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David Kirby: Dr. Insel on Rising ASD Numbers: “No Question” About Environmental Factors

Student Assaulted by Teachers for Handing out Fliers on Vaccine Risks

Breckenridge hs By J.B. Handley
Informed consent? With vaccine administration, it rarely happens in the real world.
We live in a great age. Technology has given everyone a chance to find truth, and when necessary, expose idiots, like certain teachers at Breckenridge High School in Breckenridge, Minnesota.
The video you are about to watch hits very close to home. (Watch here: Courage)

Last Fall, for the first time ever, one of my son’s schools decided to have a flu shot clinic, using exclusively thimerosal-containing vaccines and welcoming kids of all ages. In a fit of local activism, we chose to hand out flyers warning parents of the risks of vaccines, and were promptly escorted off school grounds by the head of the school board (and, no, that’s not where we stopped fighting, but that’s a story for another day).
What happened to informed consent? What are people so afraid of?
I’m proud to know of Robert Wanek and his willingness to courageously stand on principle and try to educate and help his classmates and teachers. Congratulations, Robert, on being true to yourself, free speech, and informed consent. And, thanks for making such an entertaining video, I hope you release the additional video of the teachers soon. 
Teachers and the Principal of Breckenridge High School? Shame on you.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue. You can follow him on Twitter at


Anna Poulin

First, Above all Do No Harm

I am a high school teacher who has been written up and monitored closely by the Administration because I have provided students with the opportunity to become informed about vaccines and their potential damaging side effects. I do not tell them directly I have them look up - research- the information as assignments. I still get into trouble because too many of these children are already brainwashed....their parents are brainwashed...and they come in to tell on me that I am telling their student not to get vaccinated...which I am not...just leading them to become informed.

The school nurses are the worst they have become nothing but Vaccine pushers and the science teachers who turned me in from what students in my class tell them or ask them if its true that vaccinces can do more harm than good. One particular Scienec teacher turned me in to the Administration, she was primarily responsible for me getting threatened to lose my job if I could not conform to teaching the curriculum. What a joke....I wrote the curriculum. And Vaccine is an issue addressed by the TEKS from the State Education Depart. What in the world is going ON???

It is UNETHICAL to set up medical services outside of a medical facility...that is what a medical facility is for to provide medical services.. I hope it doesn't happen but when it does I hope it goes big and these uninformed nurses will stop practicing "Negligence" a tort... because should a person have an immediate reaction to a flu shot...the school clinic is not set up for these types of serious emergencies. For heaven sakes the law has it, due to liability issues, that a School Nurse is not even allowed to dispense can she or the school be offering Vaccines???

I have been teaching for 25 years now...I teach Health Science Technology Education preparing students for careers in Health care. Included in this course are Ethics and principles of Health Care and I can not teach it without being checked on to make sure I am not teaching anything contrary to mainstream medicine which is controled by Pharmaceuticals, FDA and our Federal Governement.

I expose students to sound information (truth)and allow them to make decisions only when fully informed of the pros and cons.

Keep the Good work up...Hopefully I can survive three more years to retire - I am 61... in what has become one of the most corrupt systems in America - the educational system

Public schools are acting as agents of the State and not agents of a Republic where the rights of the individual is protected.

Taxpayers need to stop supporting these schools. Education needs to return to the local community and keep the Feds out of it. It is through the Feds that this courruption has been able to sneek its way into the Educational process.

HOME School your children is what I tell any parent that will listen...keep them out of the school system and know your rights and know you can get exemptions for vaccines. or yeah another issue for which I got written up this crazy or what???


For Jenny

In the fall of 2008 the national PTA was working with Flu Busters. In their newsletter they described Flu Busters as "a leading provider of on-site vaccinations, and Novartis Vaccines, to provide convenient access to influenza vaccinations in local communities. Local PTAs are invited to host vaccination clinics on-site at local schools." A post here at AofA (September 2008) gives the details of the financial compensation. I don't know if this is true for 2009.


There are several problems with with boy as far as the school system is concerned

1) He is smart and articulate; were as the system is trying to make them non verbal and very rule following obsessive.

2.) He has passion; were as the system is trying to make them with out passion which makes them more compliant.

3.) He has social skills, he likes being around people - passing out flyers and talking to them; were as the system would like to make them all content when not in school to on save gas by having them stay home, up in their rooms on computers or video games

And some one ask why are schools so pro- vaccine!

JB Handley

Here's a second video that explains it all.


