Official Finding of Facts from UK General Medical Council Available at Age of Autism
Talk About Curing Autism Summarizes the UK GMC Findings



Heather I just can’t begin to imagine what your day-to-day life must be like. There is nothing worse than to helplessly watch your child in pain. And poor Josh – how must he feel having to battle constantly against his condition? Thank you for making your story public. It will help raise awareness of what the triple vaccine can do to a human being. And it will help raise awareness of how low an uncaring government and medical establishment can sink, in order to maintain the status quo. The denial of MMR vaccine damage is diabolical – and the GMC result is a political ploy to justify that denial. A quote from ‘A physician’ after the GMC result was made public says it better than I can – “A chilling and frightening outcome, a dark day for my colleagues. The message to medical personnel will be heard loud and clear- stay away from autistic children if you want to have a secure career.”
I wish you both strength in your fight for proper treatment.


may the first born or the children born to the first born children to each of those responsible for or have contibuted to this verdict, be struck as has my grandchild after receiving the MMR jab.
Have a nice day!


Ashamed physician - you are so right. No doctor will now DARE to stick their head above the parapet. Will this mean an end to any kind of investigative research into autism? Or - should it continue, and anything controversial is found - will it be immediately retracted for fear of punitive action against doctors involved?


Will the real story ever come out, the hidden actions of the governemt, the medical board and Smith Kline Beecham, is a powerful group to fight against, and a bunch of bodies well capable of forcing a cover up of their actions

No doubt any further attempts will be media hyped in to a classic "conspiracy theory" to keep people guessing and unfoot the people fighting for the truth, will be made to be seen as in denial crazy people..

When are we going to discuss the experimental MMR sent out as simply a batch, when are we going to discuss the cluster testing of that sample on our children, when are we going to discuss Governement recommendations to increase diagnosis of Autism to muddy the statistics of a the natural increase due to their negligance, when are we going to discuss, SKB skuppering the legal class action by holding out until it timed out for legal support .. etc

when is somone who can going to ask those questions and find the truth.. ?

Mr C Hall

History shows us that challenging a powerful orthodoxy rarely does many favours to the challenger (certainly within a few decades of the challenge). Think of Galileo kept under house arrest for the rest of his life for challenging the catholic orthodoxy.
It would be fair to suggest the pharmaceuticals with their vast and incredible wealth, represent a new world orthodoxy, and you challenge the mechanism of its wealth creation at your peril.
This trial had nothing to do with the individual, Dr Wakefield. It was all about whether the medical authorities could allow researchers to upset the economic mechanisms of the pharmaceuticals. Well of course they can not, as the pharmaceuticals fund the vast majority of the research. We have to ask the question - where is challenging research to be allowed? Could it be funded by public money? Even then governments fold under pressure from big business, as they merely have to threaten to move manufacturing bases and research grants to other countries, and low and behold governments are powerless in the face of such economic might.
Which only leaves private, alturistic money, which by its very nature will attract condemnation from the medical establishment.
SO how do you cut the Gordian knot? Only through the sacrifice of individuals such as Dr Wakefield, who will be metaphorically hung drawn and quartered, and with the passage of time, when the immediate heat has gone from the debate, someone will revisit that research and say, 'You know he had a point. But it was a hugely unpopular point at the time'.
So more power to those researchers who place their heads above the parapet. That takes real courage - Dr Wakefield has many supporters and admirers who wish him well, and hope that will be sufficient to sustain him in a deeply traumatic period of his life. And shame on the cowards of the GMC who hide behind the pharmaceutical behemoths.


Even mainstream papers are sinking to posting appalling photos of him, the kind of thing usually reserved for grocery store tabloids. If they weren't committing propaganda, why not a neutral shot of him appearing as he always does? It must have taken an army of photographers weeks to get that one bad angle.

In any case, it's obvious why the mainstream media rarely shows Dr. Wakefield speaking on camera: he always acquits himself beautifully, which is exactly what the compromised medical authorities and pharmaceutical companies are afraid of.If the public hears him speak, their guts will tell which side the truth is on.



I'm so sad and disgusted. I guess was one of the few people naive enough to think there would actually be justice for Dr. Wakefield.

Oh - and


How many children and their families need to be decimated before they will stop?

The one thing that my son's autism has done for me is it has made me a stronger person. I will never kowtow to another physician on my health or my children's health EVER again, and I will stand up to any physician, especially a pediatrician, who tries to intimidate or force me to do anything to/for my children that I am not 100% comfortable with.

This will bite them. It really wasn't that long ago that we were told that cigarettes didn't cause cancer.

I am so grateful to Dr. Wakefield for his strength and support of our community as he has been put through this. My heart goes out to him, his family and colleagues.

Amanda Blinn

As we raise our "autistic" ie vaccine-injured son, our family will always wish the Wakefield family well. We wish there truth and justice had prevailed today; maybe it will someday.


Very VERY True A mom. I wonder if crow is good when it's "simmered" as long as this has been? Might need a bit of GF CF ketchup to choke it down with!

A Mom

They ARE going to have to eat crow. They are just increasing the amount that they will have to eat.


In February of last year, I was horrified at the outcome of the Omnibus hearings. I couldn't fathom that these children could be denied ANY justice. That the government just didn't care. It broke my heart. Now, with today's verdict, it infuriates me to know that once again our children still will not have justice. If the American and European citizens DON'T see there is something "fishy" going on by now...I believe there is no hope for them. The parents of vaccine injured children aren't going away and it scares the hell out of them all. IF the verdict had come out IN FAVOR of Dr Wakefield then that means they would have to eat crow. Meaning the Omnibus hearings were also a bunch of bullshit also. God knows they wouldn't want ONE thing to go in favor of autistic children...that would mean they lied about the rest of it too. Did we REALLY expect they would rule in favor of the good Doctor? I hoped and prayed, but didn't get my hopes up too high. The only thing I can do is keep plugging away, healing my son and ignoring all the BS from the outside world.

Lisa @ TACA

Families need to follow the leadership of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Be strong. The truth will prevail.

ashamed physician

A chilling and frightening outcome, a dark day for my colleagues. The message to medical personnel will be heard loud and clear- stay away from autistic children if you want to have a secure career.


It is interesting that the videos that follow that newsclip are stories about how measles are back and etc.....
They can't stop themselves this pigs

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