Will the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee Finally Get it (Katie, Bob and Suzanne) Wright?
The End of Science History


orem chiropractor

We never saw such epidemics years back & the rise has been right in step with the increase in vaccinatio­ns through the years. Other toxins are to blame as well as harmful drugs but vaccines are definitely the catalyst.




Hm. So if you already have a kid with autism, you should spread the shots out, but if it's your first child, you should follow the recommended schedule and hope for the best.


"Dr. Oz. bought options on stocks for SIGA Technologies in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. SIGA Technologies (stock symbol SIGA) is a vaccine technology company with many advanced developments whose success depends on the widespread adoption of vaccines....
Dr. Oz. isn't merely a holder of SIGA stock options, by the way: He's on the Board of Directors! As SIGA's own website explains, Dr. Oz has served on the board since 2001 and continues his role there today."

read all about it, http://www.naturalnews.com/027451_Dr_Mehmet_Oz_vaccines.html and stop promoting this guy on AGE OF AUTISM. This guy doesn't need press from us. He IS not going to help our cause - he had his entire audience inoculated with swine flu vaccine.


He won't admit it- He's more scared of Pharma than SAVING A CHILD'sLIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autism Grandma

Re Post by Gatogorra: "He seems to be one of those people who talks fast because he's not calculating what lies to tell but rapidly factoring pure data."


What's up with his educating people about toxins and chemical exposures when he supports injecting toxic substances right into little babies and children??!!! The vast majority of alternative medicine and naturopathic doctors are all anti-vaccine...This includes chiropractors, homeopathic doctors and naturopaths. The doctors who are genuinely educated in health are anti-vaccine, even though they have to "watch what they say" in their practice in order to maintain thier health careers. Medical doctors have been totally and thoroughly indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical industry and most of them know jack sh*t about health. Big Pharma is running the show in this country more than anywhere else on earth.


Did anyone not hear Dr Oz state that he has controversy over the vaccines in his own family meaning his wife and children? Yet, he changed his toon and said they have been vaccinated. I guarantee that they have not received all 36 vaccines and probably if any only a handful.
Also go to these websites and you will see and hear Dr Oz say that neither his wife or children will receive the H1N1 vaccine, yet he recommends it for everyone else's kids. He a hypocrit.

The correlation between vaccination and autism is direct... See More



I forgot to say that Barbara seemed actually upset about Dr. Oz's response when he didn't straight up say that vaccines were safe for all kids all the time. In that sense it was a total victory for our side.


I like him. He reminds me of JB a little. He seems to be one of those people who talks fast because he's not calculating what lies to tell but rapidly factoring pure data.


I watched an interview of Barb, and she said that she was so carreer minded that she did not even go to see her dying sister and she knew she was going to die!

And she was doing some soul searching of just what kind of person was she.

She could make it up to her poor sister by making her sister's life matter a little if she would research the vaccine - autism bussines - she may even find that it has effected her own family - maybe even herself. She does have a slight speech thingey!


Actually, this is very, very pro-our side. He was as pro-our side as he could possibly be without being crucified by the AMA.

I wish someone would have pointed out that Walters didn't open the segment properly. The paper in question wasn't about "vaccines", "the vaccine schedule", etc. The paper was simply re: the possibility of the MMR being a link to ASD.

A Mom

I didn't watch it, either. I have no respect for Dr. Oz anymore.

He, on CNN, strongly urged all pregnant women to the get the H1N1 shot.

When he expresses remorse for all the miscarriages pregnant women suffered after receiving the H1N1 shot, then maybe he will get my attention again.

"America's Doctor" no more. Just another pharmadoc.


If you have never heard Dr Mayer Eisenstein, then you haven't heard a doctor say vaccines cause autism... if you listen to him, you WILL hear that. He is so bold as to say no vaccines = no autism. He is awesome!!!!!