I haven't seen the video, since it's been removed already. But if this school reacted so strongly to a bunch of flyers, it raises a huge question in my mind: Are our schools getting money to conduct vaccines clinics? It seems like when money is on the line, free speech goes out the door. Does anyone know what the procedure is for a school to be "chosen" to conduct a vaccine clinic? And if they are paid, are they paid by the shot or something? Is it possible they are "rewarded" for having a "successful clinic?"


Please try and repost the video. This is of great interest to me.


Here you go

youtube pulled it with no reason, he reposted something about it 30 mins ago.

It's turned into a thing about teachers and youtube. Kids.....

Mylinda Elliott

This is as bad as the teacher in Indiana that was trying to poison the student with Aspergers. When will well meaning adults let our children alone?



I clicked the video and the following came up:

! This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

It appears somebody doesn't want me to see the video.


DARN IT! I'm really behind on my AoA reading and this video is no longer available (in the text above OR on YouTube---both places say it was removed for "terms of use violations")... anyone know where else it could be viewed??? Thanks!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Robert- Thankyou, You're the greatest. Its not easy to stand up and face older people who have more power than you. You may suffer for it but I think you will never regret it. Too bad you wont know which strong, healthy children of your classmates, would have been unhealthy or autistic but for your actions. Your classmates, even some who disagree with you today, will now have their eyes open to news of vaccines, and some will save their children because of the spark you started. Let a thousand Roberts bloom and may your name be engraved on a granite wall.


Minnesota's public health bureaucrats have their heads firmly buried in a snowbank. Up here people are quite efficient at repeating official-sounding information, but far less skilled at seeking original sources of scientific research. We should change our state bird from the loon to the parrot.

Jake Crosby

I could have easily predicted that "Science"Blogs was gonna make a stink about this:

"the ant-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism"

Well, I am against vaccine cranks like him. He's got that right!

And he also overlooked that I was concerned about the credibility of the video before he even knew who this kid was.

Oh well, can't please everybody, and I certainly can't please "Science"Blogs after what I've written about them in September.

Robin Nemeth

This had me pretty shaken up when I first opened it up and the video started playing. My first thoughts were 'omfg'. It was a while before I could watch the whole thing. Ater I did, two things came to mind.

First, the music bothers me. I know that kids are media savvy these days. And maybe it shouldn't surprise me at all or bother me. But it does.

The other thing was the fact that he has the drive but hasn't released it. I have to wonder if there are things on there he doesn't want seen. I know that he says he fears repercussions, but it would seem to me that any repercussions that would be coming, they're gonna be coming now whether he releases the camera drive or doesn't.

Anyway, I know how I feel when I tell people my story and I can see their eyes roll. So I am perfectly willing to give the boy the benefit of the doubt. But yeah, what Jake said...


This video just became a part of our homeschooling.


This is exactly why I homeschool... The only way my son kids would fit in is if they had to be unlike themselves "put up, and shut up." Just watching the footage of the school's exterior made me think of a prison. Do you know a parent can't walk into a classroom to get their child??? This is not something I can accept. Neither of my kids have Austism, but I do believe mercury in my son's vaccinations caused him to have APD and food sensitivities also to become overweight right after MMR at 4yrs. No problem until then and no change in diet and then bam -- he started gaining weight and motor skill issues where he had advanced motor skill before... I have no doubt it was the vaccines. We no longer vaccinate. I wish I stopped sooner! You know we all have our baby vaccine books as records and they know this. If they admit there was damage, then they are going to have to pay... I wonder how it will play out when it FINALLY becomes common knowledge that vaccines are causing damage to our children. I haven't a single doubt that it will be "common knowledge" one day. Not a doubt!

Louise Kuo Habakus

Wow. I held my breath through the whole video. I love this boy. Students... the next great frontier. Let's help all the Roberts out there to do this work. And bravo to his friends, Jaden, Zach, Randy & Dylan, for backing Robert up. Call, e-mail and write the school, parents!!! Clog their fax machine. And let's get ahold of their local town paper, too.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Quick, get this boy one of "our" lawyers and some interviews on TV.

Dan E. Burns

In 1963 when I was Robert Wanek's age I'd have been sent the the vice-principal's office and assaulted with a paddle. Principal Daniel Bettin may be a troglodyte, but do a little research on the poor, stressed-out, in-over-his-head guy before you light your torch and go after him with a pitchfork. You might want to Google Robert Wanek, too. There's a back story, and it's not all about informed consent.


Can someone fill me in on the biomed community's position on H1N1 vaccine w/o thimerisol? Are all vaccines being shunned?

