Another Autistic Student Allegedly Abused in School.
Medical Council Says Wakefield "Failed in His Duties," Was Dishonest.

Wakefield's Science Proven Valid Again In New Study That Replicates Findings

Endoscope Read the full study, Clinical presentation and Histologic Findings at Ileocolonoscopy in Children with Autistic spectrum Disorder and Chronic Gastrointestinal symptoms at Autism Insights . View a .pdf HERE.

Arthur Krigsman 1, Marvin Boris 2, Alan Goldblatt 3 and Carol Stott 4


Background: Children with developmental disorders experience chronic gastrointestinal symptoms.

Aims:To examine the nature of these gastrointestinal symptoms and histologic findings in children with autism spectrum/developmental disorders and ileocolonic disease.

Chart review. 143 autism spectrum/developmental disorder patients, with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, undergoing diagnostic ileocolonoscopy.

Results: Diarrhea was present in 78%, abdominal pain in 59% and constipation in 36%. Ileal and/or colonic lymphonodular hyperplasia (LNH), defined as the presence of an increased number of enlarged lymphoid follicles, often with hyperactive germinal centers, was
present in 73.2%. Terminal ileum LNH presented visually in 67% and histologically in 73%. Colonic LNH was multifocal and presented histologically in 32%. Ileal and/or colonic inflammation presented in 74%, consisting primarily of active or chronic colitis (69%). Ileal
inflammation presented in 35%. Presence of LNH significantly predicted mucosal inflammation.

Patients with ileal and/or colonic LNH had lower mean/median age than those without; patients with ileal and/or colonic inflammation had lower mean/median age than those
without. There was a significant association between ileo and/or colonic inflammation or LNH, and onset of developmental disorder; plateaued or regressive onset conferred greater risk than early onset.

Conclusions: Patients with autism or related disorders exhibiting chronic gastrointestinal symptoms demonstrate ileal or colonic inflammation upon light microscopic examination of biopsy tissue. Further work is needed to determine whether resolution of histopathology
with appropriate therapy is accompanied by GI symptomatic and cognitive/behavioral improvement.

Keywords:ASD ileitis, colitis, lymphonodular hyperplasia

1 Assistant professor of pediatrics, New York University school of Medicine Director of Gastroenterology services, Thoughtful House Center for Children, 3001 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, Texas, 78746, UsA.

2 Associate Clinical professor of pediatrics, New York University school of Medicine, 550 1st Ave., New York, NY 10016, UsA.

3 Adjunct professor Touro College, 27-33 West 23rd st, New York, NY 10010, UsA.

4Thoughtful House Center for Children, 3001 Bee Caves Rd,
Austin, Texas, 78746, UsA.

Autism Insights 2010:2 1–11

This article is available from
© the author(s), publisher and licensee Libertas Academica Ltd.
This is an open access article. Unrestricted commercial use is permitted provided the original work is properly cited.




The media here in Australia continue to ‘bash’ Dr Wakefield and anyone who disagrees with the vaccine mantra. Yet another article today in the Daily Telegraph.

Jo Thornley – Anti-vaccine zeal akin to my belief in Santa Claus ….

We readily accept that harm/deaths on our roads and toddlers drowning in backyard pools as horrible tragedies and rightly so . The consensus is that even one death is one too many. Yet when it comes to the injuries and death caused by vaccination we are supposed to readily accept the collateral damage as a worthwhile sacrifice for the good of the rest of us. OK as long as its not your kid hey Jo!


This study confirms what we all knew, that there are GI issues common with Autism. It does NOT make any claims about cause and it doesn't say anything about vaccinations And yet you want to call it 'proof' that Wakefield wasn't a liar and a con. Good grief.


there wont be any independent studies done to back wakefield's findings up or to continue his vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies because WHOLE COUNTRIES WILL GO BROKE after compensating all the people they have damaged thru the use of vaccines when they get proof that vaccines damage, and damage BADLY. It will never happen. The only way we can stop this happening to more people is to KEEP SCREAMING until so many people decline vaccines that they are no longer profitable. It is happening, more and more people are waking up and are beginning to question.


