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Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Pediatricians Do.

Finger-pointing-time By J.B. Handley
Our community has been giving pediatricians a hall pass for far too long.
If a doctor sticks six vaccines into a child while the child is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and Tylenol for a cold, he’s not a doctor, he’s a criminal, and should be hauled into jail on the spot for assault and battery. If the child also happens to have eczema, long-term diarrhea, and has missed a milestone or two, perhaps the charge should be attempted murder.
As you know, pediatricians do just this and more every day. How do we stop this recklessness?
If my son’s pediatrician had been more careful, better informed of warning signs, less close-minded, and less AAP-party line in his approach to pediatrics, I genuinely believe my son never would have regressed into autism.

I’ve met many Pediatricians who belong to the AAP, but have chosen a much safer and more deliberate route to practicing pediatrics: they give fewer vaccines, they prescribe fewer or no antibiotics, they don’t throw Tylenol at every ailment, they stop vaccinating if a child develops eczema or an allergy after a vaccine or has any other reaction, they don’t give vaccines like Hep B unless the mom has Hepatitis herself and shy away from useless flu shots. They listen to parents. They practice the precautionary principle.
And, you know what they all have in common? You guessed it: far fewer children in their practice with autism.
You may have met one of these great, open-minded doctors – many towns have one, although there’s not nearly enough of them. And, you also know many of the doctors like the ones Jim Carrey described -- “Mister grab ‘em and stab ‘em” -- the ones who don’t understand why so many kids in their practice have autism, while they reach into the incubator in the ICU to make sure the preemie gets her Hep B shot. Recently, the AAP has begun advocating “firing” parents who don’t conform to the CDC’s overloaded vaccine schedule, the schedule with 36 vaccines on it, almost double the average of 30 other first world countries. The schedule that has never been tested for combination risk.
Really, AAP? You’re going to “fire” parents who want to be more cautious with their babies? I don’t mean to give you advice, AAP, but I don’t think that’s very good for business.  
(By the way, whenever I meet a pediatrician I ask them a simple question: what percentage of your revenue come from vaccine administration? The number always astounds me. The answers I get are that anywhere from 50-80% of their revenue comes from giving vaccines. Imagine that.)
So, parents, help me out, let’s turn this thing around and let’s do it right: let’s put bad pediatricians out of business RIGHT NOW. Let’s fire them for reckless endangerment of our children and our neighbor’s children.
If a mechanic who was supposed to fix your car actually screwed your car up worse, what would you tell your neighbors if they asked you for a recommendation? You’d tell them to stay the hell away from that mechanic!
Why should it be any different for your pediatrician, the one who facilitated your child’s autism? Let’s hit these close-minded, unhelpful, dangerous doctors where it hurts: right in the wallet.
Do Something Today, and Be Bold
It’s a new decade, and it’s time to put an end to this madness. If your idea of activism is making comments at AoA, I encourage you to expand your horizons, right now.
I’ll make it easier for you, I’ll go first. My son’s pediatricians were all based at Lamorinda Pediatrics in Lafayette, CA. He saw many different doctors there, and I believe with my heart that they made terrible decisions, showed utter cluelessness when it came to warning signs, and facilitated my son’s descent into autism. They are based in the East Bay of the SF area, and if you have a friend out there, please email them this link.
In no particular order, here are some of the horrible mistakes I believe my son’s pediatricians made:
1. They gave him multiple vaccines at every well-baby visit

2. In two years, they allowed him to get 12 rounds of antibiotics, including one round for 6 straight weeks

3. They vaccinated right through any and all rounds of antibiotics

4. They encouraged us to give him Tylenol immediately after vaccine appointments

5. When he developed eczema immediately after his first DTaP shot at 2 months old, they prescribed Cortisol and kept on vaccinating

6. They never drew any line between his constant diarrhea, eczema, extreme lethargy, and food allergies. He would come into their waiting room, leaning on furniture to ease the pain in his belly, and the doctors paid it no heed at all