Jennifer Blanchard

I hope all of you are writing to the district, prinipal and teacher as well!! I just did.


People are frightened of knowing the truth!

Tim Kasemodel


You da' man.

Wayzata High School in the Minneapolis MN West Metro was just on the local TV news about their own H1N1 clinic.

Footage of happy children saying their friends "are probably jealous" and of parents gleefully bringing in their whole families for the vaccination were the highlight.

As a prominent advocate the past few years for informed consent and public disclosure of vaccines that contain mercury I was flabbergasted that I was not aware that my onw child's school held such a clinic.

But I must add that my older son probably did not want me to know - he knew I might "raise a ruckus" and put him in a position he is not ready for. I hope that by your example he will not be afraid to speak his mind and help his own friends by simply giving them information - at whatever cost.

I applaud you Robert.

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata MN

Theresa Cedillo

To Robert - you are the next generation of informed consent - congratulations! Great job on standing tough in your beliefs.

Kathy Blanco

I would be proud to call this young man my son...any day, any time...someone who defends the defenseless is a hero in my book.


Robert, you are my new hero. When I was in High School I was a bit of a bad ass but I never took a stand on something as important as this and took heat for it. My daughter would have been right there with you fighting the good fight.
I hope that loser "science" teacher gets suspended for assault. Why doesn't he care that the vaccines do not, in fact, include informed consent (ingredients, real studies and statistics on flu shots). Doesn't sound very scientifical to me... we're with you buddy. Keep us posted.


Robert, very nice work.

You might have simply stated that the vaccine vials are classified as hazardous waste, and that in the event of a broken vial, the entire school would have to be evacuated for days while a haz-mat vaccine team is brought in to clean up the disaster.

I think you may get a t-shirt...

Jake Crosby

All I have to say is that kid better be telling the truth.


That took real courage Robert!! Keep it up! Your actions may have made a real difference in the future health of students who chose to step out of the flu shot line after reading your warning.


I agree, Catherine! This courageous young man deserves an AoA award. In the meantime, can we show him our support with an AoA T-shirt? There is much hope with our young people who are stepping forward to question the propagandized status quo.


Good for you Casey and you are so brave!
Robert I am sure that your parents know just how wonderful it is to have someone like you, and that you warm their hearts!

Anonymous Teacher

I am a public high school teacher and am so impressed with Robert's knowledge about vaccine issues and informed consent.

Those administrators and teachers broke the trust of the students and the law. Robert had no weapon to harm yet they treated him like a criminal. He has every right to pursue justice and I will be watching and cheering that he gets it. His choice of the word "indoctrination" is extremely appropriate and these thug teachers gave every indication of attempting to take away his constitutional rights. I hope this makes its way to the state Supreme Court and these teachers/administrators are raked over the coals as they do not deserve to work in a school, nor be trusted with the lives of these teens.

I would be proud to have such a fighter for human rights in my classroom and I hope his parents know what a wonderful human being they have raised.


Very ugly reality. Now, this young man knows what it's like to be autistic in public school - mistreated and assaulted.

These schools are so desperate for the money the feds are dangling that they will do anything. Or they like poisoning chidren.


Hmmm, an AoA Award in the future for this young man?!


I am a teacher, and when our huge district in Oklahoma was having vaccines clinics I was posting flyers, sending e-mails, and ranting to anyone who would listen, people DID listen and it wasn't as successful as the school planned (or paid for.) Two months later I was officialy reprimanded, in the meeting with the head of HR I was told not to talk about vaccines on company time. When I told them to bugger off, it got nasty, they put a fake case together about how I was sleeping with a science teacher who is 28 years older than me (and a late stage cancer patient!) We were both vocal about health issues(he's head of the teachers' union and an attorney and we are both married to attorneys). I guess they figured they'd get two birds with one giant lying stone. We fought like rabid wild animals, with our attorney spouses, and the district backed off (after the media got ahold of it) Since I'm healing an ASD baby, I need a job- so I still work for the jack asses and watch these students slide down the slippy slope with their basal ganglias in control.
But any chance I get I employ subversive tactics!!

Good for Robert. I always say if you aren't part of the solution than you are part of the problem.

That school board will be hearing from me!


I hope his parents realize just how articulate and courageous Robert is. Gotta love this kid fighting for all our rights.

Jake Crosby

Last year I posted a flyer on my own hallway simply reminding people that most flu shots contain mercury. The next time I saw that flyer it was ripped up and tossed into the recycling bin. I figured if I was going to warn people about mercury again it was better to just do it by word of mouth.

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