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If Dr. Oz Spreads out the Vaccine Schedule for His Kids, Why Can't We?

Out_on_a_limb Managing Editor's Note: Thank you to LJ for sending us this transcript.  Dr. Oz told CNN's Joy Behar that spacing out vaccines is permissible and perhaps advisable, by stating that he and his wife do just that for their children. We commend him for sharing that his own children received neither H1N1 nor seasonal flu vaccines, although as a wife, I'm not sure he needed to place the onus of that decision on his wife. As the physician in the family, I assume he has some say in the children's medical care. That said, it's not easy to discuss your children on national TV. He makes some interesting points. We hope he'll continue the conversation in the future.

Back in a minute with Dr. Oz. Stay there.

BEHAR: Okay we`re not done with Dr. Oz because this is just great stuff. So we`ll be back with your questions when we come back. So stay there.


BEHAR: We`re back with Dr. Oz. I have some questions on Twitter.

OZ: Fire away.

BEHAR: Well first of all, someone want to know there`s a rumor that your kids did not get flu shots or swine flu shots is that right?

OZ: That`s true, they did not.

BEHAR: Do you not believe in them for the kids or what?

OZ: No, I would have vaccinated my kids but you know I - I`m in a happy marriage and my wife who makes most of the important decisions as most couples have in their lives.


OZ: Who absolutely refuses. And listen the kids are pretty healthy. We actually think two of them caught swine flu very early on anyway. So there`s no point vaccinating them again. And you know -

BEHAR: What do you, on that same subject, what do you think about this controversy that`s going around about vaccinations and autism and other little things that happens to kids?

OZ: I think kids like the canary and the coal mine. That they are more susceptible to some of the toxins maybe our generation was able to overcome. That`s why we have a lot more allergies now. Perhaps one of the reason why we have more autism. But I don`t think it`s just the vaccine.


OZ: Although, I don`t want to ignore the potential role they have. So what we do with our kids is we spread the vaccine out.

BEHAR: Right, so why don`t the doctors just do that?

OZ: It`s a lot more expensive and kids fall through the cracks.


OZ: It`s hard enough to get in there once a year for the shots and imagine if you have to bring them in every other month. And those two factors are a big issue.

BEHAR: I see.

OZ: Plus, we have no evidence at all, Joy, none, that they actually cause autism.

BEHAR: Right.

OZ: And a lot of doctors very reasonably say, listen, why you want to spend more money, cause more hardship for the kids and their families, if we don`t think it`s really a problem. But you know if you want to be cautious, you can do what we did.

BEHAR: Well, I don`t remember getting this many shots when I was a kid. Or my daughter getting as many shots.

OZ: We did Joy. When you and I were -

BEHAR: She got the measles on her own. She got chicken pox on her on, so what?

OZ: We got exposed to ten vaccines when we were kids. Children today are now getting closer to 30. So there`s a big difference between the exposure amounts and, plus, we have a much purer environment that we grew up in and compared to what kids are exposed to today.

BEHAR: That - that brings me to this question, is there anything wrong with constantly using hand sanitizers? Don`t we need to be exposed to germs once in a while?

OZ: Well hand sanitizers are the best of all the options because they`re not anti microbial which means they`re not going to stimulate resistant bacteria. And listen, the biggest side effect of using hand sanitizers, your hands will get chapped. So you know, use it with a cream at the same time.

BEHAR: But are they effective?

OZ: Hand sanitizers are very effective, oh no, they are very effective. They kill viruses better than anything else we have in the hospitals. The hospital by the way, I still operate, we use hand santizers all the time.


OZ: 30, 40 times a day I`ll be using hand sanitizers.

BEHAR: Ok I`m going fast because I have so many things to ask you. This new body scan idea that they`re using at the airports, can that be dangerous radiation wise.

OZ: We`ll it`s got a very small fraction of the radiation a chest X-ray will give you. And it`s about equivalent to the amount of radiation that you get after an hour in the sky.

BEHAR: Uh-huh. Not to bad.

OZ: So I don`t think they`re very toxic for that reason. I`m very much against some of the searching tactics we are using in general. Because I don`t think they are very effective. And I`m very concerned that a lot of security measures that are used are primarily designed if you and I think we were safer.

BEHAR: Well you mean the taking off the shoes and the liquids.

OZ: Yes, yes.

BEHAR: But the body scanners would help. I believe in those.

OZ: Maybe. But they are pretty innovative people. And I can think right at the top of my head of a couple of different ways to blow a plane out of the sky that wouldn`t be protected by a body scanner. I`m not trying to do that but I`m not sure -

BEHAR: It would be harder, you want to at least make it more difficult. Although there are body cavities. Hello.

OZ: There are body cavities. And there are things we may not even know exist right now that people can smartly bring out of the plane.

BEHAR: They seem to always be a little bit ahead of us sometimes.


BEHAR: Anyway thank you so much, Dr. Oz.

OZ: Yes, yes hurry.

BEHAR: I think you are just miraculous.

OZ: Enchante.

BEHAR: And thanks to all my guests for joining me tonight. Good night everybody.


See the full transcript HERE.


learn reiki

Good interview. "I think you are just miraculous" i wish someone would say that to me.


For a great vaccine alternative, check this out- I just found this video on You Tube that really shows how germs and viruses spread. It is so cool. It's meant for kids but I even learned a lot!

