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New AAP Website-- Autism: 'It's Not Environmentally Caused'

Baby By Anne Dachel
December 10, U.S. News ran the article: New Kids' Health Site Offers Advice From Pediatricians by Nancy Shute. (HERE)

Shute wrote, “Seeking advice from pediatricians on your kids’ health just got easier. The American Academy of Pediatrics today launched a website,, in an effort to bring ‘pediatrician-approved health information’ to the often-confusing world of online medical advice.”

Lots of information is included on the site about vaccinations.  We’re told,  “The use of vaccines has led to major improvements in child health over a relatively short period. Many of the infectious illnesses you or your parents had as children, from chickenpox to polio to measles, no longer affect most children today. If you follow the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you can help make your child healthier than was ever possible in earlier generations.”

You can find information on every vaccine in the schedule. 

You have to dig around, but you can find autism included too.   If you hit Health Issues, you’ll find a list of conditions which don’t include autism.  However, if you go to “Developmental Disabilities," you can view the close-up photo of an obviously pregnant woman’s stomach, next to the bold-face type, “Congenital Abnormalities.”    If you then scroll down to the listing to “Mental Retardation and Pervasive Developmental Disorders,” your hit will tell you about “Autism and Related Disorders.”   At this point it gets a little murky because instead of reading about just autism, you’ll also find info on mental retardation, PDD, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome.    It’s all a kind of cloudy mix of developmental problems and I pity the parent who just learned their child has autism. 
Under treatment, the AAP tells us, “Medication may be helpful for specific symptoms,” but there are side effects. 

Other than that, the AAP says,

“Most children with mental retardation/ADHD or PDD/ADHD will be able to remain in a regular public school, but may need special education–related services such as speech/language therapy and behavior management programs. Children with more serious forms of PDD, including autism, require a more intense program of behavior therapy than that used for children with ADHD alone. You can further support your child’s progress by educating yourself about his condition, monitoring the latest research on his areas of disability, and advocating for his rights and appropriate services within the public school system.”
That’s official then parents, you’re on your own. It’s up to you to educate yourselves.
In addition, if you really are interested in learning about autism, you can go back to “Health Issues” and hit “View All.”  There you’ll find "Autism" listed.  (HERE)

Here’s where all the details about autism are located.  They list the eleven signs of autism you should look for by 18 months.  I couldn’t miss the stunning comment, “Because autism is a genetic disorder,…” 

We’re told that thanks to increased awareness, we’re now finding this genetic disorder everywhere.  It's nothing to worry about though. 

The AAP says, “Many experts have attributed the increased prevalence of autism in recent years not to a greater incidence of the disorder itself but to improved awareness of the early signs and symptoms by parents and pediatricians alike. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revised the autism diagnosis rate from 5 in 10,000 to roughly 6 in 1,000 (or nearly 1 in 150) children.”

According to the AAP, the CDC only “recently” upped the rate from 5 in 10,000 to "nearly 1 in 150."  It seems that they missed the more current rate of one in every 91 kids, one in every 58 boys.  No matter, it’s all, “Improved Awareness.”

Under the title, “Getting Past the Myths,” the AAP includes commentary by Paul Lipkin, M.D., FAAP, director for the Center of Development and Learning at the Kennedy
Krieger Institute and immediate past chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Children with Disabilities.  

'There has been a feeling that autism is a problem of children’s emotions or that it relates to how parents raise their child,' explains Lipkin. 'In fact, we know it’s primarily a problem in communication that children are born with that just becomes apparent over time.'

“Another myth is that routine vaccinations can bring on autism in a normally developing child. Many studies have looked at this claim and, to date, none have found any scientific evidence to support it. There are a lot of people suggesting that there are things in the environment or in vaccines that are causing autism,' notes Lipkin. ‘It’s not environmentally caused. It’s something that’s congenital.’

“To avoid the myths and misconceptions, concerned parents should always start with their child’s pediatrician, who can rule out other medical conditions and evaluate the child using a simple screening test.”

