Katie Wright: About that CDC Autism Press Conference Right Before Christmas
Demand Now That IOM Includes Autism As Adverse Vaccine Event

Age of Autism Coverage of CDC's December 23 Press Conference

Ripple_in_pond2-951x543 Below are links to our coverage of the December 23rd CDC press conference about the increasing autism numbers. The news that 40,000 children had been diagnosed with autism in a single year didn't make a ripple in the mainstream media pond.

Mark Blaxill: Lies, Damned Lies and CDC Autism Statistics

Autism - CDC Avoids The Elephant in The Room

Mark Blaxill on Fox News Re: CDC Autism Numbers

CDC Reports "True Increase in Autism Risk Can Not Be Ruled Out"

CDC Brings Bad Tidings: 40,000 Children Diagnosed This Year Alone

Katie Wright: About that CDC Autism Press Conference Right Before Christmas

David Kirby: Dr. Insel on Rising ASD Numbers: “No Question” About Environmental Factors


Paul Shapiro

(I’ve posted this thought a few weeks ago, but it’s worth repeating.)

With the ever increasing rate of children being struck on the Autism spectrum,
it won’t be long before the number autistic children will be far exceed the number of
Neuro-Typical (NT) (Non-Autistic Person) children. At that point, the pendulum will have swung, THE NEW NORMAL will be the Autistic. At this point, the scientific community will researching for ways to make the NT children Autistic because being Autistic had become the new normal.

Where did I go wrong?

michael framson

Jen, the more confounding the data.....or the more the data is confounded, the easier it is maintain the status quo so that no statistically relevant conclusions can be inferred, implied, suggested, or determined.

It's about the using the same vaccination-autism vernacular: The committee concludes that the body of evidence favors rejection of anything which shows vaccinations cause harm.


yeah, what Sarah said. And, as mentioned by Cherry S-M in another post, why are they looking at kids who are 8? (now that may would be diagnosed by 5 or 6 it seems to really prolong the "news" of autism rates. Which is very convenient for them. This whole stupid flu shot thing they've added for infants and pregnant moms (thim containing) sure confounds things, too.


Releasing this info 2 days before Christmas is bogus. Let's not let them off the hook.

Here's the email address


I sent the email below to the CDC public affairs office. I think we should all email the CDC public affairs office to pressure them to keep the autism increase in the news just like they did for swine flu for months on end.


My email to CDC public affairs:

The CDC recently announced new autism statistics..1 in 70 boys with autism. 1 in 110 children with the autistic spectrum disorder.. a 57% increase in this disorder.

Please explain why the CDC has not publically declared this a national health emergency? Why are we not hearing about this crisis more on the news? Why is this not been given the attention and urgency that has been given the swine flu? What is President Obamas reaction to this?

Please respond. Thank you.

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