7.  When my son was 14 months old and we expressed concern about many missed milestones, they told us he was fine, costing us valuable time
In short, Lamorinda Pediatrics was clueless and reckless, and, I believe, helped push my son over a cliff. By not being more on their game and understanding the full implications of every choice they made and by being ignorant to all the red flags my son’s symptoms should have sent up, I believe they caused his autism. (And, I was an ignorant S.O.B. for letting them do it).
If a doctor like Jay Gordon or one of the many other great Pediatricians out there had been caring for my son instead, I truly believe I wouldn’t be here writing this today.
Conversely, in Mill Valley, CA is a practice called Pediatric Alternatives. We started going there AFTER my son had been diagnosed with autism. They were fantastic. Yes, they vaccinated kids, but the precautionary principle abounded in everything they did. They believed that nature had actually figured things out pretty damn well and their job was to not screw it up. They listened closely to parents. They shunned antibiotics unless risks were extremely high. They knew vaccines had benefits AND serious risks. They were absolutely great and I recommend them highly – please send this link to your Bay Area friends for a great Pediatrician.
Also, Integrative Pediatrics up here in Portland, OR is equally terrific, and I recommend Dr. Paul Thomas and his staff highly.
Now, you can do the same thing. Let every parent you know understand the mistakes made by your Pediatrician that led to your child’s autism. Write your story down, make copies, and hand it out to parents walking in and out of the Pediatrician’s office (and film it so when you get kicked off their property you can put it up on YouTube!). Save parents from the same fate that befell you.
And, remember, these Pediatricians and their recklessness and ignorance are doing more than causing autism. The food allergies, ADHD, and other behavioral and learning disabilities running rampant through your town and school all start with that same pediatrician who messed up your kid.
At the same time, reward the great, open-minded doctors. Make sure every parent knows how great they are and encourage every one of them to quit the bad practice and join the good one. Become the loudest cheerleader for the pediatrician who really cares about our kids and understands. Contribute to helping the great Pediatricians have a booming practice.
Parents, the AAP claims they have 60,000 Pediatricians who belong to their organization. It is these 60,000 people who can stop the autism epidemic, but they won’t do so unless we ramp up our pressure on them dramatically. 
Please join me in putting bad pediatricians out of business today.
(Author’s note: The only list I have been able to find of potentially “good” Pediatricians is from the website of Dr. Sears who wrote The Vaccine Book. Find his list of Doctors HERE.)

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.



You can rate your doctor(Canada and USA) and read reviews of other doctors here:


Pediatricians FIRING patients??! I never even thought of it that way. We should FIRE them!! They are hired by us to perform a service for us, not the other way around!!!

They are highly paid servants. Just like I am a teacher, I am a lowly paid servant to my students.

Thank you JB. On so many levels do we need to change the system. I am all about civil disobedience, but then there is a real fear in me that this isn't just a short trip to the brig, it is where the money behind all this comes after you and your reputation your job, and possibly worse?? (Hello, Dr. Wakefield anyone? All he did was write a paper!)

I also think we need to get organized in spreading the word. I’ll pitch in for more ads in national papers, online. Make people see the valid questions we pose.

Kathy Blanco

We must remind ourselves, that we are the paying customer, seeking for expert medical opinion. Let us repeat that....we are the customer paying for THEIR expertise. We can fire, and hire at will. We have plenty of options. We can go to a GP doctor. GP doctors GENERALLY do not siren call the vaccine schedules, and oft have to be reminded that the child needs one. But I would prefer the bulk of us to never walk into such situations again, UNLESS, they are afflicated with ACAM which is an organization built on the premise that environmental things can cause illnesses. They are more of the bent, that we can alter the schedule (and yes, they have a website with a searchable engine), and may even be into chelation, vitamin therapies, and bio identical hormones, etc. I personally have that just so that we have a primary care person for insurance referral purposes. Then, for the bulk of my biomed stuff, we go to a naturopath who is versed in lyme disease, autism, chelation, etc. Most of our prescriptions are written from the GP MD, but most of our natural things are from the ND. With a little care, one can forgoe all vaccines in children, by only visiting doctors when your child is sick. Well baby visits are to make your child unwell by vaccines. Going back through tons of records, I would note, everytime my kids were vaccinated, they were back in the office within weeks with ear infections, impetigo, other infections. Little by little, chunk by immune chunk, my kids were disappearing by the hands of my trust, and my pediatric so called doctor.

