Aide Who Dragged Autistic Young Adult By Ankles Resigns
Author of Children With Starving Brains Supports Dr. Andrew Wakefield in Letter & Petition

Gigi Jordan, Manhattan "Socialite" Kills Autistic Son, Fails Suicide Attempt

Lamp headstone From ABC News.

New York police today discovered the body of a 9-year old autistic boy in a luxury Manhattan hotel room, possibly strangled to death by his "socialite" mother who was found nearby suffering the effects of a botched suicide, sources told ABC News. Gigi Jordan, 49, distraught over the recent end of her marriage, checked in to the Peninsula Hotel where she allegedly killed the boy and then tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of drugs, police said. Police say she was taken to Bellevue...

From The NY Daily News 

Gigi Jordan just wanted the pain to end - for her, and for her beloved 8-year-old son.

In a bizarre message intended as a suicide note, the wealthy one-time pharmaceutical company executive detailed a life of sadness interrupted by a single ray of hope: her only child, Jude.

"I hope Jude is in a better place," the 49-year-old Belgian wrote in the strange two-page note left in her 16th-floor suite at the posh Peninsula hotel.

At one point, Jordan suggested her son was a rape victim and "in constant pain." She mentioned speaking with a Wyoming child porn investigator about the sexual abuse of kids...



Mariame Boujlil

Hi Jessica

Thank you very much for your input. You mentioned the DAN doctors,but I am so upst because there are none in Charlotte where I live that accept Medicaid( which is a government benefit card, no insurance would accept to insure Zaki for a reasonable amount, since he is labeled withan" pre-existing condition. Since Zaki's diagnosis I founded a non profit organization to raise awareness about autism among the local parents as well as the non English speaking community( I speak 5 languages). As of now I have about 52 families with children with children age less than 3 up 13 years ( the majority) and one young man ( 19 years od). Our major objective is to raise money for ABA therapy and other new treatments. How are we doing? not well ,not where we all want be,but we support each others,we have fune, we celebrate our children every month the best we can . We exchange experiences, we listen to each others and we " embrace autism" because of luck of means while we hope and wait for a MIRACLE to happen ,otherwise we will end up losing our minds and our senses and who know end up in tragedies.
Please Jessica,share with me if there are any places that are willing to work with Zaki and many other children.
God bless you!


I cannot imagine any parent's or families pain dealing with a child with autism. I wouldn't be able to deal with any of the symptoms.


I am utterly confused at being told "don't judge her" and "don't think badly of her." Taking a child's life, regardless of this woman's own suffering, is not the answer. Someone with truckloads of money and connections ought to know better.

One has to be just plain old psychotic to kill their own child. The fact that the child had autism is simply a side-note.



Only a monster would kill her own child. We can agree on that.

I refuse to "embrace autism" and "learn to live with it." I fall into that group of people - the group of people who wish to recover their children from autism and do not think it's a blessing from God.

"Setting high expectations" has nothing to do with autism. Most new moms DO expect that their child will talk, go to a typical school, be potty trained by their teenage years, learn to feed themselves, and so on. These are not "high" expectations. Please don't fall into that trap that we should just all learn to accept our children smearing feces on the walls and screaming with GI pain as just "different" and learn to live with it ourselves. It's not who they are, it's not some mysterious genetic defect, and it's definitely not a gift. I refuse to embrace vaccine damage as a blessing.

You sound like a sincere, caring parent so I wish you and your child the best. Have you looked into biomed treatments for your son? He sounds a lot like mine prior to getting help from a DAN doctor.

