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Age of Autism Coverage of CDC's December 23 Press Conference

Katie Wright: About that CDC Autism Press Conference Right Before Christmas

Blase_frog By Katie Wright

It felt strange googling my doppelganger. My real name is Catherine Wright. However, my doorman knows to accept any deliveries for Katie Wright, Cathy White or Catherine Rice. I answer to all of them. In a city with hundreds of different languages, I’m not going to split hairs with my pizza delivery guy.

Like many of you I listened to Dr. Catherine Rice’s ridiculous Centers for Disease Control (CDC) press conference on the FRIDAY AFTERNOON BEFORE CHRISTMAS about the dramatic rise from 1 in 150 to 1 in 100 American children affected by autism. This devastating information was read like a product warranty- laboriously and without interest. 

And what is with the timing of CDC/ autism press conferences? Always a Friday afternoon…hmmm…I wonder why? And the length of the question period is absurdly brief.  About 4 members of the public are allowed ask questions during the Q &A. While Dr. Rice spends an inordinate amount of time talking, the question asker has no time to respond and then whoosh- time’s up and she HAS to go.

Just what else is so important that the CDC staffers cannot spare another hour to answer questions about this catastrophic rise in autism? What else has Dr. Rice got to do that is just SO much more important than answering the public’s questions? Why not take 10 calls rather than 4?  Hundreds of autism agencies, parents, doctors and lawyers were left on hold, none able to ask their question.  Only 30 minutes for public questions about the most pervasive and disabling development disorder affecting children? Want to bet that a SARS press conference would be 2 hours long?

The CDC loves to talk about diseases no one actually has.

As I listened to Dr. Rice’s speech, I was wondering why everyday is Groundhog’s Day with autism and the CDC.  Only the numbers seem to change.

2006: Autism affects 1 in 166 in children. Rice says, “it is hard to say how much is a true increase and how much is improved identification.”

2007: Autism affects 1 in 150 children. Rice says, “it is hard to say how much is a true increase and how much is improved identification. We can’t make conclusions about trends.” Why not?

2008: Rice says, “ It is difficult to determine what is going on.”   Maybe for you!

2009: Autism affects 1 in 100 children.  Rice says, “ It is impossible to say how much is a true increase and how much is improved identification.”

Autism will be affecting 100% of American children before these geniuses at the CDC have any idea what they are talking about.

Can you imagine if you turned in this kind of performance, year in, year out, in the private sector? Every year performing worse than the year before, having no idea why and taking no responsibility for your incessant failure? Can you even imagine the gay community putting up with Dr. Rice’s nonsense during the AIDS epidemic? If only our families could leave the house! Thanks to the gay community’s intense advocacy, within 15 years there were many life saving treatments for HIV + people. 70 years into autism, the situation worse than ever and the CDC has NOTHING for our kids but “learn the signs.” Thanks, I did that and my kid is still autistic. What now Dr. Rice?

Yes, Rice did say, “A true increase cannot be ruled OUT.” More words of wisdom, ten years behind the curve. I also think it cannot be ruled out that Wednesday will follow Tuesday or that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Dr. Rice spoke about how genetic and environmental factors (but never toxic adjuvant combinations or over-vaccination) are causing autism. Rice mentioned parental age and stress in pregnancy as possible mysterious environmental factors. Who else find this absurd and insulting? Classic and useless CDC “blame the parent” research based on small low powered studies.  Autism researchers have a long and shameful history of placing blame on “refrigerator mothers” and now, I suppose, stressed out old parents? The CDC loves “environmental” research that has nothing to do with the environment. Everyone knows that the stress comes ATFER the diagnosis. Please, my life was a paradise before autism! This silly parental age thing is such a red herring.  Almost every ASD parent I know was in their 20s or early 30s when their child was born. If one separates out ASD singletons from ASD multiples one would certainly see a difference.  It is well established that smaller and premature babies are more vulnerable to ASD, probably because they cannot withstand such an aggressive immunization assault so early in life.

