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CDC on Vaccines and Autism Describes "Concerns" Not "Case Closed"

Cdclogo From the CDC website on Autism. It seems vaccines have not been ruled out, as the media and others continue to tell us.


Causes and Risk Factors

We do not know all of the causes of ASDs.  However, we have learned that there are likely many causes for multiple types of ASDs.  There may be many different factors that make a child more likely to have an ASD, including environmental, biologic and genetic factors.

•Most scientists agree that genes are one of the risk factors that can make a person more likely to develop an ASD.  

•Children who have a sibling or parent with an ASD are at a higher risk of also having an ASD.

•ASDs tend to occur more often in people who have certain other medical conditions.  About 10% of children with an ASD have an identifiable genetic disorder, such as Fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.

•Some harmful drugs taken during pregnancy have been linked with a higher risk of ASDs, for example, the prescription drugs thalidomide and valproic acid.

•We know that the once common belief that poor parenting practices cause ASDs is not true.

•There is some evidence that the critical period for developing ASDs occurs before birth.  However, concerns about vaccines and infections have led researchers to consider risk factors before and after birth.



Baby steps I guess...but unfortunately my "baby" is almost six and cognitively still a baby. She doesn't have time for them to take their sweet a@% time.

michael framson

Regarding the SEED study: If there is not an independent parent/scientist involved in every aspect, i.e data collection and analysis, in the SEED research, then another Simpsonwood or Mary McCormick IOM travesty, is likely.

We can't be played for fools again.

Darian (nickname)

Yes, but the doctors of the AMVA actually care about thier animal paitents. It's not about money to them, they are in it because they love animals and wish to help and heal them of any illness or injury. THEY CARE!!!

Contrast that to your typical doctors. To them, it's about the bottom line! I never had a doctor who seemed guienlly concerned about me. It was all fake smiles and "remember to get your shots on this date".

Money is what matters to them. That's the difference. Vets care far more about the wellfare of thier charges than any doctor I have ever had in my life!

It's rather sad!

Autism Grandma

My beloved "Sheeba the Wonder Dog" died last summer at age 18 1/2 years after a long and healthy VACCINE FREE life. The emergency clinic vet asked me why I hadn't taken her in for veterinary care in 15 years, and I told him "Because she was healthy so why did she need to see a vet?"

He asked what did I do then to keep her healthy, so I told him that I gave her homemade dogfood with ground turkey and brown rice, and organic whole food vitamin supplements. "And she never had any health issues?" he asked. Well, she did finally develop arthritis in her hips during the last year of her life but I resolved that with the same nutritional supplements that resolved my own arthritis. He wanted to know why I gave my dog supplements designed for humans, so I said to him, "Don't you know that animals are alot like humans in their physiology and respond to natural therapies just like humans do?" He ignored that statement and he hinted at "neglect" regarding not keeping her up on the vaccinations.

So he wanted to know "WHY I did not have concern for my dog's health regarding vaccines?" So I told him that I did not vaccinate her BECAUSE I had concern for her health, and there was no doubt in my mind that a major contributing factor to her long happy and healthy life was that she DID NOT GET VACCINATED.

Patty Dobbs Gross

Here's a link that might make us begin to pay more attention to breastfeeding our infants in the hope of reducing the amount of children diagnosed on the autism spectrum in years to come: http://www.internationalbreastfeedingjournal.com/content/1/1/16

The findings here indicate that prolonged breastfeeding may help here...but so little has been said about this study in mainstream media, or of the recent news that Oxytocin may be a potential treatment for autism.

I believe it is because so little money is to be made here, and industries such as formula makers may well be hurt by an increase in breastfeeding moms...also, no quick fixes here, just high quality, natural parenting.

To back up my theory here with some pretty impressive anecdotal evidence, I breastfed my autistic son for 18 months, and he is now a graduate student at USC, in the School of Cinematic Arts...(he graduated from UConn last year with a degree in Communication Science, with Honors!). Danny is also the most empathetic and kind person I know...this all makes such intuitive sense that it ends up difficult to advocate for...


