Wakefield's Science Proven Valid Again In New Study That Replicates Findings
Organizations File First Amended Complaint at UK General Medical Council

Medical Council Says Wakefield "Failed in His Duties," Was Dishonest.

Breaking news Multiple news outlets are reporting that Britain's General Medical Council has come down harshly on Dr. Andrew Wakefield's MMR research, saying he "failed in his duties as a responsible consultant" and was dishonest and irresponsible in describing research published in the Lancet.

Yorkshire Evening Post

 The Independent

Sky News


Barbara Fischkin

I would like to add my voice to those supporting Dr. Wakefield. Bottom line is as simple as can be: He is trying to make our kids better.

Doing nothing is what is harmful.


Interesting that Wakefield was trashed yesterday and today the news brings us Bill Gates pledging billions for vaccines.

How many lives will be changed by autism and Mr. Gates "generosity"?

Gates: $10B vaccine program could save 8.7M lives


A Mom

For Jane Sheppard


Jane Sheppard

I listened to Dr. Wakefield speak at the NVIC conference and found him to be sincere, honest, credible, and passionate about children with autism. I also request that someone write up a short and easily understood explanation of all that has happened so that we can all pass it along. I will post this on my parenting blog at HealthyChild.com. Forget about all the lies in the mainstream media. Mom bloggers can get the truth out there and shine the light on this deception.

Carol Martin

Much of this decision seems to be based on whether or not the children were examined under Project 162-95 or Project 172-96. I can't tell how the GMC made the decision that the children were examined under 172-96.

Can someone please elucidate?

Lila White

And just today this was released:

Replicated Wakefield Study: Krigsman et al published jan 27 2010


Clinical Presentation and Histologic Findings at Ileocolonoscopy in
Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Gastrointestinal
Authors: Arthur Krigsman, Marvin Boris, Alan Goldblatt and Carol Stott
Publication Date: 27 Jan 2010
Autism Insights 2010:2 1-11

Teresa Conrick

bensmyson- I know this is such bad news, that many of us knew would be an injustice on so many levels but please take heart that this is not over -- not by a long shot.


Failed in his duties? Failed in his duties?

The bottom line to any of this is: How do the parents feel about the attempts of these 3 men to help their children? Did they go far enough?? Too far???

Let's hear from the parents. And in the meantime, may the REAL conflicts of interest be followed up on. And that involves the chairman of the hearing, Dr. Kumar; Rutter; Salisbury; the Sunday Times; and others, as deftly investigated by such as Martin Walker and John Stone.

A lot of good will come out of this Inquisitorial hearing yet.

Meryl Dorey

This verdict was a foregone conclusion. When you are tried by a kangaroo court - the verdict will always be guilty as charged. But it is the GMC that is truly guilty. They are the ones who don't care about the children who are afflicted with autism. They are the ones who, by persecuting the only mainstream medical health professionals who are actually trying to help children with autism, are going to lead to one more stolen generation of autistic kids and adults.

Autism has increased more than one thousand fold and doctors can't say why - yet they say it isn't vaccines. Study after study has emerged to support Wakefield's original 1998 hypothesis (remember - hypothesis - not even a conclusion) and all of this information was ignored by the GMC.

In the end - the parents were the ones who lost out in this trial. But natural justice will decree that they and these 3 brave and ethical professionals will be the final winners.
Meryl Dorey
The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc


A sad day for science, and a sad day for mankind in general. The vast majority of the medical field completely ingnore the pain and suffering of our children. Then they ruthlessly pursecute a doctor who tried to help so he would become an example of what happens to those who dare question the modern medical orthodoxy of the sacred vaccine program.

There are few doctors out there that would want to go through what Dr. Wakefield has been through. Why should they? Why stand up for what is right when doing nothing is so easy and taking a stand is career suicide?

The whole things is a pathetic, rotten, twisted mess! And our children are victimized yet again!


This is as consequential as a sparrow fart in a west wind as far as I'm concerned. I refuse to let it slow our progress. It does suck, but it is hardly going to stop this runaway train…

We love you Dr. Wakefield. Keep up to good work!!

Jake Crosby

Obviously, Surendra Kumar is the real-life version of his namesake from "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle."


Sorry for the interruption, Dr. Wakefield. Please, continue . . .

Seriously . . . please continue.

Darian (nickname)

Will the smear campaign ever end?!!? How much does this poor man have to go through simply because of being committed to the truth?! This has gone way to far! This wasn't a trial, it was an excuse to smear this good doctor in the public eye so that the truth gets buried!

It's good to know how much these courts and politicans care about children isn't it? How much they want to "help" us? It all sickens me! This man did not deserve to be put through this, or his family! I applaud his family as well, for sticking by him through all of this!

Don't back down Dr! I know they have sent the hounds after you, but no one can stop the truth! It reminds me of a bible verse. I can't quote it exactly but it went along the lines of "and the Devil did as much evil as he could, for he knew his time was short."

It rings true here. They come after you because they know thier strangle hold on the public is coming to an end.



Teresa Binstock

Dr. Wakefield is among the most sincere and honest researchers and physicians I have come to know during my 20 years of autism research. His UK inquisitors have allowed Verstraeten et al's deliberate diluting of data regarding thimerosal's adverse effects to remain unmentioned. The underlying motive of pharma and the UK's GMC may be found in a recent essay about profiting from iatrogenic procedures. Andy Wakefield's heresy was in calling attention to one such iatrogenic process: the way the MMR affects some children.

Iatrogenecists excel in the practice of iatrogenic medicine


"Did anyone actually think this wasn't going to be the outcome?"

I know the overwhelming odds are that my son will not fully recover from his injury, it will not lessen the pain any when I die and know that he still lacks another miracle to be the boy we once saw and knew so well way back when. A miracle that may have happened had justice prevailed today. Unfortunately this decision handed down today by the GMC stabbed that hope in the back.


Dr. Wakefield and perhaps the other two doctors will appeal. They'll win. The press won't cover it.


Nor is he among those that are "callous to the suffering of children"

Quite the opposite.

And I thank him.


It's a sad day for science. This will have a chilling effect on further research.


Did anyone actually think this wasn't going to be the outcome?

John Hemenway

Half my ancestors gave up on that stinking government in 1630, the other half stayed another 40 years and participated in Cromwell's little reform effort. This trial is providing me with a pretty good feel for the types of mentalities my ancestors were likely dealing with back then. Apparently, my Cromwellian ancestors missed a few.


Someone please compose a short and easily understood explanation of all that has happened so that we can all pass it along in forwards to the rest of the world. We don't need news agencies to help. We can pass the word, but it needs to be in short and easy to understand form so people who don't follow the story can know what is going on. A revolution needs to begin here. It's time to peacefully storm the castle with knowledge in and criminals out.


There are many who are misleading and dishonest, Dr. Wakefield is not counted among them.

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