reading or discussing said conversations, might be seen as sedition...
Robin Rowlands 'the vigilant and virtuous'
Guildford, Surrey

Genny GC

The only thing I know about trolls, is... do not feed them!

I've never learnt anything from trolls, who tend to stick to insults, provocation and ad hominem attacks, I prefer the places where I can learn from the true testimonies of parents and real science, like AoA, Generation Rescue, 14 studies just to name a few ;)

Robin Nemeth

Lol. Who does your pictures? I love that troll!

Heidi N

I commented on Huff Post. I want to say something I don't see posted much yet, and that is that I am sick and tired of seeing successful parents criticized and put down. We worked our butts off to recover our children, and I hate it when I see comments like, "it must have been a misdiagnosis". The amount of time and money it takes to keep my kids recovered is more than I ever thought I would have to give. This is no easy feat, and dammit, I work my butt off to keep my kids recovered!


Oh Kim YOU are sooo FANNED!!!
I love how the imbeciles on Huff Po show their maturity level. Seriously? Fanned? Who gives a rat's ass if someone "fans" you. These are children with disabilities we are talking about and these asses worry about "fanning" someone.
I knew THIS comment for sure wouldn't get past the moderator on Huff Po.
These people are the scum of the earth. Fanned....*rolls eyes*


Speaking of conspiracies, have a look at the way the descriptions of childhood illnesses were rewritten once there was a vaccine available.

Mumps: http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2010/02/22/vaccine-myths-3-1-the-scourge-of-childhood/

Chickenpox: http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/2010/02/25/myths-3-2-chickenpox-the-disease-can-be-severe/

But perhaps those doctors back in the olden times didn't notice that mumps and chickenpox are really severe diseases? The same way they overlooked one in 91 children with autism, right?

A Mom

The powers that be damage millions of children and families by using known neurotoxins in vaccines and fuel vitriol among all sides of the debate by promoting disengenuous discussion re: fears about herd immunity (by their paid shills) while refusing to scale back the schedule and remove the toxins.

The debate and the damage could easily be ended.

Don't all parents, all human beings want a vaccine schedule that is safer and effective?

"Safe and effective" is not vaccine ingredients that cause chronic diseases.

Do people not realize that neurotoxins don't have to be in vaccines?

Are there really people who don't profit from vaccines who would fight for the inclusion of neurotoxins in vaccines?

I just hate all the intentional deflection.

"They" prove every day just how vast a conspiracy this really is.


After reading all the commentson HuffPo, here is my 2 cents ...
Everyone who is affected by autism should simply applaud those who have had success, and admit every child is different. What works for one child may/may not work for another ... what's the harm in trying anything/everything ?!
Many people have worked tirelessly to gain any improvements they can for their children ... why would anyone want to undermine the hopes of those who have not yet had success, but are continuing to try whatever they can to improve their child's life ?


Love that picture of that troll at the computer. I think that should be the neurodiversity mascot.


Time to unite, support each other and find solutions. Every ASD is unique, every treatment plan will be different. Time to accept that, not criticize it, and work together. TEAM JENNY!

Angie Mercier

Not much time here either since you see the child who was climbing walls and crying all day and stopped talking to me after Dr.'s told me it was her personality and there was nothing to be done had just come home tantrum free from school and wants to talk about her day.


Hey Kim...my comment, we'll see if they let it through but HEY at least I know they'll eventually read it being they lurk here too!!! They can't stay away!
Whooo Hoooo!!! Bring on the Jenny bashers!!!! They lurk and wait for any small article or sentence about her. What a horrible life to have to endure...sitting on your computer 24/7 waiting for the slightest, tiniest news and the opportunity to bash not only Jenny but parents AND CHILDREN with autism. I'm in absolute awe of the tenacity. DANG I wish I had the time and energy to go on EVERY site imaginable to fulfill my quota of sarcastic, ignorant and irrelevant comments ever known to man kind...but alas, I am unable to keep up with the mindless drivel (or is that dribble? oh never mind) of such persistent people. I have a child to CURE.
Sorry but it's time for my son's biomed treatments now. Gotta gooooo!!!
Team Jenny!!!!!!
***Hey, if they can do it for Twilight, then we can do it for autism***


Here's my comment:

Gosh, I'd love to chat, but my 13 year old with autism who was never supposed to speak and was supposed to be on meds and was supposed to remain profoundly disabled has to study for her dissection segment of her science class right now. Perhaps another time?

Team Jenny.

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