Patty Dobbs Gross
Executive Director
North Star Foundation
[email protected]
We help children find their way.


I've written to the CDC and was told that they are looking into the MMR/Autism link. I didn't get too much info from them except links to other websites stating a bunch of BS about "vaccine safety" I've said this before and I'll say it again-It makes me sick that Big Pharma is reaping the profits from vaccines while my 3 year old sits in a special needs class right now re-learning all of the skills he lost after his MMR shots. I hope I am still alive when justice is served.

Jenny Allan

Quote from above:-

"If only the AMA, AAP, CDC and Big Pharma were as honest, open, and diligent as the American Veterinary Medicine Association, hundreds of thousands of children around would have been spared the horrible consequences of over-vaccination."

It's the same in the UK. Our pets are far better cared for by the vets, than the humans are by our so called 'caring sharing NHS'. I am completely 'barking mad' about it!!


Kristine don't trust them. Don't turn your back on them for a second and if you receive any mail from them - iron it first!

Maurine Meleck

I don't see how they will separate the causes if they're going to consider all these possibilities at once. For me, it's a cop out again and they will continue to put the blame anywhere but with vaccines.
Wow, they know that the refrigerator mom theory is not true. It only took them a half a century plus to come up with this conclusion.


Interesting. My son just started in the SEED study (multi-site autism causes/risk factors) which is sponsored by the CDC. When I initially read the FAQs on their website, one answer to "Will the study include vaccines as a potential cause of autism?" Very clearly said "not specifically but we will be noting the child's vaccine schedule as part of investigating the child's medical history" (paraphrasing). THEN they changed it! Look at it now:


Will the study include vaccines as a potential cause of autism?

Yes, the study will include looking at vaccines. The mercury exposures being studied include – vaccines that the mom received during pregnancy, the child’s vaccine exposures after birth and specific other factors such as RhoGAM treatment in pregnancy.


My son works in a university research lab. they found conclusive evidence that ritalin use in children and teenagers dramatically increased their chance of smoking. the government came in and shut the study down cold. It was a real eye opener to this young adult who really thought the government cared about its citizens. now he believes his mom and grandfather both from traditional medical backgrounds aren't so crazy after al.l that maybe we are on to something that the govt is covering up the vaccine issue.


You said it Bob, the fox is still guarding the henhouse! John, that is really interesting info you posted. I resisted giving our dog (miniature shnauzer) her last vaccination by simply asking them to do titers on her. It cost me twice as much to do that, though! The results came back that she was definitely still fine with her levels for whatever antibodies it was (bordatella, maybe) and she did not need her "recommended" shot. Hopefully the AAP will grab a clue from the AVMA.


John Hemenway, those are very good points and I think the info and issues re: veterinary vaccinations deserve a lot more attention. I wrote some about this at http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/05/veterinarian-wi.html


John - I have noticed the same thing about vets. Great point.

John Hemenway - Bedford, Virginia

I have a hard time understanding how it is that during the same period of time (1980 to 1990 and on) that the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AMVA) "got smart" about over-vaccination, the AMA, CDC and Big Pharma, "got stupid" and began playing a game of "willful ignorance" regarding the association between over-vaccination and the manifestations of vaccine damage in high level mammals.

See the paper published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association on May 1, 2001, by Dr. W. Jean Dodds, DVM at

As stated in the article, the research on some breeds began in the 1980's and 1990's. The research identified specific breeds that are vaccine sensitive. Further, the sensitivity seemed to be highest amongst dogs with classifiable physical traits, such as color of coat, etc.

I quote, "Twenty years ago, this author began studying families of dogs with an apparent increased frequency of immune mediated hematological disease (i. e., AIHA, ITP, or both). 1,2
Among the more commonly recognized predisposed breeds were the Akita, American cocker spaniel, German shepherd dog, golden retriever, Irish setter, Great Dane, Kerry blue terrier, and all dachshund and poodle varieties; but predisposition was found especially in the standard poodle, longhaired dachshund, Old English sheepdog, Scottish terrier, Shetland sheepdog, shih tzu, vizsla, and Weimaraner, as well as breeds of white or predominantly white coat color or with coat color dilution (e. g., blue and fawn Doberman pinschers, the merle collie, Australian shepherd, Shetland sheepdog, and harlequin Great Dane).

