Why Would a Principal Call the Police to Arrest a Special Needs 11 Year Old?
If Dr. Oz Spreads out the Vaccine Schedule for His Kids, Why Can't We?

Age of Autism Comment of the Week: 1/16


  1. Cindy Griffin is our commenter of the week on the post, Kev Leitch's Jab in the Dark, I cannot stand to hear the number of parents who are taken in by the "neurodiversity" approach. The children with autism have pain - gut pain, head pain, other GI pain. It can be healed. Every hour of every working day my colleagues and I spend finding out in order to remediate whatever pain a child is in. But if the parent chooses to stick his/her head in the sand of "my child is just different and autism should be celebrated as something special" they are doing their child a disservice - dooming them to a life of physical misery, emotional distress, and ultimately, giving their child no say in his/her quality of life. It becomes a different sort of parent-supported prison and the child becomes the incarcerated.

It sickens me, and strengthens my resolve to help more parents see the light that autism is physical in nature and there are ways to heal and recover from it and live a happy, productive life free of the gut pain that traps them.
Autism is not an event or condition to celebrate. It is a living hell for these kids - and many who have recovered have told us so, even if it's as simply as "Mommy, I don't hurt any more."

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I had a conversation with someone this week about this. I was told in a smug manner
" Oue son doesn't have ANY allergies or problems, just Autism. We got what we got, I'll take whatever God gives me"

I laughed and said "I'll take whatever God gives me too, but God didn't give me this kid- Merck did"

Anymore, when I am told by parents that every other Autistic kid isn't sick ,just mine, I say "wow that's great! what did your labs say? cause ours said...." There NEVER is a lab!!!

Ruth Sheahan

I've been sick at the "neurodiversity" crap that has been circulating on Facebook this week. I can't help but think the movement itself confims inability to empathize. Yes, my son wats to "be understood" He wants his basic needs to be understood, but can't articulate that. He wants his cryptic handwriting to be understood. He wants to be capeable of holding a conversation with another human being, but none of that is possible for him. How selfish of those who function well to want to rob him of hope of getting (and feeling) better!


Great comment that deserved to win.

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