Also Google Mary E Toco... she isn't afraid to tell it like it is either... they have a conscience, imagine that one, huh?!?!

YES, Doc Oz DOES have stock in big pharma.

IMHO Doc Oz is a sell-out like Oprah... a pawn to ensnare people & get them to follow them... I can't stand them. Either get a spine or leave... SOME doctor... how about the hippocratic oath... "Above all do no harm"... hah, I'd like to see them honor THAT!!

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

Congratulations to Dr. Oz for doing a masterful tightrope walking job, which at least raised questions about the safety of the vaccine schedule for some children. I'm sure that the pressure from the pharmaceutical industry on the media (as a result of the huge sums of advertising money received by the media from the pharmaceutical companies) is enormous to downplay any evidence of a vaccine-autism or for that matter vaccine-any health damage link. It is important for Dr. Oz to continue to do his show and educate the public on the importance of nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and chemical exposures on the health of people. Most physicians that appear on TV focus on the use of prescription medication to keep people healthy, while Dr. Oz emphasizes what really is important in improving the health of people.
Michael B Schachter MD, CNS (Certified Nutrition Consultant)


I didn't watch this because I don't like the View and Dr Oz, but from the other comments I'm guessing he said the same old crap. It seems that pharma's new talking point is to "spread the shots out." I guess that's the compromise. Well, no, vaccines are useless and dangerous for everyone on ANY schedule. Prove me otherwise.

Genny GC

" No, instead, just play the russian roullette game says he"

I'm not sure if one can talk about Russian roulette anymore, not when the gun is fully loaded... I came across this and this is very scary.


I don't know whether there's been a follow-up of those kids.

Heather Maedel

I have my immunization schedule from my childhood- "8" vaccinations.
My son was "set up" for "36" innoculations before the age of 5.

We thankfully NEVER made it that far; We stopped at 1 1/2 yrs. of age.

There is one case of severe Autism on my husband's side of the family; There are also a "host" of spectrum disorders on BOTH sides of our families- including he and I. Pre-genetic dispositions are REAL, so is the deterioration of our our earth, bad food we consume, lack of proper prenatal care, C-section birth's/ "Inducing"- both of which require "heavier drugs" being fed into Mom and Baby's body. This does not hurt the OB/GYN delivery doctor, but it does make his/her life more "convient".
Now, let's load an infant with "live viruses" on the VERY DAY they're born.
The infant has NO immune system to be heard of - that's why breast feeding is important. It's designed to start to establish a strong immune system. Oh wait, Mom's breast milk is "tainted" with all kinds of drugs. Baby becomes saturated/overloaded with "metals, viruses, harsh drug's". Granted, some infants won't inherit a problem, but MOST will! That's why we have a little thing called, " An Epidemic".
When Dr.Oz or anyone else can start to see the "indefinite correlation" of the process - I'll listen. Until then, I'll stay on the path that is proving itself to be beneficial to not only my son's brain, but also his colon, muscles, sensory, etc. Good luck to all of you doctor's out there who DON'T know what your talking about. You'll soon see the errors of your way.


Thought it was good - but Dr. Oz really flip-flopped a lot. I did like that he said he respected parents and what they said happened to their kids...


interesting. It's obvious that Dr. Oz is watching what he says and yet to have any public credibility he is saying that there may be problems with vaccines. Doctors must be terrified of speaking out about it especially now after what they did to Wakefield and the other doctors.

Anne McElroy Dachel

You know why the controversy will never end? Because of shows like this.

Doctor on TV says....
"We're not quite sure what causes autism."
"I betcha in some cases, [vaccine damage] is absolutely the case, but on average the vaccines seem absolutely safe."
"You vaccinate the child!"
"If there were other kids in my family who had autism, I'd be very cautious about maybe spreading out the vaccines."
"If we could spread them out, I think that makes sense..."
"If you're ...absolutely petrified about a disease like autism that we don't understand, I completely get why you may want to alter the regiment."