After my Dad, Bob Wright, asked Dr. Rice why vaccine research was off the table Dr. Rice touted the CDC’s involvement with IACC as proof that the CDC was indeed open to all possible avenues of research. Was she serious? Has Dr. Rice actually listened to an IACC meeting lately because I have! Is Dr. Rice aware that the NIH’s Dr. Tom Insel specifically removed ALL vaccine and adjuvant research in a crafty, secretive, surprise re-vote- after the measure had already passed at an earlier meeting? If Rice doesn’t know that she should. Then Rice claimed there were many autism community representatives on the IACC committee. What? Since when? Besides Lyn Redwood and Lee Grossman there are NO community representatives on IACC.

Meanwhile Tom Insel appointed his neighbor to the committee and allowed an embittered ex-AS employee to abscond with that agency’s seat. The National Autism Association, TACA and Generation Rescue are real autism organizations that represent thousands of parents, physicians and researchers who work everyday providing services, support, cash grants for families and research dollars for the autism community. Instead IACC is packed with over a dozen federal government appointees who are frequently absent from meetings (check the attendance records!), exhibit little knowledge of autism, scarce compassion for autism families yet can usually be counted upon to vote in lock step with Dr. Insel.

After listening to the CDC’s fear, paralysis and self- interest masquerading as science I did a little research on Dr. Rice.

There is a disturbing theme in Rice’s autism work to underplay the seriousness of the catastrophic increase of autism. In October of 2008 Rice said, “ It is important to remember that the risk of having a child with autism is relatively small.”  What is that dumb comment about – hiding from reality or flat out denial? Rice said this in an article about why parents of newborns are (rightly!) scared about the incidence of autism. Great advice!

In February of 2009 Rice says at an autism conference that she “expects a leveling off in rates in the next 12 years.” Why? Based on what? ALL the actual evidence points to the contrary? Why this need to minimize the numbers? I am trying to follow Rice’s logic…Is she saying we should be content to wait 12 more yrs, until autism affects 1 in 5 kids, because possibly then the CDC will have a handle on this epidemic? Who knows? It makes no sense at all.

Then I came across some very interesting e-mails, courtesy of Generation Rescue and the Freedom of Information Act. Roy Grinker is the father of a high functioning child on the spectrum. His child, fortunately, is healthy and has suffered no regressions, no post vaccine febrile seizures, no chronic autoimmune problems and no incessant bowel pain as my son has. Grinker strongly believes that there is no real increase in autism because there are hidden hordes of autistic adults just waiting to be discovered.
Apparently this outlandish hypothesis is very appealing to the CDC.  Rather than working day and night (as most parents do) to uncover the real causes of this catastrophe, CDC personnel Rice and Dr. Marshalyn Allsop take a great deal of time to chit chat with Grinker and meet with him personally to discuss “finding” those millions of missing adults with autism.  Does finding the “hidden” ASD adults = no ASD epidemic to the CDC?  They certainly behave as if that is their hope.  Allsop tells Grinker that finding adults with autism is * very *  (Allsop’s emphasis not mine) important to the CDC and how very disappointed she was that the CDC did not get one decent grant application to find these hidden ASD hordes! THAT is her priority? Incredible. Allsop goes on to helpfully give Grinker many references, citations and encouragement. It reads like a dialogue between soul mates!

Dr. Rice met with Grinker at IMFAR. Grinker shared his creepy book about autism numbers being flat from the beginning of time. Does anyone actually admit to believing this nonsense? It seems like Dr. Rice of the CDC is a fan of Grinker’s hypothesis. He thanks Rice “for her kind words about his book.”  Does anyone else feel ill? Have I mentioned that Grinker is a hard-core opponent of vaccine research? Interesting, right? Dr. Catherine Rice’s interest is really piqued by Grinker’s “hidden hordes” logic and e-mails Grinker asking if “you have gotten much of a strong reaction for not fully embracing the epidemic as a phenomenon of increased risk?” Sure sounds like Rice hopes the answer is no. At NO time in these lengthy conversations do Allsop and Rice express any concern about the children suffering now with autism and what to do to help them.

I wonder how many parents of vaccine-injured children have contacted Rice and Allsop and received such over the top research assistance and encouragement?

The only useful information Rice ever delivers is “learn the signs and act early” as if that is all we have to do and as if these services are actually easily accessible. Tell us something we don’t know.  Give us information that is not 10 years out of date. Better yet, Dr. Rice, stop talking and start listening.  Come to a DAN! or NAA conference, meet children like mine, see our kids’ test results, read about their medical history, watch the regression movies, attend an actual IACC meeting, forget about “parental stress” causing autism and read the papers from the Environmental Working Group about autism and environmental toxins. In other words, Dr. Rice stop hiding from the public, break out of the useless CDC autism groupthink, support real environmental research and independent vaccine research, quit the love fest with anti-epidemic cranks, make finding the autism’s causes a real priority, basically start doing your job.

