Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 1/30
Vaccines: Doctor Judges & Juries Hanging Their Own

National Autism Association Supports Dr. Andrew Wakefield

NAA logo Parents of Children with Autism Call Decision in Wakefield Trial a Threat to Medical Integrity

GMC Findings Uphold Status Quo, Discourage Physicians from Listening to Parents’ Concerns

Nixa, MO – Parents of children with autism around the world are calling the findings against Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) unjust and a threat to researchers investigating autism as a medical condition.  The verdict comes less than a month after an article in the journal Pediatrics1 urged further study of a link between gastrointestinal disturbances and autism originally pointed out by Dr. Wakefield in 1998.

The GMC hearings have been labeled a smear campaign from the beginning by thousands of parents in the autism community who hold Dr. Wakefield in high regard for his pioneering work to understand autism’s medical underpinnings. Many parents of children with autism view the GMC investigation as little more than character assassination of a physician brave enough to investigate controversial issues, and fear that relevant science will never advance if researchers are forced to put their careers in jeopardy by following the scientific truth wherever it leads.

Additional confirmation of Dr. Wakefield’s early findings was published yesterday by a research team led by Arthur Krigsman, MD in the journal Autism Insights.2   The researchers found a significant association between ileo and/or colonic inflammation and the onset of developmental disorder, which further supports autism as a medical versus a behavioral condition as parents have been reporting for years to the medical community.

“Dr Wakefield was one of the first physicians to take the concerns of parents seriously and investigate the medical conditions they noted in their children,” commented NAA Board Chair Lori McIlwain.  “The real danger comes from those unwilling to ask questions, seek answers and challenge comfortable science for the sake of propelling medicine to a higher level of safety. Here’s a doctor who asks the questions others are too afraid to ask, even though it’s their obligation to ask them on behalf of our children. Bravo to Dr. Andrew Wakefield.”

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The Goforits

Those who attempt to cripple a movement by suppressing its authentic leaders often actually ENERGIZE it. We have seen it over an over in our years of advocating in other human rights struggles. Deciding to take on his accusers in court was one of Dr. Wakefield's most courageous decisions. The outcome is horrific for him and his colleagues. But the outcome appears to have energized a critically necessary movement. The irony is that a victory for him may have created a sense of momentary complacency among his supporters that would not have been helpful to the multitude of human beings of all ages who need the truth on this issue to be carried forth NOW into all corners of the world by an energized movement so that those who make decisions for them make life-giving rather than death-dealing decisions.

A couple of goforit grandparents from the Lauderdale conference salute Dr. Wakefield for his courage and inspiration.

Darian (nickname)

Missouri's own 'Token Pro-Cure Aspie Girl' stands behind you Dr. Wakefield! You are an inspiration to me, and millions of others around the world. God bless you and your family!

Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

What many in the media are missing is the fact that in addition to the justified outcry from parents, many researchers and clinicians from around the world also stand in support of Andrew Wakefield. They agree with his findings and applaud his courage to act on his scientific and moral convictions. There is no doubt among this group that for a subset of children, their bowel issues and autism were related to receiving vaccines and in some cases specifically the MMR. This is obviously not a popular belief,as it challenges a core conviction of the existing medical system…… It is however, one of those inconvenient truths that must be examined if we are to solve the mystery of why 1 in 100 children are being diagnosed with autism. It's a shame that a man of Wakefield's intelligence, scientific background and commitment should have to undergo such personal and professional persecution. The good news is he has the respect of thousands of parents, researchers, physicians and nurses from around the world. So, regardless of the GMCs decision, he remains a hero!


wakefield is a man of well as all of us who fight for the health and well being of our children..our message must be no more..we will not sacrifice any more of our precious infants to their big lie. just say no more..our strenghth is in how we spend our money..stop lining pharma pockets..just say no..we have a right to life, liberty,and the pursuit of happiness..and so do our children..continue on andy..we are behind you...candace

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