It's high time we put these people OUT of business...this is the only thing they are concerned about, clearly. Maybe interview an ACAM doctor, holistic type for your doctor, instead of the pediatrician that vaccinates to hell and back?

D. Carlson

Can someone with cyber-skills do a blog by state/city to give parents a structure to post "our kind" of doctor info? Link from AoA? The DAN practitioner listing is great but many practitioners without this label are out there to help. Pediatrician selection is the primary concern expecting parents present to me but things have changed a lot since we went to the wrong pediatrician. I don't have updated info to pass on. I know of 2 new parent/couples who just went through the process and got tossed out of one practice. They did find a receptive doctor willing to alter the regimen so we could spare other couples from repeated distress.

HELP - where to post? It would be so great.


Thanks for posting this, JB! Yes, it is time these pediatricians are held accountable for their part in the autism epidemic. Here is the letter I wrote, firing my pediatrician right after our diagnosis. While I don't stand outside their office handing out fliers, I advise anyone who asks strongly against joining Town and Country Pediatrics. Subsequently, we joined Pediatric Alternatives, and it has been such a blessing. A pediatric practice with its head on straight! A place where you are not made out to be over-reactive and crazy. A place where your concerns are heard. A place where they believe autism is preventable!! That's what should be going on in EVERY SINGLE pediatric practice in America!

And lastly, with the help of DAN!, Generation Rescue and lots and lots of homeopathy, the child described in the letter below is not the child we have on our hands today! He's a success story...but had we stayed put things might not have turned out the way they did.

August 2, 2004

Town and Country Pediatrics
61 Camino Alto
Mill Valley, CA 94941

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you that my children will be leaving your pediatric office. Until recently, I was generally satisfied with the level of care my children and I received while we were at your office. We were always offered same-day appointments if the children were sick, someone always got back to me in a timely manner when I had questions and most of the people we came in contact with at your office were very nice to all of us. In light of Ryder’s recent autism diagnosis and the nonchalance I received from Dr. Saffa when I repeatedly voiced my concerns over Ryder’s behavior and development, I feel as though it is best if we switch offices. I do know that diagnosing autism in a child under three is a difficult thing to do (and not something that a pediatrician does), but we have been having ongoing issues with him that stretch back to last summer, including: seizures, abnormally fierce and lengthy tantrums, regressive social behavior, slow language acquisition and the prolonged inability to move to the next level in his preschool class. We did see a behavioral pediatrician whom you recommended last October and she thought that Ryder was just a “tough kid,” but my concerns were raised in your office a number times after that throughout the winter and spring. I feel as though my concerns should have been taken more seriously since we now have a very real problem on our hands. Given Ryder’s history, instead of being told in April that I should come back when Ryder is 2 ½ to discuss these issues further (which would have been the end of June) I should have been advised to set an appointment immediately, as I now know that early intervention is key to a good prognosis. I do not have any ill will; I am just a parent who feels that she did not hear what she needed to hear regarding the health and well-being of her child.

Please send all records for Ryder DeMaria and Skye DeMaria to:

Pediatric Alternatives
Lindy Woodard
10 Thomas Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Thank you,

Jennifer DeMaria

K Fuller Yuba City

I have heard so many stories all with the same opening words..."My child was always on antibiotics" How can so many ignore this?
Not only was our boy on antibiotics 24 time's during the first 2 years of his life, we were given the samples of Tylenol as he got immunizations right on schedule. Oh and a valuable coupon for our next purchase of that tasty red syrup. We just changed Doc's for our son, after he told us he couldn't get just tetanus for our son, and that it only comes as DPT. Bye Bye to him.

Jenny W


I haven't read the other replies yet but I am guessing that I am not the only one who will say, "That sounds just like my son, and what his doctors did to him."