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Katie Wright

Sadly, I do not think those at the CDC are "very much concerned with autism." They are rather, very much afraid of autism. There is no cover-up, merely self-interest, fear and ignorance standing in the way of progress at the, CDC.

It isn't OK for public servants to fail so badly, year after year after year and take no responsibility and make no effort to change the obviously failed manner in which they have researched the causes of this epidemic.

Someone who truly cares about our kids and is trying to do a good job would not tell us about "parental stress and parental age" being the important triggers. It is absurd.

Human beings do make mistakes and you know what else-they sometimes get fired from their workplaces too.

It is not someone else's fault that Rice and Allsop fail miserably at their jobs.


Katie - As always, well researched and written; thank you.

The bitter taste in my mouth and panic I feel all day, every day, because my daughter suffers so many symptoms with no opportunity for definitive diagnosis and no resolution on the horizon, must be eating away my brain function.

I MUST be irrational to question why our Government sits on its thumbs while American newborns, infants, and children absorb a storm of environmental blows and sharp jabs (sucker-punches delivering known neurotoxins, carcinogens, mutagens, and poisons directly to their rapidly developing tissues, organs, and systems). Not a fist, nor a finger, raised in defense of these most vulnerable citizens.

Our society imposes a training regimen of toxic injection, inhalation, and consumption from birth; then simply discards the 1 in 6 children left unable to shake-off the damage done. The surface symptoms from the pummeling barrage are lightly inspected then bandaged over with the modern medicine du-jour; but the deep tissue and organ damage are left to fester beneath the smooth artificial mantle.

For more than 1 in every 100 American children, the beating leaves its indelible imprint - like a stinging red palm-print on innocent alabaster skin. Suffering mitochondrial impairment, seizures, GI damage, renal damage, brain sclerosis, autoimmunity, myelin destruction, and other heinous damages, and unable to communicate with words, these children ultimately manifest scary behaviors. Parents, punch-drunk with worry, run from specialist to specialist - trying to find one professional who will look past the behavior and find its function.

Commonly, parents are directed to one field of practice - psychiatry where their children’s futures are taken down for the count with one diagnosis that does nothing to improve their health; but results in a total-knock-out of their future – Autism.

Years pass, and many of us wonder each and every day if our children will grow old in pain, ignored by the very professionals who should care about their health and quality of life; or die sometime in the night from their sundry internal systemic failures which are never even pondered by those same professionals.

And every minute, the rage and nausea, recognizing the line-up of contenders in this heavy-weight bout is never-ending and the outcome is rigged to ensure 1 in every 6 children will lose the round, and 1 in 100 will lose the fight for their future.

Clearly, someone must have rung my bell, because it can't be possible that America doesn't care that Her children are being beaten to a pulp? Where are the REAL American HEROES, who would step up and stop the bludgeoning of our youth?

Granny Blue

He was so hopeful. He was so determined. He was so dedicated to his GF/CF diet, so patient with the hours of IV"S that replenished his desperately low levels of vitamins and minerals, pumped some glutathione and removed the off-the-chart load of heavy metals in his body, so tolerant watching the methylB12 being shot into his thigh,so willing to glup big pills down his narrow gullet. He was so good-loooking, so brilliantly intelligent,so gentle and good-humored in his confident efforts to overcome the obstacles in his path that had been put there by htat horrendous condition they finally labeled "autism"--like that strange character hi'd watched in the movie, "The Rainman"--when he was 15. He'd fought back from the enbarrassing state of "high school dropout" he'd acquired when he'd bcome so confused in the huge new school building, so sick and so tired from the gut problems that sapped his strenth and weight and stamina and left him exhausted from carrying his 1k7-pound boook bbag from one end of the building to another to change classes. He'd quietly fought back to get his GED and enroll in the community college amid the cheers of his GED and college teachers, to learn to get where he needed by city bus, to accept the guidance of his autism social skills group coordinator to identify a career goal and to work volunteer assignments in pursuit of that goal.

