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Dr. Andrew Wakefield: "That Paper"

Dr. wakefield This week, we are running several posts about the UK General Medical Council Hearing. To learn more, click the Dr. Andrew Wakefield and UK/John Stone categories on Age of Autism . The following is an excerpt reprinted with permission from Autism File magazine.

By Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath

On February 28, 1998, twelve colleagues and I published
a case series paper in The Lancet, a respected medical journal, as an “Early Report”1. The paper described the clinical findings in 12 children with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) occurring in association with a mildto-moderate inflammation of the large intestine (colitis). This was accompanied by swelling of the lymph glands in the intestinal lining (lymphoid nodular hyperplasia), predominantly in the last part of the small intestine (terminal ileum). Contemporaneously, parents of 9 children associated onset of symptoms with MMR exposure, 8 of which were reported in the original paper (see also Child PH’s story on following page). The significance of these findings has been overshadowed by misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and a concerted, systematic effort to discredit the work. This effort, and specifically the complaint of a freelance journalist and an intense political desire to subvert enquiry into issues of vaccine safety and legal redress for vaccine damage, culminated in the longest running and most expensive fitness to practice case ever to come before the United Kingdom’s medical regulator, the General Medical Council. At this point, the evidence is in and the outcome is awaited. Now, and only now, with all of the contemporaneous documentation available, is it timely to review both the original paper and its legacy.


From the late 1980s, my team at the Royal Free Medical School, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group, published extensively on possible causes and mechanisms of inflammatory bowel disease (e.g., Crohn’s disease). This involved examination of a possible causal role for measles and measles vaccine. In May 1995, parents started contacting me with the story that their normally developing child had regressed into autism or an autism-like state, with onset in the majority of cases soon after MMR vaccine. At around the same time, the children had developed chronic gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms similar to those described by Dr. Lenny Gonzalez in the July 2009 edition of The Autism File2. Despite whatwere often debilitating intestinal symptoms, many indicative of abdominal pain, few of
these children had undergone physical examination, let alone been investigated. Mention of the MMR vaccine had often alienated parents further from their child’s health care providers. Many doctors attributed the onset of symptoms to coincidence and were content to leave it at that. Conversely, at the Royal Free a systematic plan of clinical care and research
was designed in order to help affected children.

Read the full article in .pdf format at Autism File HERE.



Lisa @ TACA

A million thank yous are not big enough for this kind, brave, smart man. Thank you Dr Wakefield for being you.


Best wishes and many thanks to Dr. Wakefield.


Laura - "He is * years old and has never spoke a word.Why,and what is the couse of this?"

I assume * = 8

The full answer to your question is complicated. The short answer is, it is my experience that autism, in my son, is a brain injury caused by a toxin or toxins he had injected into his body on April 18, 2007. For others it may vary in causation. I know you worry about your grandson and hope for his recovery. Please know that there are wonderful people who have asked the exact same questions you have, they live nearby and will share their thoughts and experiences with you and help to guide you to some of the answers you seek. You can find some of them here,


Yesterday my son, a patient at Thoughtful House, saw some kids at a play center calling for their mothers to watch them as they leapt inside one of those inflated jumpy-castles. Making full eye contact and with the biggest smile, he demonstrated a leap and said, "Look at Mama! Look at!" He did it again later (even with corrected grammer) in the bath as he spit streams of water at the shower wall. He fully understood the spirit of the moment-- he was giggling when we applauded him.
Last summer, he stopped flapping his hands spontaneously, potty trained himself within a week, taught himself to whistle, began playing appropriately with action figures, mimicking animals and characters. He also began speaking in sentences and playing "medic" to other kids at playgrounds who fell or were distressed. Last week he took his dad by the face, turned his head to look at him and said, "Share the eyes". One by one, pieces of the "mask" of autism are falling away. His twin sister is even closer to losing the diagnosis.

There was one incident of soy exposure-- very minute but a listed ingredient in a mistakenly-purchased type of fish oil capsule. Both kids regressed within a day of exposure and stopped sleeping. On removal, they began sleeping again and got back on their individual recovery trajectories.

The progress has been no coincidence. Furthermore, because of the number of children in our area who got the nasal form of the swine flu vaccine, our kids have had somewhat more limited exposure to typical peers this winter (they're homeschooled for the moment), but this hasn't stopped their progress. As helpful as they are, behavioral therapies and peer exposure without medical treatments targeting the original source of damage-- in our kids' case, vaccines-- would have been relatively useless.

Through tremendous perseverance and in spite of every type of underhanded political and professional attack, Dr. Wakefield has continued his dedicated work and is currently overseeing one of the most important ongoing vaccine safety studies in history. We are grateful beyond words for what he's done and for the work of his colleagues at Thoughtful House. If it wasn't for doctors and scientists in the field of autism recovery, my entire family would be in a living hell.

Gina (Mom and two boys with vaccine injury)

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, regardless of outcome, has opened many eyes (and hearts) to help our kids. Thank you Andrew Wakefield.


Thank you,my sons diet is not all that great.maybe I will ask the doctor if this could be a posibility,why he gets stomach pains.


I have a nephew he has Autism.He is * years old and has never spoke a word.Why,and what is the couse of this?

Bob Moffitt

I hope I am wrong .. but .. the decision is supposed to made tomorrow afternoon .. a Thursday .. and .. if this decision was going to favor Dr. Wakefield .. I suspect it would have been held until late Friday afternoon .. the usual day and time to release damaging information to the public.

Whatever the decision .. this entire episode has become a sorry example of the sad state of Great Britain's Justice system.


This whole UK thing is a farce. I can only hope and pray that Wakefield is found "not guilty" on all counts (or whatever is the equivalent in the UK).

Somehow, though, I feel that they are going to make an example of this travesty so that other doctors in the UK do not follow suit and investigate the causes of autism on their own. BIG Pharma is watching...

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