So ...the same doctor who says YOU SHOULD VACCINATE AND VACCINES ARE SAFE, leaves you with plenty of reasons to be scared. Pretty soon, someone will have to ask why doctors are always talking about autism...and no one knows anything.

Anne Dachel


Thanks for clearing up the whole "should I vaccinate or should I not" issue for me Doc.


Barbra Walters still has no clue what was in the Wakefield paper, and she now thinks it must be full speed ahead for every vaccine on the schedule.

Dr. Oz spoke his part well. I would call it a small victory.


Well, Whoopie totally gets it. I wish she'd speak up more!

K Fuller Yuba City

Starting to lose faith in my Dr. Oz. Spoke out of both sides of his mouth on The View. I also just heard that he is a stake holder in some pharmaceutical companies :>( If I can't have things both ways...neither can he. He does not get to say his wife makes the decision to not vaccinate his kids, and then recommend that everyone else follow the suggested schedule. That means he feels that my son is an acceptable loss to maintain herd immunity,but his children are not. And that my dears is Bull Shit!

Kathy Blanco

I know that his wife is naturally minded, and I am sure she remined him to cool it down that mothers are not seeing what they are seeing. That said, he said go ahead and vaccinate...without questioning. This is where I have a problem. Ok, yeah, he said, if there sick, don't, kid with autism, spread it out. But, he never said anything about autoimmunity in the familiy, if there is an immune defect, had a reaction previous, these are obvious precautions...these are things that take time to explore, and may require some hard thinking and research, not on the part of the doctor who cares less, but the mother who does. No, instead, just play the russian roullette game says he. This is a problem with me. He mentioned the mitochondrial thing, said it would have happened anyways? No wrong doctor. It requires a metabolic crisis, such as what vaccines can do. Fevers. I hope we can write more about our stories to him, and reeducate him on a few more points. Maybe he starts to see the hypocricy of promoting vaccinatations at all costs...maybe we are getting to him...slowly. Didn't someone say that Sherrie Shepard THOUGHT her son had autism?


No doctor can fully say what they think for fear of being crucified. I watched the episode where he said he didn't get his children the H1N1, makes me think he's on to something.


I think Babs has had too many flu shots if you know what I mean.

Oz may as well grow a pair and come out and say it. The Gorkis et al are already out for his blood.

michael framson

Did notice how quick Barbara Walter's tried to pin or get clarity of Oz's position.

I really have trouble with Whoppi's 400 vaccinations statement.

Guess I'm expecting too much, but I really can't stand these or this show.

I'm pushing for a doc to say "Yes we have an absolutely reckless vaccination system and parents you are the only ones who can prevent, "Pediatrician induced illness and injury".


Geez Barbara, calm down. AND step aside because the parents that get it are doing exactly what he said, exercising CAUTION and GOOD SENSE and slowing the trainwreck of a schedule down a bit. I'd bet she doesn't even know what the current schedule looks like.


Barbara Walters had a sister that I would not be surprised had autism???? Anyone know??

Sounds like Dr. Oz well knows what is happeining.

Rong Mei Shan

I was very happy with what Dr. Oz said. Most parents aren't told to delay vaccinnes if a child is sick. We are overloading their immune system.


What else are we expecting?

Babs is psychotic in her defense that nothing is wrong, Dr. Oz walks both lines, and (shockingly!) Whoopi seems on the side that kids get too many vaccines, along with the other woman who thinks we should spread them out.

I tell ya, the tides ARE turning in our favor. Just the fact that they had this conversation at all with Dr. Oz being so "cautious" is a small victory alone.

K Fuller Yuba City

I emailed them immediately. Getting one shot at a time costs more?? Well, it doesn't cost more than Autism, and a child who is sick all of the time!!


What? A doctor goes on live T.V. and says he respects what mothers have told him? Supports a parents right to choose what is best for their baby? Am I dreaming???????

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