But the demograpphics we assume were all wrong, upside-down. It was his mother who was convinced by others that his medical care was dangerous for him, who had pulled him from it and who had him declared incompetent based on his consenting to "round after round of experimental medicine" and had herself named his guardian to protect him from it. Three years later, January, 2010, he was living alone, sleeping long hours and watching TV, sapped of weight and stamina, with no involvement in life save the daily two-hour custodian job he walked to alone, his only visitor his devoted mother.

The demographics were all wrong. So wrong. It was us, his grandparents, who had attended the DAN conferences all over the county--had introduced him to Dr. Rimwald in Boston---had partnered with a local integrative MD to address his illness and traveled a long way with him to another with more extensive experience when the gut problems remained intractable. It was we who have pleaded for help from lawyers who tend to agree with our estranged adult children that we are mentally disturbed because we insist that he is sick, that looking like an escapee from a concentration camp is not normal even if he does have autism, when his doctors don't seem to think he has a problem.

The demographics are all wrong. It is us, his grandparents who have been congratulated by hundreds of nonplussed hard-fighting parents of children with autism for being wonderful grandparents and referred to someone else for help.

And suddenly we realize just how wrong the demographic are for our grandson. He is 25. He is an ADULT with autism. He is being SOUGHT by the enemies of parent warriors with vaccine injured CHILDREN diagnosed with autism to weaken THEIR case for THEIR children.

We had hoped that someone among those parents who know so much about the gut problems our grandson is afflicted with, like Katie Wright, might help us help our grandson. Can that happen? Can it happen that the demographics are so wrong now that he might be considered expendable by this community? Or are we strong enough together to include him in, even if it allows them to find him and count him?


Yeah, gosh, let's have some sympathy for those CDC staff members, and remember James Brown's song "Think" where he plead for forgiveness and sang:

Think about the bad things
I tried not to do!


Riley@ "I think it's completely absurd to believe that scientists working at the CDC are in the full throes of an autism cover-up."

No, of course not, most of them are simply in the full throes of keeping their cushy overpaid jobs. They are not worrying about autism, rather about their next contract renewal. I also don't believe most of them are "evil" or doing this with purpose of harming our kids. Just as most Germans didn't actually actively kill or persecute Jews. They just let it happen. They like to believe they didn’t know what was going on. Dr Rice is actively trying to prove that autism holocaust is not happening, to ease her conscience (which deep down must be telling her to stand up to genocide).

Note what Kathy posted on retroviral research in CFS and how those groundbreaking researchers are warned to keep away from looking at or talking about autism and vaccines (as they reactivate the dormant virus – the working hypothesis being that following vaccination it then spreads from immune cells to the brain).

There are definitely “security guards” out there watching what scientists and officials are doing, making sure they don’t rock the boat. Either out of good intentions, for each other’s carriers, or because they have vaccine patents at stake. Or simply to defend their positions of high-priesthood.

Many of them would look and feel like downright complete idiots if the epidemic is publicly confirmed and the culprit found to be environmental, the horrors of autism preventable and reversible. Many of them have been shouting from the rooftops for too long about autism being genetic and for life. Most of them have just been complacent, going with the flow. Lots of reputation at stake here.


Riley I have been at this for a quarter of a century and either the people working at the CDC are real slow, dumber than a knot on a log or it is something else?

What could the something else be?

There has been a lot of parents and Senators including Dan Burton wondering about the something else?

So take your pick really thick or something else?


Great article. Just when you think the corrupt people in government have gone as low as possible in ignoring the crys of suffering children they sink to an even lower low. I pity the judgement these people will face if they do not repent of thier wickedness.


Yes, they are human beings - with human frailties like everyone else - including a vulnerability to greed. Wouldn't it be nice to get a plum job working for pharma someday (cf: Julie Gerberding)? Well, how does one do that when one spends most of one's career making life difficult for pharma execs (by judiciously recommending vaccines for the "schedule," rather than the "we can't get too many" mentality)?

And how do you explain the plain facts concerning the timing of those announcements? A negative one right before the holidays (big jump in autism #'s), and a pro-pharma one(i.e. pushing more vaccinces) early in the week when people are paying attention to the news again?

What conclusions might reasonable people draw from those FACTS?