When Gavin was getting dx'd around Christmas in 1998 they sent us to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. We sat through a day of testing to tell me what I already knew. --at the end of the day one of the team of idiots came in the room and sat me down and talked to me like I was a child.

She said that she noticed some of the things I wrote down on the history form and, "You know, we really do not know what causes autism but we do know that it's nothing that you did...." blah blah blah...

She was referring to the extensive medical history that I provided for them. All the ear infections, all the allergic rxns, all the antibiotics, all the rashes --the eczema, the reflux, the vaccine rxns, the 106 fevers after vaccination (indicative of poisoning) etc etc etc.

I looked at her, all pissed off and said, "I KNOW!"

I went on to chew them out --the were so quick to condensed and so quick to write off what we, as parents, were witnessing.
I asked them if they thought it MEANT ANYTHING that every parent of an autistic kids had the SAME story. THE EXACT SAME STORY.

I know they wrote me off that day.
Here it is 12 years later and it is probably the same canned answers from the same talking heads.

It is fucking criminal at this point.

Charlotte Lee

Dr. Jeffery Simmon in Montgomery AL missed all the warning signs with my daughter (now 8) so that she did not receive a diagnosis until four. He comepletely missed it the only thing that he knew about kids with Autism in 2004 was that the stacked things in a line.

Also, he missed a hypothyroid condition in our son (now 5) at birth that he was notified about by the health department. We only learned about it two years later when we requested our children's medical records. He was also the doctor that administered the vaccines at 20.5 months that sent him into autism. We delayed the 18 month shots to 20.5 months to try and prevent any adverse reation. He did not even take into account some possible problems with his older sister. Dr. Simmon just knew that our son had met every deveolpmental milestone and so it did not matter that he had had a round of antibiotice for an ear infection 1 month prior to the vaccinations. Needless to say I fired him and went to another pediatrician much much later who wanted to Catch Up on all the vaccines we had missed. I told her that we could not do that today and I never went back.

I have not taken my children to another one since. We use a wonderful family doctor. His first son has ADD the second has ASD and the third is neurotypical. What is the difference you ask? He did not vaccinate the third son. Infact, I know tweleve other mothers who have had similar results...vaccinate Autism, didn't vaccinate.... no Autism.

I also have a friend who knew but somehow could not tell me. We are no longer friends. With friends like that who needs enemies. She is one of the tweleve Mom's with a ASD kid and one without.


Michelle Hammons

My number one advice to parents that are choosing to vaccinate their children is, do not vaccinate while your child is sick and on antibiotics. I firmly without a doubt believe that is why my son, Jacob has autism. From infancy on he was on antibiotics, breathing treatments, and steroids. Jacob was misdiagnosed with tuberculosis at 15 months by one of the leading infectious disease doctors in the country. A sputum test was never done to confirm the diagnosis. He was on the four drug antibiotic protocol for two months, and then was reduced down to two for the following four months. A total of six months of hard core antibiotics! During that time he was not only vaccinated, but was given Tylenol for his high fevers. Jacob had severe diarrhea and rashes. His speech was replaced with humming and screaming and he stopped sleeping. It made me angry that the experts that helped us get to that point were sleeping at night and had no answers. It wasn’t until I started biomedical/DAN therapy at 4 years of age that Jacob’s behaviors started turning around.

Jacob will be ten on Wednesday. I have been home schooling him for the last six years. We still have a long road ahead of us, but Jacob has some speech, he sleeps well, he is meeting some academic goals,and he is potty trained. The whole family works with him to bring him back to our world. My favorite words out of Jacob’s mouth are “I love you and God bless you.”

God bless all of you that have been touched by autism and my 2010 be a year of recovery and awareness for all of our children.


I'm glad that we never even went to a pediatrician. We went to a great doctor who never even brought up the idea of "catch-up" shots for me when I was pregnant. We (in Alberta) use the public health nurse clinics to get shots and even I wish I had given less of them. Interestingly, we just lost our doctor of 20 years to the new private clinics coming into our province. THey wanted 3,000.00 bucks for each adult to join. We said no way and did find another pretty good doctor, albeit further away. I try to make a practice of mentioning vaccines and risks at least once a day and hopfully I've made some impact.
You are so right, J.B. Peds are using the vaccinations "off label" when they give many at once or to sick kids etc. They are culpable.

