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AoA Contest: Win a Copy of Healing Our Autistic Children By Dr. Julie Buckley

Healing Our Autistic ChildrenLeave a comment to win a signed copy of Healing Our Autistic Children, by Dr. Julie Buckley.  And don't forget that 1-10-10 is "Build a Bridge Day." Details below the jump.

One of our most common frustrations as we work to heal our children is the difficulty we sometimes experience in communicating with therapists, or doctors, or even family members who just don’t understand, no matter how hard we try, that autism is a treatable medical disease.

Dr. Julie Buckley has written Healing Our Autistic Children to help us bridge these communication gaps.  Short and eminently readable, this book introduces the reader to complex science using office visits and patient stories, including those of her own daughter.  Documenting the actual published medical literature on which her approach is predicated at the end, this book also does what every physician should always ask- “Show me the science.”

Many of the autism groups have read this book and are very excited about its potential to reach the ears, hearts, and minds of those who do not know how or where to start in working toward recovery.  We are proud to participate in “Build A Communication Bridge Day” on 1-10-10.

On 1-10-10, January 10th, 2010, the autism community will speak with one voice, buying and delivering copies of this book into the hands of our teachers, our therapists, our doctors, our politicians, our family members, communicating as one body the message that autism is a treatable medical disease, the science is published to explain why, and that we need to work together to heal the now 1 in 91 children finding themselves on the autism spectrum. 

For more information and to order your copies, please visit Healing Our Autistic Children

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Ana Paula K Muniz

My son is the most precious jewelry in my life. I am sure that your book can help us in this path of Autism. Hope is everything that we have in the moment. When you give this book, please think about us with love. It is a wonderful gift! Happy 2010!


I would love this book! One of my son's ECI therapists wants me to talk with another mother about biomed for her child. She's still somewhat in the denial stage but is starting to realize her son needs help and has started the diet. I think this book would be a great help to her.

Rachel Sanchez

I have heard great things and suggestions to order and read this this book through my yahoo support group online. My 6 yr old son can benefit from it and so can all of his therapists and teachers. I'd love to have a copy of it.

Danielle Martin

I'm very eager to buy this book! I'm hoping that as a mom of a child with autism, any tips will help better my daughter's life!


This is a wonderful book. Finally something easy to read.

Amy Rhodes

Another book I've got to get!! (My birthday is on the 30th, so maybe I'll get it then, if I don't get it before...). Aren't all of us parents of autistic kids constantly "building a bridge" everyday? I know I'm constantly trying to explain to other parents, doctors, teachers & even coworkers( who do NOT have autism in their lives but) who are curious about diet,supplements & biomed/ alternative treatments for all conditions, not just autism. It's time for (all) people to open their minds & hearts to find any way we can to help people with autism, not just the kids, but the adults as well. This world would be a much better place to live in.


would love it!

Cynthia Newton

Please put us in the running. We live in Jax and are on her 3+ year waiting list! Would love to get a head start & share this resource with teachers & family. Thanks!!! :)

Jackie Hines

I would love a copy to share!!!

Jenny W

Me Me Me :)

Rochelle Scholl

Another one on my wish list!!

Simon's OT mom

Please enter my name. I would love to have this book. Thank you!


So excited that others will now have the opportunity to see that there is a "medical plan to restoring your child's health."

My autistic grandson has made INCREDIBLE improvements under the care of Dr. Buckley.



Would pour over it. I need support.

Mildred Sherrer

I would love to have a copy of this book to give to the Phillipsburg,New Jersey school District to help educate them about Autism/Asberger's Syndrome.

Eva Valerie

would love to share this book with more
special needs families in support groups
within our school community.

Katrina Williams

Would love any info to help my son..


I'd love a copy so that I could give it to my son's school. The administrators and teachers are interested in learning more. I can't buy them the resources that might help them understand. PS.. the wee girl on the cover of that book is adorable


Would love to have this book! Always looking for some good ideas to help my daughter.

