Flutie Family Fence Project And Northeastern Fence & Supply Keep Children with Autism Safe
New AAP Website-- Autism: 'It's Not Environmentally Caused'


he said (while chewing on tin foil)...

OK - I know I'm being a buzzkill here, but if this special starts / ends with, or otherwise references the song "Santa Baby" (Madonna), as the title would seem to suggest, I have to say that I'd rather have one of my kidneys removed with a shard of broken glass than listen to that horrific noise.

I can support Jenny, but not while they're shoving an ice pick in my ear.

Say it ain't so....


It was such a cute movie, my 2 yr old loved it!


Thanks Mercury Dad - I'm sadly out of touch with popular culture, though I know ALL the muppets! KS

Mercury Dad

It stars Dean McDermott, not Dylan McDermott.

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