Mariame Boujlil

I have a child with autism. Zaki is 6 years old , a big boy ( 115lbs), very hard to control. I have not slept more than 4-5 hours at night since his diagnosis( at 28 months). Sometimes no sleep at all! Zaki as big as he is ,is non verbal, still in diapers. Many incidents happened to me, to my mother my only other caregiver: 2 broken toes, constant bruises, sprains..just name it. The house is a wreck! Zaki loves to peel off the paint of the walls, and sneak out and eat it.Breaking eggs my furniture is a huge mess,he loves to de, smearing the carpet with cream cheese, diaper rash cream,maple syrup, pouring detergents in teh sink, shampoos, lotions. He has some crisis moments of destroying things,toys,...etc. I chase him around all day along except when he is at school. I lost my house,my well paying job, begged for government medical help but I have never lost hope.I learned to live with autism and I pririotize Zaki.
When I read this article,I was so mad and sad too. I would not think that any normal mother would kill her child unless she has some mental issues.
We all set very high expectations foe our selves and our children but IT MAY NOT HAPPEN!!!!!! so we should learn how to live with a child with disability and take it as a blessing.
My sincere condoleceances to the surviving mother and her family and GOD have that boy in his glory!!!
One advice to all parents of children with autism: Embrace autism and learn to live with it! and please if you are depressed seek help for yourself before you do it for your child.Honestly incidents like this makes us parents like myself that are hanging there so desperate!!

Bonnie Thompson

I have a 13 year old granddaughter that was damaged by dpthib shot 1/20/97. She can not feed herself and is in diapers she does not talk and has seizures everyday. She does walk a little but she is very unstable her pysical therpy was cut at the age of three that is why she is gettting worst. The biggest fear of her mother and dad is who will look after her when they die. No one knows the stress that these family have. You look and look for a answer and a cure but there is none. I am so sorry this happen to the child and the mother.

Autism Grandma

It is such a rare and unnatural event for a mother to kill her own child unless she is mentally imbalanced or on drugs, and with this poor woman it appears that both are distinct possibilities. Brain chemistry malfunction always leads to drug usage whether legal or illegal. Either the person is driven by desperation to "self medicate" with illegal drugs or to seek prescription drugs, but either way the end result is the same: at best temporary improvement until the drug's negative effects manifest, and at worst suicidal and homicidal behavior due to the drug(s) impact on the brain and the entire body including liver toxicity which results in circulating toxins that also affect the brain. SSRI's eventually depletes the seratonin the brain requires to function normally. All of the students who ended up shooting their fellow classmates were on SSRI's.

So many things can throw the brain chemistry out of balance. Continual stress produces adrenal exhaustion resulting in other hormone imbalances, and depletes nutrients especially the B vitamins and magnesium. An example is soldiers in combat who live 24-7 in a state of hypervigilance. Since God didn't design the human being to live in a state of "Kill or be killed" so often these war vets return home with severe depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and many commit suicide. They survive the war only to end up with drug and alcohol addictions in order to cope. Parents of children with autism are often "living in a war zone".

As we know from vaccine injuries, heavy metals cause brain damage, and the intestinal damages also result in brain chemistry malfunctioning due to intestinal permeability, nutrient deficiencies, and the inability of the intestines to produce the neurotransmitters. Then add to that damaged detoxification systems...

So here we have parents under continual stress trying to cope with and find solutions for their children who are under continual stress due to the many vaccine damages on all fronts. Thankfully there are myriads of natural medicine remedies to pursue, but those parents and children who are putting the toxic psychiatric drugs into their bodies in their desperate search for relief are "walking the plank" into shark infested waters.

I know because I lived this myself for many years and ended up swimming with the sharks...non-stop suicidal depression along with a myriad of other problems including chronic pain, intestinal permeability, hallucinations and seizures. SSRI's and other psyche drugs can be very deceptive when a person is driven by desperation to try anything and everything because they can produce improvements in the beginning, but in the end everything is worsened. Prozac was beneficial in the beginning until that quit working and then it was on to Paxil, then Zoloft, then Effexor, then Lexapro, then Celexa, then blah blah blah. I tried every one of them only to eventually end up in worse condition that I started. The only reason I am still alive is because I finally was driven to pray for divine guidance and was led immediately to a woman who practices natural medicine. Five years of psychiatric medications led to 15 years of recovery and I am still working on my brain chemistry. Although I am 90% improved compared to previously, it is a daily battle that I can never take a vacation from if I want to maintain my brain functions because I can and have slipped back into suicidal zombie mode.

