A Short Form FAQ About the Wakefield GMC Case
Dr. Andrew Wakefield Responds to GMC Hearing on BBC Television


Ginger Taylor

Dear UK GP,

After reading your comment, and doing some serious soul searching, I have decided to move to the UK so you can be my doctor. Clearly you have a grasp of the issues, and a talent for communicating truth about complicated medical controversies that few mortals have, and I would be a fool not to turn my most precious and beloved children's lives over to you.

Thank you for showing us the light.

BTW... you just commented on a two year old post. I hope you take the time to actually find out what is going on in this debate, as the lives of a few of your patients might depend on it. As it stands, your ignorant arrogance may kill them or maim them for life.

You want to know why people don't believe doctor's vaccine safety claims any more? Go back and read your comment against and see if you can figure it out.


Wow - I didn't know the Flat Earth Society still existed - well done chaps for keeping the end up for nutters around the World....

Sallie Elkordy

Proposed Legislation: “ALL VACCINES ARE BANNED”

My name is Sallie Elkordy and as a concerned parent, I have written legislation in response to constant legislative proposals to increase the number of Vaccines required of children (one NY State Assemblyman even had the gall to proposed 70 required vaccines for girls and 67 for boys up through the age of 18). None of us have the resources to combat each and every legislator's proposal, which may threaten our children's wellbeing, HENCE:

Proposed Legislation: "ALL VACCINES ARE BANNED" unless they can be scientifically proven to meet these two criteria: FIRST: DO NO HARM and SECOND: ARE BENEFICIAL TO THE RECIPIENT'S HEALTH. The burden of proof will now rest on the shoulders of those who would propose vaccines. Research to this end, must be conducted by those who do not stand to profit from the outcome.

Were these; the above criteria, established for the H1N1 Vaccine (Swine Flu Vaccine), it could never have even been offered (nor administered, nor mandated). Nor could Gardasil (HPV) have been offered or administered.

My view on vaccine choice: Vaccine "Choice" presumes that you are making an educated assessment as to whether the vaccine(s) offered are good for you or your children. Education is not enough, because it can't compete with the one-sided message the Main Stream Media is flooding the airwaves with. There will always be people who accept vaccines because of this; thereby, potentially paying a huge price for their ignorance. These ignorant people and their children must also be protected. Doctors cannot be relied upon to present a balanced perspective on these vaccines either (unfortunate, but true), so "choice" in it's truest sense, in the case of Vaccine's, is not an accurate representation of the situation as it exists.

Note: Please refer to the National Vaccine Information Center for questions you may have about vaccines. This organization exists to inform parents and the general public about vaccine safety.


To your health!,
Sallie O. Elkordy

My daughter, Mary Elizabeth Elkordy and I have co-founded the PEACE PARTY (all caps, face book group), a N. Y. State Political Committee. Our mission: Peace, Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Respect. A Gubernatorial candidate will be running in NY and possibly elsewhere in an effort to gain ballot access for the 2012 Presidential elections. Redirecting the course that our country is headed, is the basic tenet of our actions. Please JOIN US!

Contact me at: [email protected]

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou, "A Mom" - You have said it so well for all of us, at a time when we seethe with anger. These evil judges from the garden of Stalin no doubt count on the human nature of the average person who knows nothing of the truth of the case to say " Well they must have done SOMETHING !" Of course they could not allow the testimony of the affected parents . Someone with a human heart might have been moved by those stories of suffering children ! So will the sales of Merck vaccines pick up now? - even as the very words "Public Health" become a sick joke. Oh you who have brought about the destruction of so many childrens minds and health through unsafe vaccines - will you sleep a little better tonight knowing that the day of your reckoning has been pushed back by a few years.

Tony Bateson

There can't be much to add to the long list of comments from others about this shameful
travesty of what was once known as 'British Justice'.

Andrew Wakefield should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for simply asking for more research into a vexing condition affecting millions. Twelve years have been wasted and his request has been wilfully ignored whilst the GMC conjured up ways of bringing him to heel. The autism community has to do all in its power to reassure Andrew Wakefield that his efforts have not been for nothing.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


The general public will not see this as a sham unless we get the full proceedings and the evidence provided out, into daylight, and a spotlight on it. The marketing machine is massive and brutal.