There you have it--autism is caused not by bad parenting, but by bad genes.  There are no environmental triggers.  There’s no mention of curing your child, since you can’t change the genetic make-up a child is born with.

Nothing ever changes when it comes to autism, according to the AAP.  This great new info site has nothing but the same old tired claims.  It's hard to image any parent even bothering to look at it when it comes to finding out about autism. 

Going back to the U.S. News article, I find myself agreeing with Nancy Shute’s assessment, ‘If this site is destined to be the definitive resource on children’s health, it’s got to do better than that.’
Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.



Michael Framson (Dec. 15 @ 12:19am) has hit upon a major insight regarding the role of genes in this whole matter. I salute his perspicacity. But on a more serious note: Yes, genes do have something to do w/autism. As Carol Hornlein ( has pointed out, the genome study has shown that the genes for autism code for glutamate synapses. Glutamate, then, is particularly dangerous for such kids - and it is put in live-virus vaccines (like the MMR). Besides its being an excitotoxin in its own right (see R. Blaylock MD), by being in vaccines it will be recognized as 'foreign' every time it's encountered in the environment/diet. Hence the value of a GF/CF diet for some kids on the spectrum: gluten and casein are high in glutamate.

Glutamate, then, should be taken out of vaccines - because it increases inflammation in the brain from the shots - or at the least, they should be spaced out, and an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine be given with them. But don't hold your breath.

Glutamate also lowers glutathione levels, so it makes mercury/heavy metals/toxins even more harmful. And glutamate, in the form of MSG & other forms, has become ubiquitous in our diet over this same period of time as the big increase in numbers of ASD kids. Go figure.


Writing to the nursing colleges should be included.
Along with writing to the authors of medical books and nursing text books.
I did my share of that too, but never received a response from any of them.


Do mail that letter and also mail it to the heads of these medical teaching univerisities close to you.

I did for five long years, some 20 years ago. They responded back with more or less a form letter, but they also some times put a personal touch in their response letters too. So at least I knew there was a human being behind it.

We are losing this whole battle in the schools. That is where indoctrination begins. The nurses are still being taught this. The importance of the role that education is playing in all this should not be ignored.

I know the environmentalist got their hooks into the text books, and schools; it has taken them far. Same here with this issue.


I have pictures of my son 5 days after his 18 month shots! He has borderline mitochondrial disorder now. I would have saved the yellow foul smelling diapers that magically appeared after that day in May, as well just for the AAP! How about the blood curdling screams as my son tried to tell me he was in so much pain again after that day in May 2007. They just throw bad genes in our face (of course it's the mother's fault). Thank goodness for DAN!!


There are more autistic kids today because they are the kids who would have died without vaccines in the past? What the hell?

Even if you were to entertain this idea for a nanosecond, it STILL STILL STILL doesn't explain the lack of autistic adults at the rate of 1 in 58 men in their 30s, 40s, 50s. Or were infants dying in droves from tetanus and mumps back in the 1980s and I missed it?

There isn't any freaking way you can spin that idea and come up with an answer for "Where are the autistic adults???"

Kevin Barry

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." - George Bernard Shaw


TM - please look up some actual statistics. infant mortality rates have gone up, not down since the big vaccine boom. more infants are dying AND more kids have autism, allergies, diabetes type I, autoimmune disorders, and childhood cancer. where are the kids who are surviving so well hiding out?


Sorry in my earlier post mess should read meds.


At my sons school of 425 kids there are 50 kids with autism. They are not hard to miss.
This school is not a special needs school but a regular ed school for that neighboorhood. You inquire at the six school around and you will find a similar statistic.
Every 'lifer' at the school sites is in shock at the number of sick kids. More mess, inhalers, epi pens & insulin then ever before. But what scares them the most is the number of kids with autism. The standard conversation goes something like this - 'are we better at diagnosing ASD?' the answer -'you cannot miss these kids. There is just a whole lot more of them.'