How these children with autism are suffering we can't even imagine, and so many of the parents are right on the edge of the cliff themselves. This woman undoubtedly was indoctrinated by the propaganda in her own profession thereby leading to the demise of her child and herself. It is a horrific tragedy that is a warning example for all of us, and since she and her suffering child both suffered in ways that we can only imagine, it is not anyone's place to judge this poor woman: "There but for the grace of God go I". God is the only judge and He takes all things into consideration and understands every aspect of our existence. "Surely, surely He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows".


So unfortunate we have seen so many parents and even some grandparents who kill their loved one and call it a mercy killing. I wonder how many "accidentally" leave a door unlocked when a child goes missing. Does a parent about to crack do this suddenly or are there a number of pathetic attempts to passively do something to call attention to the situation? Dont get me wrong I have great compassion for these mentally ill individuals who suffer such thoughts and act upon them.

I wonder though when someone who is on the railing of that bridge and staring down to the dark waters below, I wonder if a thought comes to them to seek revenge instead. When is the day going to come when some scientist falls victim to a deranged parent in a parking lot. Seems to me their mind may tell them, if they have nothing to lose, then they have nothing to lose. My gut tells me any day now, no money, no jobs, no health care, no answers, no government assistance, divorce, self medicated, windows broken, fingers bitten off, one more door slam, one more straw and more people are going to snap and rather than toss their child off the bridge will toss someone in a lab coat off.



They have known for a long time about the risks of vaccines. This page takes a few seconds to download so be patient...


my only agenda is to tell my truth and do my small part to stop this nightmare we are all caught in. A nightmare caused, in chief, by pharmaceutical corporations. My son was born in 2005. The truth about vaccines and autism was known to those in high places in 2005. It is known today. My son did not have to become autistic.

And yes, I do have understanding and compassion for Ms Jordan. But is is important to ask how she and other mothers get to that point of despair

Raymond Gallup

Dear StephM:

Regarding Autism Speaks, I would bet they spend 25% of their budget on administrative costs that include salaries (like $600,000/annual for Dr. Dawson and private jets, etc.). The other millions they spend on is genetic, neurology research, etc. that has nothing to do with the immune and gastro factors involved in a majority of the autism population.

When I ran the Autism Autoimmunity Project we didn't have that kind of money to throw on salaries and private jets and when we closed it in 2005, there was outstanding debt.

I find that I'm better off looking to outside organizations such as the Myelin Project ( something that may help Eric than autism organizations like Autism Speaks, etc.

Autism Speaks is more interested in helping out their executive board, etc. than helping families.....period!!!!

Sad but the truth.

Kids like Jude probably wouldn't have died (and future ones too)if there was some hope for them and their families with treatments that would help 99.9% of children/adults.

A God awful shame!!!!!


It really saddens me to see so many fellow parents of children with autism so eager to judge this mother. You cannot know what her life was like. You cannot know the level of functioning her son had. You cannot know how profoundly he may have been struggling or suffering due to autism or any other condition.

As parents though, you should be able to understand how horrifying it is to see your child in pain and feel unable to help him. To feel like everything you do is not enough, everything you've tried has failed. To feel like there is no where to turn and nothing left to try.

I can completely understand getting to the point where one might come to believe that their child would be better off dead then to continue living in pain and anger and confusion, with little to no "quality of life". Parents of children with terminal diseases make this decision every day. Yet because autism isn't life-threatening (unless you count the fact that many need constant monitoring due to flight-risk, no awareness of danger, self-injurious behavior, or seizure disorders) our children's suffering is overlooked and considered acceptable.

And I really fail to see what her former profession has to do with any of this! This is a tragedy. A child has died. A woman has been pushed to the point that she killed her own child and attempted to take her own life. Can we not take advantage of this situation to push our own agendas against big pharma please??


I read Mike Adams' post on Natural News about this story and I too wonder if she was on psychotropic meds herself. If she was we won't be hearing about it in the media.