Of particular interest are the vaccination reactions of young Weimaraners. See, "Vaccine Associated Disease in Young Weimaraners" which includes, as stated in the paper: "Other signs included coughing, pneumonia, depression, seizures or ”spaced out” behavior, refusal to stand or move, and hyperesthesia (“ walking on eggshells”). The outcome for half of these cases was good (12 of the 24 are healthy adults), although two died, three were euthanized as puppies, and three remained chronically ill as adults. Another four cases were lost to follow up. "

The parallels between the symtoms of adverse reactions to vaccines by young Weimaraners and the stories told by thousands of parents with respect to the adverse reactions and behaviors of their children who were later diagnosed with ASD following vaccination are remarkable. For example, the reactions by Weimaraners is very similar to the reaction of our children to the MMR/DTAP one-two punch. The only ray of hope there for the autism community is that SOME of the Weimaraners recovered.

The result of this research and review by the AVMA resulted in the AVMA vaccine policy at: http://www.avma.org/issues/policy/vaccination_pr inciples.asp
Which recommends that vaccine schedules be tailored to the known sensitivities of the respective breds.

They state:
"COBTA has studied the issues of veterinary vaccinology and immunology, including a review of the scientific literature with interactive testimony of experts from academia, veterinary vaccine manufacturers, state/federal governments, and veterinary private practice. Topics included safety, efficacy, duration of immunity, research and development of vaccines, vaccine licensing, product labeling, adverse events, adverse event reporting, governmental oversight of manufacturers, and legal issues associated with medical procedures."

Further they state: "Conclusions
COBTA concludes there are insufficient data available to scientifically determine a single best vaccination protocol regimen for application to all animals globally. Despite significant advances in our knowledge of antigens and antigen presentation, gaps still remain in our understanding of the immune system's acute and chronic reaction to multiple vaccinations. The body of knowledge surrounding the genetic variability within individual breeds or species and the resulting idiopathic responses to vaccination (including vaccine-associated adverse reactions), is increasing but remains too inconclusive to make specific recommendations appropriate for all patients. Consequently, COBTA believes that a customized approach to recommended vaccination protocols is the safest and most effective method to medically address the increasing diversity in patients presented for immunization."

The veterinarian associations of most civilized countries have a similar policy. For example, regarding Australia's new dog/cat vaccination policy, See:

In the US and in countries around the world the danger of vaccines are widely recognized by the veterinarian community. As a result the veterinarian communities have adopted a "core vaccine" based vaccination policy that reduces autism-like adverse reactions, while our children don't.

If only the AMA, AAP, CDC and Big Pharma were as honest, open, and diligent as the American Veterinary Medicine Association, hundreds of thousands of children around would have been spared the horrible consequences of over-vaccination.

Bob Moffitt

CDC statement on possible "causes" of autism:

"There is some evidence that the critical period for developing ASDs occurs before birth. However, concerns about vaccines and infections have led researchers to consider risk factors before and after birth."

Notice the CDC does NOT say they are "considering vaccines a risk factor before and after birth".

In any event .. what is the likelihood the same researchers who labor for the public health agencies that "approve and recommend" childhood vaccines .. are going to discover a "link" between "vaccines and autism"?

About the same as the likelihood of tobacco industry researchers identifying a "link" between "cigarettes and cancer".

About the same as the likelihood of GlaxoSmithKline researchers identifying a "link" between THEIR drug "Avandia and heart attacks".

Even TODAY .. the FDA argues whether Avandia should be removed from the market .. AFTER studies indicating the strong possibility that AVANDIA may be "causing" 500 heart attacks a MONTH in our country!!!

I know .. "correlation is not causation" .. but .. to me .. 500 a month seems an awful lot of "correlation" to ONE drug.

Jeepers...if AVANDIA were a vaccine insteado of a pill .. there is a good possibility the FDA wouldn't even be having the argument.

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