Dear AAP- pretty soon you will have to admit the Titanic is sinking with our generation of kids on it. They are far from healthier. Until then the band plays on.....

This situation is beyond tragic.


I have a perfect 21 month old BOY. I know of at least 7 parents who confessed to me it was the vaccines that changed there perfectly developing child into an autistic prodigy. With the over-vaccine issue we came to the conclusion it was ALL or NONE. So we chose NONE. We have been laughed at - by family and friends. One person even said, "What is he going to live in a BUBBLE?" I get the weird look when I tell some people but my job as a parent is to protect him at all times. But lately ALL of the people we told have come around to realize we did the right thing. Like the post from Supriya our SON is in perfect health beyond a sniffle hear and there. We actually would have loved to do some of the shots but again for future schooling and our religious beliefs, it was an all or nothing scenario. He is now 21 months and is 36 inches tall and 33 pounds or pure healthy beautiful boy and i am PROUD of not following the sheep mentality of over-vaccinating my child so much. When you go to a time share meeting there is a thing called INFORMED CONSENT – where they lay out all the BS that is not told at the presentation. There is a group pushing for informed consent with vaccines to lay out all the dirt involved with getting a shot. I am certain if parents really knew the scoop there would be more resistance to these dangerous untested human-error-prone needles of dispair. Thanks


I remember the day i took my baby to the ped's office for a visit to discuss vaccines ( I wanted to delay/selectively vaccinate) It turned out to be a one sided shouting match where he effectively told me that it was my duty to the world to vaccinate my child, pulled out the polio/smallpox card and then said that he cannot help my child if I dont let him. Good news is, we left the office 15 months ago and my child has neither recieved a vaccine nor been sick with anything other than a cold and tummy upset- neither requiring any ped services or any doctors consult.
I have now come to realse this is the norm with unvaxxed children - hardly any ear infections, allergies etc plus he's been way ahead of the curve with developmental milestones.
It is just so wrong when you realise they need the shots to create a market for their services as it opens up a window for infections in our poor, helpless, unable-to-speak babies and by the time they can communicate( in some cases, if they can communicate, after so much damage) its too late and the damage is done.
Maybe the only way they will go out of business is if doubtful parents ( there are so many more of us these days- irresistable force) meets the pig headed arrogant ped and decides on nothing with their all-or-nothing approach.
In a few short months, it will be impossible to miss how much healthier, smarter and well developed your unvaxxed baby is compared to his peers...

Theresa O

@ Theresa Meuse

The big boom in autism happened after the huge increase in vaccinations in the late 1980s, not after (say) introduction of the polio vaccine in the 1950s--so it strikes me as BS to talk about the number of children who now "survive" childhood diseases like the chickenpox and rotavirus, thanks to these new vaccines. I don't believe the one or two children per year who died from chickenpox complications in 1980 would have gone on to have autism--and if they did, they hardly explain the autism numbers.


The members, but especially the leaders, of the AAP are not the least bit interested in autism, what causes it, how it affects you or your family.

They are busy double-dipping every single "well-child" visit...triple-dipping in some cases...and even quadruple-dipping in others. They get paid by whatever insurance company or Federal program your child is enrolled in, they get a deductable or payment for uncovered expenses from you, additional bonus payouts from insurance companies for making sure your kid gets all the jabs they can manage and again a payout from the vaccine/pharmaceutical manufacturers for pushing product.

This is not about health, it is about wealth.

This is not about treating someone to be healthy, it's about making money on illness.

It's about fraud. It's about collecting a payout to "screen" and refer, not to study, be educated and solve.

The AAP has no clue about genetics or's not in their curriculum.

The AAP has no clue about environmental's not in their curriculum.

The AAP has no clue about autism spectrum disorders (after all they can't differential between autism and retardation)'s not in their curriculum.

The AAP has no clue about mental retardation,'s not in their curriculum.

The AAP has no clue about diet &'s not in their curriculum.

They also don't know anything about pharmacodynamics or pharmacokinetics or's not in their curriculum.