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

Our healthy daughters (7 & 9) rarely see our pediatrician since pediatric visits are mostly for immunizations (and they have received none - we learned our painful lesson after my 3 sons were vaccine-damaged). He disagrees with our stance but is sympathetic because of our sons' plight and because he has an adult son with severe ADHD (who suffered from Kawasaki's Syndrome as an infant, BTW). If your pediatrician wants to fire you, just tell him: "Go ahead, make my day!"

Carrie Elsass

Bensmyson: I'm thinking the fallout is what accounts for the other 20-50%:) Without vaccines, Pediatricians would be out of business.

Jill Rubolino

J.B., I do believe that God himself has sent you to us! I have been hankering for a civil disobedience arrest since last year and I am ON THIS IMMEDIATELY! You are so right.....we must hit them where it hurts, and cost them patients, and subsequently money. Last time I checked, my pediatrician wasn't helping me pay for my son's "autism", bowel disease, meds, scope, supplements, failure to thrive, therapy, etc. But he sure did contribute to it, and ignore us once we were there. I've got a few friends who aren't afraid of a relaxing few hours of jail time and a uncle who's on call for bail money 24/7. We'll keep you posted!


Well I see everybody has a lot to blog about on this article.

I too could tell about each of the Eight times my kids has a DPT shot and each and every time they reacted - with kawasaki's, passing out, stroke, seizures. Each time me pushing, asking questions, the peds getting mad and being more than a little short with me. I hate them to this very day. I am also more than disappointed in myself too - for being taken in, on such a life changing matter.


I still think it is the medical schools and colleges - even undergraduate colleges that need to held as criminal. Because if I had not gone to college and heard this bunch of bull for 4 years plus another 2 years I would not have been dubbed.

I have always been proud of my college education but the real truth of it - it just made me dumber.

Josh Day

Here's a second for family docs/ GPs/ and even APs.

We fired our pediatrician largely out of principle. Her practice was a warehouse, servicing the majority of kids and teens in our county. They had about five waiting rooms.

We didn't like signing their criminal little form that stated we were neglectful parents... in fact, we didn't sign that. We scratched that part out. It's important to NEVER sign anything like that.

The final straw was the second visit where they tried to make us sign the same form again. Legally, there is no reason to sign the same paper twice... this is solely to intimidate and instill doubt as well as push the cult mentality of getting in line with the herd onto the parent. The icing on the cake was the form was such a poor copy we couldn't even read the bulk of the writing, so we would have had no idea what it actually said if we hadn't read it the first time.

Highly ethical treatment, huh?

The pediatrician herself was decent and didn't bug us about our decision ... like another parent we came together (also armed with a hidden audio recorder ready to be clicked on any moment). Also stayed out in the car with our HEALTHY baby as to not expose him to the myriad of germs in the waiting rooms. Man, the nurses sure didn't like that.

We'd heard about her from the owner of the local health food store after specifically asking about a non-vaxxing or delayed vaxing friendly doctor. Turns out she was 1 of maybe 3 doctors who didn't all-out refuse parents who didn't toe the AAP line and shoot up their kids with every single shot on the schedule.

Honestly, I think I'd rather allow an ex-con babysit my kid than let a pediatrician anywhere near him unsupervised.


Thank you J.B.! I couldn't agree more! My son had severe, recurring eczema all over his body as an infant. What did my pediatrician give him? MORE vaccines, MORE Tylenol, MORE antibiotics, MORE Alclometasone. The chronic eczema is now long gone; the PDD however, ISN'T. :(


We have a great pediatrician in Yarmouth, Maine. His name is Jeffrey Peterson. I would say the practice is fairly traditional. HOWEVER, he is open-minded, he listens to everything I have to say, helps us find other doctors (like a DAN! doctor) who can help our kids, approves referrals whenever we ask, and is genuinely interested in helping my kids get well. He is learning more and more about the relationship between our kids' immune systems and their autism - and doesn't reccommend any vaccinations for any of my kids. Once I told him I couldn't even consider any vaccines until my kids got healthier, he never once brought it up again. I wouldn't say we completely agree on everything, but I beleive we are headed in the right direction.


