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Autism Sibling Wins Northern Virginia Reflections 2009 Literature Award

Trotter kids Managing Editor's Note: An Age of Autism reader named Allison T. sent us this lovely poem by her daughter. Congratulations, Carolyn, on winning the Northern Virginia Award of Excellence for Literature. You're a wonderful little sister to Jackson.

Artist's Statement:

My brother Jackson inspired me to write a poem.  He has autism and I think that makes him beautiful because he is different from other 10 year old boys.  And being different is beautiful.  I always feel safe with him around because he is not a bully.  He does not pick on me like most older brothers or boys do.  He is kind to me.  He makes me happy and plays with me.  I trust him to always love and care for me.   He has a good heart. 

A brother named Jackson 
Understands the way things work 
Tells his feelings 
Is always respectful 
Special to me 
Makes great movies on his video camera 
Is not a bully 
So kind 
Before I was born he did not have autism  
Every time I show up, he is happy 
Always nice to little kids 
Usually he doesn’t need help with work 
Tells the truth 
Is in control of himself 
Follows directions 
Unbelievable kid 
Listens to music once and he can copy it by heart 

Caroline T.
2nd Grade
Sleepy Hollow Elementary



Just beautiful!! What a well deserved award! Congratulations and BRAVO!!

Autism Grandma

Allison's description of her brother Jackson gives me lots of hope for my grandson's future. He screams alot less now, alot less throwing things, less turning over tables, angry outbursts way reduced, but we can always tell when he has a detox overload because these behaviors re-emerge. Thankfully we can get him chilled out pretty fast by supporting his detox crisis with glutathione cream and/or magnesium oil on his skin. Another thing we've discovered that helps alot lately is L-Tryptophan cream (Swanson vitamins has this for ten bucks). We also use the essential oils "Gentle Baby" and "Tranquil" to get him back into a calmer mode. And based on his recovery progress thus far, some day he will become a little angel like Jackson :) (That's called "Positive Affirmation") HA!!

[Note: Magnesium oil works best on the soles of the feet with younger children who have sensitive skin that may become itchy or burning if applied elsewhere. The magnesium bath flakes haven't had any skin irritating effects though]


What a lovely poem full of wise and poignant observances. Great kids whose parents must be very proud.

Cathy Jameson

Truly wonderful!

Teresa Conrick

Wonderful and inspiring! What a great sister to an awesome brother.

Your parents must be so proud!


Just Beautiful.

That made my day. Thanks for sharing that.


Beautiful poem and beautiful sister (great brother too!).

Bravo and congratulations.

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