The AAP has no clue about immunology, or allergies, or a million other conditions, because it is not in their curriculum.

They have "screening tools" to send you to someone else. Why screening tools? Because they couldn't figure out the name for most of what ails kids without a standardized checklist BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN THE CURRICULUM.

Once we all "get it" and realize the only reason someone is called a pediatrician is that they occupy an office that only lets in little people who are the target for vaccine delivery, the better off we (and our kids) will be.

So who should we be seeing??? The ones who DON'T get paid. The ones who are buried under stacks of "medically necessary" paperwork, who don't blanket our kids with needles, and who have the guts to actually deliver the care whether the insurance company or Medicaid has the right code or the medication on their approved list. Yup - that's right. We need to be seeing the ones who have their eyes and minds open to the fact that this is a phenomenon no one has ever seen before. We NEED the ones who order tests that are "investigational".

I hope the AAP chokes on the following words: If you are NOT practicing investigational medicine, you are NOT practicing medicine at all. It doesn't matter how many professors taught you how to believe you are've failed miserably in that role and have now created a new phenomenon - the medical atheist.

Screen that.

Oh...and you are all fired.

Tired of Spunk

Ms. Muse wrote: "I think its wonderful that many more children are surviving these days."

Wow. This must be the downstream sound bite that goes with the new core message that signs of autism are present during pregnancy.

That children are born autistic and are lucky to survive - now that's a bold freaking PR campaign.

What a sick perspective. Can't believe the brilliant marketeers think this will fly.

michael framson

The AAP is right to point out there is a genetic aspect to autism. But the genes that are causing the most damage are not the ones in our children; but aberrant, severely mutated, dysfunctional genes that predispose an inferior caliber of person to practice pediatrics.

As it turns out, there are some serious genetic deficiencies quite common to pediatricians.

Apparently, there is an overexpresion of the gene which predisposes one to hubris. Similarly, there is a genetic defiency for humility. Additionally, almost always present is the genetics for a closed mind in this profession. There are some well known pediatricians who are terribly afflicted. Paul Offit and David Tayloe come to mind. They have other genetic deficiencies which lead them to be profoundly dishonest. They should be pitied, but the pharmaceutical industry has provided them with plenty of funds which allows them to continue their genetic path of destruction.

However, there are other genes which seem to be protective. There is a mutant gene found in pediatricians which make them oblivious to their plight and willfully blind to the horrendous damage they inflict on children and society.

Unfortunately, it's not an environmentally caused medical illness, otherwise there would be diet and safe, effective biomedical interventions. Because its all genetic, there is no treatment for about 60,000 pediatricians and their impact to society is quite costly and rising. At some point, they may need to be institutionalized where they can live out their lives without, above all else, "do-ing no harm" to others.

What's quite remarkable about this sizable genetic cohort is its uniformity, and...... they are habitually wrong.

It seems pediatricians have a proclivity for a more toxic environment with an astonishing enthusiasm for heavy metals and toxins for children, at the earliest ages of exposure. While this defies all rationality, good science, and wisdom, this tendency in pediatricians can only be attributed to defective genes, but don't blame their parents.

It is almost a certainty, that this poor, genetically inferior subset, will not stand the test of time.


Give me a break, Theresa Meuse. Children born in the 1950's and 1960's and 1970's survived quite well and the rate of autism was between 1 in 10,000 and 5 in 10,000 -- much lower than now. Thirty to fifty years ago it was not the middle ages.

Anne Dachel

Theresa Meuse feels that the AAP is right, autism is a genetic disorder. Vaccines are vindicated
She attributes the autism numbers to the survival of infants today who would have died in the past.
The problem with this theory is that our infant mortality rate has been steadily declining over the last
half century.

This story from April, 2009 in the NY TIMES clearly shows that the U.S. can't boast about infant survival. Compare 1960 to 2004.
In fact, if you hit the chart in the TIMES story, you'll see that we're at the bottom of the First World Countries
when it comes to having children survive their first year. (Even Cuba is better for babies than the U.S.)