Julie Penny

How could it have been otherwise? The GMC was tasked to act as shills for the pharmaceutical industry, and complicit governments. And here, I mean the UK and the US. They had to say that day is night and night is day. There are no brave souls amongst them. They only have their marching orders. This is the Orwellian world we’ve been living in this last decade. Particularly nightmarish for the Wakefields who’ve had to expend money, time, emotion, energy to vindicate Dr. Andy Wakefield from this bogus nonsense meant to break him and to scare off all other honest inquiry by doctors and researchers. What a tragic waste it’s been for the Wakefields, though not useless as more scientific studies have been put into the official record because of this witch hunt. What a tragic waste, a set-back, for the suffering children for it’s been an unforgivable diversion, this smear campaign, circumventing the help they need. For them, time is something that cannot be squandered for they are being damaged every second of every day. And will continue to be damaged by those complicit in these charades: obedient, malleable scribes masquerading as reporters, and bloated, self-important high-priest vaccine pushers. Of course, it’s the government’s own missteps that should be on trial and under scrutiny. Obviously, the government wants never to be made accountable, culpable for its own missteps. Better to coddle and be in the pocket of drug companies and governments run by and for corporations making sure to divert, quash, put the kibosh on Wakefield than get at the route of the problem. The tactics used against Dr. Andy Wakefield is an affront to truth, honesty. It further condemns every child, and every family member who demands robust, honest scientific inquiry, to gain relief from their sufferings. The GMC and their protagonists stand threadbare…but this hasn’t stopped them. Although I am happy to hear a “First Amendment Complaint has been filed” by 21 US and UK autism and safety organizations against Drs Horton, Salisbury, Zuckerman, Pegg on grounds that they gave false testimony in the proceeding brought by the GMC, I’m not holding my breath, it’s been filed to be heard by the same reprobate GMC.


I'm going to read this piece of crap, all 143 pages of it. I know it wasn't actually intended for that purpose but what the hell. I'm sure I'll hear spooky circus music running through my head as I muck through it.

A Mom

Yes, Maggie, and when we have (in the U.S.) "vaccine experts" like Paul Offit, a self-proclaimed "servant of the devil" say to a reporter, in from of witnesses, "tell Dr. (Mark) Geier that he won't live to see the day when Thimerosal is removed from vaccines" one has to wonder if it is much more sinister than just governments intentionally making people sick. Offit not only profited from a vaccine and by speaking in favor of vaccines, he dismisses the damage done and boasts that it isn't going stop.

The lies. The coverups. The blatant disregard. The arrogant dismissiveness so called medical professionals dish out to parents of suffering children. The neurodiversity movement.

It is all criminal. Well organized crimes against humanity. And the list of those who are now also complicit by not reporting THE TRUTH, who tell parents that vaccines are safe for all and that we parents of fully vaccinated permanently damaged children with no redress are nuts, that products that are recovering our children (and their inventors) belong in the same sentence as quackery or dangerous - well THAT list is growing every single day.

The GMC's decision serves to underscore the fact that we parents will NEVER EVER stop until the vaccine schedule is drastically SCALED BACK and ALL DANGEROUS PRODUCTS IN THOSE THAT REMAIN ARE REMOVED.

When that happens perhaps attorneys can secure redress for all of us. I will personally be happy just to know that NO MORE precious children and their families will be so badly, uncessarily damaged.


I totally now understand how some people believe that our governments are intentionally making people sick. What other alternative are we left with?


I agree with John. What a bunch of incoherent crap. The one thing I find most telling is that the results of the actual study have never been put into question. Isn't that where the focus should be? Also, I had to laugh at the part that stated that Dr. Wakefield drawing a few blood samples from children at a birthday party brough the medical profession into disrepute. Really? Yet no one seems to care about the damage that the medical profession continues to do each and every day by continuing along the big pharma line that every child MUST be fully vaccinated by age two. As a lawyer, I am embarrassed at the waste of time and resources spent to generate this pile of dung. If I were a doctor, I would be ashamed that my profession is so influenced by the almighty dollar that it would allow three honorable men to be dragged through the muck. I also agree with A Mom --- time for us to strenghten our resolve.

A Mom

Once again they underestimate, among other things, parents' love for and devotion to their children.

This blatant miscarriage of justice will only strengthen our resolve re: these crimes against humanity - our precious children, which was already Herculean.

Huge mistake on the part of the GMC.


What a travesty of justice this GMC ruling is! It makes me sick. I didn't really expect a fair outcome, but secretly hoped for one just the same. Hopefully, people will see this as the sham it was, and be brave enough to continue research into this much-needed area. Sooner or later, the evidence will be just too overwhelming to keep sweeping under the rug. My heart goes out to Dr. Wakefield, Simon Murch and John Walker-Smith (and their families). What an unfair ordeal they've had to endure!

John Stone

It should be pointed out that this document (unlike the short one being read out at the hearing) is completely incomprehensible. In most cases a so-called charge admitted by the defence is simply an agreement about specific and largely innocuous facts.

The central point is the confusion between two projects and the prosecution's relentless claim that the 1998 Lancet study was an ill-conducted version of a protocol for a different study. I think most of us did not really believe that the panel could buy this proposition, and certainly not to the highest level of proof in English ("beyond reasonable doubt") but they did.
For this reason they have shamefully implicated Simon Murch and John Walker-Smith, when we believed they would probably only go after Andy.

Of the three doctors only Simon Murch attended.

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