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Participate in IACC Full Committee TODAY


The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) will be holding a Full Committee Meeting on TODAY Tuesday, January 19, 2010 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET at the William H. Natcher Conference Center, NIH Campus, in Bethesda, MD.

To access the conference call:
USA/Canada Phone Number: 888-577-8995
Access code: 1991506

Autism Speaks' Andy Shih is talking for over an hour on "global autism" and CDC's Cathy Rice is giving an "update." Also, the final version and edits for the strategic plan will be voted on, plus planning for next version of the plan and how IACC will respond to public comment.

The purpose of the IACC meeting is to discuss and vote on recommendations for the annual update of the IACC Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorders Research. 

The meeting will also include a presentation on epigenetics and autism by Dr. Andrew Feinberg of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The meeting will be open to the public and pre-registration is recommended. Seating will be limited to the room capacity and seats will be on a first come, first served basis, with expedited check-in for those who are pre-registered.  The meeting will be remotely accessible by videocast and conference call.  Members of the public who participate using the conference call phone number will be able to listen to the meeting, but will not be heard.

Individuals who participate using this service and who need special assistance, such as captioning of the conference call or other reasonable accommodations, should submit a request to the contact person listed above at least seven days prior to the meeting.  If you experience any technical problems with the conference call, please-mail [email protected].

The latest information about the meeting can be found HERE.

You received this announcement because you attended a previous meeting of the IACC or joined the IACC mailing list.  We apologize for duplicate notices. For more information on this meeting, or the IACC, please visit http://iacc.hhs.gov/

The IACC also can now be found on Twitter (www.twitter.com/IACC_Autism).

Please note: The meeting may end prior to or after 5:00 PM AT, depending on the needs of the committee.


Ben's mom

Everytime I see the name Andy Shih, I feel sick. I just can't get over seeing him on national television gleefully saying he would willingly inject his infant children full of thimerosol, he was so certain that it could cause no harm.

It is inconcievable to me that ANY autism organization would allow this man to represent their constituents, following a performance like that, no matter how many years ago it was. It is an insult, not only to those of us who know our children were damaged by mercury, but also to the rest of our community who deserve the real research to finally end the "controversy" and pull our community back together.

Just another mom

Tanner's Dad - thanks for the updates...

Wish more of us could have listened today.

Tanners Dad

"I Don't think we know enough where the gaps are" Dr Tom Insel IACC Tom Should we get different members of the IACC? #Autism "Urgency"

Tanners Dad

All you would want to know about Epigenetics...

"Is it because as lyn says the right people were not at the Table" Dr Tom Insel IACC meeting 1.19.2010 #Autism "Urgency" #FAY #UWAC

@TannersDad: Full IACC Meeting today. Still seems to be a lack of urgency in dealing with the #Autism Health Crisis. #FAY #BFH #UWAC


Oh boy won't this be fun! Looking forward to hearing from you Katie!

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