Dr. Andrew Wakefield Responds to GMC Hearing on BBC Television
A Sad Day for the Future of Children

Talk About Curing Autism Summarizes the UK GMC Findings

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January 28, 2010
Prepared by Rebecca Estepp, TACA Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Despite jeers from the audience filled with supportive parents, The General Medical Council (GMC) found Dr. Andrew Wakefield to have “failed in his duties as a responsible consultant,” and “abused his position of trust” when conducting research in the late 1990s. Another hearing will be held to decide the sanctions of these findings. Coming to these decisions has been a long drawn out process. Here is a quick explanation of the proceedings.

What is the GMC?

The GMC is responsible for registering doctors to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.  Their purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the public health safety. They ensure proper standards in the practice of medicine. In July of 2007, the GMC began a “Fitness to Practice” hearing that charges Dr. Wakefield with serious professional misconduct. This trial is the largest hearing the GMC has ever conducted. It lasted 148 days over a two-and-a-half year period, called 36 witnesses and has cost more than £1 million pounds.

Why did the GMC bring this case against Dr. Wakefield?

In February of 1998, The British Medical Journal The Lancet published a paper authored by Dr. Wakefield.  Dr. Wakefield’s article suggested a possible but yet unproven connection between bowel disease and the MMR vaccine. His article focused on a case study of 12 children with neuropsychiatric disorders and bowel disease. At a press conference highlighting the release of his article, Dr. Wakefield suggested breaking up the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine into three separate injections for safety reasons. After that suggestion, MMR vaccination rates dropped in Great Britain, causing great concern to public health officials.

Was Dr. Wakefield the only doctor brought up on GMC charges?

No, Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, colleagues of Dr. Wakefield were also charged with allegations.

Click HERE to read the full report from TACA.



Sounds like big government and drug companies trying to squash the little guy in order to not lose profits. I've talked to senior citizens in the USA who remember the days before "cluster" vaccines. They stated that their vaccines were given one at a time, and that they received fewer vaccines than today. They also stated that people in their day caught measles, and with up proper follow up care, recovered.


Ok TACA you have the California connections make the movie.Higher a high power ACTOR like Jude law to play Wakefield and make the movie. Expose the dishonesty!


Hi Guys,

Great site! Excellent work.

I came across it whilst researching into Autism from knowing very little. I'm raising money for the National Autistic Society by running the Brighton Marathon. I wrote this blog to entice people to donate, what do you think of it it?:




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