I watched an interesting exchange on a skeptical blog the last few days. A clinician chimed in toward the end and frowned upon a suggestion to make VAERS a mandatory reporting system. The challenger was right. NO duty to care. They also had no position on the use of antipyretics before / during / after vaccine administration either.

The poster had SEVERAL, and I mean SEVERAL very good points that they attempted to make. I thought they were succint, direct, and above all, polite. They were met with vitriol and the same ole "you're pulling the _____ logical fallacy" or "you're spreading misinformation" and character attacks in an blatant attempt to defelct the reasonable POV the poster had. It's probably difficult to dismiss a person that doesn't fit the standard nutjob antivaxxer definition they've cut.

Then when the tylenol question came up and the clinician was basically ambivalent on the topic it furthered my own suspicions that doctors, nurses etc... they just don't give a rat's ass. Then I saw this posted on another board:

Maybe you need to care? The overall arrogant attitude is exactly as you state. Criminal.


Jen you are right about Tylenol. After my son ran a high fever after the first set of vaccines I gave him a big whopping dose of Tylenol before all of his subsequent vaccinations (i.e. poisonings). I believe he would have developed autism from the vaccines without the Tylenol, but I'm sure it made the damage even worse. It's a bad drug and can cause liver damage even at recommended doses.

I am looking at Functional Medicine doctors for my son (his DAN dr is out of state) but haven't got around to making the appointment yet, mostly because he is so healthy with his vitamins and supplements he hasn't had so much as the sniffles for months!

Iris B.

The AAP can puff and blow about firing patients, but they will change their tune as the lay public wises up and turns their back on them en masse for their dogmatic policies in favor of open minded family doctors (and some pediatricians) who see the truth. Only pediatricians in grossly underserved areas will be able to dictate such crap dogma.

Darian (nickname)

I believe that the local Newspaper is an under utilized resourse when combating such people. Why not write your story in full, from the time the reaction from vaccines kicked in to what is going on now, and in said article where you share your story share the details of what doctor, what practice, what exactly that doctor said to you before the vaccinations took place, and after when you reported complications.

This I believe, would be something that would be able to start catching people's attention in your local area. And I garentee after reading your story, they will be more cautious about vaccines, and the doctor that they choose for thier child.

And us adults on the spectrum, we are going to be more careful in whom we choose to be our main physiscan!! Well, at least I and all the aspies I know will. Usually in the local paper there is a place where readers can submit such things, at least there is in my local paper and those in my region. Along with a letter writing campaign, and word of mouth, this would be something to comtimplate.

Unlike national papers, local ones are more likely to print you, even if they don't agree with what you say.

Jen in TX

"And, reading JB's son's story about illnesses and chronic antibiotic use and lots and lots of Tylenol etc... sounds so familiar. If we only knew then what we know now..."

It's long past time to get really, really angry about the whole Tylenol issue. That drug is pure poison and it's passed out to babies and pregnant women like candy. J&J fights like mad to keep that drug on store shelves, and resists efforts to strengthen the warnings about liver failure, and there is NO warning about the increased risks of allergic disorders, despite over 10 years of epidemiological evidence linking the two. Acetaminophen is also added to several OTC medications, and in addition, is added to several prescription narcotics. Too many people are unaware of how much Tylenol they may be ingesting...a dangerous situation, since there is not much difference between a "therapeutic" dose and a toxic dose.

Lately, I've been speaking with a former sales rep from J&J. He told me all sorts of disgusting things about their marketing tactics. One of the ways they marketed Tylenol in the 1970's was to sell it to hospitals dirt cheap, even giving it away to gain market share. (It costs only pennies to manufacture it) The goal was to start patients on it in the hospital so they'd establish the habit, and go out and buy the brand name at the inflated price. They still use this strategy today, and in fact, they used the same marketing strategy to get our kids on Risperdal.

