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Dr. Mark Hyman on HuffPo "Mercury: How To Get This Lethal Poison Out Of Your Body"

Twas brillig bib Dr. Mark Hyman has a post about mercury in our bodies at HuffPo. Meanwhile, we remain in the Jabberwocky world where mainstream physicians inject and drill mercury (yes, we know it's the "good" mercury not the poison kind) into patients every day.  Read the full post and comment at HuffPo HERE.

If you are heavy, it could be making you sick and tired and age prematurely. And I don't mean heavy with fat ...

I mean heavy with heavy metals -- like mercury!

Unfortunately, toxic mercury problems are common. Along with polar bears, beluga whales, ducks, otters, panthers, and all river fish as well as most large ocean fish, we humans are poisoning ourselves with mercury at ever increasing rates.

There's no doubt about it, mercury is the most alarming, disease-causing source of environmental toxicity that I see daily in my practice. Many of patients have toxic levels of mercury -- and they're not alone. I personally suffered from mercury toxicity and chronic fatigue syndrome --which I cured myself from, in part by getting rid of the mercury in my body. So I know about this first hand...


steve ricc

Neuroscience is the company that tests metal sensitivities . 1-888-342-7272


So I guess high fructose corn syrup could also be a potential source of mercury contamination? Using caustic soda in one of the HFCS manufacturing processes is the source. Not all HFCS processes use it, but if you end up eating or drinking food with HFCS in it, it's not as if they put the process used on the lable, do they?


I thought this article was terrific. Now I'm on the hunt for a doctor who will order/do this challenge test for me and my son. Why is it that our DAN! Dr did not mention this challenge test? We did a heavy metal test on my son's hair, but it didn't show anything so that was that. Reading this article, the metals could be trapped in his tissues/fat? This is why I needed that GR grant! We need help. I went to one of the DAN drs on their list- she sucked, so then we didn't qualify for their program. Who is a doctor that can be a little aggressive and order these tests or help me get some answers? Currently we are winging it from reading books and the internet but I think we need some testing.


Re: Maggie's comment - So if copper/mercury fillings were not replaced until 1976, that would mean there was still a large copper/mercury filled group of women having babies in the '90's, at a time when there were still mercury vaccinations in the market, making a possibly extra detrimental situation for babies. And then if that was a contributing factor we optimistically might have seen a slight lowering of cases, if it weren't for the high number of flu vaccines with mercury flooding the market and now being given to pregnant women and little bitty babies thereby clouding a potential insight into the demographics of the numbers. When did mercury fillings come into the market versus the gold fillings? Would it correspond to the age group of drastically increased numbers of alzheimers patients?

I agree with Lisa wholeheartedly. Information out there is knowledge spread and gained and Huffington Post is nothing to sneeze at. There are so many intelligent people out there who WILL make the leap in thought from fillings to thimerisol in vaccines and just may start researching further on their own. There's nothing to say that multiple paths can't lead to the same place.



For those who have been poisoned by mercury fillings, it certainly is not a "petty" source. My own health recent health problems from being poisoned by my aging fillings became very severe and affected my life significantly.

We are all on the same team here. Bringing attention to one source of mercury poisoning does not negate another. Each time a mercury poisoning issue is raised it educates the public on the extreme toxicity of mercury, its numerous sources, and how this is affecting the health and well-being of millions of people, adults and children alike.


Since he focused mainly on amalgams, he should have mentioned that after 1976 "high-copper" amalgams have been placed. High-copper amalgams release 50 times more mercury than "conventional amalgams."


For the sake of your children, leave the woo alone.

Tim Kasemodel

I read many of the comments at Huffpo.

I am perpelxed, that with all the good things this man had to say that he could not bring himself to write the word thimerosal.

So many commentors agreed with such petty sources (not insignificant, just petty in comparison to vaccines). Amalgams? yeah, a problem - Fish, water, air - oh yeah.

But the fact we parents were persuaded (and continue to be) by ignorant docs an nurses to willfuly inject it into our newborn and infant babies?

I am only held back by simple courtesy from calling this asshole what I really want to call him.

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