Anne Dachel on the Rising Autism Numbers
Call in NOW (3pm) for NVAC Meeting

Thank you Huffington Post for Helping The Autism Community VOTE!

By Kim Stagliano

Thank you to HuffPo for popping up this post so fast. Please forward the link, comment and vote! Click here to go to the HuffPo post.

Remember the old saying about how different the world would be if the Defense Department had to hold bake sales to buy bombs? Well, in the autism world, we have to hold bake sales to raise money for just about everything. Autism now strikes one in 110 American children, yet receives far less funding than other pediatric diagnoses. Today, we have a chance to win $1,000,000 for autism in the Chase Community Giving Program (VOTE HERE). I'm asking on bended knee for your vote for The National Autism Association.

Please, join our community and our friends at Autism Speaks, TACA, Autism One, Generation Rescue, SafeMinds, Unlocking Autism, The Schafer Autism Report, Autism United and many others and cast your vote
HERE for NAA. With this money, they can fully fund their Project Found, which provides grant money for GPS locator systems to prevent death and injury from wandering (or bolting) away from home. They can fund the Helping Hand Grant which puts dollars directly into needy families' wallets. They can continue to help single Moms and Dads through the Family First Project. And they can offer more scholarships to their annual conference. Thank you.


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