Looking at the graph in the above link, it's hard to believe that the dramatic increase in autism after aspirin was found to be linked to Reye's Syndrome, (complete with negative trends after the Tylenol tamperings of 82 and 86!) is just a coincidence. It's probably also not a coincidence that autism rates are so much higher in New Jersey, home to J&J, and very likely high numbers of J&J sales reps.


Our pediatricians office recently sent out the vaccinate or you're fired letter. How twisted is it that they make you sign a waiver before they vaccinate your child that says in effect, "I understand that the following rare side effects, including death could happen and I don't hold the doctor responsible" AND YET if you refuse the vaccination they kick you out of the practice!!! How friggin' twisted is that?

I am thinking about pulling my son from the pediatrics system and sending him to my family doctor, who is very progressive. Then part of me says, "no, they (peds) need to physically see these kids and they need to look us in the eye!


To Andrea,

The best doctors I have been able to find are affiliated with the Institute for Functional Medicine. There is a physician referral database on their website:

One well-known doctor who practices this approach is Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Hyman wrote an article for the Huffington Post recently explaining that most of the current assumptions about autism are wrong, i.e., that autism is a systemic medical disorder, not a mental disorder. If you check out his website or read any of his books, you can get a sense of the functional medicine approach.

I've given up on our pediatrician, and we now all see an internist (MD) who practices functional/integrative medicine. She is out of network for us, but worth it. Might be something to check out.


Love the headline!


Weary said:

"Wow, I'm a little surprised that anybody still goes to a pediatrician after having a kid with autism. "

If I didn't need a pediatrician, I wouldn't go to him. Even though, we have an "autism" doctor my son still has complicated medical issues that still require visits to the ped. In '09 my son had an ongoing stomach issue and a couple of ear infections. He went from just doing OK to spending most of last year sick and on antibiotics and even a stint in the hospital.

When you have a child who doesn't speak- who can't tell you what's wrong, why their behavior is deteriorating- you need a medical professional to help you determine what is physically wrong with your child. We have a general list of things we check when we start to have problems. A process of ruling things out- such as checking for ear infections, sinus infections, strep, etc... This past year the issues were a little more involved.

If I knew how to get off this crazy ride with the ped I would. Apparently, my son's immune system is so f'ed up from all his early well visits and chronic infections and subsequent treatments we haven't been able to abandon the ped- I wish we could. You're lucky if you have been able to. I envy you.


Our peds office doesn't have a single pharma ad on the wall. No Prozac pens on the sign in sheet. No flu shot clinic ads or reminders plastered everywhere. Same goes for the exam rooms. These docs are independent. How does your peds office look?


Wow, I'm a little surprised that anybody still goes to a pediatrician after having a kid with autism. My son with autism only goes to specialists and the others have NEVER been to a pediatrician and never been sick. We learned our lesson about vaccines, antibiotics, and tylenol nine years ago with my son. No pediatricians for this household.

The other day I was talking to another autism parent who had a baby 12 months ago. I asked if she vaccinated and she said "only for things she might come into contact with." I started laughing and said "like what?" She couldn't answer. Some never learn the lesson.


My son does not have a pediatrician. Like you Mr Handley, we were falsely reassured and wasted over a year of precious early intervention.
He's seen an ENT for his ears and that's the only mainstream doc he's seen since his diagnosis.

Reading this post, and the one about Dr Oz below, makes me think that if I had been an unemployed teenage mom instead of a hyper-conscientious nurse with good insurance maybe my son would have escaped autism?


My ped seems like a very nice guy personally. What upsets me, though, is the fact that the nurse will bustle into the room and breezily announce "it's time for such and such booster shot." My husband and I then say "wait a sec, we're going to talk to Doctor X about that." When he comes in we ask and he generally says "no, you don't 'have' to have that."

It's a little dance we all do together!