I think it's completely absurd to believe that scientists working at the CDC are in the full throes of an autism cover-up. Come on! Like all of us, they are human beings, and are very much concerned with the increase in autism and the devastation it brings to families. Stop the finger-pointing. It's very unproductive.


Did anyone notice how prominently the new vaccine recommendations were announced this week - early in the week?

Compare/contrast to the new autism numbers announcement right before Christmas when every parent is distracted beyond belief.

If anyone thinks that my sons are getting the HPV shot on my watch they have another "think" coming. When hell freezes over.

Jill Fenech

Katie - Thanks for writing. You always make my day. Here's a thought Dr. Rice, if you haven't been able to find the "origin" of autism - why not try it the other way? Go to the recovered children's families and ask - What the heck did you do to help your child? Write it down. Then see if it works on other AI kids. You see, that's what we parents do. Find out what is working with some kids. Does it work for my kid? Maybe not. Keep looking. How many conversations do we have with people in therapy waiting rooms, grocery lines, and soccer games about what this family or that family is doing that is working? You are always looking for a kid like yours that is getting better. My daughter will be 17 years old this summer. Will my daughter magically become "visible" to Dr. Rice at that time because she is almost an adult. Does Dr. Rice also realize that the numbers just released from the CDC are not current????? If they are so good at "counting" our children, why are the numbers still very outdated? Why don't they look at Department of Education numbers?? In 2007 the Dept of Ed released the figure 1 in 67 kids receiving services in school under the autism diagnosis. I wonder what it is for 2008? How scary do the numbers have to get to be considered more than a "concern?"

The resistance of the American public to get the H1N1 vaccination was a positive sign of things to come. There are just too many families affected by autism to ignore (although the CDC and the IACC do a very good job.) New mothers are frightened and they are not as trusting as the last generation (for good reason!) The backlash is building. It will not be led by the CDC, the IACC or any of the other government alphabet groups. It will be led by the families affected by vaccine damage, our kids both NT and AI and the broader family of friends and neighbors that we all have who are not directly affected, but are aware of the damage inflicted every day on the next generation. Our numbers are growing and show no sign of stopping - IF YOU CHANGE NOTHING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. I wonder if Julie Geberding can get Dr. Rice a job at Merck?


I'm sure the CDC is working on a vaccine to "Cure" autism or at least one that will do away with the problem - you know how most include "could be fatal" as a side effect....

L Land

That Dr. Rice thinks that two amounts to many explains why it takes her sooo long to produce her incidence rate reports. (One could almost feel sorry for her, I mean did she get kicked off the food borne disease teams because she couldn't count fast enough? Then did she get booted from the flu teams because she couldn't count the made up flu cases fast enough? So, she's been put on the team that noone cares about, so much for her career.)
But then again of she thinks two is many you would think the number of autism cases would be HUGE to her. Wait I know, since the rate is always 1 in X, it is just that she sees the 1 as a small number so she sees no reason for concern!

Darian (nickname)

All I know is I'm 25 years old, and I am sick! I am sick and tired of being put on a back burner while funds have to be spent to debate these people instead of going towards curing me and those like me!

I am sick and tired of waiting, being told how I don't have a disability, I have a "difference" and that I should accept that and live with it, when it all could have been PREVENTED!!!!

I have a right to a normal life! Free from being serperated from everyone else, free of isolation and dispair! Free of going through day after day fighting so hard to fake normal! Of missed opportunities I could have had because of something that was not my fault!

I, and every other autistic child and adult out there DESERVE ANSWERS!!! We are tired of suffering day after day for Big Pharma's and the goverment's bottom line!

We, like our parents, fight so hard every single day just to be able to fuction in a world we do not understand! And it is painful, and exhausting, a drain on finances, energy, health!!

I am tired of these people and thier excuses!! And I am tired of playing nice!! I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!!! So let's cut the bs folks, and start doing your REAL jobs!!

Remember the oath? Do no harm? Well every time you tell me to accept that I will never be like everyone else, never be able to do the simple enjoyable things everyone else does, you do me and every other person on the spectrum and those who love them harm!!

I don't even think they are even trying to find a cure! I think they spend all thier funds fighting us, meanwhile, as always, it's the children who suffer!! Well I put my foot down! I am going to start a grassroots campaign here, getting all those who can on the spectrum to write thier stories.