There is no way to explain the epidemic of hundreds of thousands of children with autism in any rational way.

No one has ever been able to find one in 100 with autism among adults who are 30, 50, and 70 years old. That should scare us all.

Anne Dachel


It is almost as if we have been invaded by child snatching monsters who call themselves pediatricians. Thier heads are so far up the drug companies rear end they can't see the truth, or could care less, I don't know which is worse

Theresa Meuse

I think vaccines have increased the number of children with autism, because many are surviving now that would otherwise not have survived. Together with an increased rate of awareness, we get the ratios of increased autism that we are geting today. So I agree with AAP that its genetic, and its also epigenetic (hence also seen in only one of identical twins). I think its wonderful that many more children are surviving these days. Now we just have to find ways to manage these new problems that would have otherwise gone unseen. I believe that more genetic/epigenetic problems will be uncovered as we increase our specie's survivability/longivity.


As Autism is a genetic disease, I believe next month the AAP will officially endorse Thimerosal as the official vaccine preservative for their organization.

This will allow retiring AAP members to pass down vaccine inventories to a new generation of ADHDAAP members. A new ADHDAAP member can reach for a seven or eight year old vial and be confident that the neurotoxin is keeping his vaccines bacteria free.


Thanks for the tip, Tracy. Sounds like good fun .


Well it all comes down to this multiple choice question:

Is the AAP

a) incompetant

b) corrupt

c) both

No surprise that the answer is c).

Kathy Blanco

and DENIAL is a river in egypt....

plenty of studies say otherwise, even pathogens that cause immune reactions in utero to babies brain proteins...

wake up AAP, your behind the eight ball now...why not figure it out, that parents won't go to pediatricians anymore if you continue the lies...???

Don't they remember we are the consumers? We pay for the expertise? What expertise?

Come on people, go to a naturopath, or even a GP who doesn't get shot happy on your kids, and or an ACAM the pediatricians NOW....they deserve no business...they are in the business of making holocausts...


the AAP are a bunch of arseholes! Seriously, how does regressive autism fit into their little "genetic" explanation and why do so many kids get better with chelation and bio-med? They don't have answers for those kind of questions. The fact that they are quoting old statistics (1 in 150 autism prevalence) really tells me that they are all smoke and mirrors. I hope they get called on it soon.


What the AAP provided me with is a pediatrician who, despite my telling him for 3 years my son was in physical discomfort and growing increasingly aggressive, told me that was just the Autism . Despite upward of 25% of Autistics having seizures the AAP has not clued their membership in on how to know when a kid needs an eval. As a result my child continued to regress until age 7, when I FIGURED OUT he needed a neuro consult. This is not my pediatricians fault, it is the AAP...that's you, in Chicago!!

Stuck in RealityWorld

"If you follow the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you can help make your child healthier than was ever possible in earlier generations."

All evidence to the contrary.

Where are all of these healther-than-ever children?

The American Academny of Pediatrics must be living in some parallel universe.

Without even touching the question of autism or autism spectrum, the universe that I live in is populated with lots and lots of not-very-healthy kids.

Type I and Type II diabetes, both way up from 'the old days.' Asthma, allergies, and related. Meltdowns (in plenty of non-ASD-diagnosed kids).

That alternate universe must be a pleasant place to live . . . kids with few health problems.

Can we assume, therefore, few doctor visits? (Oh but wait. Those would be attributed to nervous mother. Or father. Not real health problems, just foolish parents.)

Too bad we're stuck here in Reality World. That alternate universe sounds appealing in its simplicity and lack of problems.

There is a quote which fits here. It's from the Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar:

"O judgement! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason"


What can we expect from the bastards who are causing autism?

Tracy McDermott

Wanna have some fun? Go to the site and register (its quick and easy). Once registered, enter Autism into the search engine, and read the articles posted. Then rate the article and leave your comment for everyone to see! Enjoy (it would only be fair that those seeking information get all the facts!).