Dr. C

the comments to this article sure reflect the readers pure hatred and anti doctor sentiment. Dr. Oz was brave and clear, the transcript I am sure isnt quite accurate, the typos/word problems dont sound like something a man as articulate as he is, would say.
The comment form one of you that "doctors arent connected to their kids, and dont know what their mothers are doing", (also sounds like the frigid mother theory) is absolutely crazy and reflects someone who knows very few doctors. WE all know what is happening with our kids, and I am sure he has a lot of say, but says it that way to reduce critics, "good cop/bad cop" oldest trick in the book, come on people, give this bright articulate man credit, you attack Dr. sears too, what do you want? no doctors as allies, really. There are a lot of us working hard for autistic children, and we deserve a lot more respect for the job we do!

Alaska Mom

I agree, Dr. Oz is speaking with forked tongue. His wife is a Reiki Master, practices Yoga and is into "natural" health. I have never heard that Dr. Oz's kids (4 of them) are vaccinated at all.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Amazing how most TV docs push panic and the old adage, "only doctors know what's good for you" and then with such a cavalier attitude that the wife made the decision for his kids. Wow! There is enough there for a whole treatise by J.B. Handley.

Carolyn M

Dr. Oz' quote: "And a lot of doctors very reasonably say, listen why you want to spend more money, cause more hardship for the kids and their families, if we don't think its really a problem" shows his complete ignorance of the realities of autism. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "hardship" if he thinks that the logistics of managing extra visits to the doctor fits the definition. Hardhip is having to fight the school district over every little detail involved in getting your child with autism an appropriate education. Hardship is having to watch your child with autism suffer through gastrointestinal problems, allergies, and other medical problems while you hope that the treatment you are utilizing will alleviate her suffering and enable her to function better.

And as for spending more money, I would much rather have incurred the cost of spreading out my daughter's vaccines (and eliminating some of them completely. It would have been much less cost than what I am facing now - due to biomed and ABA, both necessary for my daughter.

For him to say in the quote that the position advocated by the doctors is "very reasonable" just underscores his ignorance of the subject.

Cynthia Newton

"autism and other *little* things that happens to kids" - when I heard Joy say that I wanted to slap the tv!


A quick Google search shows that Dr. Oz's wife Lisa is a Reiki master and alternative healthcare practitioner.

Lisa Oz: Reiki Master, health advocate and re-Celeb-Reiki

Lisa Oz is best known as the wife of Oprah's favorite doctor, Mehmet Oz, but she's also a health advocate in her own right as well as a Reiki Master. She's been named a Celeb-Reiki before, but since she's in the headlines again this week, she's now a re-Celeb-Reiki: The Palm Beach Post interviewed Mrs. Oz when she came to town to talk about one of her favorite health causes.


Maggie, I'm sure Dr. Oz's wife is responsible for their kids health care and he has no clue when they go to the doctor or even what vaccines they have had. It's a doctor thing-- they aren't always the most involved dads.

What I meant to say was I'm sure many of these famous doctors and media types vaccinate their kids off-schedule and I give Oz a tiny bit of credit for at least admitting it. Even though he blames his wife.


Talking out of both sides of his mouth-- exactly. At least he is not a forked-tongue liar like Paul Offit. I realize that's setting the bar pretty low.

Dr. Oz's wife sounds smarter than him, she should be the one with the talk show.

Joy Behar is great. Love that she brought up her daughter had measles and chickenpox.

Darian (nickname)

My mom spread out mine, which I am greatful for. It is most likely that decision that led to me having Asperger's instead of being on the other end of the spectrum! And though I suffer, rather this then what could have been.

I would also reccomend looking up whatever vaccination/vaccinations your doctor wishes to push on your child before you allow him to do so. Read the ingredients CAREFULLY and don't just allow him to vaccinate on the spot and take his word for it that your child is going to be alright.

Call it my cynical nature but when it comes to children, do not just trust them!There are some good doctors out there, there truly are! But when it comes to your child's health, it is better to error on the side of caution! Could save you a whole lot of heartache later!

I hope I'm not coming off as cruel. I do not intend to. I wish to help! I wish to advert this nightmare for others if at all possible!

rye catcher

Maybe I should watch the interview instead of reading the transcript, but Oz looks: (1) p-whipped ("my wife made me do it." (b) confused/contradictory (autism may be due to environmental "toxins" that the previous generation was able to "overcome" yet our environment is now much "purer" (c) kids today get the same no. of shots their parents did, except it's actually almost 3 x more.

I'm sure he is paid handsomely for talking out of both sides of his mouth...


" It's hard enough to get in there once a year for the shots...."

What the h#ll is he talking about? Infants are "shot up" at birth, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months etc.... He has no idea what he's talking about. Makes me think his kids are not vaccinated at all if he talks about "once a year." Infancy is when the vaccines screw up the brain.
Dr. Oz is creepy and liar.


Ditto what Sarah said. I watched the interview. He's like the rest, openly promoting vaccines to the public, privately doing just the opposite. Dr.Oz talks out of both sides of his ass.


Dr. Oz is a vaccine wolf in sheep's clothing. He owns 150,000 stock options on SIGA - a vaccine technology company, whose stock he bought at $1.35 per share and is now trading at over $7/share.

On Oct 28, when H1N1 vaccine was supposedly scarce and for 'risk groups' only, Dr. Oz had a vial for himself and his entire audience. How did a celebrity get this batch of vaccine for his television show when even risk groups who wanted them couldn't get a hold of them? He has been promoting the H1N1 vaccine and fear- mongering for months telling viewers the vaccine is safe and they MUST get the shot. But his kids didn't get them? He's not to be trusted.

There is nothing in this interview that suggests less vaccines.


Unfortunately Dr. Oz is well on his way to being deemed a "kook" and a "quack" - mark my words.

Sponsorships will be pulled, pressure will be brought to bear, and a bolstering of the "status quo" may be forthcoming.

I sure hope I am wrong. Hey - we got rid of Dr. Nancy so there is hope!

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