After my son was diagnosed with autism I started taking an SSRI. It didn't make me happier, just numbed the pain a bit and gave me a constant craving for sugar. Several months into taking the antidepressant I was crying constantly and had a few thoughts pop into my head that frightened me. Thoughts like this woman may have had. I weaned myself off the meds and started taking care of myself like I take care of my son: cleaned-up diet, vitamins, no sugar. Never experienced those kind of scary thoughts again, even on my worst days.

Live by pharmaceuticals, die by pharmaceuticals.

Raymond Gallup

Dear StephM,

I truly hope and pray that kids and their families do not have to go through what Eric and our family are going through. Unfortunately, I believe many will.

As I mentioned before we will need someone like a John Crowley that can raise research dollars like Autism Speaks but spend it on the proper viral immunology and gastro research that will lead to treatments both for children with autism as well as adults with autism.

At present we have no parent in the autism community like this person capable of doing this. In fairness, I had the Autism Autoimmunity Project from 1998 to 2005 and we could not raise millions of dollars (like John Crowley) but did raise $130,000.00. While that was good it wasn't on the scale of millions of dollars.

Think what that could do for not only our children/adults with autism but to support researchers like Andy Wakefield and Arthur Krigsman!!!!


John Francis Crowley is an American biotechnology executive and
entrepreneur. He is best-known as the founder of several biotech companies
devoted to curing genetic diseases. After his two youngest children were
diagnosed with Pompe Disease, Crowley became the CEO of Oklahoma City-based
Novazyme, a biotechnology start-up that was conducting research on a new
experimental treatment for the disease.......

Harrison Ford and Double Feature films optioned the rights to produce a film
inspired by Anand's book and the Crowley family.[10] In April 2009, CBS
Films began filming this major motion picture about the Crowley family's
quest to save their children's lives. The film, titled Extraordinary
Measures[11][12] was released nationwide on January 22, 2010. Directed by
Tom Vaughan, Extraordinary Measures stars Brendan Fraser as John Crowley and
Keri Russell as Aileen Crowley, and also executive producer Harrison Ford as
a fictional "Dr. Robert Stonehill". Dr. Stonehill is a composite of the many
great scientists and researchers that Crowley worked with over the years.
John Crowley has also written a personal memoir entitled Chasing Miracles:
The Crowley Family Journey of Strength, Hope and Joy, coauthored with Ken
Kurson. It was published by New Market Press in January 2010 to coincide
with the release of Extraordinary Measures.[13]

More on............

A Mom to Barbie Hines

Barbie, God did not give our children this vaccine injury condition. It and everything negative that goes with it comes from a very dark, very evil place.


I also have a 9 year old with autism and have been going through a severe depression recently. I'd say 98% of it has to do with the stress and challenges my son, my family and I face because of autism.

I also had infertility before I became pregnant with my son. I had such high expectations for my son and myself. I worked in a demanding high paying field, but when his health conditions became too much to handle, I had to quit my job. I've also been in crisis of trusting caregivers because of past abuse.

I truely cannot imagine killing my son, but I've had some MAJOR problems with the anxiety and depression medications my doctors have put me on. I've felt suicidal and homicial and have been locked up in a mental ward. The way I see it, the only person who can truely judge us is God.

Heidi N

It appears as if the woman wanted to kill herself, and decided to kill her son most likely due to not wanting him to suffer by ending up "who knows where" without her. I wish she would have found the biomed community and had some faith. We need to keep spreading the word that recovery is happening and practitioners are popping up more and more who are assisting us. My children are in recovery, but still dependent upon treatments for digestion, pathogens and toxins.

Barbie Hines

So very sad...very, very sad. No one should pass judgement on this poor woman. I do not understand her...and I do not condone her actions. However, she clearly was pushed beyond her limits.

The older my son gets, the more unhappy he gets. I can take the most extreme disability...but an unhappy child is hard to accept. We do biomed, etc. He's just becoming more severe and more unhappy as time goes by. Perhaps she was living a more severe life than any of us. Think of the most severe day you have ever had with your child...what if she was living this everyday? We just don't we should all just leave her alone...and hope her son finds peace. Clearly, her heart is destroyed.

As I often say to my husband, the person who said "God only gives you what you can handle" is a stinkin' idiot in my opinion!!!