When I was a young mom (different ped in the 90's) I didn't know to "push back." I also don't remember, when my younger son was born, being asked whether he could have the HepB at the hospital. That one angers me the most.

I have found it helpful to take my husband to the ped appts whenever possible. Just like at the auto mechanic, they are less likely to attempt a bully of this 6'2, intimidating guy. Makes me angry though. Moms shouldn't be bullied either.


We've had several peds do to multiple moves. My current ped. has never given my son a vaccine - never even offered one- probably since I gave him a copy of Evidence of Harm at our very first visit with him.

Like Kim's doc he has helped us to get testing and has been basically very nice and helpful. But- I'm sure he still vaccinates the hell out of as many kids as their parents will allow. I believe he probably is more flexible than most and works with parents who know to ask to modify the schedule or go slow. I suspect this because another physician I know who is realy into homeopathy and never vaccinated her own kids takes her youngest to him. As JB said Ped's livlihoods depends on parents agreeing to vaccinate often and in an abundance. And, reading JB's son's story about illnesses and chronic antibiotic use and lots and lots of Tylenol etc... sounds so familiar. If we only knew then what we know now...


I think there are more peds willing to work with parents and seeking answers for their patients with autism today. We switched practices in in CT and happened to have a well visit yesterday. Got to get the schol form signed, right? This docs has helped us order a lot of testing - gotten our insurance to let us continue to see Dr. Natowicz in Cleveland, coordinated proper dental care, taken care of one child's severe foot problems (never addressed in the past) discussed skin care, suggested vitamins, ordered food allergy tests, called for an MRI for one who hadn't it one but needed one, and much more. She said, "Vaccines?" I said, "No thank you." And that was that. My Gianna's infant ped tried to comfort me, when she was struggling developmentally as a 2 year old, by saying, "I'VE NEVER HEARD OF A FAMILY WITH MORE THAN ONE CHILD WITH AUTISM." He was with CHOP - yes, CHOP. I believe him. HE HADN'T! Families like mine were rare. Peds were taught next to nothing about autism and expected to see it rarely. That they haven't, as an org, gone bananas trying to find answers astounds me. But then, they have sick kids in every way - and no alarm bells - oh, there was that worry about the sugar in organic baby formula last year..... My ped in Cleveland is a Mensa member - and open minded. None of my peds has kicked us out for our vaccination practices or made me feel incompetent for our choices. Our ped in Cleveland was a Mensa member - and I still am in touch with him.

Peds are sort of like politics. Everyone hates the Senate and Congress, but seems to like or tolerate their individual Senator or Congressperson.

I hope the individual docs will demand more from their UNION LEADERS.


When taking our son to the doctors one of us will go in and do the check in, the other will wait in the car with Ben until his name is called. One time my wife came out crying, nearly fell down she was sobbing so hard, I jumped from the car, helped her into the car and she explained why she was so upset. She had seen a little year-old baby leaving screaming his head off. She knew he had just been vaccinated. She couldn't take it.

Something I've done since then and am continuing to do has been to leave a little something behind.

Printed up my story and leave it tucked into magazines in any full pediatric waiting room I can find. (good idea to bring your own magazine(s) with the paper already stuck inside) Go in, sit down for 5 minutes, read the magazine, put it down and leave. If someone asks if they can help you, say "Yes, I'm meeting my husband/wife here." If they ask for a name, make up one, if they check and say there is no appointment, pick up your cell phone, dial, and pretend there has been a mistake, it was the dentist or whatever.

Another thing to do is to print something like this below on sticky backed paper.

Use this or one you make up to stick on bathroom doors, front of glass entrances at media offices, schools, doctors offices, hospitals, or magazines in airplanes, restaurants, newspaper boxes, etc.

You have to use a laser printer because most printers at home the ink will run if it gets wet.


JB said: (By the way, whenever I meet a pediatrician I ask them a simple question: what percentage of your revenue come from vaccine administration? The number always astounds me. The answers I get are that anywhere from 50-80% of their revenue comes from giving vaccines. Imagine that.)

I'm sure that includes treating the fall-out from the vaccines.

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