Everything that WE on the spectrum go through just to get through the regular day, and how much it costs us each day. And how much it hurts to see what our disorder does to those we love!

And I am going to send them to not only my state reps with whom I am in close contact with, but federal leaders!! Maybe with parents and ASDS together, we can get someone's attention!!

Anybody with me?



Thanks for covering the story. Many are unaware of the "behind closed doors" deals/votes that happen in government. Transparency, especially in health, is normally the best policy.


Thank you Katie,

I for one appreciate the tremendous effort you put in everyday to bring these liars to account.
Your work is powerful and will prevail over these lying blanks


Anne my son is right there right now.


Kristina wrote: "Obviously Dr. Rice knows what is causing the epidemic, and wants to cover it up,...I don't know what she knows, but she knows something, and it's too terrible for a public employee to share with the public."

I too wonder about this. Dr. Rice "expects a leveling off in rates in the next 12 years." How so?


The CDC's odd convoluted approach to autism means the following:

The CDC knows that vaccines cause autism.


Just another person saying "damn I hope this charade holds up until my term of service is over.., if I can just push the inevitable revolution out a fee more years...".


This article by Katie Wright illustrates the very sad fact that a whole generation of children affected by autism will be lost to ignorance and indifference! We as parents can't let this happen. Our children have an illness that can be treated, not a developmental disability. We need more research into the causes and medical treatment/cure of this devastating disease.

K Fuller Yuba City

Wow, I may need Rice's email address. In October my son will be 18. There's one adult for you.


"parental stress" as a cause of autism?! I had my first at 33 and I was stressed out of my tree! I was working for the boss from hell and our only car was out of commission. I was house bound through the fall and it was aweful. Amazingly, she does not have autism.


Autism Speaks is no stranger to Roy Grinker either. You forgot to mention they gave him $120,000 in 2005 to go to Korea and find all the ASD adults there to write his book, which the CDC is now backing as gospel truth apparently. Suprising? I think not.

NAMI supports his book and gave him an award. What does that tell you, exactly?

Cynthia Cournoyer

The CDC has already decided that vaccines are the answer to every disease. They are essentially an arm of vaccine manufacturers. To suddenly study themselves is not likely. Makers of bad products don't suddenly decide to find out if their product is dangerous so they can stop, no they wait until they are PUT out of business.

They are biding their time until autism IS NORMAL. Then they can turn around and say, what were you worried about, it's just a variation on childhood.

Kathy Blanco

A few thoughts. Gag orders. I think we have a lot of them going around. For instance, after getting off the phone with THE premier scientist on XMRV in autism, and I quote..."don't talk about autism, or vaccines" which she said BULL CRAP to "Certain parties"...not going to be shot is going on underground...can you imagine how pursed and rehearsed they have to be in meetings like this one?

And to that I say, either alter the schedule, or form an opinion (if you can folks), that vaccines either have any worth, or worth at all. And question, that epidemics are typically caused by infections. Infections like the XMRV, could be the underlyament of a vaccine reaction to be. And why there are numerous "problems" in the autism family with neurological and cancerous histories. Believe me when I say, what I learned to day, would scare the SHIT out of all of you. So, let's get a marker at birth for a child who should be essentially set aside, disqualified from this current schedule. And let's stop thinking greening a vaccine, pluuez. It's more than that... I guess technically, that evil 'formaldehyde' is actually kinda protecting you from wayward/undetected/undiscovered viruses in vaccines...and if you take some ingredients away, you are inviting another doom on our kids...there is no winning's either all, or nothing folks.

A child with underlyament XMRV with an active infection, IS going to react to a vaccine. A child with immune disturbances, and metabolic and mitochondrial issues as well...let's get jiggy with this, and get on the ball...and design and devine a pretest. Hyper IgE on Cord Blood, I don't care, something! Stop this madness.. Stop the low talk, the humble submissions that are typically not even looked at, and fund researchers willing to say bull crap to the powers that be.

Amy in Idaho

And "the signs" that we're are all told to learn are lame. They really should include things like:

"Is your child obsessed with items such as water?"
"At the playground, would your child rather play with the fence than with other children?"
"Does your child refuse to wear a halloween costume? Does your child appear to be oblivious to Halloween or Christmas?"
"Has your child never asked a question?"
"Repeating phrases may make your child verbal but it doesn't mean they can communicate - learn the signs....."

