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In Memoriam: Allan Goldblatt, Provided Medical Care for Children with Autism

Goldblatt By Michele Iallonardi

On 12/30/09, our community lost a great man.  ~Allan M. Goldblatt, PA-C, DAN.~

Earlier this week was the memorial service for Allan Goldblatt.  He was a father, a husband, a brother, a son, and a friend.  He was a DAN practitioner and he treated my son Jackson for 6 years.  Allan has worked with countless children and their families.

What was amazing and unique about Allan was that he really devoted his life to his patients and their families.  He was not the parent of a child with autism, yet he was passionate like one.  Allan literally took his work home with him-  most of his patients had his cell phone number and many of us would not hesitate to call him at night or on the weekends.  Sometimes for emergencies, (like when my son had a seizure), and sometimes for what would definitely not qualify for an emergency (like when I couldn't figure out what humidifier would be best for Jackson).  Allan didn't mind-  he answered every call and question with equal importance.  He truly wanted to help and often went out of his way to do so.  We lived in the same town, and on more than one occasion, when I was exceptionally worried,  Allan passed by our house after work to check on Jackson.  On his time.  At work he never rushed patients out the door or off the phone.  He truly cared about our children.

His service was proof of how many lives he touched.  There were over 500 people in attendance, with even more people standing in the hallway.  I was both honored and devastated to be one of the people who had a chance to speak about Allan and eulogize what he meant to me and to our community.  Below is an excerpt of what I said:

"My son Jackson was a patient of Allan's for six years.  There are many parents in this room whose children were Allan's patients.  Allan was as passionate about recovering our kids as we are.  He always made time for us-  answering our questions, our calls, and our emails, no matter how silly or serious they might have been.

I cannot believe that I am standing here today.   It just does not seem possible.

I can remember the day that Ralph and I met Allan for the first time. We were struggling to help our son, and someone recommended seeing him for help.  After he spent two hours talking to us, we left his office thinking "He wants us to get rid of milk?? He's definitely crazy."  Allan was full of information and it overwhelmed me.  It took me two months to realize that he knew more about helping Jackson than anyone else I knew. Allan was the first person to give us hope in healing our son.  He put his heart and soul in to everything he did- for my sons and countless others.

Allan walked us through so many challenging times, and he did it with no other motivation than helping my children. Allan pushed us when we needed to be pushed, and he patiently explained things when we were unsure, hesitant or afraid to move forward.  He drew me a picture of the methylation pathways probably 100 times, because I never could quite get it.  It was Allan and his endless drive that helped my son move forward, that helped my son stop being in pain.  It was Allan who took his headaches away. One step at a time, one problem at a time, or sometimes 10 problems all at once.  Allan's mind was always working, reaching, hoping to find a solution.  Many, many times, for many years, it was Allan who gave me the answer, or helped me find it. I am just one parent, but I know I speak for countless parents and their children, when I say, Allan, it was you.  You were a beacon of hope for us all.

I just can't believe it. I can't.

I wish I could have done more for you. I wish I could have said thank you one more time. 

I wish it wasn't true.

Thank you Allan.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  From my heart and soul, I am eternally grateful. 

I am so, so sorry. You were a wonderful friend, and I can't imagine the journey without you.

It was mentioned many times tonight, that Allan wanted to make the world a better place.  He did.  He made it better for my son, for my family, and for so many children with autism.  He made the world a better place."

Allan Goldblatt loved our children.  I know that he will still be fighting for them on the other side.  He will be missed beyond measure.

If Allan worked with your child, or if you were a colleague of his, please share your thoughts or memories of Allan HERE, for his family, and for all who loved him. 

A fund has been set up for Allan's three beautiful, young children. Contributions can be mailed to: The Allan Goldblatt Children's Benefit Fund, 2 Morningview Court, Huntington, NY 11743."

Michele Iallonardi is mom to three beautiful boys who have introduced her to some of the most amazing people in the world. She is lucky and blessed to be their mom. You can contact her at lumardi@verizon.net.



My sympathies to this man's family and patients who clearly loved him! Can anyone please reply with whom they are now entrusting their child's care to around the area? I found his name on the internet and would like the referral of those who have a standard as his as this man clearly reached for their child!! Thanks in advance.

Lori Ortega

I happened upon this news quite by accident today, and to say that I am in shock is a remarkable understatement. Reflecting through my tears, I remember Allan. Allan was not even our daughter's doctor, but through his genuine concern for her, his knowledge, and compassion, he eventually became my husband's doctor, and singlehandedly restored in my husband a guarded sense of trust in the medical community.

I remember speaking with him for hours, discussing study upon study, soaking up his knowledge like a sponge. I remember the way his eyes twinkled when he spoke of his own wife and children, and his pride as he showed their pictures.

My family's journey has taken a wonderful path. My daughter is doing well. We are on a good course, and deal with fine professionals. Even though we had not seen or spoken to Allan in quite some time, his positive effects on my daughter (and my husband) will be felt forever.

A postcard on my refrigerator reminds me of the words I try to live by; "One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of house I owned, how much money I had, or the car I drove - but the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child."

Allan, I am confident the world is a different, better place because of you.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. You will be sorely missed.

