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David Kirby's "Animal Factory" Is Back Up At Amazon!

Animal Factory Our friend David Kirby’s new book, “ANIMAL FACTORY – The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment,” was removed from sale at for over a week, because of fighting over the price of e-books between Amazon and Macmillan, which owns St. Martin’s Press. You can read the advance reviews below the jump.
We are happy to announce that David’s book and all Macmillan titles are back up for sale today at Amazon. If you haven’t yet, please show your support by pre-ordering Animal Factory prior to the publication date of March 2, 2010, at Amazon or any of these online retailers:


Barnes & Noble

Books a Million





Animal Factory is also available as a Blackstone Audio Book. To hear a brief reading from David’s work, please click here.
Don Imus said on his show the other day that David’s book is “going to be an enormous best seller,” and we agree! In the book, David follows three families and communities whose lives are utterly changed by immense neighboring animal farms.  These farms (known as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations,” or CAFOs), confine thousands of pigs, dairy cattle, and poultry in small spaces, often under horrifying conditions, and generate enormous volumes of fecal and biological waste as well as other toxins.
Here is David’s preliminary media and public appearance schedule, with many more to come. More information will be available soon when the Animal Factory website is launched at .
Please let people know that David is available for speaking engagements nationwide.
February 25 – (TBA) – Panel Discussion with Nicolette Hahn-Niman at the Public Interest Environment Law Conference, Eugene, Oregon -
Feb 25 – 6PM PST – Book signing, Public Interest Environment Law Conference, Eugene, Oregon -
March 2 – 7:30AM EST – Imus in the Morning – WABC-AM, Fox Business News, etc.
March 3 – (TBA) – The Leonard Lopate Show – WNYC-FM