Julie Obradovic

The timing, the increase in incidence, the symptoms, and the reports of parents are all coincidence.

The GI problems are imagined or unrelated.

The improvements in behavior and speech are going to happen anyway; they too are coincidence.

You're born with Autism, but you grow out of it. It's genetic. Permanent, yet not permanent.

It's not caused environmentally.

1 in 100 people has always had Autism.

They have found the autism gene.

Vaccines have been studied thoroughly, accurately, and unbaisedly. It is conclusive they don't cause autism.

The lie gets hungrier and hungrier.

Gluttony really is a deadly sin, isn't it?

Paul H

I saw this article and couldn't help thinking that if vaccines were actually safe we wouldn't need "the development of a national communications strategy to bolster public confidence in vaccines". Let's fix the problem and stop wasting time trying to convince people that there isn't a problem.


Capture a mirror of the site and retain as many names as possible.

Note what actions you can take now, and in the future, and write them down to get them out of your head.

Then take a deep breath, and reach into whatever coping mechanisms you have, and make today a good day for you and yours, as much as possible.


How do these people get away with writting this stuff. They are either in denial, or they know and are doing their best to cover this up. I think it's the latter. This stuff infuriates me!!!


"In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revised the autism diagnosis rate from 5 in 10,000 to roughly 6 in 1,000 (or nearly 1 in 150) children."

What kind of bullshit is that? The CDC didn't revise the rate; the rate changed! And not just the rate of diagnosis, the rate of autism!

But, the AAP's primary concern is to deny the epidemic so as not to admit that vaccines are the primary cause of the epidemic. As others have said, the ultimate denialists! Even at the expense of harming more children, and not treating today's injured children.

Someone once said that sometimes the only time there is change is when one generation dies out and the new generation has less vested in current paradigms.


I'd like the AAP to show me another "genetic" condition where the numbers have skyrocketed or explain how identical twins with the exact same set of genes can have one twin be autistic while the other is not.


When it comes to autism, the AAP really sucks!!!!!!!


Thank goodness the AAP has Autism finally figured out and posted it for all to see... this should end much of the confusion.

I am off to my somewhat late/ AAP "well baby visit" to get a H1N1, Seasonal flu shot, and 50x dose of mercury for my baby.

Look for an "Autism abortion genetic test kit" to be available soon at your nearest AAP office.

Coming clean

The AAP should be decimated for the harm that it does to children each day by its pediatricians who inject harmful toxins into immature and susceptible immune systems.

This breed of doctors is woefully ignorant of the functioning of the human body and do little to help it right itself once it has been irrevocably damaged. They are unquestioning, non curious, and have no questions about genetic predispositions and vulnerabilities of the human body. They have put no pressure on, and have asked for no research to follow and study kids on the autism spectrum to find out why certain kids became susceptible to the vaccine insult.

An inability to identify the weakness that might cause the disorder in some children, some 20 years after the disorder was identified, smacks of an ideology that favors the burying of the head in the sand approach. It smacks of pretending that the disorder is not really on the rise, whilst in actual fact it is exploding at the seams. It smacks of the inherent need to pretend all is well when in fact it is worsening each day. Finally, to blatantly go ahead and lie to the general public about the safety of vaccines when they know the vaccines are deadly to some, is completely and utterly reprehensible. When the AAP does fall from grace, it is going to go hook, line and sinker along with its many members. That unfortunately however, would not be as great a tragedy as the many lives that have been lost in the interim by its continued inaction.


Only thing I have to say is PROVE IT.

Sad truth is that without vaccines and their ensuing diseases, pediatricians would be out of business. No vaccines = health and no trips to Dr. I view all dr.'s like salesman trying to make a buck.


This is libel. They can't support the statement that it's solely genetic not environmental. I don't know about anyone else's ancestors but mine feel defamed.