Thank you Mr. Gallup for sharing your story with us parents who are faced with the same challenges as you and your wife. My child is only six years old but I struggle with his hurculean tantrums almost daily and wonder with the utmost grief and sadness what will become of us in the future.

A Mom

Dear God in Heaven!

What they have done to our children and our families -- and refuse to stop, while enjoying freedom from liability and billions in profits every year...

Raymond Gallup

Very sad.

Helen and I visited Eric at his residential center in October 2009 and after lunch took him on a train ride on the Western & Wilmington Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware.
As we were coming back, he kept asking about "home" and Helen said, "not today".

Eric head-butted Helen and pulled out some of her hair. No one helped us at that moment since they were scrambling away to the back of the train. I interceded and Eric bit down on my right thumb breaking it and pulling off the fingernail. Finally some train personnel interceded and washed my finger and got paper towels to throw around it. I went to the Christiana Hospital to get treated for it. The police asked if I wanted to press charges and put Eric in jail. We said no, just that he would return to the residential center.

Last Sunday, January 31, we took Eric to a restaurant near the residential center. Eric asked about the "train" several times. Helen again said "not today" and saw that he was agititated and gave him an adivan to calm him down. Right after that he bit Helen on the head and pulled out clumps of Helen's hair with his teeth, then he head-butted her and bit her on the hand and shoulder. I tried to intercede as much as I could without getting my fingers in range of his teeth.

Eric then sat down and banged his head against the wall several times and slapped his head with his hands several times as well. By the time the police came he had calmed down and we took Eric back with a police escort. In February 2003, Eric amputated my left index finger (as the doctor said in his diagnosis) and tore off the fingernail as well.

We can visit Eric but can never take him home or take him out in public again without endandering ourselves and other people. I saw other younger kids like Eric at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004 and see others like Eric at his residential center. Very sad and depressing.
Unfortunately 80 to 90% of kids with autism will wind up like Eric and a smaller percentage like Jude, sad to say.

Maybe there will be a John Crowley (Extraordinary Measures, the current movie with Harrison Ford and Brendan Frazer) that will come along for autism. It will not be in my lifetime or our son's lifetime (current age, 25 years-old).

Sad but true.

Ray Gallup
Eric who tested positive for myelin basic protein antibodies and elevated measles antibody titers in blood tests. Eric was born normal but regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine which is on videotape.


Having suffered long and hard with severe postpartum depression, I feel for this woman. I hope she can find some peace, and get some treatment for her depression/psychosis. I think the worst thing we can do now is blame her or think badly of her. Both she and her son are the victims here. I am praying that the Lord is with her, and gives her some comfort in this dark time.


A high flyer in the pharmaceutical industry and still she had nothing to alleviate her son's constant pain. That must have made her feel very hopeless.

Whenever I hear about tragic cases like this one, I think of this quote from Eustace Mullins "Murder by Injection" - especially Ivan Ilitch's "cultural iatrogenesis".

"A distinctive feature of the AMA's allopathic school of medicine was its constant self-advertisement and promotion of a myth, the myth that its type of medicine was the only one which was effective. This pernicious development created a new monster, the mad doctor as a person of absolute infallibility, whose judgment must never be questioned. Most certainly, his mistakes must never be mentioned. As Ivan IIyich has pointed out in his shocking book, "Medical Nemesis, the Expropriation of Health" (1976), not only has the effectiveness of the allopathic school of medicine proved to be the stuff of mythology, but the doctors have now brought new plagues into being, illnesses which Ilyich defines as "iatrogenic," causing a plague which he terms "iatrogenesis." Ilyich claims that this plague is now sweeping this nation. He defines iatrogenesis as an "illness which is caused by a doctor's medical intervention." Ilyich goes on to define three commonly encountered types of iatrogenesis; clinical iatrogenesis, which is a doctor-made illness; social iatrogenesis, which is deliberately created by the machinations of the medical-industrial complex; and cultural iatrogenesis, which saps the peoples will to survive. Of the three types of iatrogenesis, the third may be the most prevalent. Advertisements for various medications call it "stress," the difficulty of surmounting the problems of every day life which are caused by the totalitarian government and the sinister figures behind it, who operate it for their own personal gain. Confronted with this monstrous presence, which intrudes into every aspect of an American citizen's daily life, many people are overcome by a feeling of hopelessness, and are persuaded that there is nothing they can do. In fact, this monster is extremely vulnerable, because it is so greatly overextended, and when attacked, can be seen to be a paper tiger."