Just a suggestion......

Darian (nickname)

What does knowing the signs do really? Make you aware? Great! You know the signs! You can spot one of us! Good for you!

Now, what is going to be done about it? That is the question on everyone's minds. Knowing the signs does not cure me of my autism. It does not help me deal with my autism, or in fuctioning in my daily life in any way.

We need something of substance! Proof that all those donated funds are going to ammount to something! Enough about awareness, now that everyone's aware, let's all roll up our sleeves it get to work!

I was writing a document earlier for work, crutiqing a guide. I talked about the need for facts. I don't want a sells pitch, I don't want an opinion.

There are millions of dollars lost every year on awareness that needs to be going into research!

My grandfather use to have a saying. If I don't know what's wrong, I can't fix it! Lets starting using money to find out once and for all what causes autism, and in doing so considering EVERY angle!!

If vaccines are the sole cause, then we research how to nullify it's affects. If it is many factors, we can then at least know what they are and begin the process of figuring out how to reverse it.

Perhaps this is a stupid statement but now that the whole world is aware, lets use those funds for something that will actually DO SOMETHING!!

*Darian's rant is now over*


Thank you for the time and effort you put into following these people and the subsequent commentary on the whole thing. I always look forward to your posts the most.

I'm glad to hear the note about your dad. I always secretly hoped that he and your mom, as founders of AS and very powerful and influential people, believed that ALL research should be explored, even the dreaded vaccine research. Nothing should be off the table with these numbers!

This whole "the question has been asked and answered" line is silly. We are asking more questions as we want more answers. Not that illogical.


Dr Rice: Borrowing the words of George Washington "It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one."


Sadly, Autism Speaks has given the CDC the opportunity to hide behind the "learn the signs" platitude. My family traveled this weekend to a ski resort about 1.5 hours from home. While driving, I lost count of the Autism Speaks-sponsored billboards encouraging me to "learn the signs".

Is there really anyone out there (other than pediatricians) who is still unaware of the signs of autism? Is blanketing the nation in billboards really the best use of the money collected by Autism Speaks?


Obviously Dr. Rice knows what is causing the epidemic, and wants to cover it up, since she is looking so hard for adults with autism, that are so invisible they require a study to find. Unless of course they are going to count 18-20 year olds, born 1989-1991? Or maybe they'll even count 16 year olds born in 1993 as adults, since sometimes they are considered adults in a court of law?

I don't know what she knows, but she knows something, and it's too terrible for a public employee to share with the public.

Lisa Thompson

Katie, great work as usual. But I am wondering if you or anyone can answer a question for me?

I am bothered by the fact that Autism Speaks continues to flood the television air waves with their ubiquitous PSA campaign: The odds of having a child diagnosed with autism: 1 in 166.

If this statistic is in fact from 2006, and the numbers are now a shocking 1 in 100, why can't those PSAs be updated to reflect this change?

The old information they are broadcasting is misleading the public, and our message of urgency is being buried.

Can't those PSAs be edited to reflect the accurate numbers?


And then, there's this. Unbelievable.


Thanks, Katie, again. Here's the utterly disgusting truth, though. For anything to ever change, all the people who "need" to know that the ever-escallating vaccine schedule is responsible for this alleged "genetic epidemic" ALREADY KNOW IT. It boggles the mind of reasonable people that this kind of cruelty and irresponsibility can even exist. The ones who "don't know", unfortunately, are the unsuspecting parents of yet-vaccinated, yet-diagnosed Austistic children.

Erik Nanstiel

Awesome work, Katie! Thank you!

FAIR Autism Media

Anne McElroy Dachel

By an incredible coincidence, the AMA joins in the chorus today, saying one in 110 is nothing to worry about.
Autism increase may reflect greater awareness
Physicians say the developmental disorder is more commonly diagnosed as the definition broadens.
By Christine S. Moyer, amednews staff. Posted Jan. 4, 2010.

"When we see that variability ... it reminds us that a lot of what we see in these trends is probably due to how communities recognize, diagnose and document autism," Newschaffer said.