Dana Read

Today I am too tired for a war of words other than to say this is such complete B.S. and I thank God EVERYDAY that I walked out of that "special needs" pediatrician's office who YELLED & SWORE at me for questioning my youngest's vaccinations and called dietary interventions bullshit and bunk, and that I found (thanks to my husband) Karyn Seroussi's book, Judy Converse, ARI/DAN, TACA, NAA, Generation Rescue, Mass. General, Age of Autism, Autism One and all of the Warrior Moms, Dads & Grandparents. The journey has been exhausting, expensive, depressing, rewarding, joyous and worth all of it because my boys are improving, and it has NOTHING to do w/isolating a specific gene or some non-existent gene therapy and EVERYTHING to do w/gut health and detoxification. Take THAT AAP!

Bob Moffitt

If anyone deserves to be accused of practicing "DENIALISM" is the AAP and their proud membership.

Indeed, one cannot help but wonder what benefits pediatricans receive as members of the AAP?

Surely pediatricians believe the "benefits" of membership in the AAP far outweighs the "disadvantages"... though for the life of me I am mystified as to what pediatricians believe those benefits to be?

Hopefully, whatever those benefits prove to be...they do not include the information given by the AAP.


Wow. So interesting that my son was cured of his genetic condition by changing his environment! Also great to know that his autism was not caused by a shot, even though his symptoms appeared within hours of his injection. And here I was feeling guilty for holding him down and forcing that vaccine on him. I wish I had known it was genetic from the start- then I would never have bothered those nice doctors of his or put all that effort into helping him. We could have just accepted it and moved on.

Yikes!!! Why on earth are they doing this? I will NEVER understand!

curt linderman sr

This just absolutely infuriates me, yet doesn't surprise me at all. the AAP has really set in concrete that they are nothing but a bunch of lying, self serving bastards that need to be thrown out of medicine and their nice huge pharma paid for headquaters should be turned into a DAN! and homeopathy center for autism treatment. then these idiot, worthless pediatricians can work in the GF/CF kitchen. I friggin hate this organization!!!! they are the scum of the earth!!!!!


This is pretty telling of what parents are facing in nearly every pediatrician's office in the Country. I can't imagine the number of lives ruined by such blatant disregard for the truth.

The pediatrician looked my wife in the eyes and said, "Vaccines are safe, these shots won't hurt your child" and then handed her a video staring Paul Offit. This is the same pediatrician that said the next morning over the phone, "The fever and rash are common, just give him some Tylenol, he's fine."

Also the same pediatrician that wrote in Ben's medical records prior to diagnosis 6 months later, "mom concerned doctors unable to be positive he has OM vs. viral and wants to know if Ben could possibly have leukemia or anything else that may be causing chronic and recurring fevers.

mom also asked about seizure activity, during the day he will stiffen up and kind of be unresponsive however will have no shaking. he will wake up in middle of night or during nap screaming and crying and acts as if parents are not there, not interacting with them.

mom wonders about high fever and how it may have affected his brain and whether it can account for his behavior problems

Ben well appearing , playful, no apparent distress

seems to exhibit age appropriate behavior, maybe a bit on hyperactive side

mom very preoccupied with Ben’s behavioral what she perceives to be Ben’s behavioral disorder and is eager to find the cause at this point

feels a lot of mom’s concerns are prompted from reading on internet. "

My wife fell apart this weekend when she discovered that this doctor is teaching future pediatricians at a University. She wrote him a letter, she said she wanted him to know the results of his ignorance. She hasn't mailed it.

On the plus side though, a few months ago Ben was seen by a behaviorist that serves on a Board with the AAP. After reviewing video of Ben before and after, and records and hours of interviewing us and observing Ben she told us, (TOTALLY UNSOLICITED) that she could not rule out vaccines as the cause of Ben's autism. She called in a couple of interns and had them look at the videos pointing out evidence of regression.

I am encouraged with some of these kind of developments, this doctor saying what she did (regressive autism and vaccine injury), Merck's revenues from vaccines falling as much as 30% and all you mom's and dad's out there working your butts off to recover your child (children) so that others may follow.

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