Susan Watson

Allan was my mentor, colleague and dear friend. He also treated my son. My husband and I knew shortly after we met Allan that he was brilliant, unconventional, funny and unlike any one we had met before. We knew he would be the guy to really help our son, and he did. I had the priviledge and the honor to work with Allan for 3 years. He taught me so much. He was the most intelligent healthcare practitioner that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.Some of the children in the practice were afraid of him because of his size, but he was a gentle teddy bear of a guy who loved all the children he treated. Allan spent most nights doing research on his computer into the wee hours of the morning. then he would come in to work all excited about his findings, eager to share what he had found. He often did not receive credit for all his hard work, but that did not deter him from continuing to search for new treatment modalities. When a patient had showed significant improvement, no one was happier than Allan. He treated all his patients like they were his own children. He laughed with the kids and sometimes cried with the parents, all the while instilling a sense of hope, a sense of good things to come, even when the parents felt there was little hope left. He always told me that he "just wanted to get the kids better" and I had complete faith that he would. How could you not believe in him when he had a huge map of the 88 metabolic pathways on his office wall! He was wickedly funny and quite a practical joker. I will miss his laugh, miss him making me laugh and miss the funny faces that he made most of all. Allan you can count on me to continue to do good work with the kids and know that you will guide me along the way as a professional and as a mom. This journey through autism will be so much harder without you. I will hold a place for you in my heart for inspiration to keep me going. I'll hear you whisper "NFkB" and you'll make me smile. Allan you meant so much to me and I'll miss you forever.


Linda - DAN doctors:


Maybe it is inappropriate question right now, but are there other pediatricians like Alan in NY state? I found Alan on the Internet and wanted to go to him with my son, but it is too late now. Is there any other doctor who can really help autistic kids?


Wonderful tribute. Is there anything more important in this life than to make the world a better place than when you came in? Alan Goldblatt did just that and we are all better for it. Some of us go through life and pass on and barely leave a ripple in the water, Alan left a churning, broiling, wake of white water. I've heard that there is nothing more important in one's life than to help a child. I'd like to amend that by saying "there is nothing more important and more heartfelt than to help a child with autism. It is the most selfless act in the universe. Every parent of a child with Autism knows this. God bless you Alan.
A friend.

Theresa Cedillo

This is a beautiful tribute Michele. Allan was a kind and caring man. He will be greatly missed.

K Fuller Yuba City

We should all print this tribute and the comments and send them to every practitioner who has done nothing to help our kids.

Kathleen Lanese

Once again, my friend, you've put into words what so many of us are feeling. Thanks Michele for speaking for us, and doing it so well.

For all the difficulties autism had brought to our family, it has also introduced us to some of the most wonderful people I've ever known; Allan was truly among the finest. His dedication to our families, and devotion to helping our kids never wavered. He was always available, day or night, and handled our questions and concerns with kindness, compassion, and a wealth of knowlege that always amazed me. He was always excited(in his quiet way) about some new intervention that showed promise, and had hope enough for all of us when we didn't have much of our own. Allan thought "outside the box" - and that's what we needed; the traditional medical box wasn't helping my kids.

Allan was not only a brilliant mind, intent on finding "answers" that would help our kids, but he was someone who really listened and cared about his patients and their families. He knew when to give us a little push, and when to give us some time; when to make me laugh, and when to just let me cry. Allan was blessed with three beautiful typical children, but he "got" our kids, and our lives, like no one else I've met.

I am so grateful to have known him, and I truly don't know where my two sons, and our family our would be without him. Thank you Allan for being the professional and friend that you were, and for helping my boys get to where they are today. Thanks to Allan's wife Joanne and family too, for sharing him with us, and allowing him to devote so much of his time and energy to our children.


what a great doctor. We surely need more like him!

Aly's Mom

This is a beautiful tribute, Michele. Allan had a huge heart. I loved his boy-like trouble-maker smirk and his laugh. A couple of years ago we were at a DAN think tank, goofing off with Photo Booth on my computer, making funny faces and giggling like school children. Allan will be missed by many. His passing is a tremendous loss to all of our children.

Katie Wright

Dear Michele,

Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful tribute to Allan.

I share all your feelings and had many of the same positive and generous experiences w/ Allan.

Allan was so dedicated to helping our kids. He always had time to listen to us, take our phone calls, make Saturday appointments- anything to help.

3 years ago my son was a mess. He was in such pain and so unhappy. No one except Allan could take his blood- AND do it on a Saturday! At first Allan was kicked, bitten, scratched- it was awful and I felt so terrible. Allan never expressed anything but compassion and concern for Christian, as he quietly wiped the blood off his face from the scratches.

People thought I was crazy driving over an hour each way for a blood draw but I was so grateful and appreciative to Allan for doing the impossible.

Allan encouraged us to do the IVIG which helped Christian tremendously. He also put us in touch with some great parents with similar kids. Allan researched interventions to help Christian and was always e-mailing me great new studies.

Allan Goldblatt will be so missed. I am always incredulous when someone who does not have a child on the spectrum cares as much as Allan did. Outside of his wife and three beautiful children, whose pictures were always proudly displayed in his office, Allan dedicated his life to helping our kids.

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