March 4 – 7:00 PM EST – Reading and book signing – Borders Bookstore, Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, New York City.
March 8 – 11:30 AM EST – The Diane Rehm Show – National Public Radio
March 9 – 12:00 Noon EST – Interview with Teri Arranga, VoiceAmerica
March 15 – (TBA) Lecture at major North Carolina University
March 16 – 11:00 AM -1:00 PM Lecture – New Bern Public Library, New Bern, NC
March 16 – 7:00 PM – Reading and book signing – Books-A-Million, New Bern, NC
March 17 – 7:00 PM – Reading and book signing – Regulator Bookshop, Durham, NC
Much more to be announced soon, please stay tuned. Also look for a Q/A with David in the April issue of O Magazine.
Here is what people are saying so far about ANIMAL FACTORY:
Indie Next List - American Booksellers Association: ANIMAL FACTORY has been selected by the as one of the Indie Next List Notables for March 2010 and will appear as a line listing in the Indie Next List printed flyer, as well as with jacket image and full bookseller quote in a downloadable PDF file to be posted on
– Journal of the American Library Association: **STARRED REVIEW**
“In factory farms, thousands of animals are confined and rapidly fattened for slaughter, generating millions of gallons of animal waste, which is stored in open lagoons and sprayed into the air. Kirby, author of the best-selling Evidence of Harm (2005), profiles three individuals who have been subjected to the stench, mess, environmental contamination, and health risks of megafarms. Rick Dove, a Marine Corps prosecutor, retired early to enjoy the Neuse River near his North Carolinian home but instead became a devoted “riverkeeper” after witnessing massive fish kills caused by pig-factory waste. In beautiful Yakima Valley, Washington, Helen Reddout and her husband joyfully tended their fruit orchards until a megadairy fouled their property, inducing Helen to become a “warrior activist.” The same thing happened to farmer’s wife Karen Hudson in Elmwood, Illinois. Stonewalling government agencies and evasive and hostile factory-farm owners and their corporate overseers ensure that the trio’s battles for safe air and water have been protracted, complicated, and dangerous, hence the magnitude of Kirby’s meticulously detailed yet propulsive chronicle. Thanks to Kirby’s extraordinary journalism, we have the most relatable, irrefutable, and unforgettable testimony yet to the hazards of industrial animal farming.”
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:
“David Kirby’s book, Animal Factory, is a beautifully written account of the danger industrial meat production represents to our health, environment and democratic process.  In a unique and captivating way, Kirby reveals the consequences of animal factories through the eyes of the citizen advocates who have fought the long and hard battle to civilize the barbaric and often criminal behavior of the meat barons. Rick Dove, Karen Hudson, Chris Peterson, Don Webb and others featured in the book are real American heroes. Their stories are compelling, true and engaging.  The time has come to end the greedy and destructive practices of animal factories. As the readers of Kirby’s book will learn, nature’s clock is ticking and much is at stake for the planet and all of its inhabitants. Each page of this book is filled with powerful information. It has all the makings of a number one best seller.”
Alice Waters: “Nature did not intend for animals to live and die in a factory assembly line.  In David Kirby’s startling investigation Animal Factory, he gives a human face to the terrible cost our health and environment pays for this so-called ‘cheap food’. This is a story that is seldom told and rarely with such force and eloquence.”
Steve Ells, Founder, Chairman & Co-CEO, Chipotle Mexican Grill: “Hurray to David Kirby for exposing the horrific conditions that are so prevalent at America’s factory farms.  When I first confronted the realities of factory farming some ten years ago, I knew that I did not want Chipotle’s success to be based on the exploitation that I saw.  While few people actually have the chance to see firsthand where their food comes from, Animal Factory provides a vivid account of the system and the harm it causes.”
Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, and member of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production: “This book puts a human face on a well hidden national scandal: the effects of large-scale raising of animals on the health and well being of farm workers and their families, local communities, the animals themselves, and the environment which we all share.  By examining how CAFOs affect the lives of real people, Kirby makes clear why we must find healthier and more sustainable ways to produce meat in America.”
Deirdre Imus: Ol’ MacDonald had a farm – until America’s corporate animal factories plowed it under, packing living, breathing, sensate creatures into sewage plant conditions for your gustatory pleasure.  Now, you’re next.  Bon appetit.
David Wallinga, MD, Food and Health Director, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: "Animal Factory tells how big agribusiness' industrial meat production is leaving our communities foul with unhealthy air, awash in untreated sewage, and increasingly buffeted by bacteria made resistant to the antibiotics. Anyone in search of why America's health care system is going bankrupt will find part of the answer in these pages.”
Robert S. Lawrence, MD, Director, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: “Animal Factory, by David Kirby, documents the scandal of today’s industrial food animal production system in the same compelling way Upton Sinclair alerted Americans to the abuses of the meat packing industry in his 1906 The Jungle. The well being of animals produced for human consumption, the fate of rural communities, the health of farm workers, and the protection of the environment are daily compromised for the sake of profit.”
Frederick Kirschenmann,  President of Kirschenmann Family Farms: “David Kirby' s new book points to a deeper story than may be apparent to some.   It is easy to blame the farmer, or blame the industry for the unintended consequences of our food system.   But there are deeper systemic issues which give rise to these problems that we now need to address. Our "fast, convenient, and cheap" food system gave us benefits that many found praiseworthy.  But we failed to anticipate the unintended costs to health, to communities, and to the environment.  Perhaps it’s time to reinvent a food system that is resilient, affordable and health-promoting for both people and land.   Perhaps Kirby's new book can serve as part of a wake-up call for us all to become food citizens to that end.”
Bill Niman (Founder, Niman Ranch) and Nicolette Hahn Niman (Author, Righteous Porkchop:  Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms): "The industrial production of farm animals is a grim saga of pollution, health risks, and animal misery.  Yet in Animal Factory David Kirby has put together an ingenious book that is highly readable and engaging.  The heroes of his book are fighting for a better America -- one in which waters are safe to drink, air is safe to breathe, and traditional family farmers are the sources of our food.  Anyone who reads this book will be drawn into their cause.”

Barnes & Noble

Books a Million








I'm ordering one for the library I run! "Evidence of Harm" has done very well and has also gone out on interlibrary loan several times.

Darian (nickname)

I hope he does well. But I can not read it. I love animals very much, and I could not stomach reading about the horrible things they put them through. Animals are so innocent! I am no vegan, but I do not believe it is right for them to how to suffer when it need not be so! Every time I see the commercial on tv of the poor little dogs and cats who are so horribly tortured and abused, I get so very upset!

When I see videos of cruelty in turkey mills and in cow mills, I can not help but be outraged! As said earlier, I am no vegan. But why would you wnat to cause harm for no reason to animals! There is no need for such cruelty!

It is watching these commercials that shows me the kind of people who could poisen those like me, generations of innocent children and go to sleep at night. And though I would love to be the Hand of God (as my lovely better half calls it) I must rest in the fact that the universe repays.


Don't forget to ask your public library to order a copy as well.


David Kirby in NORTH CAROLINA!

Fed Up

I hope he makes a zillion bucks.

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