Another thought--

If she was taking her son to DAN doctors for his constant pain, the media would like nothing more than to link these cases to "biomed parents" and we're sure to be hearing all about it soon.

She may not have gone that route though. Maybe the Wakefield verdict convinced her there was no hope after all? Or maybe she never considered it.

There's a hint that she was investigating the possibility of putting her son in residential care or leaving him with someone else. Perhaps she concluded that the risk of sexual abuse (as the media reported she feared) was too high if she left her son with others-- whether she knew she was going to kill herself or whether her first impulse had simply been to place him and his "constant pain" away from her.

So instead she decided his life wasn't one worth living? I don't understand why she's still alive if this was a "murder-suicide" attempt. For now it's just a murder.

If this had been a poor single mother in, say, the UK watching her child suffer day after day after being refused care from every hospital and, say, somehow couldn't access enough drugs to do the "job properly" (kill herself too), I think I might have more understanding. I can imagine a terrible future when the rate could be 1/20 in the US and there are no services, just snake pit institutions and pharma has managed to illegalize autism recovery-- the bodies will certainly pile up as families crash against a stone wall. But we're not there yet. She appeared to have options. Her son didn't.


We won't know until there's more information. I tend not to think that her behavior had anything to do with her son. Killing like this rarely does-- it's all about the killer themselves.

Clearly she wanted her son very badly because she went to all kinds of fertility gurus and spiritualists in the hopes of getting pregnant to begin with. Maybe the horrific disappointment of her son's condition triggered that first prescription for depression meds or whatever all those years ago. We'll have to see-- but whatever happened to make her fixate all her woes on a child has nothing to do with the victim.

I do know one thing: she's unlikely to use the "Prozac defense". As someone who sold drugs through Ambulatory Pharmaceuticals Inc., she's unlikely to blame her long-term prescriptions for inducing violence. Nor should she be able to-- she can read. She had ample opportunity to read black box warnings for violence and suicide.

Falling for their own PR bs is true of many people working in the pharmaceutical fields. Though it often seems as if it's all one big conspiracy, there's evidence that many drink their own Koolaid. In one report, lower level pharmaceutical reps felt "guilty" if they didn't have their children on Ritalin or other "ADHD" stimulants. Some feel compelled to "take their own medicine". And maybe this case is an example of what happens when they do.

Women killing their children used to be enormously rare; even in Nazi Germany, the T4 euthanasia doctors complained that they couldn't pry disabled children away from their families who seemed to be "infatuated" with their "idiot children". There were only a tiny handful of cases of parents actually offering their kids to be killed-- even during war, even during Germany's economic crisis.

I think something else is going on with this modern rash of child-killing.


She made her money from being a big excutive of a pharm. company?

Sounds like she paid a big price for working with them.

Sounds like her son was not the only one that suffered a brain injury from her industry? Wow!

Teresa Conrick

Other news sources are reporting she was delusional long before she took the pills. She has been divorced some years and it is stated that a custody battle was not happening.

Like so many others, the stress and fears of raising her child may have pushed her to the edge of a sane world. All the money she had and so little solace it provided. Did she know there was help for her and her son? God help them and so many others out there. Let's hope that AoA and all of us spreading the word on biomedical treatments can give some much needed hope to families like this: "Son, 8, was in 'constant pain"

Dana C. Sturdivant

How terrible and sad!


Sounds like a bizarre situation on several levels.

So sorry for this poor child. God bless him in heaven . . . he suffered here on earth.

Jake Crosby

I say they execute her.


My first thought yesterday when I read the first news report was, oh God, I hope this wasn't a child with autism. God rest your soul Jude.

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