Darian (nickname)

Oh good! Nice to know I'm finally visable to the likes of the CDC!! I guess that means in thier eyes after gaining and loosing my diagnoses when 18 according to goverment services, it has miraclously returned! Me and my invisable hordes! *rolls eyes*

Many of us immunized in '89 are now adults you retards! That doesn't make the vaccine thoery any less possible, and you idiots are picking at straws desperate to find a reason, ANY REASON for autism other than vaccines so you won't rock the boat with the people you are such great bedfellows with!

The truth is the contributing factors to autism may very well be many, but to say vaccines play no part in it at all is ludicris! It reminds me of the pouting child who tries to convince everyone that they are not mean after just getting caught in the act of bullying!

Let me explain something to you folks who are so in love with the CDC and take the goverment at it's word. Remember this is the same goverment that sent our boys over to Iraq for weapons that did not exist! Just because you don't think there is a link for whatever biased reason, doesn't mean there insn't one!

I personally would like to see a group of unbiased scientists, ones with no stakes on either side of the debate, to look in all of this objectably, and research the subject throughly, independent of the goverment or the vaccine (anti-vaccine) camp influence.

What would thier results be? And why is this not a plausable thing being put on the table by the goverment, if they are oh so concerned of finding the cause? Are they afraid of what the results form such a team would be?

Anne McElroy Dachel


Watching the robotic Rice talk about the newest autism rate was very instructive. Somewhere, someone several years ago must have sent a memo to all departments of the CDC and to the AAP along with the IACC. That note urged that NO ONE EVER USE THE WORD "CRISIS" WHEN TALKING ABOUT AUTISM.

Incredibly, "serious public health concern" is about as strong as the language gets when it comes to autism.

Compare Rice's response to autism to how the CDC addresses obesity, which BTW is a crisis to the CDC.
SEE: CDC Holds Inaugural Conference to Address Obesity Crisis in the United States July 27, 2009 Even Bill Clinton was there along with lots of top experts.

Someone recently sent me this link to CDC expenditures.
2008 Funding by Disease Category
36% - Immunization **
16% - Terrorism
12% - Other ***
11% - HIV/AIDS, STD, and TB Prevention
9% - Chronic Diseases Prevention, Health Promotion, and Genomics
4% - Infectious Disease Control *
4% - Occupational Safety & Health
3% - Global Health
2% - Environmental Health
1% - Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry
1% - Birth Defects, Developmental Disabilities, Disability & Health
1% - Injury Prevention & Control
This is the agency that gets billions to run health care in the U.S. and the largest budget item is immunizations. Is it any wonder they're so unwilling to look at vaccines as a cause for autism? Is it hard to understand why autism is never a crisis and it's down at the bottom in the "1% Birth Defects, Developmental Disabilities, Disabilities & Health" category?

I'm sure Rice and Grinker get along great. I've always noticed that those who claim that there are undiagnosed/misdiagnosed autistic adults out there somewhere, never have to prove it.
It's not hard to find an autistic child in any public place you might be. The signs are obvious. So why not go to group homes and institutions for adults and look for those who really have autism? No one ever does. No one ever makes them find the missing horde, yet they can make the claim that they're out there somewhere.

In the end, none of the lies will work. More and more children from the autism generation will be aging out into adulthood with nowhere to go and no money for their care. This will be the crisis that no one can ignore. Only, it won't be just a health care crisis. It's going to be an economic disaster. Hundreds of thousands of young adults who never paid into Social Security will be living off the taxpayers for the rest of their long lives. And there'll be no end in sight. I sincerely hope that Catherine Rice will be available to tell us what to do when that happens.

Anne Dachel


I'd like to start filing FOIA requests on a regular basis . . . these government "servants" need the bright, sanitizing light of day shone on them.

President Obama said he was committed to more transparency in govt - let's see if there is more than just words to that statement.

Tanners Dad

Thank you Katie. Let's put the story back on the front page. I thank God for a day or two of slow news so at least the news got out. I spoke with a director of a clinic & she said the Doctors were confused by lower rates. Just the 110 vs 91 is enough to confuse them.

The quote that sums up the AAP CDC & mainstream medical advancement in the world of Autism is this...

"Our nurses do beautiful haircuts" - Dr. Timothy Buie of Harvard Medical School In Reference to sedating & looking after children with Autism. Sad Sad Sad.

JIm Thompson


Thank you for your persistence. Possibly the revolving door between the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies should be investigated. To whom do citizens go when the watchdog is sleeping with the burglars?

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