Christina Schmidt

I would love to give this copy to my State Representative, who's office I visited a few months ago off and on for abusive behaviors of a teacher's aid that I had witnessed from showing up early to the school to pick her up, she no longer goes to that school and unfortunately the teacher's aid was not really repremanded for her ugly behavior toward my 5 yr. old daughter, but she did have to have more classes on dealing with children with a neuro-developmental disability. Christina S.

Maria Durci

I would love to share this with my family doctor. Please enter me in the contest.


Please enter me. Thank you.

Jed Dela Pena

Another tool in our journey. Thanks!


Very interested in book, and LOVE the idea of bridge to communication day! So important that mainstream docs, teachers, etc. learn more!


Would love this book to help my grandson. Thank you

Nancy Naylor

This sounds like a great book!


Thanks for the chance to win. Please enter me. Good luck everyone!

Barbara Bucknam

would love to win this one!

Valerie Carlson

I have a long list of close relatives who would benefit greatly from reading this book! Please, please sign me up!


I would love this.


Please pick me! I never win!


Please enter us--thanks! Our daughter is on the road to recovery, and I need a book I can share with others that will explain the illness and its treatment(s) much better than I can.


Would love to be entered to win Dr. Buckley's book. Thank you!

Kevin D.

Dr. Buckley is my son's doctor and what a woman she is! She truly cares about not just my son, the whole family unit! We love her and can't wait to read her new book!

Autism Dad Pa

Consider me signed up.

Michelle Bondy

I would love this book!

david cavaliere

good luck everyone!:)


Thanks for the chance to win!

Tina M

I'd love to read this book.


I could use all the help I can get after this past year from hell that my daughter had!


please enter me! :-)

Lynne Jewett

I need to learn all I can for my son, please enter me in the contest! :-)


Please enter me.
We lived in the Philadelphia area. Got the diagnosis from CHOP of Philadelphia Home of Dr. Paul Profit you know Merc's got to boy who helped them coin the phrase WE PUT PROFIT ( I MEAN PATIENTS) FIRST You can only imagine the misinformation and hurdles we've gone through. Would love to win but will probably buy it if I don't. Keep on recovering.


Please enter my name - Thanks


I heard Dr. Buckley at my first bio-med(DAN) conference. She is a wonderful speaker and left a lasting impression with me among so many other presenters that day. Hope to win a copy.

María Luján

I do not know if parents outside USA may participate. But please if so, consider me in the list.
Thank you

Dawn Cobak

I would love to win this book, however if i don't win it, I plan on buying it anyway :)


me, me, pick me


Anything to help doctors, teachers, and well-meaning friends understand what we're going through would be excellent.


I'd love to be in hat for this. Sounds awesome.

Carrie Elsass

We're in a biomed slump and I would LOVE to get a fresh infusion of ideas & wisdom!

Tara McMillan

since my son was diagnosed almost a year ago, I have read everything I could about autism, and how to recover!


Please enter me in the contest!


I'd love to read her book because she is a pediatrician and a parent that has walked a mile in our shoes. Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!

Darian (nickname)

Can mmy name go in? I would like one fir my work's library! (Department of Mental Health)


Would love this book! Am currently working on educating my son's neurologist and pediatrician. Its been tough.

Dede Moore

As a parent of a 5 year old boy with autism...whose pediatrician told me I should rethink giving my son his 5 year old vaccines because a titer test doesn't show signs of immunity....I would love to share this book with her practice!! ;0)
Thanks for all you do!


Thanks AoA, I would love to be entered in this contest. :)

Dan's Mom

Please enter my name - Thanks


I know just the pediatrician's office who could use a copy!!!


Oh! I'd love to be a part of this contest! Thanks & thanks for all the great info you put out there daily!

Alison Davis

Please include me.


I'd love to read it!!!!


please enter me in the contest.


Enter me in the contest, please!

Maurine Meleck

I'd like to win one too.
Maurine Meleck


I'd love to win this book! Please add me to the list. Thanks.


I'd love that. :-)


Sounds like a great tool for parents. Put my name in the hat! :)

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