Did anyone actually read past the first 3 words? Look at the method - as an analogy, it would be like saying I got 143 people with brown hair and a cold and studied their symptoms and then made the leap to say colds cause brown hair (which the authors of the study didn't do). The idea here was just to get an idea of the prevalence of symptoms in kids with both ASD and gastrointestinal problems and then to suggest studying treating those symptoms to see if there would be an improvement in ASD behaviors (which the study didn't do). READ, the speak.

Mairead Hilliard

Has anyone looked at the huge increase in IBD in young people i.e. Crohn's disease
and Ulcerative colitis in the Western World
since mass vaccination began with the MMR vaccine 1994?

100.000 children/ young adults under the age of 18 in he USA diagnosed with IBD according to Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Irish Colitis & Crohn's Support.

Jen in TX

"Would society be pushing back so hard if the measles lesions were external rather than internal, impossible to ignore?"

I don't recall reading anywhere in this study that these findings were "measles lesions."


The truth is hidden inside these sick, hurting children, where only scopes and biopsies can find it.

Would society be pushing back so hard if the measles lesions were external rather than internal, impossible to ignore?


Good idea Garbo. Two copies in the mail to GIs now. 1260 to go.


Pictures don't lie, and neither did Dr. Wakefield. More of this please. If every ped gastro person out there were made aware, they could be looking for and corroborating this with photographic evidence too. Then maybe they can all get together and check the biopsies for viruses, retroviruses, etc. According to HealthGrades, there are 1262 practicing pediatric gastroenterologists in the U.S. It shouldn't be that hard to mount an educational camapaign for them.


Its about time someone else replicated his findings! I am surprised this was not done sooner. All they need now is to replicated 1,000 times more so that the courts will at least look at the results.

Darian (nickname)

I'm not at all surprised. I only hope these doctors are not the next to be crucified for thier deeds like Wakefield! It is disgusting how they have gone after him! Reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition and the time of the witch trials!

What are they going to do next, sew rocks into his garments and drop him in water to see if he floats?! Last time I checked, we were out of the Dark Ages!

I concur with one statement. We need an independent body to also get the same results. They will go after them too, but they couldn't deny the results at that point.


I started to pound away at the keyboard in my thankfulness for these fine people who continue to prove us mothers right! But I stopped in frustration....

Now seriously, how much longer and how much more research does this community have to do to get our point across? Is it not obvious yet? How many more screaming parents do we need to get to prove this? Seriously, do we all have to make copies of our kids scope reports and paste them on the front doors of the AAP, NIH, CDC, EPA, NIMH, AMA, etc.

So back to my thankfulness. These doctors are probably the most patient of all. The just keep coming back with more and more proof. Thank god for them and for not giving up on our kids.


Fair or not, any study replicating Wakefield's work will be suspect if the authors are associated with Thoughtful House.

This is interesting (and unsurprising), but needs more independent corroboration.

Katie Wright

Congratulations to Dr. Krigsman, Dr. Boris and the late Alan Goldblatt!!!

How excited and proud Alan would have been. After years and years of helping kids like mine- finally they found a journal courageous enough to publish this ground-breaking study.

Finally, GI disease and regression connected with concurrent cognitive impairment! This is parent parents have been saying for decades but no one was listening outside of the DAN! community.

GI disease in autistic children is not merely some co-morbid condition it is the CAUSE of the subsequent damage to the brain if it is not treated quickly and aggressively.

When my son was dx, he had 1,000 words and was classified as HF. Shortly thereafter the GI disease began and 4 months later he had NO words, no skills, barely recognized me and was labelled low functioning/ severely affected.

If one of the dozens doctors I took Christian to had the sense to give him anti-inflammatories and recommend the diet that would have spared my son 2 years of suffering and possibly his brain functioning. Instead I was told Christian did not have Celiac he was "fine" and to "stay away from crazy diets, but here give him Depakote." I could never adequately convey the misery these grossly negligent doctors caused.

Teresa Conrick

This is wonderful to see, that again there is proof and that Dr. Wakefield is correct and has done nothing but sound an alarm many in the medical, vaccine, government worlds do not want to hear It is another nail in the coffin, so to speak. The amount of pain and suffering is horrendous.

"It appears that the immunologic and inflammatory activity in the bowel is part of a larger, systemicmulti-organ immunopathology."

Now the teachers I know who work with ASD students can know that they are correct for seeing more GI issues with their students and why that is and how the whole body is involved. This illustrates what we see in our children and it is time for the truth to be told.

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