Kickin’ the Tires of the Green Vaccine Initiative
Harvard and CNN Report on Lower than Expected H1N1 Vaccine Uptake


Paul Shapiro

I hope these corrupt bastards, having all this left over H1N1 vaccine that they tried to scam people into buying and injecting doesn't wind up being dumped the world’s streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water aquifers
These bastards are capable of anything!
They are pure evil.


thanks Michael. I notice Debinil had it. It sure disappeared quickly from the newspaper source where I first saw it.


We all got the swine flu and, for us, it was not mild but I still wouldn't take the jab.

Janet Sheehan

It doesn't really matter what this "pandemic" turned out to be...

All a big game: use scare tactics via the media, get countries to stockpile millions of doses of flu vaccine, big profits for BigPharma and stockholders in Washington.

In that respect, H1N1 was a success!

michael framson

Jen: One Click has a link to that article.

Alexander Cornswalled

Oh my, this is a RIOT.

Hopefully this will prevent people from getting "the jab"


Whatever will pharma come up with next since more than half the public shrugged this one off?


yes, there was an article (I believe it was pulled as I could not find it again within a one day period) that featured a Canadian dr. (U. of T.?) Dr. Fiskin? that said it was one of the mildest of the pandemics and that we are wasting money to be vaccinating anymore since it had been contained with the 30% vaccination rate already. I think he trained at Harvard. I tried to link it yesterday but as I mentioned, it disappeared.


Oh so appropriate.

As Gilda would say, Well Kim "It just goes to show ya, If it's not one thing it's another." If they're not adding new strains to existing vaccines only to create more powerful mutants of the remainder (Prevnar) or injecting our new borns on the first day of life with a vaccine (Hep B) known to cause developmental delay to give them immunity against a disease they could never catch unless their mommy is shooting up dope... then they're pushing an inadequately tested flu vaccine for a non-demic and shooting (spraying) some kids up with the live virus at school so they can possibly shed it to all their little class mates whose parents opted-out of the vaccine or maybe take it home to their pregnant Mommy's because contraindications were not properly disclosed...yes I'm venting...and yes I LOVE Gilda


Yeah, I read something like this yesterday.
The doctor quoted in the Canadian article said, "I'm sure that the vaccine has prevented some deaths. I'm sure that there are people who are alive right now who would not have been alive if we hadn't vaccinated," he says. But the pandemic was already peaking, and then subsiding before the vaccination was rolling out in force.

My question is how can he be sure of an unknown? (link might not work, didn't look like it pasted right)


Great commentary from Gilda!

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