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Call in NOW (3pm) for NVAC Meeting

Call now Sorry for the last minute announcement: 

NVPO News and Announcements:

1. NVAC Call Wednesday, Jan 20th

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) will hold a public conference call on Wednesday, Jan 20th from 3PM to 5PM eastern. There will be a discussion of the National Vaccine Plan and an update on the 2009 H1N1 influenza program. An agenda is available at:

Public call-in information:

Participant Toll Free: 1-888/677-1385
Passcode: NVAC

2. NVAC Meeting Slated for Feb. 3rd and 4th in Washington, DC

NVAC will host a two-day meeting Feb. 3rd and 4th in Washington, DC at the Hubert H. Humphrey building. Selected agenda items include updates on immunization issues in health care reform, the vaccine safety working group, and implementation of the September 2009 pediatric and adolescent vaccine financing recommendations. Meeting details can be found on the NVAC website:

Online registration for the meeting is available here:

Note: all in-person attendees must register for the meeting.

Learn more about the National Vaccine Program Office at:




Tanners Dad -
Next time I will use that!

Tanners Dad

4Bobby That is when I put it on the record Proud to be an Independent Autism & Vaccine Safety Advocate.... Hey is that a new hash tag #IAAVSA

Kathy Blanco

OH, you mean the HOAX they call the swine flu pandemic. Or the hoax they call National INJURY by VACCINE we can weed out the undeseriables....sorry, but that's how it feels somedays...


I tried to call in but the operator demanded to know what organization I represented. I thought it was a "public" conference call...


Just tried to call in. "Operator" demanded to know what organization I'm with....

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